Hero Pandemic chapter 23

Chapter 23: Weak point–★★

A concrete wet smell.

“……It fell”

We advanced very smoothly on the way back because the zombies could be knocked down now without making a noise from a long distance thanks to the bow. However, it was also quite difficult to advance while hiding with four people, and we hardly contributed to the reduction of time.

Therefore we’re caught in the rain wonderfully, and it is certain that we get drenched. At the end the bow was changed to a hammer properly just to make sure. Because I will get along with these girls for a long time, I don’t want to consume them, if possible.

Of course, life is given priority than the equipment, but the sound is lost even if this rain oversound it to some extent. ……It is good to go, but what should the sisters behind me do if they say so? I ask for their house and the folding tent is small for two people, so if all four of us want to live inside we need to come together.

Including the sound of the neighborhood, we moved under a roadside tree. It is a olive tree which isn’t so big, but it is good enough than to receive the rain directly.

“Because our tent is a folding type, to be honest, it’s severe to spend a night with four people inside……Don’t you know a good place?”

This is my former hometown, but it changed a lot in those several years. The way has also increased and do I remind……it isn’t accepted. On the other hand I thought, because they lived in this neighborhood, they may know some good places.

“Ah, let’s go to our house because it is near from here”

I betrayed abruptly.

Is that so……that reminds me they said that they live in a apartment. That place is absolutely better than a tent.

Shizuyo-chan corrected it whether it was reflected on an expression while feelings of such me did not know it to be upset.

“Ah, how about it, what do you say Senpai??”

“You don’t need to ask. We’re saved”

In other words an apartment, which is locked. It cannot be said that there is no attacking risk, but even if the key breaks, a foolish sound sounds. In other words, we can take an interception posture immediately.

If I recognize it as safe, I will get proper sleep. A cry wouldn’t also be heard so much and I may be able to sleep soundly after a long time. Exercising before going to bed isn’t dangerous, too anymore. There is a different risk.

“By the way, on which floor is your room?”

“It is the twelfth floor”

“Eku……nnn, perfect”

Tension nearly rises too high, excellent! I nearly cried, but even if the tension went up it doesn’t lay a liver out. I returned words calmly.

“Ah, rain”

A water drop touches my cheek, while Kurumi-chan blinks her eyes, she touched my cheek.

“It is impossible not to get wet in the rain, let’s hurry to our target before it starts to rain hard”


While we pay maximum attention to zombies, we aimed at our target hastily.

“Here……haa, our……huu……house…”

After we collected the tent safely, we had come to the Kasai house. The elevator is moving which can be expected because the electricity functions again……however, from the characteristic, because it wasn’t possible to run away by any chance when a zombie attacked, it was out of use.

Everyone of us climbed the stairs to the twelfth floor and we all are out of breath without Aya-chan. Aya-chan is fine surprisingly.

Thinking very carefully, Aya-chan who is tanned should have a good endurance because of her swimming club. We other three are from the archery club.

Although we are part of the archery club, we disciplined our minds more than our bodies by indoor sports, so I can’t help inclining my head when talking about endurance. One question was always remembered and that is why we didn’t run together with the athletic club. A man without physical strength are more aggressive to do something against it by enrolling in club activities.

“Ah……uh……huu……I’ll bother you……”

I was training relatively, but it always around my activity as archer. I came to exercise a little in this Pandemic, however it was a situation that I can’t help to care about, so that the decline of my physical strength is remarkable. I would be a drag if I’m hit when zombies attack. You can assert it.

We lost our breath and were wet from the rain and the sweat before we set foot in the Kasai house.

The door was locked accurately and it seems safe because there was no demolition state.

“Please, the towel”

“N, Thank you”

I wiped my and Aya-chan´s head and face with that towel. Because she is my daughter.

Such a spoilt child as my daughter, but she looked away when I said “Don’t you think thats right?”.

“Ah, Onee-chan! I think that we can use the shower! Hot water also comes out!!”


The sisters touched the hot water and I peeped through their backs. Apparently, the utility gas isn’t able to be used and it seems to be the type that boiled by electricity.

Now that I’m thinking, my home which is an isolated house is boiled by kerosene,moreover, because the strongest combo named solar power generation, you would notice nothing unusual in this pandemic at first. Because it’s a remoted place, because the owner was gone and I rented it cheap, so there won’t be humans or zombies nearby.

It also has a garden, but there is a field which is really worst to live for……I thought so, but it seems to be a choice which isn’t bad. It may be safer than the base in the urban area. Because I’d starve to death before vegetables can be adopted now, as far as there are no complete things, it can’t be chosen as future.

“Senpai, do you want to shower first? Kasai family has the custom that we enter after the meal, so I think I’ll make rice first”

“Then, without reservation I will go ahead. In order to not get cold, two people should dry each others hair”

“Ahaha, Matoba-san looks like a mother”

“Why am I not a father……?”

I wasn’t convincing subtly, but I can assume that it’s good because both sisters are laughing happily.

We leave the sisters who are chatting happily and face the bathroom.

