Chapter 27: Mikorin’s in heat


Megane’s school life is a dull one, like walking meaninglessly on a flower garden that’s not blooming.

If you bring your face closer to the ground then there would be other interesting things than flowers, without spending free timeーhe spent tedious daily life. A dull life where he can’t get anything as long as he doesn’t compromise.
If Megane was as dull as Kirishima Ran, he’ll definitely be left alone in the group named class.

But Megane had a hobby for better or not.
Though watching late night anime broadcast can’t be said as a popular hobby.
That hobby is important to Meganeーand it’s an important key to deepen his relationship with the otaku group in the class.

He can talk his impressions about the late night anime with friends.
Recommending and lending manga and light novels to each other, they deepened their friendship through a hobby.
Though they’re avoided by the female students, they were able to spend a fulfilling life.

However, Megane’s looking for a more fulfilling, rose-colored youth in school life.
It doesn’t mean that he’s not enjoying his daily life of talking about his hobbies with friends.
But it was not enough.
The school life Megane seeks can never be satisfied with friendship of the same sex only.

A high school boy is a high class status where you can enjoy for three years of your life.
The sweet youth with high school girls wearing school uniforms can only be experienced so little in your long life. Isn’t it a loss if you don’t enjoy it to your heart’s content?

Otagawa, Ryuzaki, and Kawasaki, his male friends are also important fragments of youth.
But, he wants a flower.
A single flower will do. Even if it’s just for a short while. He just wants a vivid and lovely flower.

Staying until after school, studying in the sunset
A cheering voice from the back in athletics, going back home holding hands.
At the end of the graduation ceremony, letting the beloved girl cry in his chest.
That’s the youth Megane is seeking for from the bottom of his heart (Though it’s mainly knowledge from anime and games)

He wants to have a fulfilling high school life with a treasured lover.

ーWell, I’ve enumerated a lot of beautiful things but to put it frankly, I want to have sex with a high school girl, that’s what it means

「The sudden class transfer, a misfortunate cheat, a dispute among students… The flags are already standing up」

From a mundane daily life, they got involved to a different world with swords and magic. While the classmates were given cheat abilities, Megane’s given a very incompetent skillーhe’s given appraisal.

And along with the multiple scenarios, one student was blamed for having a skill.
If it’s a skill that remains in the body, humans who gives out bad ideas will appear.

Rather, with the 21 people summoned all together, it was fictitious that there’s not a fool that take an extraordinary action.
If the class broke up like that, the only road left for Megane is to escape from the class and go on an adventureーno other choice but to go on the easy method of making a harem with a demon girl.
Well, that could still be a happy ending.

That said, according to Megane’s scenario (Though it was improvised after the transfer) a villain was born among the group.
Megane Eichi, along with the class chairman saved all the schoolgirls from the harm of Retainer Training.
He’s suddenly a hero. Megane who protected the schoolgirls using a bad taste of as kill was praised for his achievements and was able to shoot through the hearts of lovely classmates.

ーBut, reality is ruthless.
Megane eliminated the one who posses the worst skill of turning a woman to a slave yet no schoolgirl showed up falling for him, his rose colored youth never came.
Though it can be understood by thinking just a little. It’s inevitable that a man can’t view himself objectively falls to such a egoistic bias.
It’s not something strange.

But, Megane didn’t abandon hope.
There’s definitely one school girl who thinks about Megane. A pure girl who can’t grasp the timing of confession, staring at Megane’s shadow every day, muttering「Haa, I wasn’t able to talk to him today」 Megane will wait quietly like a maintain until that girl gains her courage.

Then, it came.

「But still, to think that Mikorin would be my girlfriend, the world’s small」

Staring at Mikoshiba who’s embarrassed(actually different), Megane leaks a sigh.

Looking at the distorted smiling face, Mikoshiba scratches her head feeling bothered.

Why did it come to this?
The answer to that question is quite simple. If the outline that caused this result was explained to someone else, Mikoshiba won’t be able to keep her calm. She might beat someone up, blown away by her feelings.
She doesn’t want to believe that this thing happened because she’s horny and annoyed.

How many times have she cling to the impossible hope that this might be a bad dream or something.

「The embarrassed Mikorin is really cute」
「My heart’s going Mikomii from too much happiness」
「For god’s sake stop calling me that!?」

Every time Megane calls her Miko Miko, the otaku girlsーespecially Otomezaki and Fujiyoshiーare giving her strange glances.
Especially Fujiyoshi Yuri shows a jealous eye.

Even if the other party is Megane Eichi, she’s being envious of a boy pampering her?
Then, it’s better if you stop that pitiful twintails first. Being persistent bothers instead.
Is she imitating something?

