Flirting with beast girls Chapter 4

Flirting at the park!

After Papi was clean clean1 in the bath, we put on our clothes and rolled together on the living room.

「Fuu」, while I stare at the ceiling lying down, Papi sat on my top and licked me and rolled and purred energetically.

Could it be that the play wasn’t enough? The moment I thought that.

「Should we go for a walk?」
「Un! Let’s go! Papi wants to take a walk with Onii-san!」

Her curled short tail wagged furiously and she hugged me gladly. After hugging me tightly and patting her head, we held hands and went outside.

Though it’s the first day of fall in the calendar, there’s no sign of fall and it’s scorching hot outside.

I became exhausted immediately but is there no concept of heat for Papi? Or is she just too happy that it does not matter for her?

That time, passing through the housewives going 「Wa wa, wa wa」, Papi suddenly stopped on the Shiba Inu that’s sticking out their tongues happily. When I asked what’s wrong, she looked envious…

「Onii-san. Papi also want that」
「That, collar?」
「Un! Papi wants to be led by Onii-san too!」

「But, Papi can speak and can listen to me right?」

The small body that’s only to my shoulder looked up to me timidly, her tail also fell down. She licked my hand, begging.

While looking at me with her cute black teary eye, I combed her head saying ‘Can’t be helped’

「Okay. Should we go buy then?」
「Un! I love you Onii-san!」

Upon saying that, she regained her vigor again, her ears are standing and her tail is wagging happily. She licked my face that with all her best and not trying to let go of me.

Her breasts hit me softly and the smile doesn’t die out. Papi is truly pure and innocently cute.

Nowadays, there are shops for beast girls lined up throughout the town. Clasping my hand to the nearby store, we made our way while cuddling.

There are specialty stores of course but, we saw a pet shop that’s also a general store for beast girls in the middle of the way, Papi pestered me saying 「I want to go in, I want to go in」

I agreed immediately and entered as there’s no reason to refuse her, we looked inside the store with a smiling face.

There are various cute pets inside the cage and, there’s one puppy that’s yelping inside the acrylic cage, it climbed the ball and plopped down, it’s messing around, chasing it with tottering short legs.

While looking at that very cute appearance, Papi carried one and patted it.

「Papi, you like this one?」
「Un! Because this child has the same scent as me. See!」

She presented the Pomeranian while smiling but I can’t distinguish the scent.

But, the ear and tail are certainly distinct, I can understand that it’s alone because of her feature that only has a 140-150cm as height.

Afterwards, while Papi was being engrossed by playing with the puppy, I searched for a collar that suits Papi on the meantime, When I put on a red collar secretly, she made a 「Hyaa」cute surprise.

「I think it suits Papi, how’s that?」
「I’m glad! Papi likes red!」
「Then let’s go with this」

She lick my face while repeatedly saying ‘I love you, I love you’, her small ears are standing tall, the tail moves quickly as if excited.

I was about to remove it to checkout but her eyes went teary as she doesn’t want it to be removed after being worn once, I finished paying at the register while it was attached to her neck, when she said 「I want it, I want it」on the frisbee that’s near the register, I think it’s not normal to refuse it so I warned her gently「Just for today」and bought it.

The government provides living expenses for the beast girls so I decided to overlook it a bit.

After going out of the store, I hold the collar in my hand as she pestered me to lead. But, Papi’s hand is also on top of it.

Honestly, I feel that my body can’t lead but since Papi is looking at me with fascinated face, let’s try it.

I patted her head saying ‘There, There’, When I took out the Frisbee I bought from the bag, she cutely chases the Frisbee using her sparkling eyes so we went and play to the nearby park.

Though the park is wide open and there are various races of beast girls that are pets jumbled together, Everyone is playing with their owner and partner happily. I’m no exception…

「Let’s go Papi?」
「Un! I can go anytime Onii-sanー」

I threw the Frisbee powerfully, Papi chased after it happily, she caught it before it fell, jumping alone, she returned running.

「Onii-san, another, one more!」
「Okay. There!」

That condition was encored over and over again, when the sun has set we cuddled together on the bench as we’re tired, Papi was 「Suu, suu」, began to sleep breath cutely.

Her gentle expression puts me at ease. I brushed up her bangs and patted her head. Her ear moves and tail swings occasionally, what kind of dream is she having?

It’s irresistibly cute, I confirmed that there’s no person in the area this night, I kissed her gently.

Though she’s probably unconscious, she smiled then mumbled some words then she leaked out a sleeping sound again.

I can’t endure that Papi so I 「It’s okay just for a moment right?」, I put my face close and sucked her lip hard, massaged her breasts and gently stroked her thighs.

Every time I do it she reacts a bit, as she’s still sleeping I patted her head and said ‘there, there’, the moment I carried Papi to return home, I thought that there’s something pinching me hard and when I looked, It was Papi with teary eyes and holding her finger in her mouth.

「Did I wake Papi up? Sorry」
「No. Papi is glad that she makes physical contact with Onii-san. I want more. No?」

She begged cutely, I unconsciously swallowed my saliva.

I can’t possibly endure it if you say that, there’s no human can, if they do then they’re a saint. I who’s driven by my desire looked around the vicinity restlessly and found a dim bush at the corner of the spacious park and brought in Papi.

Papi had guessed it too so she went together, I rubbed my arm on her chest constantly while holding her hand firmly. Then, I’d made the holding hands hit her crotch.

There’s faint moisture felt when Papi’s crotch was hit, it seems that she’s aroused. I lightly laid her down the ground to not hurt her, slowly, Papi’s lying down mouth melted sweetly and we confirmed our love.

「Onii-san. Come」

There’s no other words needed. We made love on the park in the silent night.


  1. キレイキレイ