LLLS Chapter 9 – I’m not a detective, so I’ll just talk?

Waiting for Kainee, I blew my nose from the heavy sneezing with a pocket-handkerchief.


I thought back through all of the situations I’ve been going through. I wondered for a second if this was all a dream so I pinched myself. The only thing it did was give me a bit of a stinging? sensation.


~Master, this is not a dream~


I sighed and leaned back on the wall.


Thinking what did I do to deserve this, what came up was just emptiness, spaceless air.


“Um-m Im here”


Turning my head towards the feminine voice. I see that she changed into a more casual outfit, instead of the suspicious black outfit somehow not being told by teachers that she looks suspicious or coming to school in that outfit. I thought ‘are these teachers that clueless’


“I see, let’s get out before we get caught”


This school has a few guards, four up to six but the spot we are using has a blindspot where guards barely check or pass by. This wasn’t a prison to make things clear, just a school with security. 


Going through a small opening in a wired fence we left the school premises. unfortunately, we still had to be careful as they patrolled outside and were still able to grab you.


We walk to a nearby cafe that’s close to the school, about two to five minutes’ walk away. We arrived without getting caught. I ordered an ice tea and Kainee ordered a cappuccino. After getting our drinks we found a table and sat adjacent to each other. Silently drinking our drinks.


“Okay, explain to me”


I decided to listen to her, one I don’t want to die, two seems an interesting story. For a second I wondered if I’m a detective, nope I’m doing this cause I really don’t want to die again.


“Tell me about why your mother is scared of your little brother”


“O-okay, well since my father fell ill, he wanted my little brother to succeed the family business, then one day I overheard my mother talking, she was going to sabotage him so he wouldn’t succeed. One day she found me eavesdropping and told me that if I didn’t want anything to happen to my little brother I would have to follow her orders.”

“Why doesn’t your father let you succeed in the business?”


“I refused him”




“I don’t want the responsibility of running a business, it seems too much work. So my father turned to my little brother and he said he wouldn’t mind”


“Wait what is this business about?”




“Uhh let’s see, what is your father’s illness and can it be cured?”


“It’s a brain tumor, but it is mild it’s affecting his thinking so he can’t think well, and as for his cure, well, he has surgery in two days.”


“Why were you trying to kill me?’


“Did it seem like that? No no, I was just trying to injure you to send a “warning” Each bullet had a message inside it, they said “Careful Watching You”.”


“What… those bullets made a dent in the wall. It pretty much looked like you were trying to kill me. Those bullets are dangerous didn’t you think about what if you actually killed me?”


“I just listened to the mother’s orders. You can understand that won’t want to protect one’s family right? My little brother is my closest friend ever since my real mother died and father started ignoring us.”


“Okay, well I think I get your whole situation, but let me make sure. I’m guessing your mother doesn’t want your brother to take the business, so she wants to sabotage your brother to stop the inheritance. However she found out that you know her plans so you chose to protect your brother. And now are under the command of your Step-mother, wait why can’t you tell your father about it?”


“Oh, he is in the hospital and the reason why is that um… My mother has material that will make father disown my brother and If I can guess right, if he gets disowned I’ll have to take the business which I don’t want to.”


“Okay that’s cleared and I won’t ask what it is, well I’m no detective nor some powerful company. All I can suggest is that try to get a video of your mother trying to sabotage your brother, so you won’t have to take orders anymore, after the surgery you can show it to your father. But if you need any help text me, and I can probably help you.”


“Tha-thanks? I’ll repay you when-”


“Don’t I’m just doing this cause I don’t want to die.”


I get up from my seat and leave the cafe, leaving Kainee looking at the phone number digits. Her face just showed a relieved expression. It’s apparent that neither does she want to take the business nor let her brother get hurt. 


I’m not even sure how to help her, I have no power, influence, or men. All I can do is just help her with stuff on the side.


I headed straight home since school had ended. Now I have to make an excuse to Livia and My sisters as to why I wasn’t in class.


I thought back to the detective session I had in the cafe, one thing came into my mind. Who was trying to injure me. I don’t have any enemies except for one, no it may be him, but I can’t know without proof. 


Arriving at the house, I take a look at the mailbox because, if mail is not there, it means they are home. When I take a look there is mail so that indicates to me that they haven’t yet returned. Which is good since I don’t have to come up with an excuse.


My room, not big but not small. I plopped down on the bed. And closed my eyes to arrange my thoughts.


‘So I have to figure out how to get rid of this timer, possibly help Kainee, do this shitty gambling, and again find another way not to get involved with Noah’


From my room, you could hear muffled screams and soft kicking around.


~you did Master? I suggest you update your system you do have enough points~


“Do it then I agree to all”


~Initializing… shutting consciousness down in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…~


Here we go aga-


I slowly open my eyes as I regain my vision. The house is still quiet, my guess is that no one is home yet.


