Chapter 13: Dog in front gate, Cat in rear gate


「Now then, I should return to the palace soon」

Kanami who’s healed plenty by Ran’s warmth pats the buttocks part of the skirt then stretched herself.

I want to do this forever but that’s not allowed.
Kanami has training tomorrow.

The half-baked drowsiness can be cancelled by Misuzu’s skill. Even Kanami, who wishes for a serious and harsh training, she’s not an insincere and reckless person.
It’s later than the usual so it’s needed to rest their body tonight.

「I’ll come here again tomorrow evening. AlsoーI’ll be telling Misuzu properly too」

What Kanami will tell Misuzu isn’t about Ran going back to the palace.
It’s about her making a move on the person Misuzu loves.

Although it’s possible to hide it, Kanami doesn’t possess a diamond mentality to calmly pull off such crooked thing.
And if it resulted to Misuzu getting hurt, Kanami will pull herself out of Ran.
She doesn’t think of making amends with Misuzu.

Shaking her back in melancholy, Kanami disappeared in the dark night.
Kirishima Ran is the only one who looked and noticed the footsteps of the girl in love.


The next afternoon after taking Kanami’s virginity.
RTan looks up at he pure blue sky while feeling languid pleasure and his crotch itching.

Biting a sweet fruit and narrowing eyes to the dazzling sun.
When he raised his index finger, Agehaーthe vividly colored butterfly stops at the tip.
Tickling his fingertips with her straw-like mouth, Ageha spins around happily.

「…I’m not going to leave you」

Ageha’s residence is the place where she first met Ranーthe courtyard of the royal palace.
There’s nectar of flowers which is Ageha’s meal, trees to hold off the rain, as well as companions who sympathize with her.
For Ageha, this is a very comfortable place to live.

Ageha is also a treasured retainer for Ran.
It was impossible to take a step into the second and third stage he visioned.
Ageha did a lot of things for Ran, in various respects.
The place to live and things to eat too.
Food, clothing, and shelter are what humans need to liveーRan received two of those from Ageha.

「Ageha, which do you prefer, living in this courtyard with pleasant living conditions or following me?」

If Ageha wants it, then I’d like to bring her to the royal palace.
Of course it’s selfish butーit’s understood that it’s selfish.
That said, I feel like she’ll stay silent and get out of here.

「Please decide by tonight. Would you live with me in the royal palace or live in the courtyard with your friends as before. …You don’t need to think what I want」

Does demons have emotion in them too?
If they do, Ran wants to respect Ageha’s emotionsーthoughts.

「I feel sorry for not giving you a lot of time to think. But, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to meet you anymore because you didn’t comeー」

Better not finish it.
Ageha jumped towards Ran while fluttering her thin wings.
Flying around his face, she slaps his cheek with her feather and thin legs.
It’s probably his first time to have his cheek slapped by a girl.

Ageha who slapped Ran’s cheeks for a while landed on Ran’s shoulder then folded her wings.
Looking at her, he averts her face sulking.

She doesn’t like it? That shouldn’t be.
Judging from Ageha’s behavior, there’s no behavior of rejection or denial.

This is surely because Ran thought of Ageha as an easy womanーperhaps she’s feeling resentment.

「You’re going to follow me?」

Ageha flew away from his shoulders then fluttered under his nose, her straw-like mouth sucks in his mouth like kissing him.
Her wings moved noisily in panic after a moment then she danced behind Ran and then clings to him firmly.
She seems embarrassed.

Ageha’s feelings were transmitted without even using words.
I want to go together with Ran in the royal palaceーthere’s no way I won’t go, is what she’s saying.

「I get it, Ageha. I will never leave you」

Gently poking around her antenna, Ageha seemed to be embarrassed



Ran who’s dressed in the native dress of this world tossed off his uniform and makes a dignified pose under the dark blue sky.

Wearing a golden wig on his head, a protective gear to protect his eyesーit’s just a glasses you can find anywhere thoughーhis disguised as much as possible.

