Kininaru Chapter 50

A summer day Ⅸ

Her love juice tasted bitter but I licked it all, cleaning up her crotch.

「You’re not resisting anymore eh。 I’ll forgive you for kicking me if you keep being a good girl like this」

「Ahhn…that feels goood」

「…are you not listening。 Well that’s fine。 I’ll make you feel beyond good。 」

I carried Akane to the room with the large bed.






Dopyuu dopyuu

I splashed semen into Akane’s womb entrance. Then as if cramming sperm into her womb, I continued to piston even in the middle of ejaculating.

「Aaaaaannnnn! I said you can’t cum insiiiiiide!」

「Welp too late。 C’mon、I’m gonna cram some more in。 」

After a few times cumming Akane indulged in sex, but she still doesn’t like cumming inside.

「If breastmilk comes out like this I’ll drink the portion of the baby too」

I gave Akane’s nipple a good bite.

「Aahn! Ann! Aaahn」」

「Your breast isn’t big enough。 I’ll bring Miyu」

I headed towards the room where Miyu was.

Miyu was surprised I was the only one returned, but without paying attention to her, I carried her away in my arms.

While carrying Miyu I gave her tits some play-bites.


As expected this elasticity is irresistible

When I got back to the room where Akane was, I put Miyu on her belly.

Then I caressed Miyu’s boobs while piston’ing Akane in missionary position.


Their voices overlapped each other.

Thanks to Miyu sitting on top of Akane, the angle of my penis couldn’t be changed, I piston’ed her in the same spot many times over, making her fall into disorder.

I played with Miyu with a violent kiss while fondling her breasts.

This situation makes it looks like I’m using Akane as an onahole.

As if feeling some chills in the air, Miyu’s body shivered. That reminds me, she still sweating.

I embraced Miyu who’s in front of me with all my might, heating her up.

「Sorry。 It was cold right?。 」


Viscous liquid oozed out from Miyu’s crotch and dirtied Akane’s belly.

Do all women like to be hugged this much?

Since Miyu seemed happy, I continued like that in atonement.




I focused too much on Miyu and didn’t notice Akane’s unsual behaviors.

Akane flapped her feet on the bed and grabbed hold of my hips, then repeated that restlessly.

「Stop iiiit! Yaaaadaaaa!」


I finally noticed the drifting smell of blood.

「Why…wha! You!」

I didn’t realize the blood stain where Akane and I were connected.

I thought the sensation felt good, but for a while not even Miyu noticed this?


It seems like somehow Akane’s period started at a really bad time.

Is it really okay? I didn’t notice and kept poking her but…

I took out my penis stained with blood from Akane. As if my penis was the cover lid, when I pulled out a bunch more blood came out, I panicked and carried her all the way to the toilet.

Since Akane instantly locked the door once she got into the toilet, I left without caring about my bloodstained penis.

I realized that this room doesn’t have anything to help with her period.

Miyu didn’t have any kind of hand bag with her so she probably doesn’t have anything either.

I thought about going to buy it at the convenient store, but I need to clean up Akane’s blood first.

By this chance I took Miyu into the bathroom also.






While thinking that I need to rush, I also need to warm Miyu up in the hot-bath and not just a quick shower or she’ll catch a cold.

I entered the bathtub, hugging Miyu as she sat in my lap.

It feels better to hug Miyu than the slender Akane. Even though she has a loli face, her breasts are huge.

I stroked Miyu whole body while submerging into the bath.


From her smooth skin to her jiggling boobs and her butt, everything is very well-weighted. As I forgot about the situation, I quickly got an erection.

My penis stood up, pressing against Miyu’s butt.

「I’ll end it quickly」

I didn’t wait for her answer and inserted inside the bathtub.


Because it was hard for me to move inside the narrow bathtub, I circled my arms around the bottom of Miyu’s breasts, lifting her up and dropping her down to piston.

「Ahn ann ann!」

Every time her body got lifted up and down, her breasts that were held close by my arms shook. I got excited because of that and violently embraced Miyu.

Byurururu byuruu


At the same time with my ejaculation, Miyu also cum without minding her body.

I immediately took my penis out and turned Miyu around, then sucked on her pink nipple from the front.

I’ve been wanting to do this all this time while I piston’d her.

Miyu hugged my head and let me suck her breast as if breast-feeding a baby.

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