EX-6 : Sandwiched between the delinquent and the discipline girl 『First part』


Let’s turn back time for a bit.
In middle schoolーNo, around elementary school.
What does a by have that girl’s don’t?ーThere’s a mean question like that.

The answer is simply a penis.
During elementary school days, where sexual matters are strangely delicate, there were such conversations that occasionally fly around the class.

The leader of the boys playing pranks on a docile girl.
Or a bully boy pressing a question on someone that looks worth teasing.
There’s a lot to think.

In any case, Ran was somewhat good at dealing things during his childhood so when he was only thrown such question with numbers that can be counted on one hand.
Basically, he’s in a position where he’d laugh at someone’s failure behind a strong-looking classmate.
Thinking about it, wishing for other people’s misfortune hasn’t changed that much.

Let’s go back to topic.
Thenーwas it about middle school?
Around summer in the middle school, where the growth rate of the boys and girls are in extreme.

It is the time where the female classmate becomes strangely tolerant in regards to sex.
It’s a heavenly situation for male students at the climax of their adolescence.
Curious about each other’s body, they become sticky beyond necessary.
From a mere interest in opposite sex, changing to an act to obtain sexual pleasure, a single page of the pale youth.
Just remembering it gets your heart excited, it’s not exactly a happy time to remember.

That said, that is a story only limited for a fast growing by whose mentality ripened.
For innocent boys who hold pale hopes and dreams for girls, not awakened to sex, it was hell.

The mouth of the girl they yearn for release lots of words appear to be indecent in the dictionary.
The girl who’s hesitant to hold hands is stroking someone’s crotch happily, a frolicking appearance.
In addition to the culture gap, there’s not a lot of boys who got confused and despaired.

By the way, Ran was the latter.
If a schoolboy hasn’t awaken in sex in the sexual zoo-like middle school, he’ll become a prey for a middle school girl in heat.
Since he’s such a pure boy, Ran was once asked by a strangely erotic transparent bra wearing school girl a question.

『Hey, what do you think that’s in girls that boys don’t have?』


「Now then, a question to my two cute ladies. Women have this and boys don’t. ーWhat do you think it is?」

Midnight bedroom.
Ran happily asks while looking down on Inugami Kanami and Mikoshiba Aya sitting down on the floor.

The disciplinary girl with hair tied up to ponytail, and a delinquent girl who’s wearing her uniform lewdly, they look at each other and blush.
Their blushing reaction from embarrassment isn’t an answer to the question but that’s not the reason for that.

「When I hear that I’ll wear this clothes, Ran’s really perverted」
「Well, I knew from the start that I love the perverted Kirishima」

Disciplinary girl and delinquent girl.
The kendo girl having a gorgeous black ponytail and a go-home club girl having a soft long brown hair.
The two have conflicting attributes but there are parts similar within them.

Ran’s interest is what’s most sensual in themーis the same as the answer in the riddle asked earlier.
That’s right, it’s breasts.

Kanami and Aya are sitting down on the floor with a face filled with expectations.
They’re currently wearing their sailor uniform, and of all things, only their navy blue skirt on their waist.
Of course, their bra and shorts are taken off, laid down neatly on the bed.
Why bother folding it? That’s more exciting

「Ran, don’t stare that much…」

Kanami looks up at Ran while sandwiching her plump bulges swaying with her arms.
Her young and fresh skin oozes out sweat gradually, it’s somewhat seductive.
Kanami’s figure where she hides her limbs with her skirt alone, her excellent style is far from being sloppy, just looking at her lets the arousal hidden deep in your heart surfaces.

「S-Somehow, staring only at my breasts feels a bit embarrassing though」

Aya pouts her lips as she hide her nipple with her arms skillfully.
Aya’s breasts wrapped in her arms is sticking out like a healthy high school girl.
There’s firmness and it looks hard at a first glance but it’s surprisingly feels like a marshmallow when you touch it.
‘Thinking that I can do anything I want with this breasts laterーthat alone makes me aroused my waist feels numb’

Looking at the two in obscene ways, his penis under his training wear unable to endure and rise in arousal.
Swelling from arousal and expectations inside his training wear that resembles gym clothing, Ran thrusts his waist in front of the two.

