Hero Pandemic chapter 14.5

Intermission: Decision


“Honjo, arrived”


Although she was led by Haruna´s hand and got off the helicopter, it was trivial for Honjo including having arrived.


Yumi turned around, but there is no one getting off after her and the helicopter just rose up again. From a series of flows, individualizing the death of Matoba Kazuya still more, she doesn’t want to believe it, but she knows that this moment is real now.


“Will Matoba-san join us later……?”


“……Look at the reality, Matoba died. You saw it right?”




That the reality without Kazuya is real, Yumi didn’t want to accept it.


After all there were no guns at that place. Saying that Kazuya struck himself and died by himself, it was obvious whose fault it was.


Yuuna only came to their rescue, that’s understood. But the problem isn’t that. Having come to their rescue is the problem.


(Before living alone, I would rather die together, he said……)


Possibly then, Kazuya maybe wasn’t a zombie. In case that he isn’t affected by the wound, he might be safe. It is Yuuna´s fault that he has lost his possibility.


Dark feelings arise in Yumi. There is no confidence living in this world without Kazuya. But if she dies, she wanted to involve the immediate women. No, rather, all humans who are still alive……


“Honjo, postpone that you indulge in sentiment. Since I was asked by Matoba-san, I intend to give priority to you, but time is still limited”


“Thats……not right”


She doesn’t care at all, the world should end. There is only one hope for Yumi with such a state of mind.


That Kazuya´s corpse wasn’t seen actually.


However, if you say oppositely, if his corpse is seen, she would lose her little remaining hope.


(If……If Matoba-san is dead, what do I do then……)


If Kazuya is dead, then the gun will surely lay by his side.  It is unknown whether it is really usable in a weather-beaten state, but Yumi think that the gun can be fired by wind and rain.


When Yumi is in the same place as Kazuya, she has thought to chose death in same way by herself. And probably it won’t be wrong.




By some means again, she wants to return to that shopping mall. When she walked while thinking about the method, Makoto ran up to her from the front. Every classmate of Yumi since the departure haven’t changed at all.




“Are you okay……!”


“Yes, thank to you……”




Yumi chewed on her back teeth. Not being in this place, there is only one conclusion. Yumi is irritated at such an insensitivity and if it isn’t heard, Yumi would be more irritated than now.


Because even she understood that she knew that the man in front was such man, Yumi merely wagged her neck aside. For the words that will come next, Yumi strongly grasped her fist.


“Is that so……well, it is such a world. There is no choice though it is regrettable.  I’m glad that you survived now!”


After they approve her words, her classmates call out to Yumi.


While Yumi let her nails cut into her palm, she survived it with a smile somehow.


Makoto is such man. The boundary of good and evil is clear and the calculation of the loss and gain is rational surprisingly.


Makoto having left her by Kazuya, Yumi seem to have found her partner, but everything else is a mistake.


With the danger for Makoto taking Yumi and Kazuya with him, after he calculated the danger, he decided not to take them with him


Frankly speaking, both were casted away.

(I didnt want to believe it first……but after all, it is so)


Fearing this fact, she was conflicting with Kazuya before. But far from Kazuya taking distance from Yumi, he tried to risk his life to help her.


In fact, his help was enough. Food increased thanks to Kazuya and as a result, she lives a long life and reach this base now.


“Haruna-san, thank you for hearing my selfishness. Here for you”


“……Thats okay. Honjo-san, consult me without reservation if there is something. Other than duty time, I am usually in the headquarters”


When Yumi nods vaguely, Yuuna turned around and left that place.


“Each facility is shown for now”


Yumi is indeed taken here……and she can walk around the japanese self defense force base.


Distribution place, Medical treatment, Weapons depot……apparently there is also a small school, where elementary and junior high students study together.


Officials took the place as teachers, but nobody seemed to mind it, since it became like the usually daily life.


Somehow, no one has a complicated feeling about the zombies outside, therefore Yumi laughed small.


“That’s a relief……you finally laughed. Because you were very dark, I worried”


Seeing the small smile of Yumi, Makoto said so.


(You understand nothing. You understand nothing, Makoto. You´re a hero for humanity, but for me……)


Yumi opened her mouth.


“Thank you”



Thinking that is the truth. However, Yumi dressed ordinary.  Until the case, she left from this place, she wont be disturbed by someone.


(Matoba-san……we will meet again)


Believing in meeting Kazuya again, Yumi made up her mind to fight all alone.


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