EX-3: Maid’s service! 「First part」



The senior employee walked in the corridor lit by moonlight not to make any footsteps
He knocks the door with his unaccustomed hands and kept the silence of the night.

Inside the room is Kanami who’s keeping the silence.
The senior employee, Ryanーsaint Kirishima Ran is completely captivated by the heaven-like view spread in front of him.

「…Literally, cute is justice」

In front of Ran are two girls with their knees and hands on the floor, sticking out their butt shamelessly to Ran.

Wrapping around their ass is a navy blue apron dress.
White socks with a lace smoothly stretch from the skirt that barely hides their thighs.
Wrapped on the tip are black shoes with high heels.

「It’s not something I like to say but, this is what they call『moe』isn’t it?」

The two beautiful girls stick out their ass and crawl.
Their clothes wrapping their supple bodies are different from the uniform.

Cute cloth with a navy blue tone.
A white frill like whipped cream.
There’s no body line but it’s strangely fascinating.
Clothes filled with the heart to serve, it can be summarized in that easy to understand phrase.

It’s the so-called maid clothes.

「Ran-kun, do you like maids?」

Misuzu asks Ran while swinging around her ass wrapped in apron dress.

Though he certainly doesn’t hate maids, the purpose of this time has no meaning to it.
He didn’t make the two wear those clothes because he likes maids.
The classmate on the same room, same school are cutely wearing apron dress filled with service heart.
That is what excites Ran.

He can’t savor the maid café seen on the school festival.
The maids there only wear the dress but they’re not maids.

No, it’s not just philosophical.
Even if you wear a maid outfit, if your mind doesn’t have the『heart of service』you won’t be a maid.

And the other reason is;
The school girl maids who were at the maid cafe at the school festival will never do lewd services.
But, with these twoー

「It might be good and fresh to be violated in this appearance.」
「Right. Somehow, it feels my heart is throbbing」

Before he asked, their heads are already filled with lewd things to do with Ran.
He didn’t need to put his head on the ground and say「Please let me do you」, they will gladly serve from the beginning to the end.
Obedient maids only for Ran

Stroking their heads with a maid headdress on top, their tension’s released.
Looking at the two loosing their cheeks in pleasure, Ran pulled out his belt.

His butler pants fall down to gravity.
He put it away on the corner of the room as he doesn’t want it to get dirty, he did the same way with his jacket.

Sticking out their assesーKanami and MIsuzu are both staring at Ran’s undressing in interest.

Kanami’s happily smiling while her cheeks blush.
Misuzu turns her feverish glance while holding down her mouth.
Both of them are nice reactions from Ran but, it’s wonderful that it’s somewhat different.

「Ran’s penis is sticking out from his underwear」
「…I-It’s already big」

The two classmates wearing maid clothing, sticking out their ass, there’s no schoolboy who won’t get erect from this.
He thought that he should take off his underwear but he thought it would be boring.

Ran flipped their navy blue skirts while the tip of his penis peeks from the underwear.
Misuzu’s wearing a stimulating light blue underwear and Kanami’s wearing a plain underwear from this world.

「Now then, which one should I start from?」

Turning up their skirts, Ran stroked the two asses lewdly.


Thrilled from the cute screams on the other side, he made his fingertips crawl slowly on the two underwears.
Dragging down bit by bit, the lovely swell and cute slit on their ass peeks out.
Misuzu’s shaved but there was not even a single blue spot to be seen.
That’s obvious.

Stroking to stimulate her, he lowers her underwear to her knees.
Two plump butts face Ran.

Both of them have been violated multiple times but it’s the first time to stare down at their ass like this.
The bare skin obviously not tanned is quite erotic as they gradually sweat up.

Is she aroused in this situation? Misuzu’s slit is already moist.
Kanami seems to be not wet yet but it’s tightening and twitching a lot.

「You’re cute, Misuzu. Kanami」
「Ah, ah, there, good…!」
「Ran’s thing is hitting me…」

Sticking out his penis with cowper fluid, he presses it to Misuzu and Kanami’s round asses.
After tracing the slit slowly, the tip sticks to their vagina.
Misuzu’s already wet enough so he can insert it immediately.

「…Misuzu, you’re already this wet」

He enjoys Misuzu’s bare skin wrapped in the apron dress.
Rubbing her developing chest over her navy blue clothes, he turned his arms and embraced her closely.