「Uwa, that’s cool… Lewd…」
「Ran’s penis has gotten amazing」

He pressed his penis over his pants against Aya’s enchanted face.
Caressing Kanami with his empty hand, he poked the good shaped nose.

「It looks like it’s suffering. I should ease this up」

Kanami put her hands on Ran’s pants painted with expectations and lust.
Ran didn’t miss her hand holding her breasts released, leaving her marshmallow boobs to shake.
Kanami then pulled off the pants she’s holding, turned her eyes to Ran’s crotch with a blushing face.

「Even though it’s on top of the underwear, the shape of your penis is clearly visible…」
「Fuwa, Kirishima’s penis is so lewd…」

Rubbing her nose in his underwear, Mikoshiba Aya’s eyes close her eyes filled with lust.
Breathing in with her nose, Aya puts her hand on Ran’s underwear and removed it without hesitation.


The dick bent as recoil of being stripped off, the erect penis slaps the cheek of Aya who’s burying her face on Ran’s lower abdomen.
Rubbing on Aya’s soft and warm cheeks, an electric current runs through his waist due to the unexpected pleasure.

The half erect penis rubbing on Aya’s cheeks rises up completely and secretes cowper fluid.
Aya who had the transparent liquid painted on her face looks at his erect penis with a blank face.


Looking at the transparent juice released from the tip, Aya and Kanami makes an enchanted face.
The erect penis stared at the classmates who have their breasts exposed, what a pleasing situation. There’s no way to endure in this state.

Stretching his hand, Ran pats Aya and Kanami’s cheeks lewdly.
Touching as if licking their nape with his fingertips, he rubs his palm on their cheek and massage it.
Looking at the two loosening happily from the touch of their beloved, Ran stands on his knee in front of them.

Why did he call Aya and Kanami to the bedroom for today?
And why are they were forced to wear uniform and skirt only?

It’s simple.
It’s because he want to do the two of them in this dress by all means.

Caressing Aya and Kanami’s nape, he raised their chin gentlemanly.
Are they aroused in this situation? Both of them are completely ready. There’s no problem even if you put it in without foreplay, they look lewd.
But first, let’s taste both the bodies a lot from the outside.

「Aya, Kanami. There are things I want you two to do」

After looking at each other, the two show a lovely smile.
Feeling arousal from that expression, Ran sticks out his hand and gently pinch their breasts

「I’d like you two to do double paizuri」

Teasing the nipples with different sizes with his fingertips, Ran’s mouth happily distorts.


「K-Kirishimaa… This is a bit, e-embarrassing…」
「True, this is a bit embarrassing. But, it’s nothing to care about when you get used to it. …It feels a bit ticklish when it hits Mikoshiba though」

Ran sits down on top of the bed and four breasts gathers.
Ran sees Aya on the right side and Kanami’s on the left.
Staring at them like this, the sensation of conquering women rises up. Actually, both of them are Ran’s retainers though.

But, looking at this, both of their breasts are quite amazing, he once again recognize it.

It’s not tanned because it’s wrapped in clothes usually. The difference in their original bare skin, Aya’s breasts are a bit pale tanned than Kanami.
The dear breasts of high school girls that are usually hidden in bra and uniforms, being able to compare them like this.

It’s like a dream. ‘I don’t want to say it like a death flag but, if you reached the happiness of being sandwiched in between my classmate’s bursting breasts, there’s no more regret left in life’, Ran thought

「Aya’s much more tanned」
「Kirishima, do you hate tanned girls…?」
「No, I love both」

Aya’s breast’s color is slightly darker but both of their nipples are colored beautiful pink.
‘I think Kanami’s got a bigger areola’, but when he stroked it with his fingertips, he was glared at.
Maybe she’s worried about it.
There’s no need to worry about it though.

「Is it okay to do it just like before?」
「Right. If you drip your saliva down there I’d be happy as a boy」
「Fufun. Leave it to me」

He had Kanami give him a paizuri once before.
Being sandwiched and stroked in between the huge breasts wet with saliva, is very pleasant.
Furthermore, the charming marshmallows are doubled.
There’s no way it won’t feel good.