“It is nice to have a hot water shower after a long time. Are you happy that you can take a shower now, Aya-chan?”

When I asked, I saw Aya-chan nodding and she already took of her clothes.


I took off my clothes, too and after hesitating about whether I should fold them a little, I throw them into the washing machine. Because water and electricity go, the washing machine will also surely work.

“N, wait a minute Aya-chan. Let me adjusts it now”

This bathroom was just an ordinary bathroom. Although it might be a little narrow to take a shower by two people, however it can be said enough in such a world.

And while I’m thinking that, does Aya-chan tries to sit on the chair which is here as expected for a apartment. Hot water with set temperature comes out straight.

“……75 degree warm water comes out. It is adjusted by water”

After I made sure of the accurate water temperature I applied it on Aya-chan´s head and somehow signal her what I do.

“Signal me, when it is painful”

Next I applied shampoo in my hands and washed Aya-chan´s head while kneeling. Because of the too clean lifestyle just one shampoo didn’t make much bubbles, so I poured two, three times more.

After the shampoo, comes the conditioner.

By the way, there is only hair conditioner in my house. Normally there is not much difference between hair conditioner and conditioner, but saying forcibly, something which has a higher moist effect than hair conditioner is called conditioner. And the reason is that I knew it from Honjo-san who asked me if I know such a thing. Rinsing the conditioner till then, the different treatment hasn’t been understood at all.

“Expand your hair for a moment. If I fail to take it out, I may cut it”

All too soon her hair danced around her shoulder and touched my shoulder. The truth is I would like to make an appointment in a beauty salon for Aya-chan, but of course this is impossible in our current situation.

“I’ll ask Shizuyo-chan later”

As an elder sister, she might cut her younger sister’s hair.

I rinsed Aya-chan’s hair who nods and make it until nothing is left.

“Yes, your head is finished. Of course next is……”

Her body is the main dish.


I grasped her chest and Aya-chan reacted from my hands that were covered with soap lightly. It is the same old small chest, but it seems to grow finally.

I still stimulated each place of her while politely washing her, even if we can’t spent much time for it.

Even if I say that I stimulated her or if I say whether I touch her or not, later it will be only ordinary washing of her body and neck. The reason is because I wont go out without erasing the evidence.

“……U, h……”

Aya-chan reacts with a subdued voice and you can assume from her hips that she is anticipating something. As soon as she enters such a mode once, This lewd and intelligent girl begins to feel it even if clasp my hands. (TL note: Like in hypnosis, where you fell into trance when I clap my hands)

And now when I extend my hand on her hips, I notice that her private part is already wet with sticky liquid.


It’s to the extent that we don’t longer need foreplay and I can insert my index finger slowly into her leisure pussy.

And because she already had an adult penis inside her, one finger is lightly swallowed naturally. It has entered easily, though she tightens when the number of fingers is increased.

The other fingers are removed at once and the middle finger is inserted again. Her vagina changed simultaneously with it, so that my middle finger and thumb might be chafed over each other and Aya-chan´s hips moved timidly. This way is good, because we won’t spend much time and my patience is already at the limit.

“I insert it now”

I lift Aya-chan up and sit down on the chair this time. I make her face me and it’s inserted at it is. For everyone this is commonly known as woman meeting position.


Aya-chan relaxed and breath out.

She is really lecherous for a junior high school student who is so calm when something is inserted! ……Though I think, I can probably understand her feelings.

We only embraces each other even when we don’t move and settle down only by listening to our pulses. Touching her skin, there is no space for water. A warm shower pours down on our heads and invite us into drowsiness.

I think it’ll be possible to taste incredible prosperity if it’s possible to sleep just as it is, but normally it doesn’t work like that.

“I move slowly”

Rather than shaking my waist, I move in and out repeatedly. The sound of water rubbing against wet skin sounds, but I have no choice but to hope that it vanishes by the tone of the shower.

I’d like to move more intensely, but I don’t do it because my ejaculation impulse rise slowly and I don’t want to release it yet.

Next a lovely fragrance is smelled with my nose, when I embrace Aya-chan and stuck to her neck. Of course I haven’t tasted yet, so I lick her neck with my tongue.

This pleasant sensation gives a push……and when I try to think touching Aya-chan’s butt, she abruptly bites into my left shoulder.

“E, Ejaculation……!”

Byururu! Byuu, Byururu, Byubbyu……

I can’t resist the ejaculation desire which welled up suddenly and aim at Aya-chan´s womb, before I release my semen.

An unordinary amount of sperm as usual overflowed from her womb and our connection was dyed whitely. However, my ejaculation doesn’t stop with that alone and my penis raged again.


When the ejaculation ended soon and the protein that heated up was solidified, I stuck to Aya-chan´s short hair and white skin.

The amount of ejaculation this time isnt known currently.

“……A strange sexual feeling area was built”

The part Aya-chan bit a short while ago is the part which became an opportunity for me and Aya-chan to spend time together in this way.

“Only Aya-chan knows my weak point, this”

When I traced the biting mark, Aya-chan was still without emotions, but she seemed happy to have tasted it. Let’s start the second round.

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