Kininaru Chapter 42

A summer day

I brought the Miyu girl into the room and threw her on the bed.

After jumping up 2, 3 times, the girl was pinned down on the bed as I took her T-shirt off.

Really, her nice body doesn’t match her cute face one bit. I took of her tight-looking bra.

Then the still growing woman-like breasts that stuck out were exposed.

As if being on fire of excitement, I sucked on them.


I rubbed her breasts while licking, then sucked *buchuu* on her areola.

「Haa haa haa!」

Miyu’s breathing turned tensed. Her milk-like sweet body odor increased in density.

Continuing that for a while, I understood that Miyu’s weak to licking her boob up from bottom and having her nipples sucked.

「You’ll get worn out like this。 I’ll give this some affection too」

As I put my hand into her panties, that place was already soaking wet with just breast caressing.

I played with Miyu’s genital using my hand. I made messy sounds on purpose while touching, making Miyu’s face turned bright red.

「Already this wet、Miyu-chan’s quite ecchi huh」

I got even more excited at her red and embarrassed face and took off her panties in one breath.

A viscous string stretched between her panties and her genital. I cut that string with my tongue and began to lick Miyu’s crotch like that.


Miyu screamed as the gag fell out.

Finishing the caressing, Miyu drew her hips back because she didn’t like her crotch being licked, but I chased after her and buried my face into her crotch.

「Don’t liiiick、don’t lick thaaat!」


Slurping up her vagina, I scooped up her love juice with my tongue.
Then I kissed Miyu like that.


Miyu became obedient. (TN: LMFAO she likes kisses)

Blood gathered at my penis even more because of the taste of the sweet kiss involving love juice-attached tongues twining.

I know that Miyu’s body has no strength.

I continued the kiss while opening her legs, my penis searched for her vaginal opening.

Miyu turned unconscious because of the kiss, she didn’t notice that my penis was pushing through her labia, searching for the hole.

When I found the entrance I instantly inserted at that chance.

Right after that



Being attacked suddenly Miyu screamed while bending back like a bow. I pushed Miyu’s crotch up tightly so she also pressed down.

Looking at this familiar scene of Miyu being unconscious due to sudden insertion, I realized something else.

Miyu isn’t a virgin.

Earlier, I already guessed so, feeling that Miyu was quite used to the caressing but…

If this girl has a boyfriend, would I make her abandon having sex with him

I was really jealous with the guy who took Miyu’s virginity. (TN: It was you, you ass!! LMFAO)

That’s fine…

I’ll make this girl my thing.

I’ll continue to make Miyu’s vagina change to shape in a way that it tightly fits my penis.

I fixed my arms that was tightly hugging Miyu.

Not letting you go.

I used my body weight to lean on her, I pinned Miyu down so that she wouldn’t be able to move one inch.

I drew my hips back big time and nailed my penis in for insertion.


I didn’t bother Miyu feeling pain, I won’t stop no matter how much she screams.

It’s summer, I realized that the air conditioner wasn’t on but oh well whatever.

I violently seeked pleasures from Miyu.




When I calmed down a bit and looked at the clock, 3 hours have passed.

So hot

It’s just hot

Inside of this shut up room is humid, even a person that doesn’t sweat much like me has bead of sweat rolling on the forehead.

I looked at the girl in my arms.

Miyu was drenched with sweat. She was completely wet as if got water poured on her.

The bed also got really wet because Miyu crawled to escape from me, but especially the part around Miyu had a huge stain.

Miyu climaxed countless times with my pistons that almost made the bed creak. Miyu endured to not cum, but once she reached her limit of endurance the pleasures of cumming became really strong that she blew tides.
Sometimes Miyu wetted herself to the sensation of unending despair.

Miyu is completely exhausted. She’s unconscious too.

I was taken aback.

I looked at the disastrous scene on the bed

Won’t Miyu get dehydrated if she sweat this much!

I recognized that Miyu body was in a state of ecstacy entrance

I took my penis out from Miyu and let her go.

Semen dangled from her vaginal opening.

I hurried to the fridge, and brought a sports drink.

But Miyu isn’t conscious.

I fed her mouth by mouth……and incidentally realized.

Miyu eyes weakly opened.

She was playing dead, she pretended to be unconscious so that we would stop having sex.

I lost all my strength due to relief.

But it was dangerous to overdo it since she could’ve died. If I don’t pay more attention from now on

I let Miyu drink mouth-to-mouth.

She seems to be thirsty after all. Miyu forgot about playing dead and drank in a daze. Accidentally twine tongues is also because of that huh.

After drinking, Miyu actually slept due to exhaustion.

I’m also thirsty, but go to the fridge again is troublesome.

It couldn’t be helped so I drank Miyu’s sweat. (TN: LMFAO)

I licked Miyu whole sweat-drenching body.

The shaking breasts and her beautiful armpit, her girly nape, her charming thighs…while I was licking, blood gathered at my penis again.

I felt a lot of Miyu’s smell while licking Miyu’s sweat. It’s the smell of a girl.

I sucked the sleeping Miyu’s breasts.

I left some red marks.

Next time Miyu woke up I’ll suck these huge breasts while poking her with all my might.

I don’t have any reason to tell Miyu about that either, she kept sleeping with peaceful breaths.