Caressing, kneading Misuzu’s breasts on top of the garment wrapped in frills.
Ran specified them to not wear bra tonight.
Even on top of her clothes, Misuzu’s breasts is firmly felt on top of the clothes.
Wonderful. The feeling is the best.

「…nn, Yaa」
「The tip’s gotten hard」
「Nn, don’t say it」

Clinging to Misuzu’s body from her back, there’s a lustful gaze from the side.
Kanami’s staring at his fingers while shaking her exposed ass lewdly.

Placing her fingertips in between her lips, Kanami is watching over, sending an upward glance.
Her gesture of wanting more attention is more tempting than thought.

While playing with Misuzu’s breasts, the tip of Ran’s penis is kissing the secret part of Misuzu.
At the moment it swallows Ran’s penis, Misuzu’s hole twitches.
Keeping the exquisite distance so it won’t be swallowed in, the penis caresses Misuzu’s slit.

「Auu, Ran-kun’s hot thing is hitting strange spots, nuuu…」

Rubbing her standing nipples, Ran pats Misuzu’s head.
Leaking out hot sighs from pleasure, Misuzu’s slit leaks out a lot of love nectar.

The hand that pat her head gently strokes Misuzu’s meat hole.
If it’s this wet then there’s no problem putting it in.

「R-Ran… Hurry up and do me too」

Though she’s looking this way, Kanami’s swinging her waist shamelessly shouldn’t be neglected.
After confirming that Misuzu’s nipples are hard enough, Ran gently get up from MIsuzu’s back.

Cuddling behind Kanami who’s filled with expectations, he covers her just like he did the same way with Misuzu.

「R-Ran. I want you do to my breasts」
「There’s no need to rush. I’ll do it in turns」

Pressing his chest against her back, he wrapped Kanami’s breasts with his hands.
Big and soft, a breast that embodies youth’s dreams.
It moves softly around and changes shape in the hands of Ran.
Stroking her but sticking out, Kanami begins to play a sweet lovely voice.

「Nn. I love it there. Do it more」

Pinching up the stiff nipple with his fingertips, he uses his palm to rub Kanami’s breasts.
Misuzu’s next to her so the amount of lovely voice is less than usual.

「Are you holding back your voice?」
「T-That’s not truー」
「Do you want to test it?」

Using his forefinger and his thumb, he pinched Kanami’s sensitive nipples tightly.

Kanami’s body jumped for a moment, then a charming breath gathered at Kanami’s mouth has leaked out.
She’s holding back her voice.
He found it cute so he didn’t just stimulate the breasts but also her crotch.


Ran pushes his penis to the slit that’s wet before anyone noticed.
But, he just stimulates the entrance slowly with the tip, never inserting.

Adding an exquisite power adjustment when touching.
Kanami’s slit was unable to endure the subtle stimulation and leaked out love nectar.

Shivering from the female scent in the room, Ran tossed off his underwear around his knees and got naked.
Glaring at the two maids sticking out their ass and leaking out a sweet voice, Ran stood on his knees.

「Nya, Nyaaaan!」

The two meat holes filled with honey are invaded by fingers mercilessly.
Watching the trembling butts, Ran begins to loosen the two vaginal walls.

Probably from the pleasure, Misuzu firmly swallows Ran’s fingers inside her slit.
In contrast, Kanami begins to leak plenty of love nectar as if welcoming Ran’s fingertips.
Misuzu would swallow it when you move any further and Kanami’s vagina is providing lubricating oil saying that it want to be stirred more.

「H-Hurry up, put your penis in…」

Misuzu who’s tears are floating in the corner of her eyes appeal with an expression that stimulates a sadistic heart.
Kanami’s pressing her face on the floor silently but, words are not needed when you look at the state of her crotch.
Kanami’s slit is overflowing as if it’s saying ‘put it in by all means’

「But before that」

Releasing his hands from their crotch, he asked Misuzu and Kanami to turn his way.
Kanami and Misuzu sat down on the place, looking up with a flushed face after having their important part played a lot.
Two classmates wearing no-bra maid clothes and their panties lowered to their knees.
Ran touched their cheeks while feeling arousal from that reality.

「The maids have to prepare my dick properly too」

Looking down on the two beauties who have a lustful expression, leaking out rough breaths, Ran stick out his waist before them.
The penis that’s already erect is twitching in front of Kanami and Misuzu.
Swallowing down their hot breaths, transparent liquid drips from the tip of the penis.

