Chapter 9 : The swordsman who received Fate


Recently, Misuzu’s a bit strange.

Misuzu who received a package procured by the imperial knight secretly went to her room while looking around.
Inugami Kanami who saw it from the gap of the door tilts her head.

What did Misuzu buy that much?
The whole class recently just bought essentials such as underwear.
If it’s something she needs then it’s good but, it’s suspicious.

「…And the knight just now was a man」

Normally, when girls has to make an additional purchase, they ask the female knights to shop.
Even if it’s not something to wear, they’re usually cautious.
And yet, why would she purposely ask a male knight to shop?

That’s not all.
Apparently, Misuzu’s been going out somewhere these past few days.

Kanami has noticed it around five days ago.
When Kanami suddenly felt the need to pee, she headed to the restroom prepared for women on the innermost part of the building.
When she finished releasing the bad fluid, she had a conversation with Misuzu while walking on the corridor satisfied.
It feels like she’s skipping.

Kanami is still a disciplinary committee member.
She asked Misuzu what she’s doing at such a time.

Then Misuzu answered「I can’t sleep so I took a walk」
Then, Kanami was watching the figure of Misuzu escaping the girl’s room afterwards through the window of her room.

Though she returned after an hour or two, Misuzu was strangely coquettish for some reason.
Kanami who’s the same sex understood it in a moment.

「…Then, there’s no other thought but she went to the boy’s room and did the act」

Thinking about the shopping she made, there’s one hypothesis raised.
Misuzu’s financing someone.

But, that one isn’t Kanami’s classmate.
If it’s a classmate, there’s no need to bother Misuzu to buy the goods, they can just ask the Imperial knight to buy it.

It’s much easier to ask the knights.
That said, it’s hard to think that Misuzu isn’t buying for a knight.
If there’s one thing to considerー

「Is someone among the servant of the palace holding Nekoyama-san’s weakness?」

Holding her weakness.
From those words, Inugami Kanami who’s a disciplinary committee clenched her fist strongly.
If it was a mutual consented sex, then Kanami has no intention to crack it down.
If she forbids it then it’ll only bring out unnecessary things


Kanami chews her molar.
When her weakness is grasped, making her finance them, furthermore, making a pure girl do a sexual act she didn’t consent every night.
As a member of disciplinary committeeーno, as a classmate, she can’t forgive this.
She won’t settle down unless she finds it and beat him up.

「Wait for me. I will be taking down that rude guy who makes a move on my classmate!」

Kanami grasped the hilt as she activate the skill given to her.



Listening carefully to the sound, she heard a door opening.
Kanami left the room with that as a signal then she hid herself while following the route Misuzu passed the other day.

Eventually, she saw the bob-cut black haired girlーNekoyama Misuzu look at her surroundings.
She’s holding some shopping bag in her arm.
When Misuzu confirmed nobody’s around, she ran along the palace’s walls while being careful not to make any footsteps.
Kanami erased her presence and followed.

Misuzu separates from the wall then runs to the courtyard.
Kanami held down her breath then concealed herself in the trees.
Her ear can strangely listen to the sound of her heart beating so fast.
It seems like she’s hiding herself behind the tree after sending a love letter to the male she’s yearning for.

By the way, Kanami has never received any from a man since she was born.
If it was from a junior girl student, she threw away the number she had received.

「…This is the meetup location? Hmm, isn’t this surprisingly a good atmosphere?」

Kanami’s tension would rise if she’s called by the person she likes in this place.
Two people can spend their night to make love with each other.
The delusion of how to make love is censored in Kanami’s dictionary.

「Ah, Ran-kun. I came today too」

Misuzu’s voice is carried by the wind in the peaceful courtyard.
Kanami put out her face then opened her eyes wide to see the other party on Misuzu’s tryst.
Even if it’s hard to remember, she has to absolutely rememberー

「ーWait, huh, him… Could it be, Kirishima?」

The classmate who’s supposed to be dead in class, Kirishima Ran.
Why is Ran here? Why is Ran meeting up with Misuzu?
Her head is filled up with various thoughts.
But for now, she has to burn the situation in her eyes, burn in her eyesー

「Wait!? Eh, why?! Why is Nekoyama-san taking off her uniform so happily?! Wait, Kirishima too!ー!? Wait guys! Don’t show that to Nekoyama! T-That’s shameless!!」

Even though Kanami has never seen a naked boy this close.
Misuzu enveloped Ran’s penis with her cute mouth without any agitation.

