Chapter 3

Aiyana helped him sit up briefly, and made him swallow something that was downright hard to swallow. It was neither bitter nor tasted like anything he had tasted in his mouth before; it simply has a taste that disgusted Kyle. He swallowed it anyhow, eyes on her. He brushed off the taste by checking her out; she was beautiful in every sense of the word. She was so scantily dressed; he couldn’t help his eyes travelling to her supple and large breasts. She didn’t seem to notice his frequent stares… hungry stares.

“Thank you,” Kyle said later, “My name is Kyle, Aiyana.”

She nodded, “Kyle,”

“Say that again!” he cried, excited.

“Kyle?” She said, a little confused over his reaction. She tilted her head to the side in her confusion.

Oh my holy… So cute!

Kyle silently shrieked inside. He didn’t want to look like he was desperate, though he really was. He was enjoying every moment of this, and silently thanked the god Kurios and Seraphiel. He could make out that she wasn’t a player, like him; because unlike her, he could see a tag on his body. It didn’t matter if he was clothed or not, the tag was there. He saw that she had none of that.

“Who are you, Aiyana?” he said again.

“I’m Aiyana from the Griujk tribe,” she said, with her cute head tilt again.

Who was Monica compared to Aiyana? True, he had loved the best way he knew how but now she was nothing but a filthy monster to him. Besides, Aiyana was better than her in every aspect. He thought to himself “I’d rather spend time with this lady of the wild, than with that fake ass bitch, Monica.

He remembered the bear and the fear he had felt and hated himself for that. But he was scared, definitely. The only time he had seen bears were in a zoo, not so up close, that he could be grazed by one. He remembered he had summoned his handgun, and checked it again. He hoped against hope that it would not have the same cool down period of one month. One whole fucking month! It would make him dead meat for the other players or even the animals to devour. He saw that he had a spare magazine, but no gun.

He looked closely at Aiyana. If he could convince her that he was useful and she took him with her to their tribe… he wouldn’t have to worry about undue death, at least for the month of cool down.

I need to be careful how I summon and used my skills, and train to be physically stronger. He thought to himself as he chewed on a shrub given to him by Aiyana. He knew he was already pretty strong and sturdy, due to many out boxing and system classes in scout’s camp, but I need to make myself invincible. Just having super strength without physical skills to use it is useless.

“Aiyana?” he called out.

She turned to face him, “Yes, Kyle?”

He felt the same blood rush to his face. I’ll die soon, at this rate.

“Can you take me to your tribe?” He said, looking at her with an expecting stare. She seemed to be thinking.

She shook her head later, “I can’t bring you if you can’t contribute to the tribe, Kyle.”

Kyle bit his lips. He knew it. It was a tribe, after all. But he knew he needed to be with a group of people… at least till my abilities can be used again. He quickly said, “I can help with the hunt, Aiyana. As you can see I’m wounded now, and if you leave me, I am sure to be devoured by some wild beast. And, my blood shall fall on your head.”

At this, Aiyana’s eyes went a little wide. She didn’t consider that far; and she wouldn’t have if Kyle didn’t sprout such nonsense so clearly and easily. She felt her throat going limp, and the fear of the unknown god preached by the Griujk overcame her.

She nodded to herself and then said softly, “Kyle, I’ll bring you to my tribe, but if you prove to be of no asset to my tribe, the Griujk tribe, then, you will be banished from the tribe. Are you okay with that?”

He looked surprised. He didn’t think that the fear of guilt would convince her.

How cute… everyone hates the idea of being guilty over something so random. It may be a different world, but humans will remain humans, it’s oddly… unsettling.

“We’ll leave when the sun goes down,” Aiyana said, eyes on the dusk sky, “It’s the hour of the Sun god, we cannot go now.”

Kyle nodded fiercely, pretending to understand what she meant by the ‘hour of the Sun god’… who on earth was the Sun god, anyway? Was he of significance? Or, was he just a superstition? If they were still just a primitive tribe… it is very possible that a player like me, but one who have a reached a high level of maybe fifty or so have decided to have his Reign of Terror over these poor ignorant tribes… that’s a nice idea though, to be a demigod… it’s amusing at the most.

The moon was crescent, Kyle observed. It must have been about twenty hours since he passed out. He hated the feeling, it was weird. He didn’t mind the deathly feeling; he just didn’t like the feeling of drowning. It wasn’t death; it was the process that haunted him.

