LOTA CH40 — Shen, The Dragon Servant

 「 I have fought against all odds, facing thousands of dragons that could cover the entire sky. And just recently, I’ve slain the heretic who dares to hurt my master and daringly declare himself as my descendant. Yet at this time, I can’t do simple human behavior such as walking… 」She says faintly, failing to hide her obvious disappointment.

It was a rather hilarious sight. After her kowtow, she tried to stand up, only for her flimsy use of her legs to fail miserably as she fell down. The graceful image of hers was instantly ruined.

Now, within my arms lies the goddess that was once a dragon, Shen, grasping onto my neck. Her face inches away from me. Her radiant eyes glued at me, focusing solely on my very being. She looks up as she does, showing a gorgeous smile, one that seemingly never fades. Her enticing breast presses to my chest, where her cleavage is all open for me to see. I’ve somehow managed to not peek at it and put on a poker face.

I think this is what’s called princess carry.

「 Please forgive me for not being able to walk yet… 」

Even when ashamed and disappointed, there’s just something from her voice that entices me.

「 It’s alright, Naga… No, Shen. Your true dragon form never had limbs for you to experience, to begin with. 」

「 Doesn’t hide the fact that I’m being useless and burdensome to you, master~ 」

A shiver runs down my spine the moment she says master soo affectionately. This is bad.

「 It heavily embarrasses me, when I’m supposed to be dependable and strong. 」

「 Anyway… You don’t need to call me master. Just call me by my name, Renald. 」

「 Why master…? I do not understand. There’s joy from our bond whenever I call you master. A shiver runs down your spine. It excites you — it pleases you. 」

Damn, she’s observant.

「 Shen. 」I stare directly into her eyes,「 you’re my servant, aren’t you? 」

「 Of course, without a doubt! I’m your proud servant! 」

She lets out a wide smile, it was enough to light a blazing fire in my heart. But just like any other fire, too close and agony will strike. One that can already be felt.

「 Then do as I say. 」I retort back, plainly, but sternly.

「 If that’s your wish then… 」She says, her words trailing off,「 where are we going mas- I mean, Renald? There are still some stranglers left alive. 」

「 You need to go back to the Sky Palace, Shen. You’re in no condition to fight. Let me deal with the rest. 」

Although I say that, carrying Shen while going to Sky Palace would be an issue.

Then enlightenment hit me.

『 Lanuae Magicae 』

A somewhat standing magical circle is summoned in front of me, its inner circle has a mystifying force that slightly sucks you in. A teleportation portal to the Sky Palace.

What a convenient spell that comes at a convenient time. This unknown ability or power of mine has always been bugging me to death. And all I can do is not hopelessly stress about it. The only pattern I can deduce on this enlightenment mechanics is that it only happens when I do something novel with the Sky Palace ability.

I walk into the portal and a loud bang invades my eardrums as my vision turns black in an instant. Before my brain can begin to process it all, I’m already in the Sky Palace just in front of the throne, still carrying Shen.

「 Shen, how was the teleportation journey? 」

「 I sense nothing wrong if that’s what you’re concerned about. 」

「 No… It’s just that it seems abrupt. 」

Still carrying Shen, I move out of the throne room and move to one of the many available bedrooms in the Sky Palace. Where amidst my walk, another room appears that was once just a wall, right in front of the throne hall. Now’s not the time to explore it, however, I must take Shen to a comfortable room to relax.

As soon as I get inside the bedroom, I lay her down in the bed. Consciously forcing myself to not pay any attention to her spectacular figure that is more stressed and tempting now that she’s laying down on the bed. Still gazing at me with her glowing amethyst eyes, not even a second her eyes wander somewhere else.

I would like to withdraw and give some distance between me and her, but her hand is still grasping on my neck, leaving me in this half-kneeled awkward position.

「 Shen. Let go of me. You’re already in bed. 」

「 Such an impertinent thing to say, master~ let’s get to know each other better, now that I’ve finally awakened. 」

Her hands make their way upwards, holding up my cheek. I quickly dismay her hands, tucking them in the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed.

「 Shen. I remember that I’ve clearly told you to call me by my name. 」

Something deep inside me rises a forceful magical sensation.

「 I command you to call me by my name or any other, and never to use the word master. 」

「 Ah- y-yes, Renald… I will never use that word anymore. 」

Her smile fades away, distress clearly plastered on her gorgeous face. It slightly hurts me for her to be this way. But this is necessary.

「 B-but why, Renald?! You clearly liked being called that. Why deny something that feels good? 」

「 Because it is wrong, Shen. I am not going to abuse these dependencies of yours towards me that is due to the careless usage of my power. 」

All of her actions are exactly in line with what a person in love would do. But this happens due to my powers, not something that happens naturally.

「 I-I… 」

Confusion grows more and more in her. She’s… She’s breaking down.

「 How… how is it wrong? I… I do not understand. I love to be like this… 」

「 Shen. Think about it. 」I say slowly, trying to emphasize how serious this matter is.

