Kininaru Chapter 55

New Life

「Now then, who should it be today」

Choosing a partner for tonight, I walked around the room


「Au…don’t come here…」

「No no no!!」

With their hands tied behind their back while being blindfolded, three girls are on the floor.

It’s been one week since I started confining the girls Yuki brought me.



Since I brought them into the bathroom, I took care of everything for them. From meal to brushing their teeth, excreting, brushing their hair…

I made them completely into puppets.



Then at night I would pick one of them to bring into my room and sleep with me.

Of course it wasn’t just sleeping only…

So in order to pick one for tonight, I’m slowly walking around the 3 of them.

They were all shivering to the feeling of being chosen.

「Then I’ll choose you again」 (TN: Pikachu I choose you)

I held the girl with a small stature into my arms

「Nooooooooo!! Why is it always me!!」

I’ve been choosing the same girl for 7 days.

「Then let’s go」


She’s not especially pretty among the 3, but when I tickled them during the first day, she showed the best reaction.

Because I poked her vigorously all night long, she always faint because of cumming too much.

Then when I came back to the room, the other 2 should’ve imagined what kind of thing happened to her through listening to her breathing and then got excited.

It was fun seeing that.


She’s crying but love juice is oozing out from the crotch of her black panties.

I temporarily put her down, pulled her panties down and put my finger in.


「You’re already so wet」

「…I’m not wet…」

She lied. Was it because the other 2 girls aren’t looking?

That instant, I began to violently rub her vaginal walls


Bushaaa! Bushuu!

「Eh? You said you weren’t wet?」

I roughly rubbed it and asked again.

「I’m not we…kyaaaaaaaa!!!! It huuuuuuuuuurts」

Sounds of liquid dripping resounded as she squirt while screaming

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I lied I was a bad girl! I DID get wet!」

I pulled out my finger


Drops of fluids falling down along her thighs made some noises in the quiet room.

This chick is already gasping hard from the bottom of her throat while drooling.

「Good girl. I’ll reward you over there. Hold on to me」


I spread her legs and picked her up from the ground like a Koala.

Her not-so-big breasts pressed against my chest.

Her lower half was all stickily wet.

The other 2 girls also got wet because of her squirt. But as if fear that they would be taken away in her stead if they raised their voices, they held their breath.

I kept silent and left the room with the girl clinging to me.

After that I pushed her down on the bed and did her like a wild animal.

Unlike Miyu, she always resisted but as if she couldn’t lie to pleasures, she fainted after climaxing more than 10 times.

I tried to creampie her midway through, but whenever she sensed that I was about to ejaculate, she shook her hips skillfully and escaped.

That’s why I fucked her once again when she was unconscious and sprayed my semen directly into her womb. (TN: BAHAHAHAHA)

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