It’s unlikely that Kanami will betray him but the possibility of the knights trying to deceive her can’t be thrown away.
Kanami should be able to take down one or two knights in one blow.
If those knights are connected to Torao and Niigaki then there’s no chance of winning.

「Well, this is just a disguise to create a temporary peace of mind」

The special disguise is meaningless when there’s『Retainer Training』floating above his head.
If it’s a game, then it’s likely that you can turn it off or erase it.
Let’s ask Kanami later.

「…But still, they’re late」

The movement of the moon is unknownーa world without watch, you have no choice but to put your sense of time to your biological clock.
Therefore, you can’t measure the exact time.

「Did the negotiations fail?」

I don’t want to think about it too much but it’s possible.
What Ran wants to take back is only the remark on the surface.
I want to rebel against the country, or I want to change the world, that kind of remark.
The serious Kanami misunderstood it as the truthー

No, let’s not think about gloomy things.
Even if she’s unwilling but to give in, it’s unthinkable that Kanami would just ditch her promise easily.
She’ll sit straight down and rub her head against the ground.
It may be prejudice.


While thinking about it, I see lamps lighting up the wall of the royal palace.
Is it a torchlight?
The light coming out like fireflies float at the end of the corridor that connects the courtyard to the palace.
From the bright place, there’s two shadows rushing towards Ran.
A familiar school girl in school uniformーInugami Kanami, and the other is Nekoyama Misuzu.

「Sorry, we’re late」
「I don’t mind you two being late but what happened?」
「Well you see, uhm…」

Kanami finds it hard to say then looked at Misuzu standing next to her.
Misuzu also sends the same awkward gaze to Kanami.

Ran guessed what happened from that reaction somehow.
Kanami’s honest personality makes her unable to lie.
Her relationship with Ran, in detailーwhat and how far they have done it.
Misuzu’s pure so she took it literally.

「Somehow, sorry. I’m the cause for this」
「!? N-No, Ran didn’t do anything wrong. I’m the one who’s at fault for telling that I came to like you even though I know about your relationshipー」
「We’re already done with that! Ran-kun’s a very charming man so it can’t be helped that Kanami-chan fell for him, didn’t I tell you that multiple times?!」

You can think that it’s easily resolved on the surface but there’s still some fighting between the two people.
Furthermore, they’re behaving without perceiving that they’re in front for their beloved.
It’s just dumb to pursue further than this.
On the contrary, the two would just be hurt.

「W-Well, rather than that. Ran-kun. That costume looks cool and it suits you but, I’d like you to strip for a while nya」

Ran’s chest throbbed from those words.
Though it’s already been exchanged in their conversations multiple times, to say「strip」in front of Kanami.

To violate Misuzu in front of the disciplinary committee memeberーInugami Kanami.
It’s too immoral that it’s insanely arousing.

「Got it, I’ll strip」

Taking off his golden wig, glasses, then the native clothes he’s wearing.
Brushing gently the chest exposed, he put his hand on the last fortress which is his underwear then pulled and removed it without any hesitation.

At the same time he looked up, Kanami and Misuzuーboth of their gazes move to Ran’s lower body.
Then, the two of them blushed then averted their eyes in embarrassment.

「W-Why did you take everything off! Furthermore, isn’t that getting big?!」

Despite saying so, her diverted gaze has already returned to it’s original position.
Misuzu stares at Ran’s penis with her cheeks dyed red.
Though it’s seen multiple times, the reaction is so innocent and lovely.
Should I have Misuzu take it off when I do it with her?

「You only need to take off your clothes! Y-You don’t need to take off your underwear nya!」

That said, Ran has already taken it off.
Picking up the pants he purposely threw away, furthermore, not doing anything would just be wasteful.
Ran doesn’t have any desire to expose himself in particular.

The two classmates have their faces blushing as they stare at Ran’s penis in front of them.
Their uniform blending in the night view is quite tempting.


