Chapter 38 : Shirayuki Saki


Staring at Saki who’s blushing charmingly and looking at him with moist eyes, Ran put his hand on her waist and roll up her gym clothing.
Caressing her stomach that shows some abdominal muscles, he puts light kisses on the side of her flat yet smooth breasts.

Saki didn’t resist.
Rather, as if she’s drunk from the devoted caress, she lets out a sweet voice to match Ran’s contact.
It’s unknown if it’s just acting but it arouses Ran even more.

Of course, Ran’s also an adolescent boy. He likes girls who are interested in lewd things and are easy to feel aroused.
However, for Saki, Ran’s caress just feels too good that her voice leaks out.
Anyway, if Saki wasn’t interested then she shouldn’t bother to release a sweet voice to arouse a boy.

「Ha, fua… K-Kirishima-kuun!」

She must be aroused in this situation.
Saki leaks out an indecent voice, wanting her beloved man to feel pleasant.
It’s different from fiddling a developed body of a woman.
Showing an waiting behavior, she leaks out a lovely voice while looking at Ran’s face.

「Nn, Nnnー!」

When he pinched the bud that’s sticking out of her gentle breasts with his fingerip, Saki stretched out her body, leaking an enduring voice.
Saki pretends that she’s feeling it to please her beloved partner.
Ran involuntarily shakes his waist from the adorable act.

「Shit, so cute…!」

Ran had sex countless times but it was his first time experiencing this.
The classmate leaks a seductive voice with her cheeks dyed red when he stroke her chest, rub her waist.
As if they were going out all this time but today’s the first experienceーa strange freshness is felt.

Although he embraces his partners with much interest until now, Ran mildly regrets going casual until now.
Through his school life, even when there was a lot of cute girls during class shuffle, the eyes were only glued on Misuzu.
Meanwhile, he overlooked such a cute creature.


When he thinks about it, his desire to do it rises up immediately.
He’s going to violate that cute classmate right now!
Furthermore, she’s wearing a gym clothing that stands out in her attractive body.

「As expected, you were wearing gym uniform under the school clothing」
「Yeah. There’s track and field practice every morning so I wear it everydayー」

Ran rubs his crotch on her knee that’s tanned by the sun.
Throwing off the trousers and underwear from the provocative act, Ran covers Saki’s body instantly.

A lovely face shows at a sigh distance, he instinctively rob away Saki’s lips.
With their lips overlapping, Ran rubs against Saki’s body.
Caressed by the moderately muscular skin, Ran’s body twitched.
Saki looks at Ran happily loosening her mouth, she then pinched Ran’s penis with her thighs and rubbed it.

「Eheheー I found Kiririn’s weakness」

Embracing Ran’s body to not let him escape, Saki licks up his mouth.
Pushing Ran’s waist for pleasure in a moment, Saki skillfully used her legs and wrapped Ran’s penis on her thick thighs once again.
The dazzling skin color peeks from her blue shorts holds Ran’s penis.

He just had Sayaka’s thighs the other day but at that time, it had different feeling.
The trained legs don’t have any excess fat, it’s thin and firm for a high school girl’s thigh.
However, it’s not a stiff and rugged like of a man, it has a girlish fat and exquisite feeling of muscles so it’s truly pleasurable.

「Fuea, ah, auu, afuu…」
「Yada~ Kiririn, does this feel that good?」

Rubbing the penis in her thighs, Saki shows a triumphant smile.
Who was it who first said that she’s an idol childhood friend type in the class?
Ran wants to praise that person from the bottom of his heart.

It’s not a sadistic tendency or hobby.
Saki just feels happiness having her beloved partner feel good with her caress.
Maybe this girl will try to make you feel good during sex.
She’ll pant cutely as Ran wants to please him.

「You’ve been absentminded since a while ago, what are you thinking about?」

Saki puffs her cheeks in displeasure, holds his face then makes her face reflect into his vision.

「N-No, it’s nothing, hau! Saki’s thighs feel too good」
「Hmm. Are you really not thinking about Misuzun or Kana-chan?」
「I’m not!」

What Saki said is wrong.
He can’t think of anyone but Saki right now.