「B-But, Mikorin is M-Mikorin…」

Otagawa speaks flustered while sticking and separating his fingertips in front of his chest.
Next to Otagawa Kenjirou, Kawasaki Shinzou is wholeheartedly eating the tomato flavored meat dish.
It’s the usual pair.
Ryuzaki Tsubasa isn’t in the place right now.

Ryuzaki is currently forcibly joining in Tanaka Haruto and his friends, and proudly lecturing about「Ways to persuade women」
Sayaka and Yuri are somewhat apart from Haruto, listening to Ryuzaki’s opinion interestingly.
He thinks that he might be happy telling someone the small knowledge she has from eroge and galge.
It’s painful to look at.
Even Mikoshiba who’s unrelated feels an itch in her back.

「No, still, Ryuzaki’s a jealous fellow. As soon as I started dating Mikorin, he started taking distance obviously」
「Like I said, we’re not going out!」
「I-It’s great that they get along…」
「Otagawa should be able to get a lovely girlfriend someday. Otagawa’s gentle to his roots」
「Ehehehe, I-Is that so?…」

Staring at him scratching his cheek thinking that it’s cute, Mikoshiba eats the tomato meat tediously.

Otagawa’s current remark is different from the many virgins mutter『I want a girlfriend』by habbit.
Megane doesn’t seem to notice it butーOtagawa Kenjirou has a girl in his mind.
Though Otagawa’s glance is uncertain, he’s got a single school girl in his sights.

It’s on the upper castle of the class. Niigaki, Torao, Nekoyama Misuzu, Shirayuki Saki from athletics club, along with the disciplinary committee member Inugami Kanami.
Otagawa surely likes her.

On the other hand, Ryuzaki Tsubasa wants to go out with a high school girl, whoever it isーhe wants to have sex, that’s what he thinks.
Even when he approached Mikoshiba, he probably thought that he can just get along with her and have his way with her at least once.

「…If only I was a bit cooler」

Megane, Otagawa, Kawasaki, and Ryuzakiーamong those for peopleーthey’re only schoolboys that want to distract themselves from their loneliness using Mikoshiba.
If it wasn’t a status, then their libido won’t boil.
That said, she won’t go far saying that they’re disgusting existences.

‘To be honest, it doesn’t feel good being followed by Megane’
But if she seriously reject him here, Mikoshiba will go back to the formerly hard to deal with delinquents.

Unlike the former world, this is a different world.
Being isolated here means the same as being isolated from the world.
Other than dating or notーthere’s no need to treat them coldly.

「…Really, if he was just a bit more handsome」

Shaking her waist tightly, Mikoshiba squeezes the fruit juice.
Even if cold fruit juice is poured into her stomach, the heat and pain can’t go away at all.

ーEven though I could allowed my body to do it at least once.


「Ah…shit. I might be really at my limit already」

Moonlight shines through the window of the dim private room.
Mikoshiba who’s the princess of the otaku leaks out a rough breath, she bites the sheets laid out on the bed.

Placing her cheeks on the bed, rubbing her thighs together.
She’s not being touched by someone. Even though she’s just rubbing her own skinー

「Kuaa, No good. …My head’s going white, I feel like flying away」

Mikoshiba Aya closes her eye from the aching that’s throbbing deep inside her stomach.
‘I want to touch. I want to tease the slit that’s screaming and releasing love nectar with my fingers, my hands’
‘I want to thrust my fingers deep inside and cancel this heat’

The delusion of her fingers playing with her important place crossing her head again and again but Aya managed to retain her presence of mind through a silver thread of reason.

It became like this because of her masturbation until now.
Because she’s been playing with it every night, Aya’s crotch and nipples already have good sensitivityーit has been completely developed.
If she plays with it with her fingers now, sweet panting voice would leak out of her mouth

「I want to do it. I really want to do it. I don’t care who it is, I just want someone to have sex with me. Right now!」

“Is this a punishment?”
Ever since old times, it’s said that masturbation is an act of disobeying God’s order to leave descendants
Playing with her own body seeking pleasure, gaining pleasure for a moment by sacrificing a temporary sense of loss, a licentious act.
A punishment for Aya who betrayed god every nightー ‘I wonder if the result is inescapable’

‘Better yet, should I bring Megane to this room?’
Stuffing her face to the sheets, if she orders herself to not let out her voice, she won’t be able to cum.

But, if she’s swept away by the temporary lust, and have sex with Megane.
Once she regains her reason, she’ll be tormented by regret and disgust.

That’s not good.
‘MeganeーOr rather, I can’t let my body overlap with the otaku group’
If she’s going to have her first experience, she really intends to do it and cum with someone she loves from the bottom of her heart.

「Should I do it at least once tonight?…」

Loosening her sailor uniform, she then tossed away the stimulating bra while still wearing her uniform on top.
Confirming that the bra fell on the floor, she dropped her line of sight to her chest.
Looking at the twin hills growing up very well for a high school students, Aya’s mouth draw an arc expressing superiority.

