Kininaru Chapter 38


I walked home alone

Today I also went to the same supermarket to go shopping.

The neighborhood is already gloomy because of the Sun setting

Normally this road has few people, but today there especially few pedestrian.

There are only me and a man in suit walking behind me

「Good evening」

The man with a beard wearing a worn out suit behind me raised his voice.

It’s as if he aimed for the time when there’s nobody around

「Who are you?」

「You don’t remember me? We met on the train once didn’t we」


「That’s right、hihihi、you already forgot huh…hihihi」

His laugh was rejoicing and so were his eyes, didn’t seem like he’s normal

「I’m taking my leave」

「Today your girl friend isn’t with you huh? Hora、her hair was about this」

He made a gesture grasping the hair at the back of his head.

「You know、that day a co-worker seemed to have witnessed the crime scene inside the train。 He snitched back to our boss and I was fired。 Ihihi」

I noticed that the atmosphere was unusual, but a few days ago, the molester on the train was a salaryman

「Everything I’ve built up until now, with this it easily…when I was told that I didn’t need to come to the company tomorrow morning I wet myself you know。 It was the first time in my life I experienced such emotions。 It was as if I fell into a pitch without bottom。 It was a nice feeling」

As he smile with an entranced expression madness floated in his eyes

「I won’t forget that moment when I died socially。 I want to taste that feeling again。 Kuhihihi」

「See you tomorrow、I hop that you look forward to tomorrow…Kukukuahiyaaa!」

The man left.


A strange guy had his eyes on me

I don’t understand what he was doing saying that




The next day


Having the test finished I go home to make preparations.

Then my neighbor Kanae, who I haven’t talked to for days, talked to me

「You see、I broke up with my boyfriend…」

「I see」

「Un、when I thought about it I didn’t really like him that much」



「Then I’m going home」

「Un、bye bye」

I left the classroom



As I went into the hallway I happened to meet Suzuka

The moment Suzuka sees me she shut her crotch tightly and her face turned red, she moved as if running away.



I met with Yuki at the gate as arranged.

Today I’m going to study with Yuki till night, then from there play with her like usual

「You really came」


「Then let’s go」


I’ve been violating Yuki for around 3 months

Her hatred of having sex with me should’ve faded after 3 months, but Yuki is still resisting until this day

But I think Yuki isn’t seriously hating it

It grew into a habit before we knew it

The proof for that is that, she’s obedient before coming to the bed


We went to my house side by side

I walked near the road

Today is much hotter

To the point that I sweat completely just from standing

Even Yuki is sweating a little

Whenever we started having sex Yuki’s body always feels nice and cool.

Her usual body temperature is low, it seems

I got excited from the smell of sweat coming from Yuki walking beside me.

Because I’m always sniffing during sex this smell made me go at it persistently

Yuki is bothered by the fact that she’s sweating it seems, or rather she’s bothered by her own smell.

When Yuki came to my house during holidays she always smelled shampoo.

If we come to my house then, because we won’t have time to dash in and take a shower, I made preparations.

Even when she’s being violated, Yuki prepares herself to be embraced by me, that always makes me excited

We came near the place where I talked to that man yesterday.

Seems like he’s not lying in wait for me.

As I felt relieved the sound of a car approaching from behind was heard

At that moment、I wonder why…

My head went through a certain possibility

As I turned my head a white lightweight truck crossed the traffic lane and headed this way

Yuki also noticed

The scene before my eyes became slow motion

I thought about dodging by jumping onto the guardrail

By next to me was Yuki

Yuki froze in fear

That car was no doubt aiming at me

If I hold Yuki in my arms both of us will be hit

I pushed Yuki away with all my might

Yuki who got out of the track of the truck looked at me with a shocked expression

I can’t run anymore

That moment, I thought I’m done and spoke to Yuki

「Thank you so far」

that was what I said.

I actually remember.

Sometimes, I recalled that aircraft accident in the past, when I turned strange Yuki comforted me countless times.

The car is right in front of me. In the driver seat was indeed that man from yesterday

The moment I thought that this is the reward for me doing as I please, I was knocked out