Chapter 22 : Lover and slave


A dazzling light crosses the eyelid and burned his eyes, tears floated on the corner instinctively
Ran slowly opens his eyes feeling annoyance and relief from the call of the busy morning.

Feeling tiredness clinging to his whole body, Ran raises his body feeling troubled.

「Good morning, Kirishima-kun」

Sadogashima Sayaka who twists her body in front of him is wearing a cutter shirt, loosens her mouth while sending him a feverish glance.
Sayaka’s modest breasts and pink nipples show lasciviously from the gap of the shirt whose buttons aren’t fixed.
Ran raised his body in surprise from the unexpected scene, he then lost balance and rolled forward from the bed.

「W-Why, Woaah!」

Since he fell on his back, his skin got scrapped by the carpet.
That’s when Ran noticed that he’s not wearing anything at the moment.

「Eh, what? Why am I naked?」

Feeling uneasy because his penis is half-erect since he just woke up, Ran digs up the memory last night.

Last night, Ran finally attempted to carry out his heated plan.
Using the figure of the senior employee, Ryan, he sneak to the schoolgirl’s room and make them a retainer at the same time.
While he’s at it, he plans to taste the high school girl’s body, he then plan to go to bed and take it easy, he’s sure that’s the outline.

But, last night, an unexpected event happened to Ran.
After Ran geared up ion front of the room, one schoolgirlーSadogashima Sayaka appeared.

How did she know he’s there?
Why did Sayaka come here looking for Ran.
Ran doesn’t know the details.

Anyway, the schedule changed and he had sex with Sayaka with all his might on top of the bed last night.
The woman he thought docile is unexpectedly lascivious, it’s also impressive that her face is pretty cute as he thought she was plain.
Remembering her disheveled appearance, his penis gets cheerful.

「Could it be that I slept without wearing clothes?」

Even if he traced his memory, he didn’t remember changing to pajama last night.
He didn’t remember Sayaka coming out of the room either.
He didn’t lose his memory.
Actually, he’s never done that(putting on clothes)

「I was naked, and Sayaka and I slept till morningー」

As he was speaking, a yellow butterfly flew around Ran.
She flapped her wings as if saying that she’s also there.
It didn’t mean that Ran has forgotten about Ageha.

「I fell asleep defenselessly in front of the classmate that’s not my retainer yet, that was clumsy of me…」

It doesn’t mean that Ran doesn’t trust Sayaka.
But, he has been mercilessly driven out by the classmates who he thought are his allies from the royal palace.
If you ask him if he can trust sincerely, he’ll inevitably shake his head.

That said, the fact that the morning arrived safely is in there.
The room is locked from the inside.
When Ran woke up, Sayaka’s already awake.
She could’ve escaped.

But, Sayaka who’s wearing a lewd cutter shirt naked went next to Ran.
Because of the past events, Ran’s filled with fear and doubt.
Finding himself in this situation, he can’t help but continue doubting Sayaka.

「Why didn’t you run?」
「Why…? There’s no need to run away from Kirishima-kun, right?」

Sayaka curiously points her fingers to her cheeks.
Sayaka sits on the edge of the bed leaving her shirt open.
Naturally, she’s not wearing anything in her lower body.
In between her open thighs, the slit where he poured his semen is peeping out.

Ran smiled wryly because of her unfounded words.
There is a lot of reasons to run away from Ran.
To escape the fiendish skillーRetainer Training that will make him do as he desire.
If Ran was in the opposite possition, he’ll escape in the middle of the night and would come to attack with someone he can trust.

「If you’re with me, you’ll have to be my Retainerーmy slave. I don’t think that there’s no reason for not-running away」

‘What am I saying?’, Ran thinks
But, if he doesn’t do this, he’d be unbearably scared.

He’s asking Sayaka to voluntarily show a will to escape.
At the moment the partner who gave love so much last night remembers his skill and parts from him, she’ll be an enemy.
That is the most frightening and painful.
If it has to be remembered, the wound in his heart would be shallower if he step up on his own.

As a matter of fact, Ran intended to use Retainer Training on Sayaka last night.
Because he had a really pleasant ejaculation, he fell asleep immediately, his schedule has collapsed.

「…Was Kirishima-kun a self-depreciating man?」

But, reality is different.
Far from escaping from Ran, Sayaka comes towards him.
The nipple peeping from the gap of her skirt is pressed against Ran’s chest, they’re at zero distance.
Sayaka stares at Ran in a distance where the sighs would cross.
Due to her weak sigh, she’s showing a challenging face, it’s uncomfortable.

「Then, use it」

Sayaka spreads her arms, showing that she’s defenseless.
The morning sun coming through the window becomes backlight, her shadow comes to view.

「Kirishima-kun’s skill is Retainer Training isn’t it? Use that on me」
「What are youー」
「Kirisihima-kun doesn’t want me to talk about himself when I go back to everyone, right? Therefore, Kirishima-kunーlooks at me like I’m your enemy」

Ran hides the corner of his eye from what she said.

「If you turn your eyes like thatー I’d rather be Kirishima-kun’s slave. Do you know the feelings of having the person you love from the bottom of your heart looking at you with hostility?」

Sayaka continues further as Ran stays silent.