Her big breasts shake softly and the chest part of her uniform bounces.
The nipples that’s wearing the uniform lining lewdly is already standing, visually, it’s clear that she’s aroused.
Caressing her nipples on top of her uniform, starting her usual masturbation, Aya reached out inside her skirtーbut

A knocking sound plays to the quiet private room, twice
Her body jumped and Aya hopped on top of the bed.

「…A visitor. T-This late at night?」

However, it’s not that much time since dinner has ended.
It’s not a ridiculous time for a visit.

「W-Who? Could it be Megane? Or is it Nekoyama?」

A moment of silence. There’s no reply from the visitor.
If the visitor is Megane then he’ll speak some bullshit and make some action
Even if it’s Otagawa, KawasakiーRyuzaki, they’ll do the same.
If it was Nekoyama or Inugami conveying a businesslike order, then they’d at least name themselves.

「What should I do? I’m completely no-bra right now」

Hiding her breasts pushing her uniform nonchalantly, Aya opens the door.
This is the palace either way.
There’s no commotion happening, it shouldn’t be an intruder or a suspicious person.

「C-Come in」

Feeling slight excitement from the act of inviting the visitor inside while she’s not wearing a bra, Aya opens the door of the room.

A blonde man wearing a suit is on the corridor illuminated by the moonlight.
Wearing a hat characteristic to a detective, eyes crossing the eyeglasses wrapped in shade can’t be seen.
But it’s possible to guess who he is from the clothes he’s wearing.

「A butler. Huh? Did I ask you to buy something?」

The blonde senior employee enters Aya’s room silently.
Unable to restrain him from his sudden action, surprised, Aya glared at the senior employee who entered a girl’s room without hesitation.

「Hey…! Why are you entering withoutー!」

ーPermission! She tries to continue but, a certain feeling boils up inside Aya.
The feeling that swells inside her stomach explodes, her brain runs at a terrific speed and her body turns burning hot.

A blonde senior employee wearing butler clothes.
Assuming from his atmosphereーit’s a young man or a boy.
His face can’t be seen properly but there’s no disgust felt from the first glance.


Stroking her hot belly, Aya sits down on the bed.
Sitting down on the bed when she’s alone with a man, it can only be seen as her inviting him.

The butler turned to her and Aya releases a sweet wink to tempt him.
Stroking her coquettish body, she pushed her index and middle finger against her lips and show a colorful kiss.

「I don’t know what you came here fore but you see」

A feverish sensation is confined in the eyes behind her glasses.
the buttler in front of her certainly looks at Aya with lewd eyes.

「If you’ve got time then can I ask you for something?」
「What is it?」

‘Even though you know it’, Aya flips up her skirt.
Exposing her voluptuous and charming thighs, she opens up her legs slowly to show off her underwear.
Aroused by the act of inviting a man for sex, Aya’s secret part is already moist with love nectar.

「My thighs got a bit itchy. If you don’t mind, could you apply some ointment there?」

Pointing at the ointment bought the other day, Aya sighs listless.
Thinking normally, it’s an act he would be amazed how selfish saints are, but.
If she goes this far, it’s insensitive of him if he still doesn’t figure out that she’s inviting him.
That said, he’s a butler of the royal palace. It’s unthinkable for them to make a move on the saints that are owned by the country.


But, the butler is also a male.
If a JK that’s ripe for eating is inviting in front of him, unexpected things will come to his mind.

It’s not that he’s told to have sex.
She just wants his finger to stroke her clitoris and vagina. That’s right, she wants to be stimulated with nothing but his fingers.

She hears a gulping sound from the butler’s throat.
Taking the ointment in his hand, he walks towards Aya steadily.

Her heart pounds wondering what kind of reaction he’ll show, Aya closes her eyes tightly.
Would he honestly go for her thighs or push his hand against her slit pretending to be casual. Will he ask where’s the itch?

But, what actually happened is different from the events Aya fantasized.

The first thing Aya felt when she closed her eyes is a pat in her head.
A gentle hand stroking her head as if consoling her, loving her.
Thinking that it’s not there, Aya silently pouts her lips.
Even though a girl of her age shows courage and invited him, he won’t do anything?

Opening her eyes feeling somewhat disappointed, the blonde senior employee wasn’t there anymore.

He certainly is dressed in butler clothes and is a boy of the same age.
But the color of his hair is black, his eye color is brown familiar to her.
Or rather, his face exists in Aya’s memories.

「Mikoshiba Aya. Could you become my retainer?」

Distorting his mouth, the senior employee Ryanーsaint Kirishima Ran holds Aya’s body in his chest without hesitation.