EX-2 Bind, Rape, Suck


Footsteps of the senior employee, Ryan echoes in the dark corridor lit by the moonlight.
He knocked the door with his hands then opened it without waiting for a reply.

Ryan’s surprised when he looked inside the room, closed the door behind him in panic.
He regret from pushing it with all his strength.
Closing the door worse than expected, the door closing sound didn’t fit the peaceful silence of the midnight.
That was dangerous.

「R-Ran… Y-You were late」

Holding down his fast heartbeat, the senior employee, RyanーSaint Kirishima Ran turned back to the voice.
Entering his view is an unexpected sight.
But, Ran has seen the exact same spectacle twice, he didn’t react the same way.
Calm down and burn the sight into your brain.

Understanding what’s shown, Ran’s heart beat gradually accelerates.
Nonetheless, this palpitation is different from surprise and perplexity.
The expectation for the events that will comeーand the sexual excitement getting really high.

「…This is, again」

Swallowing his saliva, his whole body shuddered.
The spectacle before Ran’s eyesーto say it in one word, it’s precisely called as a Paradise or Eden…

the black haired school girl opens her legs lewdly.
Crimson ribbon wrapping around both wrists and fixed behind her head.

Smooth bare skin sweating damply.
The obscene body with sunburn marks remaining creates a fascinating contrast with the interior light illuminating it.
Thin hair grows from her pink slit, and transparent liquid overflows from it.

「Even though you could’ve done it after I come」
「Thinking about Ran, I wasn’t able to wait that long」

The beautiful girl who’s both hands are tied behind her head and opens her important part without regretーInugami Kanami.
This look and state have all been specified by Ran.

Of course Ran wants to respect Kanami’s will.

She can’t move in such a miserable appearance.
Does she hate being seen by Ran on that appearance?
He certainly asked Kanami what she feel about it.

By the way, she hasn’t properly answered it yet.
But, at the moment he asked it, Kanami’s cheeks turned red in a twinkle, it’s properly confirmed with his eyes.
He added that if she hates it then she doesn’t have to do it after his order so surely, Kanami probably didn’t want to show that appearance.

「If the man who entered wasn’t me but another guy? For example a knight, what would you do?」
「I’m going to beat them up thoroughly until they forget about it」

On the side of the bed is Kanami’s beloved sword put in the sheath.
Since it would bother to be seen while in the middle of doing it, it’s put on the wall side.

「…H-Hey, Ran. Is this appearance really good?」

Lying down on the bed, twitching her waist, Kanami asked Ran with moist eyes.
Her crotch convulsing from time to time and dripping down love nectar is strangely obscene.

The tip of her splendid breasts firmly stands up and points to the ceiling.
It only goes out when she’s not training.
Compared to her arm and face, her breasts are colored fair.
The active high school girl sunburn marks are really erotic and sacred.

「Shouldn’t you have tied your legs to the bed too?」
「N-No, that’s not the case. Normally, at this times, shouldn’t men, thatーmen want girls to be naked?」

Kanami lying down on the bed certainly exposes her breasts, her crotchーher important part as a woman to Ran.
The pleasant cold night air has been melting down her vagina hole since a while ago.

But for some reason, Kanami’s current clothing can’t be called naked.

She’s not stark naked.
Not on her birthday suit.
She’s not in her birthday suit and she’s not naked.1

「Do you prefer naked?」
「It doesn’t matter… Somehow, if it’s like this, it’s embarrassing, or rather. That」

The only part wearing clothes is her legs wrapped in black fabric, Kanami pouts her lips in embarrassment.

The clothes Ran specified isn’t mere nude.
Kanami’s bare skin is exposed from the top of her head to the bottom of her crotch.

But, under that. From half of her thighs to the tip of here toe are covered with black socks.
She’s wearing the so-called knee-socks

The charming cloth wraps up the high school girl’s long and slender legs tightly.
She normally wear crew socks and high socks, but.
Kanami’s unusually wearing a knee-socks on the day she was transferred for some reason.

If you ask Kanami’s personal thoughts, she doesn’t like knee-socks that much.
Barefootーapart from crew socks, socks that cover around her thighs are difficult to move.

Kanami belongs to the Kendo club but she likes to move in general.
She’s a girl who loves to move before a disciplinary committee member.
Kanami would rather have the schoolboys see her legs than have it hard to move for the day.

Ran breathes roughly because of Kanami lying down without wearing anything but kneesocks.
Burned up by the feverish glance looking at her body, Kanami’s arousal doesn’t stop.

Removing his butler clothes, Ran’s chest peeps from the gap.

「You’re cute, Kanami」

Though he was about to say that she’s the cutest in the world, he swallowed the line that can’t be organized.

