Kininaru Chapter 43

A summer day Ⅱ

Today, I came because Sakimori-san is sick.

I really wanted to come visit when he was in the hospital, but they didn’t take any visitor so it was impossible.

I was worried, but today, when I came to the hospital he was already discharged so I immediately came to visit him.

But just as I entered the entranceway, Sakimori-san gagged me, and while I was being surprised he carried me into this room.


When I first met Sakimori-san, he also didn’t care about the fact that I was a virgin and sexually played with me in this room for a whole night.

That time, Sakimori-san poked me in various embarrassing positions continuously.

There were some positions that were so embarrassing that I just want to die every time I recalled.

But today Sakimori-san only did it in face-to-face position all the time, lost in a daze lusting for me.

He kept rubbing the same spot making me want to cum right away so I shifted my body to avoid the weak spots, but he firmly pinned me down so I couldn’t move even a muscle.

Just like that I was made to cum, but Sakimori-san isn’t stopping. He violently poked my sensitive insides after I just came, so I cried while resisting, but he became even more violent.

Every time Sakimori-san pushed me up vigorously, my lower half bounced on the springs of the bed.


His penis gouge at the back of my uretha, so every time he inserted my crotch became loosened and little by little I wet myself.

However, he didn’t care at all, the stimulation inside me was too strong that I felt pain like my first time.

Sakimori-san sank deeper into his daze and lust for me even more.

Only pain came right after cumming, but when I calmed down a little, gradually sexually pleasures rose, when I realized I was already clinging to Sakimori-san, trembling to the pleasures.

Soon my body became hot and sweat began to rose to the surface of my skin, my boobs began to slipperily glide against Sakimori-san’s chest.

I felt really good from that sensation, so in order to press my breasts against Sakimori-san, I moved at glued to him.

With Sakimori-san’s small nipples rubbing on mine, my chest went *kyun kyun*.

It felt so unbearably good that I twirled my legs around Sakimori-san’s hips, circled my arms around his back and hugged him tightly.

His penis entered so deeply that it knocked at my womb.


I accidentally leaked a small breath and Sakimori-san began to move my hips bit by bit, then persistently poked at my depth.

He’s moving not as strongly as before but pleasures gradually gathered at my womb, to the point that it was as if I was going mad to satisfy myself.

Then when the pleasures gathered at my womb crossed its limit, I came.

When a climax stronger than ever before made my inside shrink drastically, Sakimori-san glued his penis to my womb entrance and ejaculated as is.

「Aaahn! Aaaa!」

I haven’t grown used to the sensation of hot semen pouring inside me so I leaked out my voice.

I buried my face into Sakimori-san’s neck and hugged him while waiting for him to let out everything.

When he finished, Sakimori-san also leaned on me and buried his face into my neck.

Feeling Sakimori-san’s breath at the back of my neck, I noticed the smell of sweat.

Before going here I took a shower so I thought my hair should properly smell shampoo, but Sakimori-san’s penis that was hitting my thigh gradually became bigger.

Sakimori-san pinned my shoulders down with his hands.

I came too much that I was already at my wit’s end.

I like Sakimori-san and all but impossible things are impossible, so I crawled on the bed to run.

I fell on the floor and crawled to the door on all fours.



Sakimori-san suddenly sat on top of me while I was on all fours.

Though I lied face down on the floor, I still reached out my hand to the doorknob but my fingertips couldn’t reach it.

Sakimori-san flattened me on the floor and began to rub my breasts from the sides.

It felt kind of good with his gentle hand movements, but if I can’t run we’ll have sex until I lost consciousness.

「It’s impossible alreadyーーー!」

Sakimori-san sat on top of me as is, then began to play with my pussy while rubbing my breasts and butt.

I had no way to stop myself from feeling good when my loved one was touching me.

Sakimori-san released his hand from my pussy when I was about to cum.

I didn’t even have to look to understand that my genital was stretching a string of juice.

I was so embarrassed my face became hot. Part of me did faintly expect to be made to cum.

「Next would be the other side」

Sakimori-san stepped back from on top of me and led me by the hands to the bed.

The part of the bed where my crotch was a little while ago had a huge stain on it, my face instantly became hot.

「I…I we…wet myself…っっ! I’m sorry…」

Sakimori-san hugged me from behind while saying 「Don’t mind it」.

Then he carried me princess-style and dropped me down on the bed.

My own ecchi smell of sweat and juices drifted from the bed.