Chapter 16 : The disciplinary committee’s face at night


Niigaki Takeo and Inugami Kanami walked along the palace’s hallway while keeping a distance where their shoulders won’t touch by coincidence nor by intention.
By the way, as for their skills, both Niigaki and Kanami have confirmed that they can use it when they left the reception room.
It didn’t mean that they had their skills taken away from then as soon as they enter the reception room.

「Still, the problem is how do we explain this to everyone」

Niigaki grumbles while combing his bangs.
It’s easy to talk about it.
The skills given tot he saints aren’t something that can be used anywhere.
Therefore, if you overestimate your skills, you’ll trip your feet in an unexpected situation.
In short, it means you should know your position.

But, would the students understand what that means?
For example, Niigaki talk about the message to Torao right now.
He might have an arrogant idea of testing it and making an unnecessary behavior.

The atmosphere of this class has changed bit by bit after coming to this world.
Niigaki and Kanami were also endowed with skill yet they had enough environmental adaptability.
The other one given a hand-combat strengthening skill along with Torao, the one from the former otaku group, Ryuzaki Tsubasa.
From Niigaki’s perspective, he’s gotten quite cocky recently.

On the contrary, those with conservative skills have their personality changed dramatically because of the environment, Nekoyama Misuzu.
She’s originally a cheerful student among the girls.
Misuzu now is rarely seen getting along with anyone else but girls.1

What the person herself thinks is different.
Nekoyama Misuzu who has always been surrounded by boys, is now loyal to one school boy(It’s unknown who it is however)

Basically, Niigaki is an egoistic person.
In a situation where someone should be sacrificed, he’ll absolutely fan another and make it a target.
If someone’s facing a barrage of attacks, he’ll hide himself in the bushes.
Niigaki doesn’t admit it himself but he’s quite egoistic.

He’s worrying about how he should speak about the contents of the conversation in the reception room this time.
If it’s Torao who acts like a gentle honor student, even if it’s his own fault, he’ll definitely talk about it.
But, Niigaki doesn’t have the intend to accept the duty of being the sacrifice.

ーI’d rather seduce Kanami and run away from the royal palace.

Staring at Kanami’s breasts swaying on top of her training wear, Niigaki’s mouth twisted weirdly.
He never get tired watching these breasts.
When his vulgar eyes turned to the projecting twin hills, Kanami turned her face his way.

「By the way…」
「……! …………。 ……!? ……?」
「What’s wrong?」
「No, nothin」

Kanami tilts her head looking at the suspicious Niigaki.
But, Kanami’s not interested in Niigaki in particular so she doesn’t mind it.

「Still, why did Niigaki chose me as the girl’s representative?」

She mutters the doubt she’s been wondering before.

「Anything strange with it?」
「If choosing among the men and women from the class, I think that the class representativeーSadogashima is much more appropriate」

Sadogashima Sayaka?
It’s the meek black haired literary girl.
Immediately after the class transfer, she’s one of the girls crying down and was shouted at by Mikoshiba who’s a delinquent.

Kanami is right, normally, you would address Sadogashima.
The vice rep, Jougaoka Reika doesn’t work alone.

He recalls the Ojou-sama with ringlet curls laughing OHOHOHOHO covering her mouth with a fan.
Although she’s the typical selfish ojou-sama trait, she has the best adaptability in the class on other world.

Well, Jougaoka and Mikoshiba are irrelevant now.
Let’s go back to the topic.

Why was Sadogashima not called but instead Kanami in this situation?
The reason is simple.
Niigaki who’s shy on strange parts can’t create a conversation beyond necessary with Kanami.
It’s common for them to not speak a word for nearly a week.
Especially when it’s only the two of them talking one-on-one.

‘Be alone with Kanami and create a good atmosphere.’
If Kanami becomes conscious even a bitーit would be a good result for Niigaki’s strategy.

Looking at it realistically, it’s unlikely for Kanami’s feelings to turn to Niigaki even if the heaven and earth turned around.

「Inugami-san, you’re quite reliant so I can trust you」
「Hmm, Otagawa did that kind of evaluation before」

Otagawa too, he’s someone unrelated with now.

「…Oh, him」

His glance is always so gloomy.
‘If I recall, Otagawa also likes Kanami’ He heard it from Megane.

It’s still fresh from his memory when Megane who made fun got angry.
Speaking of which, Kanami’s panties were hidden in his room.

The panty of the girl he liked was left on his room unknown to him.
Furthermore, that underwear was stained by someone’s semen.
If you have a normal state, it’s something untolerable

「That pervert」
「Say something?」

Kanami asks and Niigaki shook his head in denial.
The talk about Kanami’s underwear being stolen by someone isn’t even a rumor among girls and even boys.
Kanami mostly hid the fact.
A person who knows about a story that didn’t go public is involved in the case.
Therefore, if Niigaki shows that he has knowledge of it, it’s inevitable for eyes of doubt to turn on him.
He should take care and behave himself.


「ーThen, I met the Queen and the minister today」
「Oh. …Ah, it feels good there」

While having the disciplinary girl serve his penis, Kirishima Ran gathers in formation about the current state of the saints.

A factionーwho’s familiar with the dangersーand wants Ran’s abilityーpicked him up and doesn’t let information flow to him.

In this past few days, Ran is basically staying on a special training area underground the royal palace (Guessing from the equipment in there, it’s most likely an SM play location)and he’s learning how to use basic magic called spirit magic and how to put on fighting spirit.

As of educating a royal family’s illegitimate child or something, Ran’s relationship on the outside world is completely isolated.
IN a dark place, he’s surrounded by dozens of male guards.
To be honest, it’s hard to breathe.

