Hero Pandemic chapter 15

Chapter 15: Wet dream ★


I had a dream. I notice that it is extremely rare that I get a dream such as this.


I noticed it was a dream because the scenery was something impossible. Funny story, though I might not understand that it is a dream even if I were to fly in the sky, as for this spectacle ― at the time of good old club activities, I recognized something more impossible than the ability to fly.




I fixed my eyes on the mark. I probably calmly aimed at the mark. As for saying ‘probably,’ I can’t move my body to show my intent. This is less a dream and more a reproduction of the past, and my consciousness can’t intervene in the past.


The 7th Joint remark in Verse 8 of Archery Method, release……resulting in a calmly shot arrow.




The moment when I released the arrow… no, shooting from the bow as soon as I was convinced it will hit its target, the arrow had penetrated the center mark beautifully.


To confirm it, I solved my stance and looked towards the right. There I see my senpai with a happy expression. The person who said “Hit” is my first love… even if I say so, love didn´t grow.


“Indeed, Matoba-kun. You can aim for national-level.” Shikijo-senpai


When it comes to participating in high school competitions, victory or defeat was decided by the number of times the mark was hit. It’s unnecessary to shoot the center like a while ago, but there’s no loss from being able to aim and shoot at the center.


“… Thank you very much.” Matoba


After my younger self had bowed his head curtly, I moved my eyes towards the mark.


Inwardly, I wanted to call out to Shikijo-senpai and raise a joyful cry, but I wasn’t able to do so. I was shy during high school, thus I had no problem with other students. In other words, I wasn’t bullied.


Well, my grandfather was a famous archer. Therefore I grasped a bow since before I had the ability to say ‘no.’ I never missed the limit point – my senpais called me the first-year monk. I was always calm and poised, with a form that can hit everything impertinently.


Well if it were only that, I would be treated as an errand boy for the time being, but there was one problem.




For an instant, I snuck a look at Shikijo-senpai who is still next to me.


I stole a look at Shikijo-senpai because her ponytail is nicely bound to her ear and put together with her well-defined and slightly slit eyes. Shikijo-senpai has the charm of an adult, and no one would think she is a high school girl. Her chest is only a little simple, but given her appearance, you might think a young actress is standing here.


In fact, when she gave a ‘man-in-the-street’ interview, she made a slight uproar on the internet, and rumor had it that she was invited many times to enter the entertainment world.


Well, Shikijo-senpai who is the president of the archery club is one of the few beautiful girls who can fight in Japan, and you can say she is similar to me- oh, this is because she is skilled. She is a shooting star.


If I add what the third year senpais said, it becomes evident –  they say things such as: “Hitting the mark 100 times in a row, I heard she could hit everything”. Of course, I can’t imitate such a god-like act. What the senpais also said is that this would be because she stirred up the men who were full of ulterior motive.


…The god-like act, I have done it two days after joining the club. Even someone were to tell me to do it now; it would be impossible. My physical strength didn’t last, and when even a gust of wind blows suddenly, I sometimes lose my perfect state.


But, I have done it.  Even if these words are said by the third-years, and I didn’t hear it, all senpais knew it. Only the newcomers (myself included) weren’t conscious of it. Even Shikijo-senpai seems to be conscious, and I in front of all said “Nee-kun, is there something you want me to do? I do anything that I can do for you?” to her.


I think you can expect that my life seemed to end already from that day.


A thumbtack is still fine for indoor shoes. Fate was attached properly, therefore I was hit a lot behind the school building. When I walked in the corridor, some of my seniors hit my shoulder seven times on purpose. These seven hits are literally a combo because seven seniors hit my shoulder at the same time. Of course, it is an 8P lynching in the back of the school building.


Since they did archery, they were trained, and their muscles are intended to pull a bow. I was brainwashed by my grandfather since I was young… therefore there is no case that I, who was educated by him, would use violence against my senpais at all and was hit one-sidedly earnestly.


As expected, when such days continued, both my mind and body which had been forged were heartbroken disappointingly. From that conclusion, I quit the archery club, moved, and also transferred schools.


I spent peaceful days without doing archery in my new high school, I entered a university, and I found a job in a common company. I got rid of my only special ability and hobby called archery, so I became an empty and boring human.


I also sometimes have another dream. A dream from the time when I practiced archery.


Winning the championship at the national competition, I associated with Shikijo-senpai… imagine myself as the main character, my heart becomes empty.


I gave up becoming a main character. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t know how often I thought that I couldn’t do anything in those days. And it is trailing me all the time.


「――――kun, Matoba-kun!”


“Eh!? Ah, yes!”


After whether she worried about me who didn’t move while keeping a pose and a balanced heart, Shikijo-senpai looked into my face. Very close. It is the distance that the tip of our noses almost touched, but I retreated unconsciously. …That?


“You don’t seem to be able to concentrate very much recently, is there something?”




“Mouu! It may be difficult to consult about girls with me and though my ability inferior to Matoba´s, I’m still the club principal. Come here a little!”


“He? Ah, just a little!”


I was led by the hand by Shikijo-senpai, and we left the archery ground. The place we were headed… is it possibly the locker room?


