Kininaru Chapter 51

Before the Trouble

Having returned from the convenient store, I took out supplies for Akane’s period and handed over her uniform.

「You can go home now」

It’s impossible to do Akane any further, so I decided to let her go.

The time is 11 in the afternoon.

「What about Miyu-chan?」

I hugged Miyu’s waist.

「Miyu is staying。 We’ll do a lot of good things after this too」

Miyu hung her head with her face bright red, Akane gulped.

「Then bye。 Be careful on your way home」


Right after shutting the door, I took Miyu to the bed where Akane’s and her fluids soaked into.

Since I did Miyu too violently during daytime, I decided to just loving her tonight.






Morning, Miyu clung to me and rained kisses onto me.

「Love yooooou! I love you Sakimori-saaaan!! I love you the most in this woooorld」

Miyu rubbed her boobs against me while acting all spoiled.


I gave Miyu affection the whole night without putting it in.

If you ask me what did I do, then of course, it was kissing, stroking, fondling, sucking and licking, and whispering love-words…


The result of that, is this situation right now.


「This is the first time I feel so happyyy!」

She held my leg between her crotch and spread her love juice as if masturbating.


Seems like 6 hours of making love broke Miyu’s self-restraints.


「Just calm down…hn!」


Miyu inserted my face into her breasts. I couldn’t breath with my face buried inside that valley.

「Muuuu! This is because I was sooo jealous you kissed Akane-chan so much yesterday!」

I somehow got away from Miyu

「I was suffocating yo。 …good grief、these lewd tits」

As if squeezing out breast-milk I grabbed one boob and sucked on it.


「Kyaan! You really like my boobs huh」

「They stretch well、they’re charming、their size too, all of them are to my liking。 」


Miyu was heads over heels for me with her pupils almost turning to heart shape. (TN: SOMEBODY FUCKING CALL THE AMBULANCE, TRANSLATOR-KUN IS HAVING A FUCKING HEART ATTACK)

I too, upon seeing the spoiled Miyu being too cute, unintentionally began to spoil her.


Part of me also wanted to indulge in Miyu.

As I realized that, I who is being seduced by Miyu, was completely absorbed into this world of just the 2 of us.






Pinpon pinpon pinpon !

The bell rang many times.

So noisy.

I was violently copulating with Miyu.

As the bed creaked, Miyu’s feverish voice resounded.

That reminds me, what date is it?

Miyu hugged me, who’s thinking, tightly.

With just that, I didn’t care about anything else and kissed Miyu.

We’re not seeing anything aside from each other.




The sound of the door being opened was heard from the entranceway.

Well whatever

Without paying it any heed I lust for Miyu, Miyu also made a happy face.



Thud !

As the door of the room opened, someone entered.

With that I finally got surprised.

Miyu who was moving on top of me didn’t realize and continued to move.


「What’s wrong? That kid…」

Yuki pointed at Miyu.

「This girl is…hnn」

Because I was looking at Yuki, Miyu kissed me.

Furthermore she held my hands like lovers do. (TN: PFFTT KIDS DON’T HAVE MULTIPLE WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME)

Miyu seemed to pin me down.

Because she did it with me many times, her kisses also became skillful.

Miyu entwined our tongues so violently that I couldn’t even breathe.

All the strength in my body was exhausted. If it’s just about kissing then Miyu was more dominant.



As Miyu caught my ejaculation, she trembled and wet herself.

It covered my abdomen, and the stain spread on the sheets.

Miyu finally let my hands go. But then she glued to my chest, hugging me.



Seeing that, Yuki misunderstood that




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