Chapter 4: Nekoyama Misuzu 1

The plan succeeded.

With Ageha and her happy friends’ surprise attack, Nekoyama Misuzu with her lowered panties fell over.
The original plan was to break in her bed but since Misuzu herself went out to the courtyard for some reason, that saved some time.

「Ah, aah… Kirishima-kun, Kirishima-kyuun~!」
「You’re so sloppy… Your saliva is dripping from under and above」
「Because because, it feels good~ A manーーFurthermore it’s Kirishima-kun, is looking at me while peeing…」

Misuzu’s already under Ran’s Underling Training skill.
Her eyes looks hostile and trembling at first but she’s now a completely obedient cat.
Just a Nekoyama.

Nekoyama Misuzu right now is looking at the sky absentmindedly while having saliva dripping from the edge of her mouth.
It seems that before the Underling Training was done, Misuzu has some desire to expose herself.
That’s why even though she doesn’t understand testing to do it outside but anyway, Misuzu’s happy right now.

「Nekoyama-san. Can I request something?」
「N, Nn… Okay~ Something nya?」
「Nekoyama-san’s Torao Shigenobu’s girlfriend aren’t you?」

When Ran asked it, Nekoyama Misuzu nodded with hollow eyes.
It’s shocking but that’s a top priority.
It need to be clear that she’s someone else’s first before dying her color.

「Did Nekoyama-san see something like this before?」

Slowly speaking up, the belt of Ran’s uniform made some clanking.
Ran took down his trousers and underpants while Misuzu’s still on dreamlike state.
Before Misuzu’s eyes is Ran’s penis who can’t be said to be bigger than the standard.
Misuzu looked at it with a charmed face for a momentーーthen her cheeks blushed and she looked away.


Ran saw all of her fresh reactions.
Misuzu’s not a skillful person so that’s not an act.
It surely is her first time seeing a raw penis of a man.

「Ah, ,auu… uuu……」

Other girls won’t be doing this.
“What’s with that dirty thing?” Or “You’re showing me something strange”, those are the kind of reactions they will show.
The possibility of not reacting is also high.

But Misuzu’s different.
She’s too pure and childish.
At worst, she might be a girl that believes that babies are given as present by Santa Claus.

Misuzu tries to cover her eyes desperately while shaking her head left and right.
That kind of reaction tickles the sadist heart.
It’s also Ran’s first time experience.
I want to see this girl’s innocent reaction reaction first.

「Nekoyama-san. Have you kissed someone before?」

Women that’s on Underling Training can never tell a lie on their master, Ran.
Though it’s an embarrassing for her to not have done kissing in this age, Misuzu can only nod without making a lie

「I see, then you’re the same as me」

Ran crouches in front of Misuzu with his penis still out.
Their eyes matched for a moment but it looked away immediately.
She wants to be stared at more.

「Nekoyama, san」

The cheeks and jaw were caressed by the fingers gently.
While he moves his finger, Misuzu’s lips loosens even though she’s looking away.
Her cheeks and nape are soft.
Just how pleasant it is to touch this squishy lip.

I want to violate this unused mouth with my penis first but let’s endure.
It seems that Misuzu’s not completely fallen for Ran yet.
If it’s done badly, she would bite it and it would be troublesome.

「Loosen yourself…Nekoyama-san, do you know French kiss?」
「……I do」

Misuzu’s body…Her actions are completely going as Ran want.
Ran puts his hand on Misuzu’s shoulder then he strongly drawn it.
The sweet aroma drifts and Misuzu’s cheeks reddened.

Since they’re sticking close to each other, Ran’s penis went under her skirt.
Misuzu should be wearing nothing under her skirt right now.
When he pushed his waist in, Ran’s half-erect penis would be received by something.


Misuzu’s body trembled.
He hugged her body to his chest then Ran rubbed his cheeks against Misuzu’d soft cheeks.
The feelings are transmitted more directly than when he touched it with his hand, his penis reacted.
The half-erect penis stood up while following Misuzu’s crack powerfully then it jumped up inside her skirt.

「Nekoyama-san’s so cute」

Misuzu’s lips was stolen while their body sticks together.
With the softness incomparable to her cheeks, his waist feels shivery and his penis twitched.

He was able to have his first kiss between high school studentsーーFurthermore the partner is Nekoyama Misuzu who’s greatly popular at the class.
The twitching penis presses against Misuzu’s belly while they’re kissing.