“Let’s go, Kyle,” Aiyana said, getting up. Kyle’s eyes were on the leopard skin that formed her ‘clothes’ which was really just elements of porn for Kyle. The clothes seemed to satisfy a nasty fetish, he had in his mind, and made him think about the things he would do to her is she only obliged him.

“What are you looking at, Kyle?” she said. To her, he seemed to be zoning out all the time. And inside her head, she wished to know what he thought when he was so engulfed with his own fantasies.

Kyle stood up, and followed her. She picked a large bow, almost as tall as her. As they walked, Kyle noticed her knee high boots. He had seen it the first time, but it didn’t quite stick out until then. Are these primitive tribes perhaps good cobblers? There’s only one way to find out.

He was strangely turned on by that tiger skinned boots. It was oddly sensual to him, as he allowed his mind to go places his body couldn’t dare to. His mind wandered towards how good he could make her feel, or at least strive to, if she gave him the chance! In his thoughts, he almost stumbled twice.

“We’re here, Kyle,” Aiyana’s calm voice brought him back to reality; “This is the entrance to my tribe’s humble village.”

There was something like an alcove and huge trees that marked the entrance to the primitive village. Kyle mused over how nature could be mended to bend to the will and bidding of mankind: Possibilism at its finest.

“Aiyana!” one lady said, as they entered the village. The lady was beautiful, almost like Aiyana herself. Kyle was beholding her fine curves, quickly switching interests. He didn’t hear them talking, he couldn’t, because what met his eyes was like a dream.

I don’t think I am leaving this tribe even after a month welp!

There were not many people, with just about thirty to fifty huts. But the huts were sturdy and made of fine clay and strong materials like unbaked bricks. The clay signified that they knew how clay could be molded, a fine development for a primitive tribe. There was a system of hierarchy, like the earth Kyle knew, yet it wasn’t this or the clay that drew his attention. It was the people, the tribesmen and women: They were all perfect!

Kyle almost gawked. The women were so much better than those he knew back on earth. It wasn’t just Aiyana, but every single one of them who had rounded and supple breasts, fine curves and a nice round ass, with smooth and ruddy skin and face; they could outdo any supermodel in Kyle’s earth. And the face! It was the face… it was always the face according to Kyle that drew him completely. Only, he had a favorite face, Aiyana’s face. It was nothing short of an angel’s face. Maybe, it was because she saved him, but she would never cease to be an angel to him.

“Kyle!” Aiyana called to him for the third time.

“Yeah?” he said hastily, “Yeah… what?”

“The chief is here,” she whispered, nudging him. She nodded towards the approaching man. The chief seemed to be a strong man, with nice rippling muscles which was probably why he was shirtless all the time. And he had kind eyes, and long black hair. Even his hair seemed better than Monica’s. Kyle got irritated at himself for remembering her. That’s what’s annoying about bitches, they don’t cease to make you mad even in thought.

She bowed to him, “Chief, I’m back.”

“I see you’re back, Aiyana,” he said. He definitely seemed like a useful leader. He looked at Kyle, “And I see you’ve brought someone, is he your choice of partner?”

Her face flushed red, “Chief! Please don’t misunderstand!”

Kyle felt a tasteless disappointment forming inside him. Of course, he knew that he had just met Aiyana. But she shouldn’t have been so direct about it. It would have solved several problems, like Kyle’s heart breaking.

“Who are you, young man?” the chief said, eyeing him. The kind eyes seemed cruel.

“Kyle,” he said, “My name is Kyle, chief.”

“Where do you come from?”

Kyle thought for a while and then said carefully, “My home is in a faraway land, I cannot return. I was banished for saving a child of the enemy tribe.”

The chief seemed to be touched, “You’re a man of values…”

Kyle smirked inside his head. It works! I knew it! These tribals have morality! Thankfully, Aiyana made it obvious.

“But, we can’t let you enter,” the chief said.

Eh? W- What?

“Because,” he continued, “What we need is not someone who pities the enemy and preserves their lifelines and family. The child shall grow up and become a snare to your tribe.”

Kyle was at loss for words.

“Chief!” Aiyana’s firm voice surprised Kyle. Why is she standing up for me?

“This man is wounded,” she said, “telling him to leave is killing him. Blood will be over our heads.”

“What do you propose, Aiyana?”

“Allow him to stay till he heals.”

