Kininaru Chapter 45

A summer day Ⅳ

There was no response even when I pushed the interhorn. I tried turning the door knob.

Then the door opened.

That girl’s clothes were laid around on the floor when I tried looking inside.

Seeing that I steeled up my confidence.

I could hear the sounds of water and water being boiling. Perhaps that guy went into the bathroom.

Thinking that I need to save this girl, I entered the house and decided to search inside.

The house was spacious, but there was one room with the door opened.

Thinking that that room was suspicious, I decided to enter.

「Are you alright? I came to rescue you」

After calling out and entering the room, I was speechless.

Inside this room where just a creek of sunlight from outside could come in for the sake of minimum seeing, she wasn’t there, but I understood what was going on inside this room a short time ago.

There was this intense smell.

The smell of after touching the important place (this is embarrassing but it’s the same to when I masturbated), smell of sweats, and furthermore the smell of piss, all were mixed together.

When my eyes got used to the gloominess, I could see the room better.

The bed was in a terrible state.

There was a huge stain in the middle of the bed, then in the middle of that stain was some jelly-like white thing. Then I myself also recall about that. It’s semen no matter how you look at it.

That girl’s important place was on top of this stain, I think.

I imagined how bad the girl was done in this room by just looking at the state of the room without seeing their acts.

If she’s not here then she could’ve been led into the bathroom with that man.

It couldn’t be helped that I was worried, but even if I go there now I won’t be able to do anything.

Then, I thought about taking back my naked pictures first. It should be somewhere inside this room.

When I listened carefully, the sounds of water running in the hot bath were audible.

「It’s still good…」


「What’s still good?」 (TN: HAHAHAHAHA)


Suddenly a naked man hugged me from behind, making my heart jump.


「I’m the one should be surprised here。 You just suddenly came in。 So I observed you for a while」 (TN: You shall not pass!!)

He smelled a lot like the smell inside this room.

I finally understood. He left the water running to make me think that he was in the bath

「Let me go!」

「You can’t go home after you’ve seen this, don’t you think」

When I turned my head and looked towards in front of the room, that girl was sitting flatly on the floor with her thighs joined together. There wasn’t any focus point in her eyes when she looked this way.

「You too, let’s do some good things with me」 (TN: LOL, just LOL)

He pulled my arm intensely. Even when I fell down to the floor he dragged me along without thinking.

「It hurts don’t touch me!」 (TN: O wait, she’s a loli, so no touch?)

He stopped his steps near the bed and laid his hands on my uniform.




I took off the uniform of the girl who entered my house at her own convenience in a blink of an eye, leaving only her bra and panties.


I pushed her down, facing down.

The body fluids Miyu stained on the bed oozed out and soaked into the girl.

「It’s cold! Noooooooo」

「I’ve got a few questions for you。 Answer honestly」


I faced her towards Miyu.

Seeing Miyu, her body trembled greatly.

「Answer properly or I’ll thoroughly violate you here just like her」


Looks like it’s effective.

「Good、get on all fours。 」

「That’s not what you sa…」

「Just hurry the hell up!」

She was startled, then got on all fours.

I pulled down her panties, exposing her secret place. It was a pretty pink color, same as Miyu’s.

「Spread your legs a bit more」


「That’s the last thing」

I said that in a low voice and she opened her legs.

「You、a virgin?」

She looked at me with puzzlement in her face.

Spanking punishment is called for

As I raised my hand she shut her eyes. She thought I was going to spank her ass it seems.

But as my hand sped up, it didn’t head towards her ass, but her opened crotch. (TN: LMAOO)




My middle finger quietly hit her vagina.

Since her respond was good I did 2 more times

Pechiーーーn! Pechiーーーn!



Her vagina opened and closed, twitching all the while. As if protecting her vagina, she covered it with both hands.

I peeled her hands off by force.

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