Because the number of boys is few, the small locker room of the archery club belongs to the boys and the big locker room next to it to the girls.


…Was there really such a situation?


“Saa, come in, come in.”


“Cho!? Isn’t this the girl’s locker room!? Isn’t it bad here!?”


“Don’t worry about it. It is before school ends, and everybody should practice till late… probably”




I am pushed by force, so I have set foot in the locker room while stepping on grouper cod. It had some good smell, and in many places, there are skirts and shirts laying around. There is also underwear laying around – however, a thrown-off skirt is already very erotic.


“Shikijo-senpai, as expected……”


“All right all right. It is merely an interview we two will do now. It is a very important interview between the club president and the new club ace.”


“No, but…”


“Al-already! Will you be a boy!? Stand firm!”




After I had roared, I kept my chin up and answered. …Uh, I don’t have such memories of her?


“Hey, sit down there.”


I’m called by Shikijo-senpai and sit down on the stool in the locker room. Senpai sat straight in front of me. There is only one chair, and it is directly on the ground.


“Well then, let’s start the interview at once.”


“Ah, yes.”


By all means, I see it as though she was talking with my son. However, I drove that outside my mind and answered.


“Just a little or we wouldn’t be able to have an interview.”


“Ah, I´m Sor――――rry”


Gabaa! Shikijo-senpai opened both my legs. I didn’t understand the meaning at that point, but Senpai went for a more bold action. Surprisingly, she had a hard time with my zipper, before she began to lower it.


“Wh-what do you intend to do!?”


When I catch senpai’s slim hand in a hurry, she stared at me with an upward glance.


I, as a kouhai, can’t defy her and without understanding it well-


“I am sorry…”


I apologized before separating my hand. When I said it and Senpai lowered the zipper until the end, she took out my penis, making a great effort from there. Her view is shut out with both my hands, and she only can understand with the touch. She wouldn’t be able to look at it.


“Uwah… it’s large.”


Because I was touched by Shikijo-senpai who I yearned for, my son was already in battle mode.


“Hey, Matoba-kun, when did you ejaculate the last time?”


Senpai asks as much while stroking my son gently.


“U…oh, the day before yesterday.”


Still, I don’t remember when I masturbated for the first time, well, these days it is every day. Probably I have shot a bullet early in the morning, strangely… it’s unclear why I say as much because I am sure that I told a lie.


“Eh!? Not good Matoba-kun. If you don’t take it out every day, a pubescent boy like you will destroy his physical condition!”


I want to question what on earth she wants to do with such knowledge, but the speed which she brandishes my penis accelerated, and I was unable to say anything.


“Uwa…your balls are flabby and… is this spot filled with baby juice?


Senpai’s left hand grasped my balls while her right hand stroked my penis. I haven’t masturbated yet while grasping my balls by myself, but my consciousness which seems to experience an unknown pleasant sensation is kept from leaving strenuously. Besides, that Shikijo-senpai who is pure and innocent speaks dirtily… from my mental fulfillment I counted down until the ejaculation.


“Se-senpai… you’re very experienced.”


When I asked her whether she has experience, Senpai grasped my balls with a smile.




“I will tell you, Matoba-kun. Everybody says that I’m like a virgin who doesn’t know impurity; however, I also have a sexual desire, because I’m normal and I am interested in such a thing. Because I was interested, I saw it in a magazine carelessly… However, I need to say that I am trying this for the first time!”


Furthermore, her strength increased when she pressed my gold balls before she opened her mouth quickly to defend herself.


“Ah no, such……it feels good too……”


“……Huuh, so it’s comfortable.”


When I nod every time, senpai looked happy, and she had an expression that she is my girl on her face.


Next, she grasped my son and took it in her mouth.




From her slim touch, my waist almost pops unintentionally, but I endured it somehow.


Shikijo-senpai pushed her tongue aside by taking my dick in her mouth, and the tip was traced so that she might make sure of its shape.


She didn’t seem to want to endure it any longer.


“Matoba-kun……you may take it out anytime!”


Her figure which looks in my direction resembles Honjo-san for some reason.


“…That reminds me senpai, was this your first kiss?”


When she states it to be so at the end, Senpai nodded while her eyes became densely red.


After I caught the back of Senpai´s head with my right hand, I draw it closer slowly.


“N!? ……Npu……Nnn!”


As expected, there is a resistance to swallowing it all, that’s why Shikijo-senpai tried to block my penis using her tongue. But for the last push――――


“Shikijo-senpai, I will ejaculate now.”


I ejaculated inside Senpai´s throat with full strength.


Byururururuu, Dobyuu, Byuuu, Byuu, Byuku…




I woke up. Well, I understood it by myself. It was a dream.


No, I had a feeling it was that – I had a wet dream… despite appearances, I´m thirty years old soon. Besides, before sleeping yesterday, didn’t I do it three times with Aya-chan? As an embodiment of lust of an Incubus, such- hmm?


My bottom… specifically, I saw my son who had a wet dream.


“N-nnchu …chu”


Aya-chan who had heart marks in her eyes was there.


…The cause that I had this dream seemed to be this erotic girl.


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