「True, I think that the chance is trivial. I don’t think I’m holding love that would make me devote my lifetime to Kirishima-kun. ーBut, I don’t want to lose something I wanted anymore」

Wearing a shirt, Sayaka hugs Ran’s body.
The girl who usually looks down is staring at Ran’s face firmly right now.

「I’m not provoking, bluffing, bragging, or gambling with you. If that is what Kirishima-kun wishes, you can use Retainer Training skill on me. I won’t hate Kirishima-kun for that」

The girl who’s lacking self-assertion shows a serious look.

「I might use this skill on girls other than Sayaka」
「I don’t mind. I’m not greedy to tell you to look only at me」
「I might violate you until you break and throw you away」
「I know that Kirishima-kun is someone who won’t do that」
「We’re people who study in the same classroomーit’s scum of me to enslave my classmates, right?」
「I like that Kirishima-kun too」

The only person who understands and rescue the hero of the tragedy isolated from the world.
It’s possible that Sayaka yearns for such a position.
Excited by the situation painted in despair, she might’ve lost sight of herself.

Sayaka last night stayed in this room, not trying to escape from Ran is a fact.


He stretched his arm and placed his hand on Sayaka’s cheeks.
He stroke her cheeks and they gaze at each other.

「Sadogashima Sayaka. I’ll have you as my Retainer」

He planted a fake lust into the classmate that loved Ran from the bottom of her heart.
He won’t have a peace of mind if he doesn’t do this, he curses his own weak heart.


So she won’t feel out of place in the class, Sayaka left the room after lowering her exquisite black hair.
Eyes over the glasses looking downwards, she walks at the corridor hesitantly as if frightened by something.
The skirt reaching her knee, thin legs wrapped in black stockings.

How many people who have seen her notice her change.

Her spine’s stretched, and her expression has matured slightly.
Sadogashima Sayaka has connected with her beloved classmate, knew a “man”, she has climbed adulthood.
Sayaka in the future will be different from what she was until yesterday.

Sayaka who reached the dining hall sits down on the table where the docile girls gather as usual.
The few friends who dine together have already arrived.

「Good morning, Yuri-chan, Emi-chan」
「Morning, Sayan~」
「Good morning, Sadogashima-san」

After the light talk along with greetings, Sayaka decided to wait for her food to be carried silently.
The world will continue the same today.

The otaku girlsーFujiyoshi Yuri who professed herself as a Fujoshi talks passionately about her 2D coupling as usual.
Otomezaki Emi who’s smiling always nods at Fujiyoshi’s story with a smile.

Sayaka tilts her head while staring at those two.
The daily life in this world isn’t different from yesterday

「Then you see, the transformation heroine thought to be a beautiful girl was actually a man’s daughterー Ah, Tanaka-kun」

Responding to Fujiyoshi Yuri’s words, Sayaka turns her face sideways.
The neat and serious schoolboyーTanaka Haruto can be seen waving his hand towards Sayaka.
Sayaka raised her hands looking annoyed in response.

「S-Sadogashima-san. That, is it okay to accompany you on today’s breakfast?」
「I don’t mind it but…」

She looked at Emi and Yuri as she talk, then Yuri nods her head

「It’s okay. The topics might not be suitable for meals but if you’re fine with that」
「A-As expected, we should stop talking in front of a boy? We would be troubling Tanaka-kun」
「I’m the one who intruded so it’s okay, don’t mind me」

While behaving with a polite tone, Haruto tried to sit next to SayakaーOh? He tilted his head.
He twitched his nose without noticing and glared at Sayaka.
Though she noticed his glance, Sayaka silently looked at Otomezaki and Fujiyoshi

Looking at Sayaka who’s still pretending, Haruto sighs uninterested.
As expected, it’s a boy.
A smell of a boy comes from Sayaka, he noticed it immediately.

They only started dating, they haven’t even held hands yet.
It’s an impossible fragrance drifting from her.
The unrest and perplexion in Haruto is immesurable.

「Ah, I see, I see. That’s how it is, fufufufu」

Haruto turned his face away from Sayaka with a cold look.
Treating him as if he’s not there at all, he sat on the farthest seat from Sayaka, next to Fujiyoshi and leaked out a deep and long sigh.

「Hey, Fujiyoshi-san. Do you have a boyfriend right now?」
「None~ I’m not that interested in 3D love that much」
「Eh? Eh! Eeeh!? Tanaka-kun, could it be that youーFujiyoshi-sanー」

Otomezaki Emi blushes, looking surprised.
Even though she’s not a concerned party, she makes a『Kyaakyaa』noise as she look at Haruto’s face.

The surrounding gazes gathered but since Emi and Yuri are always excited about the “story at their hand”their interest disappeared immediately.

It’s unknown what Haruto’s act means.
Because he just wants a girlfriend for the time being, he quickly changed from Sayaka.
Is he harassing the ex-girlfriend who cheated last night after receiving a confession?
Or is he originally an easy man?

Anyway, Sayaka tried not to think about Haruto anymore.
She became one with her beloved.
Sayaka now doesn’t care about Haruto anymore.

The last night’s event is the happiest thing that happened to Sayaka after coming to this world.