LOTA CH9 — Another Fresh Start

「 Excuse me Renald-sama, We have arrived in the Veinard’s capital city; Hasten. 」

「 Seems like it. 」

Outside the carriage window, numerous tall buildings side by side is common with almost no greenery left inside this huge city. Its wide and beautifully paved roads are filled with many horse carriages and even more pedestrians. Its scale would make the city where I used to reside, Quondartz, minuscule in comparison.

A year quickly passed by since that forest incident, as if it were a drop in the grand scheme of things. But it felt like a trickle every single day, suffering through the harsh training and countless sleepless nights. According to Instructor Kalish, I should be around Basic proficiency in both schools of magic. I was able to quickly master Aegis magic just in time thanks to taking advantage of how time moves slower in that palace.

「 We should arrive at Bosarts University district quite soon Renald-sama. 」

「 Thank the goddess. I’m sick of sitting in this carriage for such a long time. 」

I really miss modern transportation such as cars and fast trains. I didn’t expect it would take around ten days to go here. My ass hurts all the freaking time from this inhumane commute and this not so comfortable sitting. I still don’t understand how butler Drake never shows any sign of grogginess. Maybe it’s just due to me being used to the comfortability of modern commuting.

「 Renald-sama, I would like to remind you that last year the Bosarts University started being quite selective on which students are offered admission to the《School of Aegis Magic》and the《School of Assault Magic》. Other schools of magic are exempt from taking any sort of test. To gain a chance to get into those schools of magic, they will test your magic capabilities on the prospective schools of magic you want to get admitted to, even if you already obtained a high magic proficiency certificate from the《Associations of Magicians》. 」

「 Yeah, no offense butler Drake, but you’ve been repeating almost the same thing for the past week. Do you seriously think I wouldn’t remember it? 」

「 It is my duty as a butler to make sure my master is well versed in what he is about to do.  I’ve also wanted to remind you that although Bosarts University only accepts nobility, it is mandatory for all of its students to live in its provided house complex. But don’t worry Renald-sama, their living arrangements are spectacular and very fitting for nobles. 」

「 Well this is new, you didn’t tell me about this on our way here. But how come it is mandatory for all students to live in the provided houses? Am I going to live alongside other nobles? 」

「 Yes Renald-sama. Bosarts Kimsten — the founder of the Bosarts University. May the goddess Maria bless his soul — Believes in order to make Veinard become a prosperous kingdom, the nobles ruling parts of the kingdom need to be well-versed. To do so, he created the university to make sure nobles are very well educated. He also believed that in order to unite the nobles, they need to live together during their study. Their time studying together will make sure nobles will bond together with other nobles. He came up with this from when he observed how soldiers bond together over experiencing the same skirmishes. His ideas were accepted by the king of that time, Stenphard Veinard. To commemorate his idea that revolutionized how Veinard nobility society works, a bronze statue of him was made and is displayed in the middle of the campus. 」

「 Well, that’s quite an interesting story. What are we going to do after we arrive at the Bosarts University district? Kiss Bosarts statue’s ass? 」

Butler Drake’s face immediately becomes pale. Eyes widened; as if I killed a baby in front of him.

「 Reinard-sama, please mind your language! This might overstep my boundary as your butler, but why are you so grumpy? 」

「 As I said, I’ve been very, very uncomfortable with this commute. If you didn’t remember, my mind is filled with how my ass stings very hard. 」

「 Haaah… Please be patient, Renald-sama. We are already in close proximity to the Bosarts University district. Oh, look to the left window Renald-sama. It’s the wide-open space garden of the Bosarts University. 」

I look through the left window, and he’s right, the scenery is very beautiful. The garden is filled with tidy bushes, colorful plants, and tall trees that cover parts of the garden with their humongous branches. Its lushness should’ve been mistaken as a forest, yet everything is tidy and organized. Seemingly as if there are order and beauty in its jumbled chaos. I would’ve appreciated it more if it weren’t for the numbness in my ass.

The carriage passes through the garden as huge buildings spread out after one another start to appear.

The buildings are made with pristine white bricks. Showcasing its university pride of cleanliness and high-quality education. It’s following the same classic renaissance aesthetics, but its simplicity and minimalistic design reminded me of modern architecture.

Now that I think about it, isn’t the campus quite similar to that American university I’ve studied in for a year as an exchange student? That place where I found my passion in learning history.

「 Seriously though, what are we going to do soon? I’m pretty sure you have a plan. 」

「 Of course Renald-sama. You will first sign up for their test and partake in it, the test will be done swiftly. After that then we will move into your living arrangements. 」

「 Alright. 」

Nearing the center of the Bosarts University district, the carriage stops in front of a building. The front of the building has several pillars supporting its roof, reminiscing the greek architecture. The carriage door takes forever to finally open.

「 Excuse me young lord, we ha- 」

I dash outside, without any concern for the person opening the carriage. Ahh… My ass is finally free. I start stretching out my stiff body.