Looking at it, Kanami sounds her throat as she can’t wait anymore
Normally, it’s a situation where she’d lick it with her tongue without hesitation, but;
She’s just watching it lustfully, Kanami doesn’t lick it.

Kanami and Misuzu looked at each other then sent a glance over the penis that’s erect.
It seems that Kanami and Misuzu are waiting for Ran to say who would be the first to pour love on it.

「…Err, Ran-kun?」
「Who should be doing it with Ran first?」

Kanami and Misuzu are keeping reserved from each other.
It’s delightful that they’re peaceful and doesn’t fight for his penis selfishly but;
That’s sad on it’s own.

Caressing Kanami and Misuzu’s cheeks, he slowly bring their face to the tip of his penis.
The two cheeks touch each other, the soft cheeks changed their shape.
Feeling cuteness from that spectacle, he pat their heads kindly.

「I’d like you two to do it at the same time. From the right, Kanami. From the left, Misuzu」

It’s the so-called double fellatio.
This is often seen on 2D but there’s almost no chance of actually encountering such a situation.

Furthermore, both of them are Ran’s classmates.
If this isn’t paradise then what is it?

「A-At the same time… L-Like this?」
「S-Somehow, this seems difficult Nyaa…」

Fixing her hand on her waist, Kanami kisses Ran’s penis.
Ran’s left side has Kanami’s sigh drifting.

Misuzu puts her hands around her ass the same way and licks Ran’s penis timidly.
She moves her tongue like licking milk on a plate.

Because there’s a similar sex in front of them, the two doesn’t strengthen their fellatio.
But the rare double fellatio would just be bland.

「A bit closer」

He pushed their heads and fixed it.
Wrapped in sweet sighs from both sides, Ran’s penis happily twitched.
Kanami swallows the dripping cowper fluid in her mouth.

That sip burned Kanami’s lust.

「R-Ran… Can I put the tip of your penis in my mouth?」

Kanami kisses the tip of the penis without waiting for an answer.
Sucking up the dripping cowper fluid lewdly, she swallowed the tip completely in her mouth.

Ran trembles from Kanami’s mouth wet with saliva.
But contrary to that reaction, Misuzu pouts her lips in boredom.

「…It’s unfair to only focus on Kanami-chan nyaa」

Misuzu who’s watching Kanami sucking the tip of his penis deliciously from the side, sticks to Ran’s penis undauntedly.
Making her tongue crawl on the part of the trunk, she pressed her plump lips without mercy.

Kanami sucks and Misuzu gives sweet stimulation to support it.
It shows on Ran’s face that he’s about to reach the limit from the two different stimuli.
Kanami’s act sucks up semen from his testicle.
As if sucking up a sweet candy or something sincerely, she use her tongue and whole mouth without anything to spare to lick up Ran’s penis.

「…K-Kanami. Try to let your mouth go for a bit」

If this continues, Ran’s bank would burst soon.
It would be a waste to end the double fellatio too early.
He asks to have his penis sucked once it calms down from sensitivity.

「Puhaaa. You’ve had enough?」

A transparent bridge connects the tip of the trembling penis to Kanami’s lips.
It breaks apart then mixed with the cowper fluid dripping from the tip of the penis.

ince he’s sticking out his waist, his knees hurts a bit.
He wants to take a much more comfortable position and let Kanami and Misuzu put it in their mouth again.

Leaking out a sigh full of weakness while thinking such a thing, his waist twitches for a moment.
Feeling an electric shock running up his spine, Ran raised out a miserable voice unconsciously.

「ーAh, uaa」

Kanami’s mouth wraps the sensitive penis warmly and damply.
It’s known that the mouth serving Ran’s penis with delicate temperature and moisture a while ago is different.

Twisting his body from the sudden pleasure,. Ran confirms what’s wrapping his penis.
First he saw is Kanami’s appearance looking surprised.
And at the same time, Ran’s abdomen comes to his view.
A black bobcat haired girl sends an upward glance while holding back the tears on the corner of her eye.

「I also want to suck Ran-kun’s penis Nyaa…!」

The appearance of a lovely maid girlーNekoyama Misuzu is reflected in his sight distorted by pleasure.
Wrapping his penis with both her hands, she push the tip to her mouth with all her might.

