Chapter 20 : Clear away the doubts


ーMy reaction was delayed unintentionally due to the familiar atmosphere.

It’s a school girl with a strong, provocative and familiar uniform.
Her fair legs stepping on the loafer makes you realize that it’s not normally exposed to the outside world but wrapped in socks.

It’s pure white, no scars starting from her thighs to her calf.
It’s probably due to the fact taht she’s usually wearing stockings instead of knee-socks or thigh-high socks.
When you talk about the charm of the creature called high school girl, you’d think about their hate to expose their raw legs from their miniskirts.

Right now, she’s not wearing socks nor stockings on her legs.
Well, this is probably her relaxing because it’s night.
That said;
Apart from her socks, how do you explain this skirt length.
A pure school girl who wants to hide her legs won’t wear that length even by mistake.

In addition, she’s wearing black spats that digs into her thighs.
That spats shows itself in glimpses, provoking from the edge of the skirt.

It’s only spats.
However, it’s spats.

It’s unlikely however, if she’s not wearing any underwear inside her spats.
She’s currently walking to show her underwear spats to a boy classmate.
Spats isn’t underwear howeverー
Ran wants to shout “That’s why it’s amazing”!

However, that being the case;
There’s too much change in the atmosphere that he’s at loss before he realized who she is.
Showing her bare legs under her provocative skirt, and her black spats showing glances from the inside.
And above allー

「…Kirishima-kun. You’re Kirishima-kun, right? You’re not a ghost or a revolving lantern, right? You’re the real Kirishima-kun, right?」

Ran wasn’t able to do anything but stiffly hug the school girl who’s burying her face in his chest, calling his name wholeheartedly.


It’s Kirishima-kun
Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun Kirishima-kun.

Sadogashima Sayaka buries her face into Kirishima Ran’s chest and embraced his body so much as if she won’t let him go.

If she let go of her hand now, he will go somewhere again.
Her unease is unbearable.


She wonders if she loved Ran this much.
Her feelings exploded while they were apart, has she sanctified Ran more than necessary?

But, Sayaka doesn’t care about that.
She was able to resume with a romantic development like this to a person she thought she can’t ever meet again.

Confessed by another classmate while feeling unrequited love.
When she had the courage to reply, she had an encounter with her unrequited love.
This is very shojo manga-like.
This might be an Otome game.

That said, Sayaka has never played an Otome game, so using that metaphor might be a dangerous act.

「Kirishima-kun. I really wanted to meet you」

When she looked up, Ran’s embarrassed face and her gaze intertwine.
Rather than being surprised or shaken, it’s an expression saying that one can’t sort the situation.
It’s perhaps because the current Sayaka isn’t matching with the Sayaka in his memories.

Sayaka reached out for Ran’s face.
She removed the black eyeglasses that’s hiding his face, then she turned it to her face and wear it.

She left her knot and stockings in the room, she can’t turn back more than this.
Even if it’s Ran, he should be able to remember it when he take a look at her face and hear her voice.

「Do you remember me?」
「…As expected, you’re Sadogashima-san?」

Confirming it, Sayaka’s gaze on the lower body is unbearably lovable.
Though it’s a gaze filled with lust, because it’s turned towards the person she loves, it’s remarkably different compared to when people she doesn’t care about.
Turning her gaze towards Ranー
It’s too embarrassing she say it in words.

「Kirishima-kun. You see」

Interrupting Sayaka’s words, a rattling sound can be heard from behind.
It’s not a loud sound.
It’s probably someone’s footsteps or a prank done by the wind.

But, the boy in front of herーit’s a symbol of fear for Ran.
If someone finds a senior employee hugging a saint.
If that person knows both Ran and Sayaka.

「Eh, ah, huh? Kyaa!

Holding Sayaka in his chest, Ran jumped sideways.
He put on his fighting spirit, wrap Sayaka’s body and jumped.
Stretching out his arm, he twisted the nearest doorknob and opened without hesitation.

A musty smell drifts under Sayaka’s nose.
Pushing Sayaka into the room, Ran also jumps to the room.
He then closed the door behind him and locked it.