「 Oh dear goddess. At the very least please mind your manners in public, Renald-sama. 」

「 Yeah yeah yeah… So I’m guessing the building in front of us is the Schools of Magic department? 」

「 Yes, you are correct. Let’s come inside Renald-sama. 」

He then leads the way going inside the building. Inside the building, there are several other young nobles with a butler or maid accompanying them. All of them seemingly waiting to be tested or to register for the test. I start to become nervous about the test. What if I fail? But that doubt vanished immediately. I used to not be a confident person but I need to change that if I want to succeed in this life. Remember the mantra, “Fake it till you make it”. There’s nothing to be afraid of, after all I’ve worked very hard and Instructor Kalish was impressed with my progress. We walk to a woman with glasses at the reception.

「 Welcome to the Schools of Magic Department building. May I know your name and the purpose of your visit? 」

「 My master, Renald Alderhide wants to partake in the admission test on both the《School of Aegis Magic》and the《School of Assault Magic》 」

「 Great. Could you please show your nobility insignia to prove your identity and status Alderhide-sama? 」

I reach to my pocket and grab my noble family insignia and show it to her. It’s a very well-crafted bronze with gold coating, on it is a picture of alder fruit surrounding a sword as the Alderhide family emblem. It was given by my mother before my departure.

「 This servant has confirmed Alderhide-sama identity. Would you like to partake in the test immediately? And do you have any official magic proficiency certificates? If not, then we can create one from your test result. We will send the bill directly to the Alderhide household.  」

「 Sure. Might as well make the certificate while at it. 」

「 Okay then. Alderhide-sama, please follow this servant to the test room. The butler can wait in this hall. 」

I look back to Butler Drake, he nods and bows fully, must be his sign for me to follow the reception lady and leave him be. By the time I realize it, the counter lady is already out from behind the desk, standing near me, waiting for my permission. I nod to her and she leads the way to the test room.

The test room is quite similar to the gym hall back at school. The walls and floors are very sturdy, and tiny marks of damage and searing are apparent almost everywhere. If magic usage is common in this area then those tiny marks can be seen as a spectacular achievement since they could withstand intense abuse.

「 Excuse me Reina-sama. A student wants to take part in both schools of magic tests. and magic proficiency certificate. 」

The counter lady then greets a woman with your stereotypical magician gear. Long robes, pointy hats, and a wand.

「 I see. And you are? 」

「 Renald Alderhide. 」

「 Alderhide-sama, I’m the magician professor in charge of testing prospective students on both 《School of Aegis Magic》and 《School of Assault Magic》. The test is quite simple, you will demonstrate the spells you are capable of. The test will be graded depending on your performance holistically. If you really want to get into details on how we score our test then I’m sorry but I cannot disclose that. However, it is a mix of the variety of your spells and the quality of your spells.

The quality is determined from various variables that are judged altogether. Some of the variables that I could inform students are the exact details of the entire chanting process, and how strong the spell that is created from it. Do you have any questions? 」

「 That’s a very thorough explanation. Can I start demonstrating my capability now? 」

「 Go ahead, there are several dummy dolls as a target for your Assault magic. 」

Easily enough, I demonstrate my full arsenal of spells. They are:

《Pulso》— A spell that casts a force thrust outwards. Used to knock enemies off.

《Pyre》— A spell that casts a wave of fire. Used to slightly burn multiple enemies.

《Urro》— An inhumane spell that casts a gush of flame similar to the flamethrower. The fire damage it can bring is so horrendously powerful, it should’ve been forbidden to use it.

《Fulmen》— Cast a surge of lightning to a singular enemy. Mostly used to shock an enemy.

《Parma》— A spell that casts a protective shield that covers my front body from physical attacks.

《Sapelo》— A spell that casts a protective shield that covers my front body from magical attacks.

I wish there was a way to compare my ability with others but I’m the only one here besides the magician professor. I just hope for the best in regards to my chance of getting admitted.

「 That’s all of my spell professor. How was it? Did I pass the test? 」

「 From your demonstration, at the very least you are guaranteed to get a basic proficiency certificate on both schools of magic. However I can’t safely say on the admission, we need to compare other students first before we are able to start making decisions. But don’t worry Alderhide-sama, we will send you both the certificate and an application status at the end of this week. If you don’t have any more questions then please leave the room as I need to test other students. 」

「 Okay then. Thank you professor.  」

I leave the room and go back to the hall. Butler Drake is just standing there… With an expressionless face as always, waiting for me.

「 Butler Drake, I’m done with the test. They will send in an application status letter at the end of the week. Let’s go see my living arrangements. 」

「 That’s wonderful, Renald-sama. The carriage is ready. 」

We then hop into the carriage, and in several minutes we are already in the housing complex. The houses are quite small for nobles to live in; yet tall, around four and five stories. Each of them is standing side by side without leaving a gap between them. However, all of them are very colorful and window panels are plentiful. This just shows how luxurious these houses are since colorful bright paints and windows are very expensive. Then the carriage stops in front of a red house. Near its door, there’s a sign with the number “222”.