The chief placed his hand on his chin, stroking the sharp edge of his chin. He seemed to be weighing the pros and cons of keeping this stranger in the tribe. Aiyana looked at Kyle and gave a reassuring look. She knew the chief well and before he said it, she knew Kyle could stay.

“All right,” he said finally, Aiyana smiled. “But during that time, I expect you to make your utmost services available for the disposal of the tribe, preferably if you can help with providing food for the tribe. It’s almost winter, and there will be scarcity of food soon. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!”

“It’s chief,” he said with a hearty laugh. The chief walked away, going on his rounds of the village. Kyle watched his back for a while. The chief was talking to the children. Maybe he wasn’t such a big jerk as he seemed.

“Let me show you to the hut you will stay in,” Aiyana said, leading him to a hut in one of the corners. Near the hut was a well that was manually dug. Kyle was curious about that well; he had never seen one in the city. He looked into it, the water level was good.

“Hello!” Someone said from behind him, almost making him fall into the well. It was the lady who had spoken to Aiyana before.

“You scared me!” he gasped.

She laughed, as Aiyana went to them. “Don’t scare him that way, Aroha,” she frowned.


“Okay, okay, Aiyana!” she giggled, “My name is Aroha.”

“I’m Kyle,” Kyle said, struggling to keep lewd thoughts away.

“I know,” Aroha giggled again. She was surely Aiyana’s opposite, Kyle noted.

Aroha continued, “You’re going to be under medical care while you work to make yourself useful to the tribe. I and Avila are the medical practitioners of the tribe. Aiyana is also a medical practitioner, but she makes the medicines and more often than not, she is out looking for herbs or medicinal plants. Looking forward to taking good care of you!”

Kyle smiled, “Looking forward to being taken good care of…”

He was pleased with how well accepted he was in the tribe. Either that, or Aroha was just a little too friendly compared to the others.

As they were talking, another woman appeared from inside the hut. She was as beautiful as the other ladies. But her face had a motherly comfort. She was older than Aiyana and Aroha, he could tell.

“You must be Kyle,” she said with a gentle smile, “I’m Avila. Please come in. We’ll take a look at the wound on your back. And you might need some nourishment.”

Kyle suddenly felt hungry. So many things had happened at that dusk to night, he forgot how hungry he was. He willingly followed her in. He was followed by Aiyana and Aroha, who were talking about the pearl like berries that could be used as an antidote.

Aiyana began peeling the mangoes in the hut, cutting them for Kyle. Avila checked the wound. The wound was not very deep, given that the bear hardly grazed him. Only, its claws were sharp and long. Kyle’s body tensed up suddenly, as the pain spread to his chest and head.

“Does it hurt badly?” Avila said with a concerned voice.

“The painkiller must have worn off,” Aiyana said, “Aroha, give this man some of the bitter herbs from the Blue Mountains. That should do the work.”

Aroha took out the herbs from a shelf at the corner of the room.

“Here.” she said, giving the herbs to Kyle. Kyle hated bitter stuff but the pain was too much, he took the herbs hastily, almost gagging himself.

After a while, the effects of the natural sedative began to settle. He wheezed for a while till it got better. Seeing that, Aliva spoke up, “Kyle, it will hurt a little bit, but it’s not going to last forever… I’m applying oil that will heal you up.”

Kyle felt weird, “Wait, I just had a pain killing bitter herb…”

“So, it won’t hurt as much,” she replied with a warm smile, “It will hurt nevertheless.”

He swallowed a breath and nodded, unprepared for the pain that was to come. The oil was hot and it was comforting and painful all at once. Kyle didn’t know whether to laugh or cry out. He gritted his teeth in pain and pleasure.

“I need to see the chief,” Aiyana said after a while. “Call for me if you need me.”

“Okay!” Aroha said, looking up from her work.

The hut was dimly lighted with fire in some kind of medieval lantern. He wondered whether they made fire from stones or somehow knew about gasoline. He remembered with cherish how fire could be made with a lighter. Speaking of lighters, he thought, “It’s been a while since I smoked. Heck has been a while since I had a real decent meal or drink.

“When will I be healed enough to help with the hunting?” he said as Avila dressed the wound.

“You can move as much as you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt,” she replied with a hum, “it’s all up to how much it hurts.”

Of course, if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t exist… a street rule in fight. 

“How about tomorrow?” he asked.

