LOTA CH24 — The Taste of Love ♡♡♡

「 ….zzzzzzzz…. 」

In the wash of the new light, Siana sleeps peacefully and without sound, her serene sleeping face looks so beautiful at this moment. By the time I woke up, the sun just barely shines its light on the world’s surface.

Even after our extensive passionate love-making, with a whole new breaking record of four orgasms in a single night, seeing Siana’s adorable face contrasted with her sultrious body, still drives my lust to the highest limit.

I’ve never felt libido this strong before. Siana’s beauty is one thing, but her willingness to respond to my desires is what truly separates her from the others in my heart.

My only complaint so far with her is how she was desperate in taking a bath at the end of our sex, saying that it’s dirty, leaving foul stains on both the bed and our body, and gives off a nasty smell. I wouldn’t mind them personally. There’s some sense of gratification and accomplishment in sleeping immediately with the smell of sex lingering around.

I could reject her proposition but due to how desperate she is, in the end, I decide to just go along with her request and take turns cleaning ourselves with a bucket of water. It’s a shame that we couldn’t clean together, but it’s still fine.

Anyway, a new day has begun, For others, it’s just another typical day they need to wake up to a mundane routine. For me, however, it feels like the first time I’ve truly woken up, feeling alive and fresh.

There’s a soothing and warm feeling in waking up and finding a beautiful woman sleeping right beside you. A reminder that I finally have someone besides me. That I’m not alone anymore.

At first, Siana refuses to sleep in the same bed with me, stating that a lowly slave doesn’t have the right to sleep in such a comfy bed. But that idea is absurd even to me. So I commanded her to sleep in the same bed as me. I don’t know why she’s so reluctant about it, I can only assume it’s because of slavery culture.

Well, thankfully, commanding her to sleep beside me is the right choice. I could stare at her sleeping face all day, it gives me such an unimaginable amount of joy. Everything just feels right. Like I’m heading in the right direction for the first time since I’ve come to this world.

「 ….uhhh…. hmmm……. w-who….. ohhh….. Good morning, master~ 」Siana says, eyes half-open, seemingly in a half-sleeping state.

「 Good morning, Siana. 」

Noticing my gaze towards her, Siana raises her upper body in an attempt to wake up. She stretches her arms up to the air, the blanket falls down in exchange, revealing her beautiful tits hanging up in the air for me to see.

After a couple of seconds of her waking up and seemingly trying to comprehend her surroundings. She giggles bubbly and leans towards me, her lips touched on mine again.

「 mmmnnnn…… nnncchhuuuuu….. 」

Her soft lips and her breathy breath turns me on, even more, when I’m already at my limit since the beginning. She then releases our kisses and leans toward my right ear.

「 Hehehe… Do you want to continue last night’s rough sex, master~? 」Siana whispers with a sultrious voice.

Without much words between us, her hand makes its way towards my dick, caressing it gently, pumping it up and down slowly but sensually. Eager to please me and warming me up.

Seeing how receptive she is towards my desire, I drag her down to kneel on the floor as I sit on the bed in front of her, the same position at the beginning of last night.

Since both of us sleep naked, there was no need to delay as Siana begins to plant light kisses all over my dick. The sensation is rather small, but seeing her dutiful expression immersed in serving me makes it all worthwhile. Enjoying her small worship, I lay back slightly and continue watching her as she serves my hard cock with her mouth.

She seems to be in a deep, focused state in giving me a long and slow sensual blowjob. Focusing mostly on swirling her dexterous tongue up and down in my long shaft and planting light kisses.

All of It feels great but after some time has passed, it becomes rather boring with the way she doesn’t change her routine in making love towards my cock.

Just when I’m about to tell her to take it deeper, I realize I can just make her take my cock deeper by force and by my own hands.

So without any warning to Siana, I grab her head tightly and pull her head deeper downwards to my cock. Siana’s eyes widen a bit but she doesn’t do anything else — no resistance.

I shiver as I feel Siana take my hard cock all the way down her warm, wet, and delightfully tight throat. Her lips fully pressed down to my balls and the bottom of my shaft.

Her throat is abnormally super tight, at first I thought it might be because of how mine is quite big but I realize it’s because of her metal collar that tightly coils around her neck, creating no room for her neck to bulge.

She gags and chokes with my dick deep down on her throat. Rather than feeling horrible about it, there’s a cruel satisfaction I feel from her struggle to breathe. Her throat trembling with each cough, a pleasurable vibration.