「Puha…… Kirishima-kun, it’s hitting me. it’s hitting me」

She has fallen considerably well but it seems that she’s not fallen completely.
What’s lacking?
What needs to be done so Misuzu can be a completely obedient underling of Ran?

Ran got tired of the taste of her soft lips made his tongue slide inside Misuzu’s mouth.

Misuzu trembled.
Ran invaded Misuzu’s tongue while making wet sounds.
It’s different from the fairy-tale kiss that lovers do.
Ran’s tongue stirs the saliva that was collected inside Misuzu’s mouth forcibly.
Misuzu’s tongue twined with Ran’s and a sticky sense stimulates the mouth.


Misuzu’s mouth and Ran’s tongue connects with a thread of light.
Misuzu doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, she’s doing nothing but look at Ran’s face.
Her face is so flushed as if there’s steam rising.

At that time.
『Nekoyama Misuzu’s Underling Level Rose』
Those words surface on his brain.
It’s some line that’s common on a game.
That seems to have been like that.


Her manner of callingーactions, expression of her eyes and even her tone.
Everything now has a charm widely different from a while ago.
In such a state, Nekoyama Misuzu is showing actions that would grab men’s heart.
She’s like this when she’s serious?

「Nekoyama-san. Who’s your most loved person right now? It’s okay just to say the name」
「Ran-kun. Kirishima Ran-kun. My beloved master」

It’s an amazing fall.
Misuzu right now cannot tell a lie because of Underling Training.
In short, Misuzu’s 『Love』has no lies escaping from this situation


When Misuzu saw Ran’s penis, her cheeks blushed cutely.
There’s no sign of hatred or surprise from a while ago.
Seemingly fascinated, Misuzu stares at the penis that’s twitching in front of her.

「Ran-kun’s penis looks like in pain」

Ran clapped in his head unintentionally when her heard how she said it.
Are there still high school girl who call it as male genetalia?
No, that’s not it. This must also be Misuzu.
High school girl would call a man’s important place a penis without hesitation.

Rather than that, he was able to hear Misuzu’s voice saying penis.

「Nekoyama-san. Do you know fellatio?」

Misuzu’s pure in various aspects but it’s expected that she knows at least that much.
It would be easy if she knows it.

「Can you fellate me?」
「Un, okay. I want to lick Ran-kun’s penis」

Ran rolled up the sports shirt and thrust his groin out on Misuzu who’s on her knees.
The rock hard penis is twitching and bathing from Misuzu’s sigh.
Misuzu observed it without rushing then she took out her tongue as if she’s going to lick a sweet candy.

「A, kuu…」

The twitching tip twined with Misuzu’s tongue and it was surrounded with a warm sigh.
Misuzu slowly sends in the penis inside her mouth while looking up at Ran’s face.
The sticky tongue twines around the whole penis and the warm and sticky saliva sticks to Ran’s penis.

A tongue technique you can’t call a first timer.
But this is also Misuzu’s prime.
She’s interested in lewd things so she looked fellatio on the internetー she tried it on a toy when she knew itー there’s no fact with that.

「Y-You’re good, Nekoyama-san… It’s my first time so I don’t know how much a girl of my first time can do」
「あえなえんの、ぬいなあらな(Must be because I like licking candy)?」1

Speaking of which, Misuzu licks candies well.
If someone gives her one, she likes to answer by rolling it inside her mouth.
Thinking about it now, that was very lewd.

「You like licking?」
「ぬい(Yes). ぬいなおののののな(To make the guy I like), わなにのねにもによぬなっ(Feel good with me)…」
「Sorry, stop speaking. That’s dangerous…」

I want to ejaculate inside Misuzu’s mouth.
That’s of course but I want to enjoy this warmth a bit more.

「You can let out the saliva that’s stuck in your mouth…」

Though it’s never violent, Misuzu’s fellatio isn’t sloppy.
Being considerate of her partner, it seems that her sincere character was mixed in.

The warm tongue attacks the frenulum and her brown eyes sends a hot glance towards Ran without rest.
The pure and innocent classmate doing this sends a conquest feeling.
With her mouth technique of wrapping it up with her saliva and tongue carefully made Ran reach his limit gradually.