Several low-servant(A slave) came couple of times but it didn’t heal him that much.
‘It’s rude to say this. To be honest, I don’t feel any fragment of charm from them.’

What are they being used for?
Of course, it’s to practice his Retainer Training.

Ran’s Retainer training and Misuzu’s reinforced recovery. Kanami’s Overkill Critical seem to be something called unique magic in this world.
The summoning magic that was used to transfer Ran in here was also a kind of unique magic.

By the way, the knowledge in this area seems to be content of the first training the Saints have received.
While bragging to Kanami with a triumphant face, he showed a half-worried face.
He can’t forget the expression at that time.
He almost awakened to being a masochist.

The late saint, it’s unavoidable for him to lack some knowledge.
His existence is an exception too.

There’s only one knowledge Kanami and Misuzu doesn’t know but Ran was taught about.

ーWho would’ve thought Retainer Training can be released

Ran’s unique magic, Retainer training actually has a pair of same skill.
It’s name is Retainer Alteration (Crazy Sexual)
It’s a women-only skill capable of enslaving men.

It’s originally a skill that should be given to one of the saints.
Facing strong repulsion from the other faction from the one protecting Ran, in the end, it was shelved.

But why did Retainer Training remain?
For some reason, did this faction presume that the Retainer skill is more than necessary?
When he asked for more details about it, they show a ‘it has nothing to do with you’ face and he didn’t know any further than that.

But at that time, he heard something interesting.

The fact that it’s possible to release the Retainer Training put on someone.
Though it’s only one stage, the sex slaves aren’t turned retainers every practice.
Though a slave was used for experiment, they’re not tens of people.

He went there and released them from being retainers.
The slave who was turned to a retainer using his skill at the end of the practice will be faced tomorrow.
By repeating that, he can practice his skills on three slaves over and over again.

Though, the slaves turned to retainer and released every day isn’t the problem.
The two classmates turned to retainers by Ran already has become a heavy load.

It’s not something game-like where when you release them, they’d forget about them being turned to retainers.
Therefore, the fact that Ran has enslaved Kanami and Misuzu isn’t lost.

「They say you get stabbed if you do badly. I have to be careful」

What would happen if you thrust away a woman who have completely fallen? There’s no need to think about it.
But, actually, it seems rare for them to 『completely fall』in one or two stages.

「…Ran. Are you not feeling well?」

Staring in the blank space, Ran’s been recalling at the training and common sense lesson these past few days.
Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard around his waist.

「Nothing’s wrong, why?」
「No, Ran’s penis just went limp. …Even though I’ve been licking it all this time」

At the end of Kanami’s lonely glance is the penis facing downward like a child.

It’s because he had a lot of unnecessary thoughts.
Getting soft in front of a girl who’s serving your penis is something men must not do.

「Was the stimulation less than usual?」
「No, I’m the one who asked you to lick only with your tongue. You can just continue and it’ll be fine」

Opening her glossy lips, her slender tongue peeps out of her face.
Blowing warm air to the tip of his penis, Kanami’s tongue wrapped it up.

Her hand’s fixed to his thigh, using her fingertips to create light touches.
The unenergetic penis reacts happily from her hand and tongue techniques.
Unable to endure the contact of the tongue intensely licking and the warmth caressing near the testicles, Ran’s penis is erect like usual.

「Fufu, it got big」
「Thanks to you」

Caressing his waist to his thighs, Kanami’s tongue strokes the trunk of his penis.
The tongue that’s always been attacking the tip creeps on the stem and continues to twine with the testicles.

If you talk about the stimulation of the tongue alone, to be honest, it’s not very pleasant.
Instead of using the tongue to stimulate, Kanami using her mouth to give a lot of fellatio feels pleasant to her partner.

But, that’s good enough this time.
‘I don’t think of ejaculating from anything but a fellatio tonight’

Reaching out for Kanami’s cheeks, he caresses the cheeks of the woman serving him.
Then he turned his arm to the back of her head, pulled her cute hair tie and carefully removed it.

Her splendid ponytail was untied and her beautiful black hair flowed smoothly.
The hair ends brushed Ran’s thighs and his waist instinctively raised from that contact.

While he pats Kanami’s head, her face turned his way.
Kanami looks up at Ran while sticking out her tongue.
Writhing at her appearance of tilting her head, Ran put his hand on Kanami’s uniform.

「Hmm, should I take this off?」
「No, we won’t be having real sex yet though. I just want to see Kanami’s breasts」

Kanami’s cheeks dyed happily from those words.
Releasing her tongue from Ran’s penis, Kanami happily took off her uniform.

Her arms have sunburn marks left. Wrapping Kanami’s well-shaped breasts is this world’s braーa shiny demon material.
Taking it off quickly without feeling embarrassed, Kanami raised her underboobs and brings out her splendid twin hills.

Kanami’s healthy breasts sticks out.
The arms lifting her breasts are sunburnt yet her breasts aren’t, it’s strangely alluring.

Feeling Kanami’s divine breasts, Ran didn’t hold back and buried his face to her chest.
Soft and elastic, it smells good.

「What is it, Ran?」

Wrapping the man she loves in her breasts has a different emotion, is it motherhood or lust?
Kanami sends Ran a loving look as she pat his head.

「I’ve got a request, could you listen to it?」
「Yeah, if it’s Ran, I’ll do anything」

Enjoying Kanami’s breasts, Ran brings his mouth to Kanami’s ears and bites her earlobe.

「I’d like some Paizuri」
「…? P-Paizuri?」

Making a blank face, the lovely disciplinary girl tilts her head.
It seems that Kanami didn’t know the meaning of paizuri even though she owns such a fascinating breasts.


  1. The author wrote Kanami but following the context of the previous line, it should be Misuzu