「Then, take a look at me properly」

Caressing his cheeks, she made their foreheads stick.
On a breathing distanceーFeeling Saki in front of him, his heartbeat suddenly goes up.

「Don’t avert your eyes」
「ーU, hyaa!」

She strengthens the sandwiching of his penis and accelerates her stroking too.
The penis sandwiched between the thighs of a sweaty track and field girl, rubbing it casually.

In his field of view, Saki’s faceーSaki’s eyes.
If he breathes, he can smell Saki’s fragrance.
The mixed body temperature and the sweat are all Saki’s.
The synchronized pulse and the sound of the chest beating and the lively colored flesh, are all Saki’s.
Ran is being wrapped in Saki’s whole body right now.

「ーah, ea, uu!」
「Nn, ooh, Ooh… Somehow, my thighs feel warmer」

Ran’s waist twitch as he stare at Saki’s eyes.
The testicles wrapped in his scrotum swell up and his penis twitched inside her thighs.

Wrapped in Saki’s legs tightly, the white lust liquid overflows from Ran’s penis.
The sticky and thick semen paints Saki’s thighs, the cloudy liquid drops from inside the edge of her shorts.

「Hmm. So men make that face when they cum」

Saki smiles as she wipe her thighs with the rag that’s on the floor.
Poking ran’s nose at zero distance, her mouth draws an arc.

「That was cute. Kirin’s face when he’s cumming」

Feeling Saki in front of him, Ran stares at her as he breathes roughly.
Wrapped with the scent of woman’s sweat and soap, Ran reached climax.
Ran seems to have his nose bleed from the rich smell spreading to his nose, he then hold down Saki’s arms roughly.

Shaken by the sudden taction, Saki looks at Ran with a blank face.
But, in this situation. As expected even Saki can somehow know what Ran wants.

Squeezing his throat, he loosened the grip on her arms.
Staring at Ran with inviting eyes, she exhaled filled with expectations and closed her eyes.

「It’s okay…. …Do it」

In response to Saki’s words, Ran put his hand on her shorts.
When he took the semen stained shorts to her ankle, a light blue leg shorts appear.
With it as a select underwear for a girl on track and field, he put his fingers on the edge and slid it downwards.

A fair abdomen compared to the other parts is exposed and Saki’s maiden part is exposed before Ran’s eyes.
The beautifully swelling slit has a growing thick black wheat that can’t be imagined from her innocent gaze.
Ran buries his face into the secret maiden part that drifts steam.

It must be because she just came from bath. The fragrance of the soap mixed with the smell is indescribable.
Saki’s slit is moist.
Ran can also understand that this isn’t mostly due to the sweat.

When he stroke it with his hand, his fingertips will get wet.
It’s thanks to Retainer training, her body seems to be more sensitive than usual.


Ran put his hand on Saki’s chest as he play with the bristled pussy.
Pushing his hand on her gym uniform where her name and school year is written, he makes it crawl on her chest showing no signs of swelling.
He rolls up the gym clothing bit by bit but never taking it off.
A pink bud swelling on her bare skin.
She’s indeed a high school girl. Caressing it, there are signs of it swelling even slightly.

「I’m taking off my shorts so move for a whileー」
「Don’t take it off」

Pushing down Saki’s thighs with his elbow, he shows Saki a serious face.
He wants to see Saki not wearing anything but.
It would be meaningless if she’s naked when there’s a chance to violate her wearing a school gym clothing.
It’s like how maid uniforms and school uniforms shouldn’t be taken off.
It’s not that it’s banned or something but;

Saki who’s looking confused as she’s shown a quite serious face, is able to guess it somehow and her cheeks loosened.

「Hee… Kiririn, you like that type?」
「Don’t you think it’s arousing to do it on clothing you’re used to seeing?」

Is she trying to understand her beloved? Saki puts her fingers on her temple.

「Kiririn, are you the type that gets aroused watching school swimsuits and such?」
「It’s impossible if it’s only the close, but I think that it’s better than plain clothes」

However, he has never had sex with a girl in casual clothing so it’s merely a pretension.
However, it’s true that he’s quite inclined towards on just sailor uniform, or blazers, or mini-skirt high school girl.