Ran twined around Misuzu’s body while his bare skin is exposed from top to bottom.
The sense of touch of the sailor uniform and Misuzu’s body temperature sinks in his body.

Rubbing up against her, the expanding penis combs down the genital over her panty.
Misuzu shows no signs of resistance though she’s being touched lewdly, her moderate breasts being rubbed through her uniform and her waist being enjoyed.
Rather, arousal from being touched awakens within her.

「Should we strip Misuzu while we’re at it?」
「Nya. You can’t. The knights are just a bit far away so we’d be seen」

It would be nice if they intertwine with their bare skins but it can’t be helped.
Even Ran doesn’t want to show Misuzu’s important parts so some unknown knights.
There’s no need to bother getting Misuzu naked here right now.

「Therefore, hey. Hold back for todayーhyaunyan!?」

She said that she can’t be naked but she didn’t say that she can’t be stripped.
Inserting his hand in her skirt, Misuzu’s panty was slid down.

Her sailor uniformーor rather, skirts are really lewd clothes.
Even if you don’t take off the outside, you can say goodbye only to the inside part.

Lowering the panty from this world with only string to hold it down, he embraced Misuzu’s calf tightly.
Experiencing the high school girl’s fat calf, his finger crawl to her thighs.

Looking up at her, Misuzu secret part twitches and leaks out sweet drool.
It’s thanks to the act they’ve done these past few days, Misuzu has become really easy to arouse.

「N-No, we can’t. The knights will see us」
「It’s okay, they won’t hear it from that far away. You can leak out your voice without hesitation」

Making his tongue crawl on her thighs, he sent a look at Kanami.
Kanami’s face is dyed red as she watch closely the act of Ran and Misuzu.

Kanami’s left hand is stretched towards her crotch and trembling bit by bit.
Sweet honey drips from Kanami’s thighs.
He wants to stretch his tongue and lick it but now he’s busy taking care of Misuzu.
Kanami has to hold back for a while.

「Nyaaa… Licking and breathing on it, hyaan!」

Tasting her thighs plenty, he strokes Misuzu’s waist.
Looking up, the beautiful slit leaking out love nectar is peeping on his face.

Misuzu’s vagina hole twitches as if waiting for something, Ran blows wind on it.
Misuzu’s body twitched for a moment then dripped sweet honey.

「Misuzu’s pussy is melting down」
「Yaan… Don’t say that」

Hiding her mouth with the hem of the sailor uniform, Misuzu looks towards ran with moist eyes.
That look fueled his sadistic mind then Ran pushed his face on her crotch.

The hot vagina hangs under his nose then he instinctively felt he’ll nosebleed.
Misuzu’s aroma and honey drips on his mouth.

Pressing his penis erect from too much arousal to her calf, Ran caress her crotch with his tongue.
Licking over the honey overflowing like saliva, he made Misuzu’s crotch sticky.

The more Ran licks, the faster Misuzu leaks.
Tears emerge from the pleasure and shame and muffle lustful voice comes out from her mouth.

The penis pressed against her calf in an unreasonable posture parts away then it twitches as it bathes in the night breeze.
The cold wind fuels his arousal on his lower half.

However, before Ran’s eyesーunder his nose is Misuzu’s lovely hole.
the penis that regained calm becomes stiff and hot in a moment.
Transparent liquid drips from the penis firmly erect.

「…aaah, Ran’s penis juice」

Hearing shocking words from a familiar voice, electric current runs on Ran’s back.
The obscene words coming from the disciplinary committee member, Inugami Kanami, she said penis juice.

「Fu, ah… Kanami, say that again」
「Funyaa?! D-Don’t talk while licking!」

Misuzu’s hole tightens and sandwiches Ran’s tongue in between.
Stretching his penis from the sense of electric shock, Ran’s penis suddenly got coiled with warm wind.