“Lefy, show me my status”


My eyes shut and my consciousness drifts into the black space.


[Close Tab] 

Title: Pawn


Name: Ryan Astley


Age: Undefined


Occupation: High School Student


Gender: Male


[Close Tab] 



Level [3][13091/17500]


Max Level [Undefined]


Life Points [13091]


Life Timer [489:12:06]


Life Exchange [2500pts = 96:00:00]

DoD Mission [87:02:01]
Obtain $250,000 by gambling illegally or legally




[Irresistible Aura] [00:052:47]


[CQC lvl.1] [678/1000]


[Rapid Recovery]


[Lucky Pervert] (deactivated)


Physical/ Mental Powers


+1 Body growth 2x


+1 [Semen Volume 2ml]


Extra Attributes Addons


+1 Luck



Mina Astley(Sister)


Monica Astley(Sister)


Livia Learmes (Girlfriend)


[Close Tab] 



Buyable Abilities (Perm.) 



*Can check Status of others, by checking you are able to see Full Name, Age, Occupation, Nationality(Sometimes), Traits(Sometimes), Relationships(Sometimes),EASIL(Strength, Agility, Intelligence, luck, and endurance), and possibly check confidential information.

*There are three ranks, each rank will allow you to look at more information including their deepest darkest secret. You can increase rank by using the ability more often.
*EASIL: They will rate up to 1/10, as 10 being the best and 1 being the wost.

*Side Effects: Mild Headache, Nausea, and dizziness.



*New*[Enhanced Hearing]

*Able to hear up to 20 meters and through walls

*you can only target an enclosed room.

*Side Effects: Sensitive to loud noises.



[Mind Reader]



[Pleasure Touch]




{2500 pts}


Buyable Abilities (Temp.)


*New*[Weak points]

*Ability to see one of the three points, Pressure, Pleasure, or pain
*Red = Pressure Pink = Pleasure Yellow = Pain

*can only use three times for fifteen minutes each



[X-Ray LVL 1]



[Rapid Recovery]



[Body Cleanser]



Mental and Physical Modifications


[Brain Growth 10%]



[Penis Enlargement 1. in]



[Penis Circumference .5 In]



[Semen Volume 2ml]



Other Attributes

[Stamina +1]



[Luck +1]



[Close Tab] 

Time Missions (perm):



Leveling Missions:



  • Have Sex with a teacher(2000pts)
  • Creampie(200pts)
  • Inside Classroom(150pts)
  •  Have a Pornagraphic Photoshoot with a Student(2300pts)
  • Pictures with your penis in them(200pts)
  • 10 Pictures (250pts)
  • *New* Run/Jog 10Kilometers(3000pts)
  • Run with a person(100pts)
  • No Breaks(250pts)
  • Keep Heart Rate Under 160bpm(200pts)
  • *New* *Special* Steal Motorcycle
  • Use Keys(100pts)
  • Take Ninja ZX-8J(300pts)
  • Quietly(250pts)



Permanent Methods:


[Open Tab] Notes


Special Notifications:


  •  More time was added to the [Life Timer]
  • Aura will only stay activated for 22 minutes



[Wheel Spin]


My eyes searched around the system shop, for anything that can remove the timer, unable to find anything. The [Inspector) ability caught my attention, I looked at the notes which seemed fair.


I’m not a picker on abilities but this ability seems something that others would love to have. This ability is a dire need, reading my few shares of novels. A system is not complete without being able to see others’ status.


Becoming a kid again, my inner desire leaks out, and my eyes sparkle as if a kid saw his dream


“Lefy purchase [Inspector]


~Do you confirm?~




~Purchased, balance now at 10091~


Browsing around my system, I get a sudden nudge on my side, since I’m still conscious but unconscious if you could call it that. I’m still able to feel.


Leaving my system, I see Monica trying to wake me up.


“Afternoon, Monica”


“Afternoon, wake up, we gotta talk”


Sharp glares go into me, and her expression shows something is up.


“Why weren’t you in school for the last class? And I heard you got into a fight!


“For the fight, I was dragged into it, I’m sorry about it and as for not being in school, I left to get some fresh air”


“Mmhmm okay then, well I know you came back from the hospital, so be careful and details about the fight will be sent to us, so we will figure it out.  Don’t skip school again I know stuff happens. I’m your big sister, and Mina and you are my family so please come and talk to me whenever”


Getting scolded by Monica, this reminds me of my days that I got scolded by mom, Monica resembles our mother almost entirely, I can understand where her love and worries are coming from.


“Yeah, I will.”


I say, slanting my head down


“That’s done then, I have to go to work now. Mina is not home yet. So when she arrives make sure she doesn’t touch the brownies in the oven.”


“Alright, bye “


Monica leaves the room, closing the door quietly leaving me alone.


Well, time to shower… I got time till my aura releases.