「W-Wha?! What are you doing, Nekoyama-san!」

The look of Misuzu sitting down and sucking Ran’s penis happily.
Sticking out her butt, playing with her crotch with her own right hand, Kanami’s body jumped in reaction to Misuzu’s act of slowly tasting Ran’s penis.
It’s not on the dimension where you can say it’s shameless or indecent, or impure.
She wants to delete this rather than censor it in her memory.
That docile and pure Misuzu is doing such an indecent act passionately.
The figure of Ran patting the pleased Misuzu’s head and back is also something that shouldn’t be seen.

「… N, geez, Nekoyama-san」

Doing things such as using the organ to eat just to release the lust of a boy.
Mouth shouldn’t be used for that.

Ran’s penis released on Misuzu’s mouth before long then she embraced Ran afterwards.
Holding each other in their arms, Ran’s penis is swallowed by Misuzu’s crotch like that.



Kanami instinctively screamed from the shocking act done without hesitation.
The penis is sent in the vagina and it’s enveloped completely to the root.
Misuzu’s coquettish voice is heard and it’s understood that the act is accompanied with pleasure.

Misuzu and Ran make love with each other and shake their connected waists.
The earlobe is gradually stimulated after the sweet act done at regular interval.
Instinctively reaching out her fingertips for her crotch, Kanami got startled when it touched the tip then she released her hand.

She’s wondering what she’s trying to do just now.
Watching Ran’s penis stir up that hole again, she must’ve thought that she want to have similar pleasure for herself too.
Looking at her own fingers, her middle finger is lewdly bent.

「…I can’t, I can’t. Watching this amour in front of me made me think of something so shameless」

Keeping the mind cultivated by the kendo club, Kanami breathed deeply.
What did Kanami come here for?
She thought about it over again.

Her precious classmateーwasn’t it to rescue Misuzu from the hands of evil.
But is there a merit for Kanami going out in this situation?

It can’t be seen that Misuzu hates the act.
Rather, she’s raising a happy and coquettish voice which seems to melt.
If Kanami intrudes with her morals here, it would result to Misuzu getting hurt.

「But, it’s amazing when you think about it…」

The way of saying it is bad but, Torao Shigenobu who’s clearly on a higher class when it comes to looks had Misuzu who’s soft and tender got NTR’d from him.
Ran has that much of an appeal.
Thinking about it, what a romantic tryst is this.
Her telling love to the lonely boy who got excluded by the classmates everyday.


An unpleasant feeling comes to her head.
Premonitionーor rather, it’s close to conviction.

“Speaking of which”
Why was Kirishima Ran kicked out of the palace?
She’s completely forgotten about it because of the unfamiliar daily life and the battle training she has to remember but for some reason, wasn’t Ran kicked out of the class?

Digging up her memory, Kanami looked at the figure of the two happily embracing each other.
Two fearful words clearly emerged over Ran’s head.

「……Retainer, Training」

From Glasses’ appraisal, it’s an ability to be able to handle creatures classified as women biologically.

Nekoyama Misuzu pants lewdly like her normal behavior is a lie.
That Misuzu is happily embracing Ran who shouldn’t be someone she’s getting along with.
Could it be that this.

「…Kirishima, Ran. You…」

Kanami gritter her molar.
Forcibly raping that pure Misuzuーthat’s something inexcusable.
However, he.
He altered Misuzu’s innocent heart and he’s trying to justify that act.
Kanami doesn’t want to interject in between the act of the two.
But, Misuzu’s too pitiful.

Misuzu’s scream echoes in the night sky as she happily climax.
Kanami grasps her fist then holds down her rash feelings of pinning him down on the spot.
That said, if she jumped right now and tell Misuzu the truth, Misuzu would only be hurt i the end.
Ran, as a disciplinary committee memberーas Misuzu’s friendーKanami will negotiate with him.

「I’m sure I can make Kirishima reconsider」

Also, she’s confident that Kirishima won’t use his skill on her.
Even though she’s popular with the junior girls, she never received a confession from the boys.
This is certainly because Kanami doesn’t have the allure required for the opposite sex, she interprets selfishly.

Ever since graduating from middle school, she has never thought that she’s an unobtainable flower, that they just hesitated to make a move on her.

Ran and Misuzu seems to have began their second round.
Well fine. Let’s overlook it for tonight.
But, don’t think that I will allow this lawless situation after tomorrow.

Kanami leaned on the trees then waited for the two to be over.
The thought of punishing Kirishima Ran for deceiving Misuzu boils down in her heart.