Ran took off his clothes politely because he doesn’t want to stain the butler clothes he borrowed.
His underwear bulging in excitement appear in front of Kanami’s eyes.

Unlike the underwear from the previous world worn until now, it was prepared from this world.
It’s an underwear controlled by a string, Ran’s erect penis shows itself.

「I’d like to stroke Ran’s penis but I can’t move」

Kanami tied up her own wrists with a crimson ribbon.
The tip of it is wet.
She must’ve tied it with her mouth.

「Really, Kanami’s good at using her mouth」
「Fufu, I’ll make you feel good today too, are you prepared?」

Kanami’s abdominal muscles as she’s going to hold Ran’s penis in her mouth anytime soon.
Ran’s eyes were nailed down to the muscular belly that’s moving.
But, even if she move her belly, Kanami’s shackles don’t come off.

「Nn, huh?…Err, you see. I can’t lick Ran unless this shackles are taken off」

Ran’s smile distorted and Kanami felt her back shivering.
Either way, it’ll be removed immediately so she tied up her ribbon strongly.
Could this be perhaps.

「Wait a moment, Ran. Let go of my hand! R-Ran doing it at this state, that’s!」

Ran loosened the string of his underwear then covered Kanami in between her legs.
But, the place was shifted a little.
This isn’t sex but a position for another act.

Ran’s face appears in front of her crotch and Kanami’s arousal accelerates.
A warm sigh reaches her intimate part and her lower half convulsed.
Spreading her thighs gently, her important part is exposed as she’s fixed on the bed.

「…Could it be, I’ll stay bound?」
「That’s right, do you hate it?」
「No way. Not at all」

If that’s the case, Kanami wouldn’t have made a foolish move such as tying her own wrists.
In front of Ran who’s sexual desire explodes, Kanami can only lie down without any resistance.
Although she didn’t tie up her legs in an unlikely event.
But still, this is arousing enough.
Since when did Kanami wished to be bound by her beloved man?

「…Nnn, Haa」

Ran slowly inserts his fingers into the vagina hole that’s dripping wet.
It’s not intense but it’s not teasing.
Ran’s finger tips stimulates the pleasant points accurately, Kanami twists her body instinctively.

「Fua! Aauuu!! Nnn, Not there!」

She can’t make any evasive action from the unbearable pleasure.
Holding her arms behind her back, her crotch opened shamelessly.
Kanami’s secret part is softly violated by Ran’s fingertips.

A tepid sigh sometimes twine around the walls of her vagina.
Kanami’s love nectar drips down from her crotch while Ran is watching.

「M-Me too… I also want nnn!! I want to make Ran feel good. Nuu!」

Kanami used her legs wrapped in knee-socks to hold Ran’s body firmly while her crotch twitches.
With Ran’s body as axis, Kanami’s body raises her body like doing sit-ups.
Thanks to her magical-like physical strengthening these past few days, her sit up succeeded easier than thought.

「Hmm, Kanami’s tightening」
「D-D-Don’t say it please…」

Was it a rebound of her change of position? Kanami’s vagina hole tightens and took in Ran’s penis greedily.
With Ran’s finger tightly held in her hole, Kanami pushes Ran’s head with her bound hands.

「Ran…I want to do it. I want to make Ran’s penis feel good. Nuuuuu!!」

Caressing her vaginal wall, Ran’s finger filled with vaginal fluids is pulled out.
Kanami’s embarrassing liquids turned Ran’s finger wet up to the second joint.

Ran’s glance captures Kanami’s eyes.
Putting the fingertips wet with love nectar to his mouth with hesitation, he licked it like he’s tasting sweet starch syrup.

Kanami’s stomach tightens from that gesture.
What lewdness, what an indecent gesture.
A boy licking the love nectar she let out without hesitation.

「I want to do that too…」
「Then, beg for it?」

Lowering his waist on the bed, Ran opened his legs proudly.
Moving her eyes to Ran’s penis that got erect before she noticed, Kanami’s cheeks turned red.

Looking at Ran’s penis, she felt her stomach to crotch feels so hot it throbs.
Mouth or crotch, it doesn’t matter, Kanami wants to put Ran’s important part inside her.
She wants to feel Ran closer than hugging distance.

「Can you do it with your hands bound?」
「…As expected, you can’t endure it?」

Ran silently agrees with Kanami’s question.
Even Ran isn’t speaking meanly.
But, what is itーhe wonders.
He wants to see Kanami wearing nothing but knee-socks, bound her hands herself pant a bit more.

She’s an unreachable flower in the former world.
Swaying her black ponytail hair with dignified behavior, the Kendo girl and disciplinary committee member dignified at all times.
Strong willed, the most sadist-like in the castle group, Inugami Kanami.

