Chapter 12: The disciplinary committee member who corrupts public morals


「But, to think that there’s something this wonderful in this world」

Ran’s baseーthe lake side.
The natural pond made in a place slightly lower than the fish swimming lake.
The water from the lake flows into the pond.
The water of the pond flows through a narrow waterway to outside the royal palace.
Therefore, the pond is always circulating with clean water.

There’s two shadows reflected to the pond with water to waist level.
Their appearance is of approximately the same age.
One is a black haired, young manーor a boy.
The other one is a beautiful girl with her long black hair lowered to her back.
Both of them are happily chatting with other while wiping each other’s body with wet towel.

「It’s surprisingly good isn’t it?」
「Truly. Up until now, I thought that sex is a serious harm to youth’s grown but, it seems that thought was wrong. It felt really good」

Washing the black haired boy, Ran’s back, Kanami happily loosened her mouth.
Recalling the act they just did, her waist tightens.
It’s an act that has to be cracked down by public morals but, for that thing to feel wonderful on that place.
Kanami understood through experience.

The water creates ripples, Kanami enters the pond.
The water accumulated is only until her waist but the depth is more than enough compared to baths at home.
Getting somewhat excited from the act of being naked under the night sky, Kanami raised her hands to the sky then stretched it comfortably.

「Haa, it really felt good. Being naked is the best」
「…U, Un. You’re right.」

Ran also sinks down the pond shaking his penis that released it’s desire and now faces downwards.

Kanami’s standing dignified and Ran’s leaning in front of her.
If he moves his line of sight, he can see everything.

The short hair covering the pink slit still overflowing with cloudy liquid.
The belly with vertical muscles carved with a stunning constriction, and the two bulges swinging violently.
The melon like breasts with two healthy cherry colored protrusions.

Kanami’s naked body has some sunburn marks remaining.
He also thought of it looking at the naked Misuzu before but, the degree of excitement is extremely different when looking at a naked classmate.

Up until now, it’s uniform, gym uniform, wrapped in school swimsuit, no matter how you struggle, you can’t see the bare skin.
And now, it’s exposed in front of him, in a distance where he could reach.

「Kanami, you’ve got a good style more than I expected」

The black hair extending to her back gives an outstanding contrast to her fair naked skin.
And to top it, her light brown skin on her arm and legs due to the sun.

Even though her crotch and breasts are white, her thighs, calf, and arm are colored tan, it’s very arousing.
Furthermore, Kanami doesn’t hide it but instead shows it off dignified.

If she shake her body a little, her tight ass would be visible too.
Staring at it, his penis got erect again.
Even though I thought I let out everything earlier.

「Nekoyama got a beautiful body but boys likes my body more right? My breasts are big, I’ve got muscles and I think it feels good to touch」

Opening her crotch to shoulder length, Kanami sticks out her crotch proudly.
Kanami’s slit appearing before him, Ran instinctively put his lips between her crotch.
Soft and sweet smell.

「Kanami’s body is so soft and pleasurable」
「I see, it feels happy when being praised straight up. You can touch more, there’s no need to hold back」
「Then, I won’t hold back」

Standing up, Ran hugged Kanami’s body.
Pushing his hard penis, filling his face with Kanami’s breasts.
Taking a deep breath, I could smell the sweet aroma tickling my nose.
The bare skin touching each other feels pleasant.

Moving his face, a cherry colored bud sticks out appear in front of him.
Rising up, the reasonable firmness maintained in the softness is very charming.
Caressing it with fingertips, there’s a sweet voice heard from overhead.

「Nn, there, good…」

Her reactions are cute…
Ran parted from her breasts, then licks the cherry colored nipple with the tip of his tongue.
The tongue stimulates it by stirring it around.
Turning his eyes, he saw Kanami turned bright red and holding back her voice.

「Ya, there… M-More」

He put her nipple in his mouth and lick Kanami’s breasts.
Soft and slightly firm.
He lost control and sucked on it.
The breast meat is delicious. The textureーThe feeling of putting it in the mouth is unbearable.

「Ah, R-Ran. Don’t suck it like that, nnnn!!」

There’s two breasts but Ran’s mouth is only one.
While sucking on the left breast, he gently caress the right breast with his hand.
Rubbing the erect penis to her closed thighs, he enjoys Kanami’s body.

Just as she said, her body’s accurately piercing the men’s taste.
Her neck, back, breasts, waist, slit, thighs, calf.
Everything’s soft and smooth.

「Kanami… I’m already at my limit」

Kanami clamped the penis between her thighs then he sucked her breast with all his might.
Listening to Kanami’s screams of pleasure, he pours his cloudy liquid from the tip of his penis.

The semen caught by her thighs fall down and creates a pond in Kanami’s legs.
Ran looksa t it then felt the sense of conquest to Kanami.


Ran and Kanami who finished washing their bodies walk together on the edge of the lake then stare at the night sky.
Their fingers twine and the two are at a distance where they could feel each other’s temperature.
He thought that he’d like this time to last forever, but that’s impossible.

Kanami should return to the palace before morning.
But, Ran’s not allowed to return.

Ran was kicked out by his former classmates.
If he goes back, and gets discovered by Torao or Niigaki, it’s not mysterious if his existence is wiped out.

The stress built up by the classmates from the combat training on the past few days has accumulated, life and death begins to be ambiguous.
Their sense of life weakens and they become familiar with death.
If it’s the two of them right now, they won’t feel any resistance on killing Ran.

「I’d like to stay like this forever but that’s impossible」

Kanami hugs Ran’s arms, speaking sweetly.

It’s lonely to part from Ran.
Better yet, escape the royal palace and elope with just the two of them she thought.

Or rather, stay with Ran for the whole day, then drive away all the classmates who have antipathy and tried to drive him out.