「That’s sinful. I’m a girl so I don’t know what’s good with cosplay」
「It’s different from cosplay though」

There’s no intention to hold into uniforms after graduating from high school.
However, it would be arousing to see her in uniform after graduating high school surely.
Since he became incomprehensible, Ran decided to concentrate what’s in front of him.

The rolled down shorts were pulled back up and the shirt rolled up to her neck is rolled down.
Because of the conversation made earlier, Saki’s drawing an arc with her mouth with a somewhat relieved expression.

「What’s wrong?」

The triumphantーrather, her proud face is very lovely.
Her head must be thinking「Though he took it off, he put it back on, Kiririn no hentai」

That thought made him even more aroused.
Though he doesn’t have a hobby of being insulted, a female classmate calling him「pervert」happily is quite a spectacle.

「ーAh, uun」

Thrusting his hand on his navel and crawling it up to her chest, it’s truly erotic.
Furthermore, in her gym clothing. The place Ran’s hand enters in swell up and creates a shade.
Moving it around, the feeling of being sandwiched in between Saki’s bare skin and the peculiar feeling of the gym clothes is pleasant.

「Fueea, fuaaan!」

Pinching the standing nipples, Saki’s mouth leaked out a voice different from what’s heard until now.
Saki covers her mouth in panic, her cheeks flushed and she closed her eyes in embarrassment.
It’s probably from the fear of being found out that her voice earlier was an act and the surprise from letting out a bigger voice than imagined.
What a cute noe.

「Do you like this?」
「――! nhyu, fuee!!?」

When he pinches her stiff nipple, Saki gasps happily with a high voice.
While desperately hiding her mouth with her hand, she twists her body to escape pleasure.
To seal it off, Ran covers on top of Saki’s body making sure he doesn’t put on weight.

「Even though you can just let it out without holding back」
「N-No way, that’s embarrassingーNhyaaaauaaa!? Henyaaaaaan!」

Unable to hold with only one hand, he used the other hand painted in Saki’s love nectar to twist her nipple.
Saki’s breasts aren’t s big that you can massage them both together, it’s inevitable that the bud would be attacked.
But still, what a lewd response.
Even though she can feign an act just to please Ran, when her real voice came out she desperately hides her face.

Looking at Saki who’s hiding her mouth desperately twisting her body can’t endure it any longer.
Stroking the erect penis that just ejaculated earlier, he pressed it against Saki’s slit.
A soft welcoming touch. The insertion didn’t have any repulsion as if representing Saki’s personality of compromising and accepting everyone.
As he insert his penis, Ran’s waist tremble in pleasure.

「Uoo…the deep is very tight」

Lifting her her legs caught in the shorts, Saki’s crotch is spread out.
While embracing the convulsing legs matching the movement f the waist, her toe stretched and he rubbed it on his cheeks.
The smooth skin rubbing his cheeks, is pleasant.

「Hyaaan! T-That’s! Don’t move so strongly!」

Licking the fingertips with the scent of soap drifting from it, Ran swings his waist to Saki’s crotch.
The tightened ass pushed against the bed is truly obscene.
Holding the struggling legs into his chest, he looks down on Saki’s face breathing roughly.

Saki who’s weakening due to the pleasure, drops her arms like a doll while having tears on the corner of her eye.
However, her gaze is fixed no Ran and her whole body convulses as he swings his waist.
When he licks her fingertips she trembles and close her eyes, when caressing her muscular stomach, she makes an adorable scream.

Since her legs are raging in his chest, Ran let go of Saki’s thigh.
He then caressed her butt and waist, then reached out to her stomach.
It’s a bit stiff for a woman’s stomach but the soft and freshness can be felt with the fingertips.
Saki herself seems to like her stomach being stroked so she shows a happy and ticklish face.

「Does boys, nn, like women with abs?」
「Well, somewhat」
「I’m glad」

A shy laugh.
That face was too cute that Ran let himself act on instinct.

「Hya, Kiririn?!」

He pushed Saki’s legs wearing shorts to his body.
Bending Saki’s body as if making a flexible exercise, he forced to shorten his distance with her.

