Kininaru Chapter 54

Yuki’s Suggestion

「…what the hell…」

I woke up to the quarreling sounds of two people.

「Ah、I’m sorry。 Did I wake you up?」

The moment I raised my body, Miyu embraced my head.

Burying my face into her sweaty cleavage, her sweet body odor reached my nose.

「……っ! You woke Sakimori-san up!」

Holding my head as is, Miyu turned towards Yuki and said so.

「You were being noisy, too!」

Yuki also refuted.

Just like that, the quarrel between the two began.

I turned my head a little and held Miyu’s right nipple in my mouth. (TN: This nigga LOL)

Miyu got goosebumps.

I fiddled with her nipple like tasting a candy.

「That’s why I said…fuwaaa…stop…aahh!」

Flirty sounds began to mix into Miyu’s words.

「Sakimori-sa–…kyaa! I’m talking to this chick…hnn!」

I stretched my hand to Miyu’s crotch.

Striding over me in a half kneeling position, Miyu drew her hips away for a moment, but then accepted my hand.

I gently caressed Miyu’s clit.

「Aaah…That’s…that’s my weak spot…」

Under Miyu’s strength from her arms, I was pressed into her breasts.

I couldn’t hear Yuki anymore.

As usual, I caressed Miyu until she cum.

「I’m……I’m already cumming」

「I’ll do something even better」

I put my finger inside Miyu, then roughly rubbed her G-spot.

「Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! That’s no goodddd! I’ll cum agaaaain!」


Miyu’s thighs trembled as she reached climax.

This girl wet herself a little whenever she cums too hard, as usual.

I’m worried that other girls are also like this.


Miyu sprawled on top of me after cumming. Her hips gave out.

I’m pretty sure it feels good if I put it in now, but Miyu dislikes having her insides stimulated right after she cums she I’ll refrain myself for now.


I thought about things while hugging Miyu tightly to let her settle down.

If I remember correctly, we weren’t having excessive sex. (TN: Are you sure??? LMAO)

Miyu would pass out if it was too roughly, that’s why when I gave her some margin Miyu also felt happy.

I think that Miyu’s cute so gradually it became better.


After calming down, Miyu lifted her flushed face, looking at me with intoxicated eyes. I immediately knew what she wanted me to do.

We entangled our tongues and exchanged saliva.

Every time this happens Miyu is like a spoiled baby.

It’s our sweet time as usual…


However, part of me felt something unsatisfying.




After Miyu fell asleep because of tiredness, I decided to talk to Yuki.

「You guys were really going at it huh」

Yuki’s pouting after witnessing the love affairs in front of her.

「Well, yeah」

「Sakimori-san also wants to lock yourselves inside the house and have sex all the time?」


「Her body also got tired, didn’t it?」

「No、that’s not the case」

「Seeing you guys I thought of something。 Are you doing whatever she likes really because of 『Affection』?」

「I think so」

「Then won’t you try having sex with other girls, too?」


「It’s fine even if Miyu-chan is your favorite。 But do other girls, too。 Don’t you like going without restrains?」


「I think you’re pretty limited when you do it with Miyu-chan、so you’ll also need some relaxing if you’re going to embrace Miyu-chan from now on」

What happened to Yuki?

She said she likes me, then now talks about this.

But Miyu and I indulged in each other too much.

It’s about time I think about letting lose a little bit


I gave my answer.

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