Ran himself also thought that Kanami is the type that likes to trample boys(In a physical meaning) and tie them down (physically too)

「But who’d thought that you’re going to do this far」

Leaking saliva like a dog, Kanami’s senses is deprived by the pleasure of the Penis
The disciplinary girl who’s job is to make others yield, is being considerate of her partner, giving a heartfelt service.
There’s nothing more arousing than this.

「Ran…Ran’s penis」

She spread her legs. Kanami’s face covers over the man’s most sensitive part.
Sticking out her ass lewdly, Kanami rubs her cheeks to Ran’s penis.

The sweet breath leaking out from her mouth wraps the penis and the cowper fluid leaks out in response to the pleasure.
Kanami didn’t overlook it, she stick out her tongue obscenely and licked it without anything to spare.

An intense pleasure generated at the tip of his penis runs through his spine.
The penis wrapped in warm sighs and wet tongue twitches as if wanting to be taken care of.
To the action directed by instinct, Kanami happily licked her lips.

「I’ll make Ran’s penis feel really good」

Kanami’s plump lips touched the tip of the penis.
Swallowing his penis inside her mouth, before long, his penis is completely enveloped by Kanami’s mouth.

Kanami’s mouth is filled with warm sighs and saliva.
Even though she’s not giving any stimulus, Ran’s penis is tightens from the pleasure given by Kanami’s mouth.

「Nfufu, Ran’s penis is saying that he’s happy too」

Sticking out her bound hands to Ran’s stomach, Kanami makes a happy smile.
Kanami happily loosens her cheeks while jamming his penis in her mouth.
Making that face while staring.
Ran’s arousal goes up his spine.

「You can take it easy. If you want to cum then do so. There’s no need to hold back」
「N-No, I’d try to hold back as much as possible you know?」

Replying to Ran with a smile, Kanami sucked the core part of his penis.
Ran’s waist floats from the different pleasure than before.
She closed her eyes proudly then sucked up the contents of his penis.

「Ah, fuu」
「Nfufu. Does it feel good?」

A submissive polite fellatio called vacuum fellatio.
She’s not used to it yet but rather, the tickling touch calls for an exquisite pleasure.
Kanami’s puffy lips smoothly tease Ran’s penis filling it up with saliva.

「Chu, chuuuu… Puchuu, puchuuu……」

Wanting to insert the trunk of his penis in her mouth, Kanami also added a sweet kiss to the tip of his penis.
Kanami’s lips blesses the sensitive glans.

The cowper leaked out from the pleasure occasionally mixes with Kanami’s saliva, Ran’s penis and lips connects with a transparent bridge.

Inugami Kanami sticks out her ass on the bed and serve his penis intently.
The indecent figure of the beautiful girl who devotes everything to club activities and discipline inside the school
Ran’s the only one among the classーamong the world who sees Kanami’s disordered appearance like this.

Looking at her around ass swinging around matching her fellatio, Ran’s desire turns to a different one.
The fellatio with her warm mouth, soft lips and sticky saliva is the best but, this sensitive penis wants to insert in Kanami’s vagina.

Kanami’s waist…her constricted ass sticking out is quite erotic.
The good muscles forged by the time in club activities and physical education, and the high school girl-like fat filled with dreams and hopes.
The bare skin sweating damply and carved with enough sunburn marks filled with charm, Ran’s desire is stirred by his vision and touch.

I want to touch.
Caressing Kanami’s backーI want to to lick from her back to her waist.
I want to lick Kanami’s body while clinging to her.
I want to feel the curves of Kanami’s body.

「Kana-Kanami. Could you let go of your mouth for a bit?」

Ran’s penis is already perfectly solid.
Kanami’s fellatio is surprisingly a soft touch but he managed to endure without ejaculating somehow.
If she does further than this, Ran himself will reach climax before unraveling Kanami’s vagina.

The foreplay’s done and move to the real deal is now.
He made a remark thinking so.

Kanami smiled lewdly and swallowed Ran’s penis to the root.

「You can’t do that」

An amazing suction attacked Ran’s penis.
Making a lewd noise, Kanami makes a splendid head bang while sucking his penis

She looks up at Ran while her beautiful black hair becomes disheveled.
Turning her loving glance, Kanami’s mouth techniqueーher tongue technique gradually gets more intense.
She sticks her lips at the tip, the next moment, Kanami swallows it up to the root.

「Ah, hey, Kana-Kanami! Uaaa!」

Kanami kisses Ran’s penis again and again while painting it with saliva.
Every time she pull her lips from the glance, a pleasure incomparable reverberate in Ran’s spine.

