Hero Pandemic chapter 22

Chapter 22: Accompanying

“Thank you very much”

Shizuyo-chan who completely destroyed Natsuki-kun returned the hammer which had various things attached to me. So that her childhood friend doesn’t become a wandering zombie she judged this to be the best solution.

“What will you two do now?”

This school may be relatively safe. But if I say only by safety, the gas station is still preferred. I’ll aim for some new places, because there is a possibility that I will be attacked by a survivor and not a zombie.

A place that has food and is hard to be attacked by zombies and survivors……After all is it the Self-Defense Force base? If there is a orderly group with guns, then this cases will be hard to happen.


Shizuyo-chan fumbles for the right words. Her childhood friend went out to end their present condition, but these two can only do a siege now.

If the bodies of the zombies corrode and can’t walk, the would starve to death as it is and humanity win. Of course, even if there is a human who became a zombie newly, it is nothing you need to be afraid of because of the previous knowledge and their few number. If it’s possible to survive until such a day, then they can go back to school.

But such a day cannot come in several weeks. It may be the same for several months or nearly a year. If it is necessary to go out regularly to secure food, they should move to a different place to reduce the number of risks. ……For example, do they go to the Self-Defense Forces base?

“When you two want you can follow us?”


“We intended to go to the Self-Defense Forces base. It will be save there, but you aren’t forced to come with us”

“Eh, ah, if it’s fine for senpai, then by all means! That’s the best we could ask for!”

Shizuyo-chan showed interest in my proposal as expected. Smashing the head of her childhood friend, she smiles now with a bit of blood on her cheeks.

When there is something, then they should abandon it and take only food.

“Then thank you from now on”

“Yes! ……Hey, Kurumi you too”

“……My best regards, thank you very much. ”

I shook hands with these two. Surely it might be declined if I who suggested it wasn’t with Aya-chan. I also have to thank Aya-chan for this.

……But I have thought suddenly. The moment of the what-if, may I really get rid of these two?

If it is those two with Aya-chan, they would help Aya-chan even if there is anything. But when it isn’t so……?

Originally I should die with not a case where a kouhai calls me senpai in this life. However, I am called senpai now and have a bow in my hand. I seemed to totally have returned to my high school days……that was also impossible in the past.

Those days when I arose and was still full of hope and thought that I was a main character in this life. I was obviously a main character. I’m different now from my former self who couldn’t believe that I’m a main character.

“……I thought that I wanted to come back to those days”

“Did you say anything?”

Shizuyo-chan who cheered up Kurumi-chan turned around.

“I´m sorry, don’t mind”

I responded properly.

It was Shizuyo-chan who looked unreliable on the first impression, but seeing her like this she is a proper older sister. She is a good sister.

“I think we’ll face the tent we made a temporary base first, so is there something necessary for luggage?”

“It may be good to have a baggage with food…….if necessary, please take some too senpai”

“No, it is all right because food is enough. Because we are waiting here, go to get it you two. Call me immediately if there is anything”

“I understood. Then we will come back immediately”

When Shizuyo-chan said so and pulled Kurumi-chan’s hand, they went into the school building again.

“Aya-chan is my daughter”

Now that we are again alone since a long time I called out to Aya-chan. She seem to disagree leaving this place as my daughter and therefore Aya-chan wrote letters on the ground with her foot.

“Matoba Aya-chan”

She is showing a completely cold shoulder.

“……If you don’t react neatly, you really will become Aya Matoba sometime anyway”

Aya turned around with great force when I muttered in a subdued voice. And after approaching me and drumming her hands into my chest, she is puffing. That’s ridiculously cute.

Suddenly is it dangerous? However she wasn’t so from the beginning.

“Haven’t they come yet?”

I look at the school building. There is no sign that these two returned yet……no no, as expected……it takes time for females to make their preparations and……when I see the sky while making an excuse in my heart, the previous cloud increased the thickness a little.

Looking in that direction it seems to rain soon.

When the firecracker in my pouch were checked,they were still kept in a vacuum pack accurately. If they become moist, then they can’t be used……

However firecrackers aren’t too useful on a rainy day. Because a sound is hard to hear because of the rain, it will be an advantage so that zombies won’t find someone quickly, but it also means that it will be hard to escape because you don’t hear the zombies approaching.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting”

At this moment Shizuyo and Kurumi came back with their school bags and bows.

“Let’s hurry first of all to the tent, then it’ll rain soon”


The closed school gate is opened. We may get over it, but there is no need here anyway. Then I thought that you should advance earlier quickly without taking useless trouble.


Next Kurumi-chan’s caught my sleeve, when I was about to step forward to the site outdoors. Shizuyo-chan glanced at this, but didn’t stop and advanced quickly and Aya-chan follows her.

“Something wrong?”

“Can I call you Kazuya-san?”

And Kurumi-chan said so while being deadpan. Although she seem to look here somewhere, these sisters might have spoken something while making their preparations.

“Of course. Then I will call you Kurumi-chan from now on”

Kurumi-chan had a smile slightly when I said so.

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