Chapter 37 : Saki


ーKon kon

An hour past the saint’s sleeping time.
Saki’s eyes are shining brightly inside the futon as she spend the sleepless night.
Because of that, Saki quickly noticed that someone was knocking the door from the outside.

「…I wonder who is it this late」

Raising her body from the bed, Saki puffs her cheeks.
Isn’t it rude for someone to visit a maiden’s room at such a time?

If Saki was sleeping and is already in the dream world. Perhaps, she won’t notice that sound.
‘Should I pretend to not notice it?’

Trying to activate her brain that’s drowsy and languid, Saki yawned lightly and looked at the top of the table.
On top of the table is the underwear ordered from the maid the other day folded down.
She just bought daily necessities just the other day so it’s not a visit related to that but.

Saki who’s drowsiness and excitement are high makes such slightly strange delusion.

「…I don’t think that’s the case but could it be that Shigechi came for a night crawl?」

Her heart jumps up and her mouth loosened unintentionally.
Torao who got frustrated by the closed environment might’ve come to play with Saki’s body.
After opening the door, Torao Shigenobu looks at her breathing roughly and blushing like a beast, showing a lustful eyes.

‘No, no way no way, there’s no way that would happen.’
They’ve been in the same building until now and yet Torao Shigenobu never came to visit Saki’s room.

Torao’s a man, he might imagine himself being consoled by a female classmate but there’s no need to bother visiting Saki’s room.
‘Or rather, just what am I imagining?’
‘Torao comforting himself’
Sitting on the bedーlowering his pants while thinking of someone, then gently wrapping his important part with his handー

「ーWait, what am I thinking!」

Imagining the appearance of her classmate who’s holding his voice down as he leaks a glossy breath, Saki returned to her senses.
She’s not aroused by the thought of a masturbating boy but Saki’s also a girl, she can’t help but be interested in the embarrassing appearance of her beloved.

「It looks like I’m the one who’s in anguish than Shigechi. I haven’t ran all that much lately, could it be that I’m accumulating stress?」

Saki’s life rhythm has changed considerably since she started living as a saint.
For example, she can’t do her daily jogging before dinner, the bliss eating junk food while watching variety programs were put on hold.

Swinging wooden swords while being monitored doesn’t eliminate stress but rather accumulates some of it.
Recently she just burst out her anger towards Misuzu to Kanami, it looks endless now that she thinks about it
If she felt a bit more refreshed by then, Saki would’ve been able to live peacefully

ーKon Kon

Falling to self-hatred and leaking out a sigh, the door was knocked again.
If she ignores it now, it’ll only turn to another unneeded worry.
If that person knocks so much then they must have some business with Saki.

「Okay, wait a moment!」

After lightly straightening the bed, she fixes her shorts falling down, then Saki walks in the carpet.
After opening the lock from the inside, she put her hand on the doorknob.

「Who is it at this kind of timeーwait!?」

The one coming into her sight should be a blonde senior emplooyee.
But, at the moment she opens the door, the senior employee pushed in and Saki’s body moved backwards slowly.
Unable to make a scream from the sudden act, her body that started falling is embraced by the senior employee, Saki’s thoughts came to a stop completely

「Eh, what? What’s goingー」
「………………would you?」

At the moment his words reached her ears, some of the emotions inside Saki’s brain have disappeared.

Losing something, like a cold black hole empties her mind. But, it felt that something’s filling the hole, dominating Saki’s chest, bit by bit, her thoughts begin to move.

Her supposedly warmed heart turned cool in a moment, something warm grasps her heart.
The sensation spreads gently throughout the body and it’s far from pleasant but it’s not uncomfortable.

‘But I wonder why’ Even though she’s embraced by a stranger, Saki doesn’t feel any hate or dislike at all.
However, before feeling the sense of incompatibility, the senior employee takes the initiative.

「…This looks soft, a sweet smelling lips」
「Ah, ea…what? Wait, stop, nn, nuu, ufuu…」

Caressing her lips without any rush, the senior employee then robbed her of her lips.
She could’ve given her first kiss to the same sex during kindergarten as a play but a girl’s lips are more expensive and valuable than anything else.
Normally, he should refuse to have it be stolen by such a stranger.

Unfortunately, the plan of the senior employee’s been completed.
At the moment she noticed that they exchanged a light kissーshe was being violated by a sweet melting tongue inside her mouth.

「Chuu, chuku… Pue, puea… U, uuー!」

Releasing their lips, a thread of light connects the mouths of the senior employee and Saki’s.
Feeling absent minded with her first ever French kiss, Saki stepped out of the daze and shook her head.

