Lesbian Society – Chapter 1


Chloe was feeling the best she ever felt in her life. Looking down at her phone, she opened the ‘Lesbian Society’ app.

Yes, Lesbian Society!

It was an app made through the collaborative effort Chloe and her pets over the time period of 6 months!

At the beginning Chloe only wanted to experience how women felt under her pussy. Since she remembered Chloe always hated guys and didn’t feel like getting into a relationship with them.

Chloe didn’t even kiss a guy; she even lost her virginity to a plastic dick on her own terms. Though it hurt a little, Chloe didn’t hate the experience but still felt like trying out women.

And once she fully enjoyed a woman below her, she no longer had any doubts about herself. She was a LESBIAN!!!

Once she confirmed her sexual preference Chloe went even further and began dominating the women she liked. Pushing them against the floor and ramming their holes with plastic dicks, making them lick her cunt whenever she felt like it, and finally using various types of bondage on them. Chloe got a kick out of dominating women and having them submit to her, she turned out to be a natural Dominatrix!

Like that while enjoying various women under her, Chloe finally got a radical idea which would in the future completely overturn the world of all women on the face of this planet!

The ‘Lesbian Society’ was that very idea. A society for the women and by the women, it was a hierarchal society in which women would please each other through either dominating or submitting!

After continuous thinking she finally came up with various rules for the society, various features for the app, and a measure to ensure complete obedience from the members!

The app was included with various features like showing their rank, list of pets, showing nearby lesbians on the map, a function to host and join lesbian events, and many many more!

A huge smile appeared on Chloe’s face when she looked towards her rank. ‘The Supreme Queen’!!! Through a lot of thinking Chloe deciding on a rank which could influence the whole society by itself, and decided on the Supreme Queen rank. Not only is it the highest possible rank, only a single Lesbian would hold this rank every generation.

This meant that Chloe would be the one who would control the whole Lesbian Society this generation! Though there weren’t many members in the society currently, Chloe knew that without doubt the Lesbian Society would take the world by surprise!

The most important feature of the Lesbian Society was the collar which every member had to wear unconditionally! Not only does this collar contain a code which when scanned through the app will show all of their information; it can be used to track various Lesbians all over the world!

Once they put the collar on, it can’t be removed unless they choose to visit the official Lesbian Society Shop and provide enough compensation based on their rank and provide the permission letter from their direct Master!

“Hahahahahaha, the app is finally ready! Today marks the beginning of a new age!”

Making such remarks, Chloe threw the phone aside and began stripping her clothes. Her plentiful silky soft breasts pooped out of her bra, with two pink cherries on top of them. Looking down at her finely shaved pussy Chloe lightly tapped it to check whether she was wet.

And found her pussy quite wet, it seemed like her pussy was wet from thinking about what she was planning on doing next. Entering the shower, Chloe desperately held back the urge to press the showerhead against her pussy and masturbate wildly, and somehow managed to have a normal shower before rushing out of the room.

Dabbing herself dry, she looked towards the mirror and checked out her charms. With black hair flowing till her waist, and blue pupils which made her face lively, and a small pink lipped mouth which would urge anyone to tightly kiss them. Chloe was definitely a woman who would infatuate every human regardless of their sex.

Looking down at her breasts which were perky with hard nipples, and a hairfree pussy, Chloe turned around and bent over. Observing the only hole which was still virgin, Chloe was planning on whom to use and get rid of her anal virginity.

Looking at the tightly closed hole above her pussy slit, Chloe could no longer hold herself back and moved her hand towards it. But at the last moment pulled her hand back, thinking of the plan in her mind, Chloe stood up and completely dried her body before walking out of the room naked.

It wasn’t long since the day broke out, so her mom would most likely be in the kitchen now.

“Wait for me mom, I’ll definitely make you my Mommy-slut!”

Making up her mind, the 22 year old Chloe began stepping down the floor, and moved past the kitchen door. Looking at the back view of her soon to be Mommy-slut….

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