Kanami’s skill Infinite_Cutting(Overkill_Critical)ーit’s an attack type skill that would be able to make Torao faint in a blow.

She should be able to protect Ran from Glasses and Torao, from several classmates and guards.
But, Niigaki, and the others from Glasses’ group holds a skill such as physical attack reflex.
Kanami’s skill alone is not enough to deal with classmates who have skills she can’t deal with.

Before that, if Kanami attacks Niigaki and Torao, it’ll become an act of betrayal.
Kanami can’t just cut off the will of the class thinking of defeating the Maou and returning to the former world.

「If I were stronger, I could’ve protected Ran.」
「I want to be with Ran all day all night. I know that it’s selfish but…」

Ran will be making love with Misuzu again at night.
The secondーKanami who intends to keep the relationship as a mistress can’t push it away and do a tryst at night.
The honest Kanami cannot steal away Ran from the pure Misuzu.

「That’s whyーI’ve made some preparations Actually, I’ve got something good」

Ran said then rustled the shopping bag standing against the tree.

If I recall, that’s what Misuzu asked the knight to buy.
It’s quite a big bag but, just what is inside?

「What’s that?」
「A lot of things. For exampleーthis, and this」

Like doing a magic trick, Ran takes out various things from the bag.

Common clothes of this world, native dresses.
A simple hat that hides the eye.
Black framed eyeglasses(it doesn’t have any degree however ), that shows intelligence

「That’s a, wig?」
「It seems like a hair of a lion however. Well, I’m planning to use this for the time being」

Putting it on, Ran quickly changed to a beautiful blonde young man.
Then putting on his hat, glasses, and clothes, the image of Kirishima Ran, a high school student has disappeared completely.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a resident of this world.
His feature is somewhat Japanese but, the classmates who thought Ran is dead won’t notice it.
Such a poor disguise tool well made this transformation.

「The face lacks impressionーbecause it lacks indivituality. Perhaps, I can hide with this for a while」
「What do you intend to do with that?」

What does he intend to do by disguising.

「I can’t stay here forever. It’s okay being a servant, I’d work at the palace」

Of course, even Ran thinks that he won’t be employed that easily.
But, the situation won’t improve if he stay here forever.
Time will only pass

In that case, it would be much more efficient to head to the palace by himself and enslave the classmates in the royal palace.

Of course the risk is high but, unless he does that, his original objective of enslaving the schoolgirls won’t happen.
Unlike Misuzu and Kanami, there’s only few people who come out of the royal palace alone in the middle of the night.

「Even though you don’t need to do that since we’ll return to the original world once we defeated the Maou」
「They’ll push the risk and have me as a decoy」

Ran spoke up coldly and Kanami was at loss of words.
Apart from Misuzu and Kanami, Torao and Niigakiーthe other classmates aren’t pleased with Ran.
When they needed a decoy or a sacrifice in a situation where they’re cornered.
The possibility of Ran being chosen is likely.

「It can’t be helped if I’m not employed. As much as possible, I’d like to collect fighting power. But, if I can do something then I’d like to try it as much as possible. I don’t want to regret it later after all」

Ran’s serious.
He’s not just betting on the possibility.
The plan’s filled with holes.
He knows that he won’t survive unless he does it this way.
If he’s not employed, then he might intend to run away from the palace.
It’s much safer than hiding in the courtyard of the palace.

「First, is the question of how I would be employedー」

I don’t want to involve Ran in such a reckless bet.
The people in the royal palace won’t hire people who has a doubtful origin.
Furthermore, Ran has to be hired with his disguise and wig.
Even though his cultural level is low, it’s unlikely that the security is full of holes.

「I’ll ask the imperial knight」

Then, I’d like to help him gain a certain degree of trust.
Kanami would love to do anything for her beloved Ran.

「Actually, there are some among the knigghts who have doubts about kicking out Ran. It’s an order from above so they can’t arbitrarily search for you」

For the kingdom, it’s some considerable damage to have the heroes summoned be reduced before departure.
There seems to be knights who think of it as only one but, the summoned heroes this timeーeach of the students have a cheat skill that can crush one country.

One match a hundredーthousands, of troops by themselves alone.
Even if they lack one person, it won’t be a tremendous loss.

「The knight teaching me how to use the sword belong to the faction who holds doubt about kicking out Ran. Let’s have you enter through that person」

Not sneakily but fairly.
This is Inugami Kanami’s motto.
If you’re hiding and sneaking in secretly, you have to live with the fear everyday.

But, if a knight will surely protect Ran, if he can enter from the righteous path.
It’ll be safer than be hired as an underworker.

「…Can you really trust that knight?」
「Yes, it’s a knight with the same eyes as me. Also, if ever the knight tries to hurt Ran, I’ll cut them down with my sword」

She shows the sword she’s taking care of.
Well, that night can be trusted.
When the heard that one of the hero is missing, they felt regretful from the bottom of their heart.
That reaction won’t go out unless you’re sincerely worried about the King’s body.
She wants to believe the knight who teaches her how to handle the sword seriously everyday.

「Thank you, Kanami. I feel somewhat relieved」

He holds her hand then gives her lip a kiss.
Kanami’s face turned red from the soft surprise attack.

「Y-You don’t need to worry. I’ll ask him to put Ran inside the palace tomorrow night」

Hiding her embarrassment, Kanami pats her chest.
Looking at Ran who’s eyes are nailed to her breast that shook in recoil, her face turned proud.

「We have to avoid meeting other classmates as much as possible. Assuming this appearance can fool them, I don’t know about my voice」
「It’s okay. There’s nobody in our class who remembers Ran’s voiceー」

While saying, Kanami cried「Shit」and closed her mouth.
Turning her gaze towards Ran, Ran looked lonely.
Kanami made a rare slip of tongue.