The penis already swollen twitches then rages wanting to ejaculate sooner.
His testicles calmly hanging down are now swollen, pushing against the penis.

「You can’t! Kanami! If you do any further and I’ll cum!」
「It’s okay. Cum a lot in my mouth」

The bind has been pulled out before one notices, Kanami holds Ran’s waist tightly.
The fingers damp with sweat caresses Ran’s waist.

Ran’s brain turned pure white due to the pleasure given to both his waist and penis.
Restraining his scream mixed with climax, his waist floated and twitched.
A terrible pleasure pushes up from his testicle through his penis in a moment and an endless relief blessed the tip of his penis.

「Ua! Ah, Uu, auuu…!」

The penis swallowed carefully from the root to the tip convulsed within Kanami’s mouth.
Raging like a snake from to much pleasure, it released cloudy liquid inside Kanami’s mouth

Kanami silently gulps her throat while the penis releases rich semen grandly.
She’s not showing any dislike from it.
She’s not showing any urge to vomit even though semen is directly poured inside her throat.
Tears float in Kanami’s eyes as she hold Ran’s waist tightly.

「Kuh, ufu, u…aaa」
「Kokun…kofu, koku…kobuu, kofu, kokun」

Looking up at Ran, Kanami finally released her mouth.
The penis wet from the saliva has a steam drifting from it.
Kanami’s saliva drips from the edge of her mouth, she wiped it with her arm, opened her mouth wide to show inside.

「…Haa, I drank all of it without spilling,. Kefu…」

Coughing for a moment, Ran instinctively embraces Kanami.
It’s too reckless indeed.

「You okay, Kanami?」
「Nn, Ran’s semen is too thick that I’m just surprised. There’s no need to worry」

After she finished speaking, Kanami took Ran’s lips unable to wait.

Though there’s a bitter taste spreading, that’s not the problem.
Blessing Ran’s lips with Kanami’s moist lips, stimulating the tongue wholeheartedly
It’s unknown how deep it’s inserted but, it seems that Ran didn’t imagine the future of tasting the semen he discharged.

Taking a rest from the intense pleasure, Kanami’s kiss is taken a lot.
Even Ran wasn’t able to endure Kanami’s fellatio who finished him.

Kanami’s face sucking in daze is lewd, the fellatio is intense that he almost lost consciousness.
If she continued for a bit more, his consciousness might be really blown away.

Having such thoughts, Kanami’s kiss calms his heart then suddenly, he felt his crotch getting hot suddenly.
Moving his glance, smooth fingertips holds Ran’s penis smoothly.

The hand stimulates the penis that’s still sensitive. Turning his eyes to the arms reaching out, he slowly raised his eyes.
Delicate arms extending from a mesmerizing shoulder.
The owner of the erotic shoulders sweating steadily is needless to say, Inugami Kanami.

Staring at Ran’s penis, Kanami’s playing with the sensitive penis happily.,

「U-Uhm. Kanami-san?
「I’ve tasted a lot of Ran’s semen so I want it to do it here this time

Spreading her legs on top of the bed, Kanami shows her vagina by opening it with her fingertips
Legs wrapped in knee-socks, thighs tanned by the sunーand dripping wet Kanami’s secret part.

The figure of a classmate who looks at him with lewd eyes and shows her embarrassing part dignified.
There’s no boy who would be excited after being shown such things.

Bringing his face close to her spread slit, a sweet smell spreads.
That alone makes his head dizzy.

「Ran, put it in. Then, don’t hold back and pierce my vagina as much as you want」

Inugami Kanami, the disciplinary committee girl closed her eyes and makes a request.
Ran perceived the hunting dog is captured, he didn’t hold back and jumped over Kanami’s body.

Ran jumped in with dazzling eyes but, he used up all his strength before Kanami’s vaginal skill fighting back
The sweaty skin wraps up the whole body and kiss marks were attacked to the neck and cheeks mercilessly.
The penis swallowed up to the root was completely tightened by the vagina, twists and wound up, a cloudy liquid was released.

Reinforcement recovery can’t be used.
At the moment Kanami received the second ejaculation in her vagina, Ran pulled out and his body suddenly tired out.

His vision starts to fade away as everything’s squeezed out from him.
But, it was a pleasant tiredness.
Even after he finished ejaculating, there’s still an illusion of him continuing to let out sperm inside Kanami’s vagina.

「K-Kana-Kanami. I’m at my limit…」

Ran whines while stroking his waist who got exhausted from stroking like crazy.
Kanami’s cheeks dyed red as the appearance of her beloved comes to her sight.

「Fufu, Ran’s very charming」

Wrapped in Kanami’s body, she hugged him in between her big breasts./
Ran smells Kanami’s fragrant body then begins to breath happily.


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