Kininaru Chapter 39


I opened my eyes at the unfamiliar ceiling

I quickly understood that it was the hospital, but I dodn’t understand why I’m here

Someone’s grasping my hand

There was a girl holding my hand while sleeping on the chair beside the bed

Light brown hair and transparently white skin, the face as beautiful as an artificial product

As I was fascinated the girl opened her eyes.


As our eyes met there were tears in her eyes

「What a relief…I didn’t know what to do if you didn’t wake up…Uuu」

The girl burst into tears but it couldn’t be help if she didn’t listen to me no matter what.

「Who are you?」

The girl’s face turned pale




Seems like I lost my memories due to a traffic accident.

I can speak properly, but what kind of life was I living, where is my home, I have absolutely no idea.

It’s said that I need to sleep on the bed for two weeks even if my injuries are light.

As I woke up I heard about the accident from the police but I didn’t remember anything, though not answered, the criminal seemed to be caught already.

「You’ll remember soon」

Yuki said so while patting my back.

That moment, from Yuki’s breast-part of her clothes, an extremely good smell drifted.

Sniffing that smell my trouser swelled up.

I don’t understand one but, but as I see Yuki’s big tits and her smooth thighs, blood furthermore gathered at my penis.

As Yuki saw my bewildered expression she seemed to shivered.

「It’s my turn to inform you」

Yuki suddenly took off her top and bra exposing her breasts.

I nailed my eyes into her white swelling with some slight veins.

「You stare a lot…Sakimori-kun, my boobs…」

「Wh、Why did you strip、put something on quickly!」

「It’s fine even if you touch、hora」

Yuki grasped my hand and guided it to her breast.

I felt light headed as I felt the warmth from touching her tender flesh.

My face turned hot in one breath, I’m sure I’m bright red from ear to ear

I attached my eyes on the pink summit

「You want to try sucking it?」

Getting her permission I was in a trance sucking her breast *chyupa chyupa*.

「Aan、cute、Sakimori-kun’s cute」

Yuki hugged my head close

I pressed my face into her breasts, but she didn’t mind me crawling my tongue over her areola.

When I lifted my face from her cleavage Yuki licked her lips, and was making an unbearable face.

I felt shaken at Yuki’s sudden behavior but my excitement won over it

「are my boob delicious?」


I silently sucked her nipples vigorously.

「Ann、you’re skilled」

Yuki took out my penis and traced it with her hand

「Now、I’ll comfort you okay」

Saying so Yuki took off her lower part and became nude, she straddled me on the bed.

Yuki rubbed my penis on her thighs, my penis was painted with a transparent liquid hanging from her crotch.

My penis was so wet with Yuki’s fluids that it glittered, it felt itchy.

Yuki applied my penis to her crotch, and lowered her hips.


Together with Yuki’s coquettish voice my penis hit something squishy.

As my penis shook inside Yuki, I was pulsed with pleasures

As Yuki completely straddled on me, Yuki trembled

She rose up a little to calm down and fell forward kissing me then said

「Onee-san’s going to teach you something that feels good, okay」 (TN: GG. I lost it there. Hahahahahaha)

For some reasons Yuki acted like an Onee-san.