「…What was that?」

Her face unintentionally melts from the pleasure that doesn’t let her say it’s pleasant or comfortable.
Her heartbeat that should be calm begins to beat sweetly, the temperature of her heart that’s supposed to be warm became rampaging hot in her chest.
Saki’s mouth moved without permission in the whirlpool of emotions.
That’s rightーthe most appropriate words Saki could express right now from the waves of emotion that’s surging is let out from her mouth

「…I might like this」

This heartbeat, this feeling, this temperature. Saki’s whole body is screaming that it loves the man in front of her.
But why? Though she likes it so much, there’s no weight in the feeling.
A strange feeling of incompatibility she can’t put to words, like her love being buried, replaced by something.
BUt, that’s also being drowned out from Saki’s consciousness as a trivial event.

「I want to kiss more」

It’s unbearably pleasant for her to kiss the man in her sight.
Her heart beats faster when they embrace each other, the parts that touch the body is so unbearably hot.

Unable to resist the desire for his lips, Saki tastes the lip of the senior employee to her heart’s content.


Getting drunk from the kisses of Saki who turned to a kissing monster, the Senior Employee RyanーKirishima Ran’s nasal breathing turned as he look at the appearance of his classmate closing her eyes, kissing him feverishly.

Of course the kisses feel pleasant too.
The girl who’s a life sized embodiment of high school girl has forgotten herself and just seek Ran’s lips.
That alone is very arousing.

Above all, the woman is Shirayuki Saki.
The sprinter of the track and field, a popular girl in the class with her cheerful smile and friendly behavior.
The bare tanned skin exposed creates a degree of lewdness to it, he’s embracing the girl in front of him with the thought that she’s a healthy and cheerful girl.

The limbs trained in the field are muscular yet soft, it’s a refreshing feeling.
Her breasts are on the thin side and her stomach and waist circumference is somewhat narrow, an overall slender physique but that doesn’t mean she has no charm as a woman.

「Furthermore, her thighs, I’m touching her thighs, uhyaaa!」

For some reason, Saki’s wearing gym clothing right now.
There’s no gym clothing in this world. It’s a school designated gym clothing that’s purchased before entering the school.
The touch is almost the same as for the high school buys but the physical feeling of the wrapped body by the gym wear is completely different from a male student.

Because she’s sleeping, she’s not wearing a bra, there’s a modest protrusion on her chest, the sweat peeking out from the collarbone and neck of hers is very obscene.

Then a natural beauty (That’s obvious) that never aims to excite men’s hearts
Rather, that what pushes Ran’s arousal.

「N, nfu, nfua…」 Kissing feels good. It’s soft, sweet, might be the bestー」

Then the person herself pushes her lips to Ran, wanting it innocently.
Flushed cheeks, leaking out sweet breaths, her nasal breathing turns rough.

While facing Saki who’s face is melting happily, Ran’s penis in his pants rises up painfully.
Of course, there’s sexual curiosity on the thighs wrapped in gym clothing but, rather than that.
‘I never thought that Shirayuki Saki would be this much dere’

No, it’s different from being dere. It’s like she’s being swallowed by the pleasure.
At any rate, as Ran sees it, there’s not much difference on a girl with a melting face wanting ran and someone who’s feelings are boiling in her chest.

「Though this is only after using my skill, Shirayuki-san’s quite cute」

Of course, it includes their cute appearance.
Demanding for sweet kisses, a childhood friend-like classmate who’s rubbing her cheeks with hisーwhat a charming schoolgirl.

「As expected, these thighs are lewd… Furthermore, it’s bare legs」

The legs peepiing out of her blue shorts baked by sun is very attractive.
Then, her thighs, knee, calfーa beautifully extended figure. The smooth skin and the slight sweat coming out of it, just staring at it makes hearts beat faster.

Normally, he’d just end up flirting and have sexーand make Shirayuki Saki fall as a complete retainer.
‘However, there’s something I’d like to do by all means tonight’
Burning the image of the skin peeking from her shorts to his memory, Ran brings his mouth to Saki’s ear.

「I like you, Shirayuki-san」

Whispering sweet love, Ran threw down the blonde wig.
Ran licks Saki’s earlobe while still wearing his glasses.
After enjoying the sweet scream leaked from having her ears bitten, he put his hands on Saki’s shoulder and face her.
Saki averts her eyes away for a moment showing an unsettling look but immediately returned her gaze back to Ran.

「…What, it’s Kirishima-kun」

Saki who has fallen to the second stage tilts her head while showing a gentle expression.
But, her gaze shows unrest for some reason.
It’s not pure like Misuzu.
It’s not painted with lust like Aya.

「Your eyes looks just like Kanami」
「Oh… Kirishima-kun seduced Kana-chan?」

The skill name’s suspended over his head is hidden.
However, Saki’s a girl who take the initiative speaking out to her classmates that don’t stand out that much.
Unfortunately, Ran never spent daily conversation with her, but anyway.
She remembered the doubt on the low profile school boy clearly.

Therefore, Saki was able to expose Ran’s true identity, he used his skill and gave her a French kiss.
Even Kanami who’s enraged as Ran was playing with a classmate’s heart, has completely lost resistance when she fell on the second stage.
He thought that he can do as he like with Saki’s body if he does the same.