「I-I’m at my limit… Let me put in Ran’s penis in my mouth…」

Ran’s penis twitches in pleasure while overflowing with transparent liquid.
Kanami’s sweet breath gently wraps the tip that wants to be played with.
The penis blessed with fluffy warmth got completely erect from arousal.

The tip of the penis rising up in excitement is wrapped in Kanami’s plump lips.
Then without hesitation, Kanami swallowed Ran’s penis in her mouth.
The penis enveloped in Kanami’s wet saliva let out it’s cowper fluid in Kanami’s mouth without hesitation.

「Ran’s penis, Ran’s penis, it’s tough and very hot…」

Using lots of her saliva and her tongue, Kanami licks Ran’s penis.
The cowper fluid mixed with the saliva creates more pleasure.
Kanami carefully licks his penis with her syrupy tongue.
Ran’s desire swells more than ever.

「Kana-Kanami. I-I’m about to…」
「Hinyyaa, hinyaaaa?! Me too, I can’t hold back anymore…」

Nekoyama Misuzu stood on her tiptoes to escape from Ran’s tongue technique.
Misuzu stretched her hands to Ran’s head while her legs are twitching.

Lost to the mouth pushed onto her, Misuzu’s reason collapses.
She released a lovely sweet scream towards the night sky.
Misuzu’s cry might become a habbit.

「Ran-kun, I-I…no more!」
「Ran’s penis is so hot. My mouth feels like it’s melting…」

Misuzu’s scream pouring from above and Inugami Kanami’s female voice drowning in pleasure on the lower.
Sandwiched between the two charming and resembling voices, Ran begins to reach the limit from the pleasure too.

Wiping his cheeks that got sticky from Misuzu’s love nectar, he takes a deep breath then puts his face against her crotch again.
The tremendous tongue technique pierced the moment where she was in relief.
Misuzu standing on tiptoes with her legs stretched out made a sweet lovely scream.

Misuzu desperately tries to stand with her trembling feet while supported by Ran’s head.
Misuzu’s honey overflows from her slit that’s twitching then her thighs turned wet.

Confirming that Misuzu has reached climax, Ran focused on his penis.
Swallowed by Kanami’s lovely mouth, Ran’s penis is on the verge of explosion.
The penis firmly gripped to the root is just waiting for the moment to ejaculate.

「K-Kanami… Could you pull out your mouth for a moment?」

To distract his penis on the verge of ejaculating, Ran pulls his waist slowly backwards.
Pulled out from Kanami’s stickyt tongue, the mouth filled with saliva creates a terrific friction
At the moment Penis pulled out his penis, his testicles shrunk.

「O-Ooh! Kanami, don’t move from there!」
「Eh, what? Why so suddenーwait, kya-kyaaaaa!?」

A pure white torrent flashes and dense semen squeezed up from the testicle runs from inside his penis.
The twitching tip of his penis has a bridge of saliva connecting to Kanami’s fascinating damp lips.
Pulling it with momentum, Ran’s penis spits out cloudy liquid.

The semen jumps over the critical point then discharged cloudy liquid with no intention of stopping.
Since it was released in front of Kanami, it was spilled on her face.
The hot and thick liquid decorates Kanami’s nose, mouth and inside it as she opened it in surprise.

「A, so hot, hoot!」

The released semen was was released plenty aiming on Kanami’s mouth

Raising a ‘kyaaaa’ scream, Kanami’s expression is filled with happiness.
Kanami’s not frustrated that Ran defiles her lovely face with his child.
Rather, she opened her mouth wide and tries to drink as much overflowing semen as possible.

「Ah, Aha. Ran’s penis looks it felt really good」

Kanami scoops the semen scattered on her face then put it in her mouth without hesitation.
Kanami tastes Ran’s semen like it’s sweet whipped cream.
Ran gulps his throat looking at her twine her fingertips with her tongue.
Her licking, and drinking it up is very erotic.