「  You’re once an almighty divine dragon who made the entire dragon race bow down to your supremacy. Now… You’re bowing down to a lowly human. 」

「 My creator! 」She shouts, her eyes widen, her already fading smile is now gone,「 you might be a human, but you have divine powers no mortal being can have! You possess your own space dimension that operates with its own time with unmeasurable mana in the atmosphere. And not only that, you have the powers to manipulate the essence of souls to change it and bid it to your liking. 」

The essence of souls must’ve referred to my shadow minion ability and it might even include Shen summoning ability.

「 Yes. But look at you now, where is the proud and aloof dragon that I’ve previously known of?! This is… this is brainwashing! Your previous personality is gone! 」

「 Aloof, might not so, as I’ve seen the light and recognize the god that you truly are. But pride? Of course, I’m still proudful! Now my pride is being your most faithful servant! My creator! 」She says boldly, determination fires up in her eyes,「 that’s why I’m ashamed of my uselessness just a moment ago. One that I will rectify very soon. 」

She perks up at that.

Even when I restrict myself to use the word master, she easily finds another title that regards me as the higher being and stroke my ego.

「 Do you consider Naga, your past, and Shen, your current self as two different beings? 」

Her eyes wander slightly now, seemingly pondering over the question.

「 Forgive me for answering a question with another question, my creator, but to answer that question, is your current and past self to be different? 」

My past life and my current self huh…

Yoshinobu Ryo and Renald Alderhide. They are definitely different beings, both in appearance and personality. But not exactly so…

「 I would assume the answer is that they are different, however, your current self still has some resemblance to your past self. 」She answers the question herself,「 the same applies to me, my creator. It seems your worries are due to my change of character.  Even though I present myself to you this way as it befits me as your servant. 」

She stays quiet, must’ve been waiting for my response. But I decide to remain silent.

「 If that’s your worry… 」She says, not as confident as a second ago,「 then I can be a bit more like my past self, but of course I will still consider you as my revered god. 」

That’s fine and all, however, that doesn’t really answer her weird change. It just feels sudden and most importantly — too good to be true.

「 Maybe you are like this because you are in your human form… 」I say trying another attempt to reason with her weird change, 「 can you revert back to your dragon form? 」

「 Hmmm… It’s complicated, my creator. 」Her eyes wander slightly once more, pondering over the question.

「 Imagine a lake with a river that flows downstream, the river depletes the water in the lake continuously and gradually. Continuous rain, however, makes sure that the water in the lake never goes empty. The lake is my mana storage, the river is my mana usage in maintaining my dragon form, and the rain is your sky palace that supplies me with ample mana.

「  I was able to maintain my dragon form in the Sky Palace because the place is abundant with mana. However in the outside world with little mana. I was only able to use it shortly, subconsciously forcing me to transform to a human form after it got depleted.

「  If I don’t turn into a dragon, there will be no river to drain my mana. So the more I’m in my human form, the more mana is stored.

「 So, even if it is possible for me to revert back to my dragon form, it is heavily discouraged since it would leave you vulnerable when I need to unleash my ultimate powers. 」

「 I know… 」I say, I must insist her on trying it at least once,「 but try reverting back to your dragon form sometime after I’m away for an hour or two.  Maybe you will notice the changes in your personality. 」

「 My creator, I don’t know why, but my human form pleases you, does it not? 」

She says, her hand softly grabbing my hand, caressing it lightly, while still maintaining eye contact.

「 I sense excitement and joy from our bond. Your breathing becomes more ragged, your heartbeat quickens, especially when you benevolently carried me. I’m still clueless in the human way, but surely you prefer me in my human form, right? 」

「 Just take it easy for now, Shen. Take it easy… 」

Without another word, I left Shen alone in the bed. Giving up. This is all too much. I need to get away and process everything slowly.

『 Lanuae Magicae 』

I walk to the portal, without looking back.




Finally, I’ve gotten away from her. Back to this war-torn environment that’s supposed to be horrifying. To think she, who’s now a beautiful and magnificent goddess, was once the dragon that caused this…

…So what if she’s pretty? Hah… Why am I like this? From princess to Hyledd, and now to her. Is it because of my teenager’s hormones? My libido is definitely way higher compared to my previous life. Maybe that’s why I’m being too emotional and attached.

But I’ve learned my lesson.

It’s better to never love or to be loved than to be betrayed.

That’s right, I need to calm down my mind, let go of my fluctuating emotions.

I need to be cold and indifferent. I don’t need such a whimsical concept such as love…

I walk to the source of the only mewling and grumbles of suffering. The only survivor of Shen’s slaughter-fest. One of the adventurers. Shit. He might have known nothing then.

「 No, no… Please sire, spare me life! 」

I glance at his wandering hand, seemingly trying to reach for his sword, inches away from his hand.

What a bold move. I must return the favor.

「 You see, I’m not a smart man. You might even say that I’m a fool. So you better, better… Not do anything that will make me regret it afterward due to my stupidity. 」

「 AAHHHHHH!!…. 」

With a swift swing of the sword at his wrist, blood spews out from his hand. Unfortunately, the strike can’t get past the bone so I wasn’t able to completely cut off his hand. Tch. At least I left a very deep cut at him.

「 With that said, you better answer my questions truthfully and faithfully. 」

Now then, time to clean up some mess first. Prepare a burial to hide their bodies while at it. I have a bad feeling that trouble will catch up after the death of Dae Sho.


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