「As expected, there are subtle differences on individuals. I don’t know what triggered it though」

Misuzu took it relatively easy, Kanami kept glaring until her complete fall. Sayaka is a different idea so put her asideーAya’s easily captivated by pleasure so it’s quite easy.
But Saki won’t go on Misuzu and Aya’s road.
‘Well, in a situation where she can’t shout or push me away, it’s already good that I can hold her heart to a certain degree’

「Could it be that Kirishima-kun’s the cause of Misuzun and Kana-chan becoming strange?」
「Well, it’ll be exposed someday so I’ll tell you honestly. …the one who made Misuzu and Kanami fall is no one but me」

Apart from ordering Misuzu to not be involved with the boys, was there something with Kanami too?
‘Speaking of which, Kanami said that she’s worrying about something the other day’
Certainly, Saki is on the same group as Misuzu and Kanamiーfor Ran who can’t grasp the hierarchy within the class, he doesn’t remember who goes along with who butーit looks like it’s the same.

He remembers Niigaki calling her with her first name, probably she belongs to the same group of girls.
It’s not strange if they notice the slight changes from making contact each day.

「Making not only Misuzun who’s popular with boys but also Kana-chan to fall, Kirishima-kun, you look so docile and yet you’re quite carnivorousー」
「Thanks for the praise. …Since we’re revealing it, there are other girls I laid my hands on besides the two」

Shrugging his shoulders making a theatrical pose, Saki shows a surprised expression then dropped her gaze down for a moment.
Beyond the line of sight is a serious scene but the shadow of his trousers had risen steadily without declining.

「A-Are you making women wait this much? Kirishima-kun, could it be that you have a weird fetish of just decorating girls and staring at them?」
「No way As Shirayuki-san imagines, I’ll planning to properly express my love like a high school student」
「Still not satisfied even though you’re surrounded by a harem, what an amazing peerless. To be honest I’m amazed」

Despite aiming at Saki’s eyes, Ran’s pressing his swollen thing against Saki’s thighs.
Though she pretends to be calm, Saki’s also a high school girl.
On an opposite sexーa boy who she feels love because of Retainer training, her concentration and reason will collapse.
With her cheek dyed red, Saki’s mouth started loosening.
Apparently, being pushed by Ran’s penis makes her slightly aroused.

「Or rather, don’t grind it so much. It’s making me embarrassed!」

Trying to hide her arousal, Saki shakes her waist around.
If a boy she usually doesn’t think about pushes his crotch then she’d feel disgust before shame.
Ran and Saki aren’t in a relationship where they’d joke about it.

Nothing’s happeningーif it was done in the classroom in the former world, he would’ve probably been pushed away, she screams and stares at him like he’s a garbage.
Even by mistake, there’s no way the word embarrassed would come out.

「Is there any human in the world who can hold down love with logic?」

It’s different from filthy lust. Lustーif you decorate it with beautiful words then it’s love, affection.
I love the person in front of me dearlyーcould you able to reason out those feelings?
Maybe it’s possible.
In fact, those who were broken hearted transforms into stalkers.
Cutting off their thoughts and confining the love with reason isn’t impossible.

But, if you know the other party will accept.
Even if you throw such explosive emotion directly in front, you won’t be rejected, then. What would happen?
Saki definitely is conscious that the feelings she hold for Ran is a lie.
Saki repeatedly understands that the sweet desire is actually containing poison.

He holds Saki’s cheeks with his hand and brought her face on zero distance.
It’s a distance where breaths hit each other yet Saki’s not looking away.
No, she can’t avert her eyes.
The person who makes her heartbeat go so fast is so close.
She can’t help but lookー

「Shirayuki-sanーNo, Saki. I like you」
「T-That’s how you seduced Misuzun and Kana-chan? I-I won’t be fooled」

Though she’s speaking rejection, Saki’s eyes are still looking at Ran.
She knows it inside her head.
The charming person in front of him is different from the school boy she fell in love with originally.
It’s different from the one she loves, and the one she’s been staring throughout her school life.

But, the feverish sensation she never felt before, is swirling in Saki’s heart.
Her breathing and heartbeat becomes rough, and her face becomes hotter.
It’s cruel for the high school student with poor love experience to misunderstand this as a heartfelt love.

Brushing her beautiful short black hair with her hand, caressing her forehead and saying ‘there, there’
Saki twitches and trembles from the teasing caress, Ran puts his finger under her chin.

Making his fingertips dance and kissing her lips with his.
She has almost fallen already.
There’s no refusal or hesitation seen from this kiss.
As if sucking Ran’s lips gently, Saki leaks out a sweet moist sigh from her mouth.

「…Could you make me happy?」

Ran smiles back from the confirming question.
Holding her hand lovingly, twinging their fingersーsliding body to feel the temperature.
After tasting Saki’s lips once againー
Ran pushed down Saki’s body to cover her.