「ーW-Why so sudden
「Shut up for a moment」

Ran’s hand stretched towards Sayaka.
Assuming from the freezing expression and the movement of his arm, she can guess that it’s not something favorable as patting her head or touching her cheek.

Sayaka turned her gaze above Ran’s head in surprise.
But there’s none. The skill name on top of Ran’s head who should be a saint isn’t displayed.
They were strongly taught that the act of the saint concealing their ability means betrayal towards the nation.
Therefore, Sayaka and others have their skill names floating above their heads.

ーIs he intentionally hiding his skill?

In that case, what is Ran’s purpose?

She thought of changing her viewpoint.
Suppose Sayaka have been ostracized by the class because of the skill given casually to her.
What would be the effect? Crawling up from the despair to survive, and accidentally encountering one of the people who had driven her out?
If it was Sayakaー

「Stop, Kirishima-kun!」

Though Sayaka can use fighting spirit like everyone else, a boy who can put it on likewise can easily throw her away in battle.
That said, if this continues, Ran’s skill will make Sayaka his slave.
Sayaka seems to be aroused by the thought of her being Ran’s slave but that’s a different story.

She finally is alone with him.
Given the opportunity where she can tell her feelings barefaced, she can’t bear to become a slave that can’t rebel.

Sayaka’s inner surface springs up.
She should just take action instead of thinking.
There’s no time to hesitate.

Before her thoughts catch up, Sayaka jumps towards Ran.
Strange impatience is felt as if time has stopped.
Grabbing Ran’s arms, she then pushed her weight to his body.
Sayaka used her thighs to hold his body like getting on horseback while she stare at Ran who seems to be surprised.

Holding his arms and straddling on his crotchー
Looking from the third person perspective, this is a position that would seem to look like she’s doing a cowgirl position.

In a situation where she’s pressing down her beloved classmate, Sayaka leaks out a passionate sigh.
It seems that Ran’s also aroused by this situation too.
As proof, there’s something hot moving under Sayaka’s crotch.

「Kirishima-kun. Please, listen to me. I will never do something disadvantageous to youー ー!」

As soon as she loosens her grip on his arm, Ran reaches out to Sayaka again.
Before he was able to use his skill, she pushed him against the bed and stimulated Ran’s penis by shaking her waist skillfully.

Sayaka realized that her face getting hot from the hot feeling growing from her slit through her spats.

Opening her crotch on top of a boy, pressing their important parts together like this.
Though it’s inevitable, Sayaka who’s mouth and body are both virgins, this act is too embarrassing for her.

「I just thought that it was a romantic reunion a while ago, let me correct myself!」

Ran’s resistance weakens somewhat when she grinds her crotch against him.
Though it’s on top of her clothes, having intercrural sex with a female classmate straddling on him, that pleasure is intoxicating.
That said, suppose Sayaka takes an action that would be disadvantageous to Ran.
Ran will do something to stop her even if it’ll hurt Sayaka.

If Sayaka screams here.
It’ll be found out that Ran’s hiding in the royal palace, concealing his skills.

Ran is being concerned about Sayaka calling for help right now.
He’s trying to use his skills towards Sayaka in order not to do that.

「Sadogashima Sayaka! Loves her classmate, Kirishima Ran!」

Recalling the phrase from an rebroadcasted adolescent anime she has watched, Sayaka presses here forehead against Ran’s.
Sparks fly for a moment and her vision turns around.
Though her vision is swaying, her arm holding Ran didn’t weaken.

Staring at the mouth opened from surprise, Sayaka moistened her mouth.
After a momentary hesitation, Sayaka snuggles on top of Ran.

Is it because of the spirit, panic, and excitement? Sayaka tonight is strangely aggressive.
Perhaps, this enormous strength creates a firestorm.

Though there’s no romance or mood, nothing will happen if she doesn’t do it now.
Sayaka’s words isn’t a big lie about her own cuteness but a shout to entrap Ran, to make him understand that she’s not thinking that;
This is the only plan she thought in such short time.


Sayaka pressed her lips against Ran’s mouth with the momentum that their teeth would clash.
The fact that her first kiss has been discarded in such a scene, tears fall down from her eyes.

‘But, this is good on it’s own’
The atmosphere’s the worst, the first kiss has no reverberation.
The person she gave it with is Kirishima Ran.