「 Renald-sama, we have arrived at the house you will be staying in for the duration of your study. 」

I go outside the carriage, mesmerized by the house I’m about to live in for about three years. At first, I thought I’m about to live in some kind of dorm, but turns out I’m living in something similar to a greek house in universities back on earth.

「 Renald-sama, go ahead and enter the house, I believe your room is on the second-highest floor. While this butler will need some time to unload the baggage. 」

I look to my back and I see Butler Drake and the person who helmed the horses, trying to unload the baggage. I leave them to it and proceed to go inside the house and knock on the door.

Knock, Knock…

「 Hello? Excuse me. 」

The door then opens. The person in front of me has an innocent childish face with light blonde hair and dark blue eyes. His frame is quite small, is he younger than me?

「 Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Renald Alderhide, the son of the honorable Earl Falben Alderhide. If my butler is correct I’m supposed to live in this house starting today. 」

「 Hello Alderhide-sama. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Aaron Stager, the son of the Baron Steve Stager. We are expecting you to arrive this day. Your room is on the second-highest floor. Please follow me to your room. 」

「 Sure. 」

He’s very formal with me. If it weren’t for him mentioning his noble status, I would’ve assumed he’s a servant. Is it because my nobility status is higher than his? But this leads to another question. With how nobles always keep an eye out on others’ status, how could they allow students with different nobility status to live in the same house? Is this done intentionally in an attempt to create a sense of unity among the nobility community?

We walk inside the house and it is as luxurious as the outside appearance; much more so than my previous house. The first floor we are traversing seems to be a lounge or living room with tables, chairs, and other fancy furniture being quite common.

「 Who’s staying in this house besides us? 」

「 Elras Reinhardt from the Reinhardt Marquis family is staying on the highest floor; currently, he’s outside the campus. There’s Duncas Syder from the Syder Viscount family staying on the second floor. I greeted him yesterday and I never saw him leave his room till this day. And I’m staying on the third floor. There are four in total including you in this house, Alderhide-sama. 」

「 Will there be maids to clean up the house? I heard we aren’t allowed to bring our own servants during our stay. 」

「 Yes. There will be housemaids. Although the majority will only come in the morning to clean up the house and to restock food and other amenities.  」

Well… That’s as far as I can go in attempting small talk. If each resident or student stays on their own floor then our room is going to be unbelievably large, like a penthouse. What’s the point of living together if we have that much personal space? Might as well stay on our own property then.

We arrive at my floor and oh my god… Is this really a place for students or for a bloody president? My floor has a very spacious bedroom, a study room with gigantic bookshelves covering all walls, quite a spacious bathroom, and even my own wardrobe room. All of these facilities just for my own use. Man, I’m so not used to the amount of luxury these nobles have. I do need to get used to it — women love wealthy men after all.

「 Let’s go downstairs to the lounge and see whats my butler is up to, Uhh….  」

「 You can call me Aaron, Alderhide-sama. 」

Wow, thank god he caught that pretty quickly. I thought I screwed up big time. We then walk downstairs. I should try to keep up with the conversation.

「 Then you can also call me Renald. No need to be so formal about it, we are going to be roommates soon enough. 」

「 Please let me continue calling you Alderhide-sama. I’ve been taught since very young to always be respectful to all kinds of people. It’s a way for me to stay humble and befitting as a prospective goddess Maria servant. 」

「 I see… 」

Is that a common practice among Maria believers? I found their way of being humble a bit off-putting, to say the least. But having a good relationship with one of them is going to be necessary for proving one of my hypotheses.

「 So you want to become the goddess servant? 」

「 Yes, Alderhide-sama. What about you? What do you want to become? If I may ask. 」

「 I’m thinking of becoming a combat magician at both 《School of Aegis Magic》and 《School of Assault Magic》. I just found both of them to be very cool and interesting. 」

「 Why not just specialize in one of them? I heard those schools of magic have a very selective test. By focusing on just one school of magic, you would have a higher chance of getting into one of them. 」

「 I’ve thought about that before, Aaron. But I feel having both of them is crucial in any kind of fight. Anyway, I’m guessing you’re studying at the 《School of Miracle & Blessing Magic》. How’s your proficiency at it? 」

「 I’m around Intermediate. If I were more devoted to the goddess Maria’s guidance, I would’ve reached an advanced level. But asking for more would be too ominous for me. I should be grateful that a lowly one like me was given the blessing to hold an intermediate level of magic. 」

「 That’s alright, just take your time in learning it. No need to be in such a rush. 」

「 Thank you, Alderhide-sama. 」

By the time I realize it, we are already at the lounge again. Butler Drake and that helmsman are carrying my baggage inside. I try helping them carry the baggage however they heavily insist on carrying the baggage themselves. Thanks to Aaron’s persuasion and his help in giving us a hand in moving my numerous baggage. I easily finish moving in. Looks like befriending him is going to be quite easy.

Time slows by, as I wait for the test result that my very future and dream is dependent on.


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