「Saki, so cute. You’re so cute!」
「Nn! G-Geez. Kiririn, you’re too greedy!」

Saki who’s a sprinter is quite proud about her body being soft.
Sometimes, in gym, she can glue her chest and thighs together.

「Y-You can open my legs if you take off the gym clothes though?」
「Nope, never」

Biting to her shorts, Ran stares at Saki’s face breathing roughly.
Saki’s cheeks loosens while she look at her gym clothing wet with saliva.

Just how much lust Ran holds to school designated gym clothing?
A girl like Saki can’t understand it at all.
However, if that’s what the boy prefers, then Saki won’t deny or insult it.
It’s impossible to understand the taste of the opposite sex a hundred percent.

However, you can compromise.
Saki has interacted with a lot of hobbies that girls won’t be able to believe.

Of course, it’s the same for girls too.
Fujiyooshi Yuri and Otomezaki Emi’s hobby is something Saki who had lived a very normal middle school life can’t understand.
When they talk about why they like it, their thoughts were able to reach her somehow.

Whether it’s sexual preference or hobby categories, it’s similar in the end.
If you can make compromises, then you’ll definitely be able to approaoch.
Even if you can’t like the same things in the same way, you can understand why the person likes it.

Saki herself doesn’t feel aroused about classmates wearing gym uniform.
Butー. Her beloved is aroused ono Saki’s gym uniformーshe doesn’t feel disgusted from it.
Since she judged that she can’t understand, then her vision is narrowedーSaki thought.

「S-Saki… I’m about to reach my limit」

Ran looks at Saki’s face while drooling out.
Saki’s stomach feels tightening due to his pleased expression.

What a lovely expression.
Although the means weren’t praised, Kirishima Ran is desperately stacking up words to deliver utmost love.
Then he’s making such a happy face as he’s connected with Saki.

「Nnn…go ono. You can let out as much as you want」
「Ah, Au, haaau!?」

The insides of her vagina tightens, Ran unconsciously stretched his toes.
The semen wring out from the testicles by Saki’s wriggling vaginal walls. Ran’s penis happily screams while being softly intertwined, releasing a lot of semen into Saki’s body.

「Nn, Naa?! Funyaaaaaaaaaa!?」

The hot semen is poured into the deepest part and Saki’s stomach twitches from it.
Along with the feeling of her womb becoming numb from the aching feeling of her beloved, tremendous pleasure swallowed Saki’s whole body.
Saki screams unconsciously to the stimulation like electricity.

Her body jumped squirting love nectar. Her waist falls down and she drooled from the edge of her mouth without thinking in reaction.
Showing a miserable face she definitely don’t want to show to a boy she loved, Saki lost power and fainted.


ーSomeone’s patting my head.

Saki who woke up first felt someone’s body temperature stroking her forehead with a gentle hand.
Nursing, loving, passionately. Someone’s touching Saki’s short hair and combing it gently.
Feeling unbearably comfortable from it , Saki happily shut her eyes.

「…Fufu, that tickles」
「I’m glad. You’re awake」

When she opens her eyes, it met with a boy looking at her worriedly.
Though he tends to have a gloomy look due to his long bangs, he’s actually a charming boy, Saki knows that.

Saki doesn’t like classmates who don’t have hobby or is very languid but.
Saki knows that he’s actually a very kind and caring boy.
This boy kept watching over Saki until she woke up.

「What happened to me?」
「You were tired that you fell asleep. Sorry, I’ve been so rough, I didn’t even think about Saki

Got tired and fell asleep.
No, actually, she wasn’t able to endure her climax she never experienced before that she fainted.
But the boy hid the fact in consideration of her.
It’s clumsy but his warm feelings were conveyed properly.

「It’s fine to be rough. Besides, you see. …Well, right. That, earlier…I-It felt good」

Remembering the act before she fainted, Saki tells her pure feelings to her beloved.
Saki’s words surprised the boy in front of her and his cheeks dyed red.

「I-I see. If Saki’s pleased then that makes me happy」
「Thanks, I love you」

Saki hugs the body of the boy with all her love.
In response to her embrace, the boy also firmly wrapped her body tightly.

Shirayuki Saki who reached the third stage has her thoughts filled with Kirishima Ran.