「Then, take a proper look」

Kanami tilts her face slightly then drops down saliva from her mouth.
She then wrapped the penis with her lips and swallowed it down inside her mouth.
Halfway from the tip is buried to her mouth, she used her tongue licking it deliciously.
Her obscenely narrowed eyes capture Ran’s face, he’s unable to take his eyes away from hers.

The serious disciplinary girl with a black ponytail’s obscene appearance holding a male genital in her mouth. Witnessing that scene, Aya’s face turned red and she hides her eyes with her fingertips.

「Inugami, you’re making such a lewd face… Furthermore, the sound of your fellatio is so clear」
「Chupu, reroa… Nmuu… Mikoshibna too, you must make Ran feel good」

Changing her face to an obscene one, Kanami winks at Aya lewdly.
Aya felt shivers on her whole body from that gesture.

What an obsceneーslutty face. Only looking at the penis of her beloved. That’s how her expression looks like.
Wondering if she makes that kind of face when licking Ran’s penis, Aya feels a bit embarrassed.

Dripping saliva sloppily, the look of just tasting the penis, seeking it lewdly. Especially Kanami has an external of a serious woman.
In addition to the reliable disciplinary girl getting corrupted by the act, she’s adding the taste of immorality.

「I wonder… Looking at Inugami lick Kirishima’s penis, it makes me feel aroused too」

Rubbing her thighs, Aya’s slit gets moist.
Even though her beloved man is flirting with another woman, for some reason, Aya can’t take her eyes away.
Aya’s not supposed to be lesbian. It’s not that she’s aroused from the act of Kanami itself.

「I also want to make Kirishima feel good…」

That said, there’s only one penis so Aya’s feeling bored as Kanami licks it.
But, Kanami isn’t taking the penis to the root at all.
About the lower halfーand the testicles not touched by anyone are inflating.

「I also want to sandwich Kirishima」
「Nmuoo? Menuni, iieo(That’s fine though)?」

Ran’s penis wet with Kanami’s saliva is being splendidly wrapped in Aya’s prided breasts.
The saliva is being an alternative for lotion, the breasts was able to swallow the penis in between, creating pleasure without any friction.

「U, Uuoa」

The penis swallowed in the soft touch, Ran instinctively grasps the sheet.
The warm oral mucosa wrapping the tip gently. And the root part that’s not been touched by anyone is being wrapped by Aya’s loving breasts.
The girls wrap from the tip to the root without anything remaining. Visually and sensually aroused by the situation. his testicles swell up.

「Fufu, I guess it’s wet enough. Now, Ran. It’s about time for the main dish. Ran’s wish, double paizuriーwas it? Enjoy it to your heart’s content」

While hanging an obscene string of mixed saliva and cowper fluid, Kanami and Aya pressed their breasts against Ran’s penis at the same time.
The soft breast meats magnificently wraps the tip that she was treating just earlier.

「Now then, let’s move」

Kanami’s breasts swing up and down, caressing his penis.
Aya’s marshmallow breasts changes shape to match Kanami’s movement, It’s swallowing up the twitching penis.

Kanami kisses the tip of the penis that comes out when she moves her breasts.
Unable to resist the contact with the lips and different softness of breasts, Ran leaks out cowper fluid. every time.

「Mikoshiba too. Make Ran feel even better」
「More? Err…」

That said, the most sensitive part of a boy is already Kanami’s territory.
Aya responds by using the breasts with saliva swallowing his penis, but compared to the stimulation given by Kanami who’s giving a fellatio, it’s small.

「There are parts where men are also pleased outside the back of the glans… Like, here?」
「Fuku, kuaaaaau! A-Ayaa…there, that feels really good!」

At the edge of his view, Aya’s fingertips grasp the testicles lonely from not being touched.
Because she heard that it’s an important, she adjusts her strength carefully.
Caressing the bag that’s swelling, she gently stimulate it with her fingertips wet with saliva.

