Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 6

Flirting with the melting milk bar!

Calming down my flushed body, I looked around restlessly from the bushes and when I confirmed that there’s no one, I soothed down my chest.

ーPapi feigned worry but her tail doesn’t move and she doesn’t smile at all. If you look at me with that face I’d probably think too hard of it.

「Onii-san. Ehehe」
「What’s wrong?」
「Nothing. I just wanted to call you」

Holding the hand of Papi, we returned home as there’s someone who might come. Even I just met Papi I had a date with her today, we continued it several times inside and outside the house. Even I am surprised that I feel dizzy.

Thanks to that, our clothes have become sweaty and Papi clings her sweaty body into my clothes. The heat of summer is quite severe yet I think this is okay.

「We released quite a lot of sweat」
「Un. Let’s go to the bath again!」
「That’s right. Let’s eat ice cream after taking bath」

「Papi knows that. It’s sweet and cold right? You have some?」
「Yup. I bought milk ice cream yesterday. I hope Papi likes it.」
「Papi looks forward to it. Hey, let’s go home, home!」
「H-Hey. The ice-cream won’t run so don’t pull me」

Papi pulls my arm and doesn’t want to let go. We entered bath immediately after coming back, we deliberately scrubbed our bodies.

We washed our body and hair that’s filled with dust and while we’re soaked into the bathtub, Papi swing her head happily while chanting 「Ice cream, Ice cream」putting her hand on the edge of the tub.

Since I felt awkward to make her wait too much, we rose from the bath after moderately warming our bodies, I put on a white T-shirt on the air conditioned room and dried my hair with the breeze of the electric fan.

She’s been speaking Ice cream a while ago but she found the blades of the fan interesting so she moved her face matching the fan. I glanced at the cute appearance of Papi and when I put on a candy I bought the other day to her check quietly…

「Feels good?」
「My cheek felt cold?」
「Here, eat. It’s chilly and delicious」
「Thanks! Onii-san. Itadakimasu」

「Hey hey, eat neatly」
「Because…chupa. Papi likes, nnn. to suck it like this. Uuu, cwoold」

When I presented out the milk Ice cream, Papi leaned forward and began to lick it with her mouth. She’s making a lewd face as if she’s sucking me off.

Still, it’s sweet and melts in your mouth, applying a hand on her cheeks sometimes while groaning is very cute.

「Zuchu…haun. The tip is…nnn. Melting, it’s getting slimy, Onii-san」
「If you suck it that much then it’ll be like that」
「Because~ It’s delicious. Chuchu」

「Papi really licks it dirtily. Just seeing it makes me aroused」
「NN. Onii-san. Papi…chuchuchubu. when I suck to eat the Ice cream…rero. Onii-san…ngu. Wants to suck it too?」

「You want an indirect kiss?」
「Un, with Onii-san. Nnn…Kissh, I want…haa, an indirect kiss」
「It can’t be helped」

I pulled out the melting ice from Papi’s mouth and a string of saliva was made, I immediately hold it in my mouth before it drops and the ice became that’s mushy was swallowed.

She’s being glad that the ice cream she’s been holding on her mouth is being shared right now, she looked at me charmed, she squirms and thrust her hand on my trunks and the immediately took it down forcefullyー She wrapped my penis with her mouth that’s been cooled by the ice cream.

I leaked out a voice instinctively from the greatness of the situation.

「The feeling of Papi’s mouth」
「Chupu…haan. Onii-san…I love this lower part…Haahaa」
「That’s sensitive」
「I’ll make it feel good…chupa. using Papi’s mouth. I’ll make it feel good!」

It feels good even if you don’t say that. The pole and glans is being licked persistently, when she finished, she began to suck the urethra. I can’t endure the stimulation of the unusually cold mouth then…

「Cum! Cummingー!」

The semen gushed energetically and Papi had sucked it with her mouth vigorously. She gulped it down when it finished splashing and she showed the inside of her mouth to prove that she drank it all.

After seeing the lovely small canine, she looked up to me with wagging tail. A big smile corresponds to her mood. Cute.

「Onii-san, did it felt good?」
「Yeah. It’s the best」
「I’m glad! Papi was really glad to see Onii-san’s happy face」

Her tail wags and hit the ground. Was I really smiling that much? Thinking about it, if Papi says so then it is.

Looking at Papi that’s rolling on the floor, she licked my face and exchanged kisses.

「Which is better, Indirect or direct kiss?」
「I love both. But I like this Papi more」

She was surprised for a moment the tongue was suddenly screwed in but her small tongue answered my thoughts and we sucked each other, Papi also repeatedly went in and out, making violent splashing soundl.

It’s like we’re doing sexual intercourse using our lips and tongue, we repeated violent insertion and removal.

「If you do that much, I’ll want to do it again」
「Papi has been like this since a while ago」

She put my hand on her pussy and she appeals how her intimate part wants my symbol as a man.

I consoled Papi for a bit and I hid my finger on her vaginal wall that’s filled with warmth. As expected, she’s already this wet that she’s ready to copulate anytime. That’s how unnecessary foreplay is.

But, I thought of making love with her using with my finger once so I played with her cute small clitoris with my thumb and my index and middle finger deliberately rubbed her Gspot.

Did it enter a key point of Papi? Her body trembled as she hugged me and she kissed me with her blushing face.

Still, I repeatedly caressed Papi’s meat pot and the depths of her vagina tightens my finger, I knocked her over and over again.

「Ngu. Onii-san. No, Papi’s going crazy…Aaa! Ah, Ahー!」

The moment she raised a big scream, she released a tide and had ascended along with a sweet sigh. 「Papi. Papi?」I called through her hollow consciousness but it seems she doesn’t hear me.

I’m unbearably happy as she came with my finger. I think I understood Papi’s feelings a bit. Embracing the small body tightly, we stayed together like that then fell asleep.