Aroha and Avila looked at each other. Aroha laughed, “You’re energetic!”

Avila was more serious, “You may. But, don’t go alone. I’ll ask my son Aziz to take you with him.”

“Your son!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yes, my son Aziz. I had him when I was first married,” she said, holding the animal bone pendant on her neck, “I’ve had three other children after him, the youngest one is only eight. Time surely does pass fast!”

Three children! Kyle was dumbfounded. How can someone with that body have three- four children? It made no sense to have that many children and still be with that youthful body… what is this? A primitive unfairness? Judging from her neck wear, which must have been given to her by her husband on marriage? 

“Okay,” he said, after processing it all.

“If you want, I can ask father to let you accompany the hunting team tomorrow,” Aroha said, “he won’t deny me, I’m sure.”

“Is he in the hunting team?”

“No, he’s Aubade, the chief of the tribe!”

He coughed out the water he had been drinking. “the Chief is your father?”

“Yes!” she said; her smile turned into a confused frown, “Why are you always so surprised?”

“Because the chief has such a beautiful daughter,” he said with a wink. No, really… what kind of tribe have I trampled into? fathering a grown woman when he is not very old himself!

Aroha and Avila laughed at the weak attempt to flirt.

“And, Aiyana?” he said, hoping she wasn’t someone’s mother.

“Oh, she’s my cousin,” Aroha said casually, “my father and her father are twins. Her father is the lead hunter of the tribe. They go on long expeditions, to get game for us. We are truly grateful to him and his teams.”

“I see,” Kyle nodded. Now, how to impress the head hunter? I know a little about hunting, but my skills are still amateurish… damn, I wish I paid some proper attention in scout’s camp. 

“Get some sleep now,” Avila said, getting up with Aroha. “We’ll return tomorrow morning, before day break to check your wounds. If you’re feeling better, you may go to hunt.”

“Thank you, can I hunt with the hunting team?” he said.

Aroha nodded, “I’ll ask Carwyn; he’s one of the team leaders under uncle Serenade.”

“Team leader? Serenade?” Kyle thought aloud, confused, “I don’t get it.”

“Carwyn is one of the team leaders of the hunting team. Uncle Serenade is the head hunter and he’s out on an expedition to the Southern valleys. He has several teams under him. Some of them are here, others are in other expeditions,” Aroha explained, “He is almost never in the village. Most of the men are in the hunting team, and that is why, the village is always almost empty.”

“Oh.” He let out a yelp, “Hey, Avila please ask Aziz if I can go with him.”

Avila catching on with Kyle laughed a knowing laugh, “Okay, Kyle. Have yourself a good night.”

The next morning, as Kyle woke up, Avila was back to check on him. Feeling better, he decided to accompany Aziz, the adult son of the gorgeous Avila.

Aziz was like his mother- supple, good looking and healthy. He wasn’t all buff and muscular, but he was quick and he had some proportions of enough muscles and fats.

Aziz was checking his arrows as Avila brought Kyle to him.

“Hello,” Aziz said with a smile that was dangerously so much like Avila’s.

“Hey, I’m Kyle!” Kyle said with a friendly grin.

“I know,” he said with a merry laugh, “Everyone in the village knows you. You’re the man brought here by Aiyana, correct?”

“Yeah,” he said, feeling awkward.

“Do you know how to handle a knife?” Aziz asked, giving him a crudely made knife. Kyle looked at the knife, so inferior to the Fixation Bowie. “All the better weapons are with the expedition teams, unfortunately,” Aziz said with a sheepish face, “And the chief is too busy with winter preparations to smith better weapons.”

“The chief?”; Kyle repeated, surprised and unsure if Aziz was pulling his legs. He didn’t seem to be joking.

“Yeah, why?

Aziz asked, “Was your chief, who banished you, a skill less dictator? It doesn’t work that way here. Chief Aubade is the best smith around.”

“Impressive,” Kyle commented and checked the knife; well… something is better than nothing.

“Ah, she’s here,” Aziz said, lighting up when Aiyana walked to them, her bow in one hand.

“Aiyana, she’s coming with us?” Kyle asked, too surprised to be happy.

“I should think that it shan’t be a problem, correct?” Aziz retorted, “Aiyana usually goes hunting for herbs with me and Ceri. Ceri is sick, so it’s a convenience to have you.”

“Thanks, I guess,” he stuttered, as Aiyana smiled absently at them. My angel.



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