Kanami’s beasts on top.
Aya’s breasts near the root.
And the last sanctuaryーthe man’s most important part is being gently teased by Aya’s hand.

「Au, afuu… I-I’m at my limit, I’m cumming」

Kanami and Aya’s saliva mixes, making Ran’s penis wet.
Treating his penis nicely with the women’s saliva and breasts, Ran shakes his body as he’s unable to escape from the pleasure.

All of his testicles, root, and the tip are being dominated by his beloved girls.
Ran gazed at his lower abdomen while making a melting face, the two beautiesーKanami and Aya loosens their cheeks, roaring their nostrils due to arousal.

「Now, Ran. You can smear all of it on our face and on our boobs you know?」
「Kirishima…you don’t need to hold back. Whether in my mouth, my face, or my breasts, Kirishima can splash it all out where he wants」

Given permission to ejaculate, Ran’s endurance collapses completely.
From the testicles Aya’s playing with, the hot torrent runs up towards his penis.
The penis suddenly throbs and an electric current runs through his spine.

「I-I’m cumming!」

The penis warmed by the temperature of the two breasts heats further, it twitched hugely and released something.
The tremendous sense of relief overcomes Ran and a white liquid comes out in the gap between Kanami and Aya’s breasts like spring water.

「Wow, you let out a lot!」
「It’s so thick, what an amazing amount… Fufu, it’s still coming out」

A pure white liquid comes out in the valley of the breasts.
Like he’s being milked out of semen, the breasts massaging his penis doesn’t stop.

「It’s boring if it just accumulates, right? Let me help out」

To press further the ejaculation that finally finished, Kanami puts the tip of the penis that’s wet with white liquid.
Showing off an upturned eyes, she sucks it up like she’s drinking a shake with a straw.

「Ah, aaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooah!?」

Raising a miserable scream, all of the semen remained in his penis were sucked up by Kanami.
Kanami swallows her throat like it’s nothing and she swallows up the thick white liquid easily without making any bitter voice.

Kanami takes out his penis from her mouth, it made a sound.
Licking up the white liquid on her mouth, she closed her eyes satisfied.

「Ran’s semen is very thick」

Her face is too erotic that Ran hugged Kanami’s body without hesitation.
Twinging their feverish gazes, Kanami takes out her obscene tongue and licks Ran’s mouth like sucking it.

Unable to endure the slutty act, Ran licks up Kanami’s tongue and begins a French Kiss.
It was a mouth that just had Ran’s semen just earlier but that doesn’t matter to him.
There’s no way a man would be able to endure a girl who’s breathing roughly wanting for a kiss.

「Fuchuu, rero, reroaa… Haa…Ran’s kiss feels so good I’m going crazy…

Making an enchanted and happy expression, Kanami entrusted her body to Ran.
After ejaculating from the double breast sandwich, Ran feels satisfied from the bottom of his heart. They haven’t done the real sex but Kanami’s already satisfied using her boobs a lot to make Ran ejaculate.

But, there’s one girl who’s dissatisfied with the situation.

「…It’s unfair to focus only on Inugami. She’s been holding your penis on her mouth, she even drank all of the semen」

Speaking her complains, Aya holds Ran’s penis.
Lewdly caressing the penis that’s hanging satisfied, Aya poured in intense energy into the lightened testicles.

「What’s wrong, Ran?」

His embrace to Kanami’s body strengthens, thus she tilted her head in curiosity.
Ran was satisfied and exhausted just earlier but now he’s showing an enduring face for some reason.
Feeling unease from the sudden change in facial expression, Kanami turned her eyes towards Ran’s crotchーher eyes opened wide in surprise and her cheeks blushed.

「Eh, ae, why?」
「It’s unfair to do it with only Inugami. This time, I will make Kirishima feel good」

Aya’s skillーpouring down her infinite mana, it’s literally a physical bestowal magic that exceeds the limit. Despite of it being a simple reinforcement magic, the amount of mana flowed in transcends the category of common sense.

His energy and staminaーof course the semen is completely recovered, as she roll Ran’s testicles in her palm, Aya then put Ran’s penis in her lips.