「Fufu… Ran’s making a very enchanted face」

Licking her fingertips, Kanami speaks while looking up.
If she say that way, it can’t be helped.
The situation where his classmate deliberately tastes the semen he let out.
There’s no way men won’t be aroused from this.

「…Should I lick out the remaining ones?」
「Yeah, of course」

Ran sticks out his tongue and Kanami didn’t hesitate to turn her arms and put her face closer.
The tip of the penis who can’t tolerate the pleasure still twitches, it’s slowly accommodated inside Kanami’s mouth.
Along with the slippery filling, further pleasure surges in.

「Nfu, it got big again」

Kanami licks the penis happily as if licking a sweet candy.
Squeezed by her tongue, a warm exhale directly wraps the sensitive tip.
At first it was a tip only fellatio, then gradually it reaches the root.
Kanami happily sucks Ran’s penis while drooling like waterfall on the edge of her mouth.
She intends to clean it up but this can’t be endured anymore.

Holding Kanami’s head with both hands, he pressed her against his own waist.
The tightening feeling, everything from the tip to the root is inserted in Kanami.
She looks slightly in pain but she’s not resisting.
Rather, Kanami’s mouth is getting more intensely lewd than a while ago.

「Nn, nn, ngu, nmu, nfu…」

The sensitive tip pressed against her mucous resulting into the illusion that his testicles are being strangled.

「Haa… Geez, it’s sly to have only Kanami-chan!」

A hand turned from behind and the stomach is stroked down.
From the stomach, through the waistーback, shoulder and thighs, it’s politely caressed by thin fingertips.

「Ran-kun. Do it with me too?」

Whispering with a sweet voice, the one caressing from behindーMisuzu hugs Ran’s body tightly.
Rubbing his back with her sailor uniform, his line of sight unintentionally stretched.

His shoulder grasped by a warm small hand, Misuzu’s breath sprays on his nape.
Sticking out her tongue, Misuzu licks Ran’s nape to tease him.
She’s aroused? Her breathing is rough.
The rough sigh wraps around the neck moist with Misuzu’s saliva.

「Earlier, Ran-kun made me cum, this time, it’s my turn to make Ran-kun feel good」

Licking his neck, Ran’s hands stroke his shoulder and chest.
If that’s all then he can hold back.
But, ran’s pleasure attack isn’t just Misuzu’s caress.

「Nmu, bu… N, nn, nn, nnnnn!!」

Kanami fellatio puts a lot of saliva to Ran’s penis like a dog.
Misuzu’s territory is from his neck to his chest.
The weakest point of his lower abdomen is attacked by Kanami.
Ran’s whole body is pinned by the pleasure, unable to escape.

「Ah, ah, Au! I-I’m at my limit!」
「Ran-kun, Ran-kun. I love Ran-kun, I love you so much. I love everything about Ran-kun」
「Nfufu, ennyonanu, nimoninonunaneyo(Don’t hold back and feel good)?」

Though the places of stimulation is different, it’s impossible to endure being served by two pretty classmates.
Unable to escape from the stimuli from the neck to his penis, Ran reached his second ejaculation this evening.

The cloudy liquid rushes up through his penis and filled Kanami’s mouth with pure whiteness.
At the moment of ejaculation, even until his penis pulsates, Misuzu’s tongue doesn’t stop.
Ran lost consciousness from the unstoppable pleasure.

「Nku, nku… Puhaa… Even though it’s the second time, it’s still quite thick」
「Haa, Ran-kun, did you let out a lot? Did Misuzu feel good?」

Swallowed by the terrific pleasure, his consciousness is faint.
Ram got worn out from successive climax without reinforced recovery.
Ran’s body lost strength and Misuzu and Kanami accepted his body politely.

「Hey, this time, it’s my turn to be connected with Ran-kun」
「I intend to be after Misuzu. This time, not with my mouth, I will accept Ran in here」
「G-Geez… Give me a break…」

Embraced by Kanami and Misuzu, Kirishima Ran’s weak voice echoed in the night sky.