「Ah, ha… Nekoyama-san, I-I’m alreadyー」

While Misuzu’s tongue licks the frenulim, the penis is wrapped by the mucous membrane of the mouth well.
Surrendering to the pleasure running up, a pure white torrent bursts inside Misuzu’s mouth.

「N, Nnnn!?」
「Ah, Nekoyama-san. …Don’t stop, I’m letting it out, suck it all」

I placed my hand on Misuzu’s head and didn’t let it go.
Chirori, the cloudy liquid is spilling out of Misuzu’s lips.
In spite that this is Misuzu’s first time taking in semen, her hands and tongue properly caught the semen let out.

After Ran confirmed that he let out everything, he slowly pulled out his penis from Misuzu’s mouth.
The penis that’s wet with Misuzu’s saliva has become a bit swollen.

The string of saliva that’s connected to the tip of my penis and Misuzu’s mouth is cut and I gently pat Misuzu’s head who’s not opening her mouth yet.

「S-Show me the inside of your mouth…」
「…… N, ah…」

Misuzu opened her mouth.
The tongue is filled with the mixture of saliva and semen, it colored the mucous membrane and I felt a new feeling of conquest obtained again.

「Can you swallow it?」
「ん、まませね(Leave it to me)」

Gokun…Misuzu’s throat swallowed.
She didn’t show any behavior of hating it, she drank the white liquid Ran let out without any hesitation.
She licked her mouth then she opened her mouth satisfied.
Of course, there’s no semen left.

「How was it…?」
「Nekoyama-san’s fellatio feels So good」

Misuzu caressed her pained throat.
When I caressed the area of her cheeks and nape gently, she closed her eyes feeling good.
The peaceful atmosphere made it forgot that it was an ability that’s kind of a hypnosis or training.
It’s an illusion as if I’m really going out with Misuzu.

「Are you satisfied already?」
「No, can I have you do one more thing?」

It’s a waste to end it with just a fellatio.
Kirishima Ran will completely steal Nekoyama Misuzu’s body and soul.

The wind goes on the penis damp with saliva and the arousal rises again.
That said, Ran’s body is only a normal high school boy.
Even if you say that he’s getting aroused by the obedient classmate, his penis won’t be able to stand up again and again.

With that said, Ran was fascinated by the skill that suspends overhead of Misuzu.
The name of the skill that’s floating overhead her isー.
『Reinforced Recovery(Schwarz Energy)』
It’s a kind of recovery Magic.
It seems to be able to use magic to recover physical wounds, energy, vitality, and motivation.

Fumu, vitality.
The particulars of the ability is unknown but it can be roughly imagined.
Misuzu’s originally the class moodmakerーー Mainly with men butーso you can say that she’s able to restore motivation and vitality.

「Nekoyama-san, can you use magic?」
「Err… If it’s the magic given by the skill then I can use it immediately」
「The given magic?」
「Everybody would be receiving a training in combat and magic from the kingdom for a short while. My aptitude is magic so I was taught a lot of various magics」

I see, the royal palace’s training?
It seems that I won’t be meeting my classmates even if I live in the courtyard for a while.

「Can Nekoyama-san use the skillー reinforced recovery right now?」
「I can, should we try it?」

Misuzu will happily use the skill she was given towards Ran.
It’s called showing her own special skill to the boy she likes.
It’s filled with heart and power naturally.

「Where should I use it? Is Ran-kun injured anywhere nya?」
「Yeah, use it here」

Ran’s penis that was just used a while ago and now limp is in front of Misuzu’s eyes.
Misuzu looked away for a moment but she has becan to pat the penis timidly.

Ran instinctively pulled his waist back from the ticklish feeling.
There’s a sense of power filling the penis deep.
She’s not just touching it.
The lost energy and vitality is being recovered from the part where Misuzu is touching.

After a few seconds, it’s rock hard again.
It’s in a too excited condition as if it had saved up for a week, transparent liquid is dripping from the tip.
When Misuzu caught a glimpse of it, she licked it deliciously.

Ran’s desire explodes from the act and touch.
He gripped Misuzu’s ankle and throw her body down.
Misuzu looks at Ran surprised but she’s not showing any signs of resistance at all.

The sailor uniform that was arranged by the school was rolled up and a beautiful navel was worshipped.
The chest area was rolled up after and her modest and magnificent breasts that has no milk but, it was wrapped in a light blue underwear


  1. The untranslated line is just a fellatio text of the one on the parenthesis, no need to tell me that I didn’t translate that