Although moving her head up and down feels great, it’s not as intense as I want it to be, especially since there’s not much movement or force I can do with just moving her head with my hands.

Feeling rather impatient, I stand up, holding her head, and move my hips to her mouth. Treating her orifices as a mere warm cocksleeve for me to enjoy.

This feeling of immortality is just something I cannot get used to, it feels so fucking great.

I growl as I keep thrusting back and forth to her little mouth. As the sensation is greater when I move my hips and as the sensation is greater when I move my hips, forcing my cock down on her. She whimpers and tries to breathe with my cock deep on her throat, creating something of a vacuum which pleases my dick.

I look down, her tears start spilling and her eyes become blank with almost no sign of life. Even when she’s in such a messy state, she doesn’t try to escape and instead accepts my cruel treatment of her.

I grip her head tighter as I lose to the sea of pleasure, then the all too familiar sensation of an orgasm wells up inside of me.

「 Yes! Yes! I’m cumming down on your tight little throat you fucking slave! Take it all Siana! Swallow to the last drop! 」I cry out.

I thrust myself as deep as possible inside Siana’s throat, her lips pressing to my balls. Then the orgasm comes as shivers wrack my body with wave after wave of pleasure courses through me each time I shoot cum deep inside the throat of my cum-dumpster.

After I’m sure that I’ve released every single drop of my cum, I immediately pull out. Siana coughs out some of my white seed that spills to her chest and thighs. What a shame.

「 Khogh, khogh…. Has… Has this lowly slave pleased you master? 」

Why is Siana asking a rather confusing question?

「 Of course you did a great job, Siana. I love you so much and you belong to me. 」

「 Hyl… I mean… S-Siana did great? 」She asks, in a low tone, seemingly not sure about herself, 「 I’m… I’m glad, master~  I-I… 」

「 What is it, Siana? 」I ask back, desperately wanting to know what’s bothering her.

「 I’m a clutzy, idiot, dumb elven slave girl master… So please teach this stupid slave how to serve and please you better. And please… please… please… don’t abandon or sell me out master… 」

「 What are you talking about? That’s a foolish question. I will never leave you, Siana. You’re mine and mine only. 」

I don’t know how she could ever think that I will leave her or even worse, sell her out. But one thing for sure, she doesn’t know what her place inside my heart is. I need to reassure her somehow, one way or another.

I plant my knees on the floor then wrap my arms around her – hugging her — trying to ease her anxiety. I know exactly how it feels when you’re anxious about others’ love after all. It’s just the worst.

We stay in this position for a while, enjoying each other’s warmth and comfort. With the added benefits of feeling her large breast pressed on my chest.

「 Umm… Can this lowly slave clean herself in the bathroom, master? 」Siana says, in the middle of our soothing silence.

「 Of course. You can go ahead. 」

I reluctantly release her, stopping our warm embrace. Siana then immediately goes off to the bathroom where there’s a lot of unused water left.

It’s a shame she didn’t clean up the semen that spills over to her body with her tongue and suck the leftover semen inside my dick.

And from the looks of it, Siana still holds some doubts in her heart, with the way she doesn’t hug me back. But that’s fine, I own her, we have all the time in the world.

Knowing Siana usually stays in the bathroom for surprisingly quite a long time, I decided to clean myself up with a simple damp towel. It’s a quick thing to do so I rest back in the bed, waiting for Siana.

Ahhh, I’m spent…. I feel so relaxed now. Everything feels right. I wish I could spend the rest of my days just like this.

Is this… love…? I never felt this relaxed before when I was in my previous life, I have to always constantly work hard, to meet her expectations. This time when there are no expectations, I can finally live my life. What bliss.

I wonder what I should do then? I remember Galeal saying that Siana has supportive and healing magic that differs from the standard schools of magic system. Her magic capability is just a plus side of her anyway — insignificant. All I ever want is for her to stick by my side forever and ever.

「 Master~ I’ve finished cleaning myself… Is there anything you want me to do? I’m yours to command. 」Siana says as she walks to me, fully dressed in the new clothes I just bought yesterday.

Oh well with her by my side, I will need to get my shit together. At first, I thought I was doomed to repeat the same mistake in this second chance of mine. But maybe… Just maybe I can get things right this time. For the first time, I can finally achieve true love, with her by my side. But that doesn’t mean I can be relaxed just yet.

I need to start focusing on the future. For the both of us.

「 My Siana… I’m thinking of going on some adventurer’s quest today. Will you be able to accompany me? 」


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