The penis sensitive from Kanami’s saliva torture begins to tremble more from the excitement.
Different from Kanami’s fellatio, Misuzu’s mouth is very calm.
A calm fellatio that never goes impatient.
Compared to Kanami’s fellatio, it’s somewhat inferior to intensity but, it’s surely wrapping up Ran in pleasure, stirring it up politely.

「S-Stop… Misuzu, I’m going to cum…」

When he said that, he remembered that those are meaningless to Misuzu.
Misuzu happily replied with her usual reply in contrast to Ran’s complaint.

「I’ll use reinforced recovery so you can leak out a lot you know nya?」

The penis wet with Kanami’s saliva is caressed by Misuzu’s soft hands.
The twitching penis is sandwiched in between Misuzu’s lips so it can’t move.
Wrapped in sweet breath and warm saliva, it secretes cowper fluid at the tip.

「N-Nest is me! You’re done already aren’t you?!」

Kanami who’s watching Misuzu’s fellatio on the side sucks Ran’s penis as she’s unable to wait.
Misuzu separates from the penis and Kanami stimulates Ran’s penis with her mouthy.

「Tonight, I’m doing Ran-kun!」

Letting go of Kanami’s mouth, Misuzu’s lips take away Ran’s penis.
They look like they’re fighting but they don’t look like fighting filled with resentment or hate.

Reflected in Ran’s vision are two high school girls wearing maid dresses struggling to make his penis feel pleasure.

The string of light mixed with cowper and saliva connects Kanami, Misuzu, and his penis.
Different stimulation coming from both sides.
A dream like spectacle where the man’s important place has two beautiful classmates struggle to put it in their mouth
It stimulates Ran’s arousal visually and tactually.

Kisses that touch for a moment, fellatio that sucks up tightly.
Ran’s endurance reached the limit due to the stimulation given from both sides.

「MisuーNo, Kana,mi? If you do more than that, uaaaa!」

Was it Misuzu’s lips who made Ran’s penis climax or Kanami’s tongue? Or maybe both.
Ran who’s tormented by two different feel stimuli, has his penis jumped up and his testicles contract.

「…. Kyaaaa!」

Blessed with a lovely scream, Ran’s penis mercilessly released a pure white torrent.
The thick cloudy semen fills Kanami’s tongue and Misuzu’s lips in white.
The slimy liquid colors Kanami’s mouth stickily.
Misuzu’s lovely lips politely wipe off the part Kanami wasn’t able to take in.

The overflowing semen are accepted by Kanami and Misuzu’s tongues and mouth so it won’t spill out.
The two tongues rush around his penis and attacks the sensitive penis that just came.
Writhing in agony leaking out sensual breath from the tongue skills, Ran leaked out miserable screams of pleasure again and again.

「Ran’s semen is really thick and lewd」

Sucking the semen sticking on her fingers, Kanami closed one of her eyes.
Her appearance licking the white liquid that flew to her cheeks is very charming.
It must be Kanami’s freebie to show off a gaze with an erotic expression.
Such a thing shown immediately after ejaculating, it’s nothing but a reward.

「Ran-kun let out a lot of his semen nyaa」

Misuzu licks the semen on her fingers and arms like a cat.
Instead of lewdness, her heart to serve seems to win.
Not showing her erotic gestures but pushing out her pure loyalty to serve her master, Ran.

The semen released just a while ago are licked by his classmates deliciously.
The penis that has finished it’s role to release his desire has swayed facing downwards in satisfaction.

Though there’s pain, Ran’s penis slowly erects.
The soft fingertips of Misuzu softly address the penis that’s trembling while completely erect.
Her thin smooth fingertips caress the penis’ muscles
Her small hands wrap the testicles gently.

「I’ll use reinforced recovery nyaa」

Misuzu’s fingertips swallow Ran’s penis.
It’s not just stimulation by contact but also replenishing the energy of the emptied testicle.
The testicle dropping down loosely begin to move upwards and tighten up.

「Ah…ha, ku」

New power rises from the completely erect penis.
Even though it let out so much earlier, Ran’s penis points up to the ceiling strongly.
Overflowing with cowper fluid from the sudden increase of desire, Misuzu deliciously puts it inside her mouth.

「When we do this, Ran-kun can release as much as he want until you get satisfied nyaa」

Misuzu and Kanami stares at his penis with blushing faces.
Ran’s not a human who’s able to regain reason before such sight.
His whole body trembles from too much arousal in the moment, he begins to caress Misuzu and Kanami’s cheeks lewdly.