Hero Pandemic chapter 28

Chapter 28: White petal

Even if there was time, and we wanted to go for a second round immediately, Shizuyo-chan would be worried if we didn’t return. I had to deliver Aya-chan’s medicine as well.

Although this was a serious matter, it would be fine, as long as we didn’t make any mistakes.

“……Kurumi-chan, your sister will find it suspicious if we don’t start heading back now.”

Her face buried into the bed sheets, Kurumi-chan didn’t move at first, but she listened to my words and slowly got up. Her face was made a mess by this cruel situation. She wouldn’t be deceived if I didn’t come up with a good excuse.

I thought that she should at least wipe her face, so I took out the white towel from Kurumi-chan´s rucksack and gave it to her, but she only looked up at me, not receiving it. Since there was no other choice, I wiped her face myself. ……I wondered if it was really okay. I might have overdone it a little.

However, it was true that I didn’t think of a better method. I had already given up, and I could do nothing but giving it my best shot and trying to steer toward a happy ending.

“Wait, stop. You should wipe it first, before it spills.”

After I wiped her face, she tried to put on her pants, but I stopped her. Semen mixed with blood was still overflowing from her crotch and it would be unpleasant once she put on her underwear. It would’ve been pretty bad, since her panties were pink, and the stains would be visible on her white skirt as well. We could make an excuse, saying that she was on her menstruation, but I wanted to erase as many suspicious evidences as as possible.

“…………what……is this……?”

Kurumi-chan scooped out the semen that trickled from her groin, which was previously played around with by my finger.

“What do you mean? It’ss semen, isn’t it?”

“Se……men……this is…………”

She gazed at the sticky semen, her expression unchanged.

“What should I do……if I get pregnant……?”

“I’ve never heard of Zombies getting pregnant, though.”

Hearing what I said, Kurumi-chan looked at me with an expressionless face and teary eyes.

Yep, I’m definitely going to hell……but wait, what should I do if she’s actually pregnant? We were going to stop having sex after a week, anyway. That’s only natural, but the possibility of her conceiving during that time wasn’t zero. In fact, it was considerably high, I’d say.

I didn’t know what exactly Aya-chan’s condition was, but if we kept going at it like this, she would definitely become pregnant, too.

In Aya-chan’s case, if she conceived, I could, at the very least, draw a line between us and give her the cold shoulders. However, what if Kurumi-chan was pregnant? What in the wide world should I even do?

I must give this matter some serious thought…….

“C’mon, I’ll make sure to do as promised, so Kurumi-chan also needs to try her best. We’d be exposed if you kept making that face.”


Without knowing what to do, we went home under a heavy atmosphere.

“We’re home”

When we entered the house, Shizuyo-chan was waiting for us. I gave her a sidelong glance and proceeded to take off the poncho, then hung it on the door.

“……! Welcome home!!”

Shizuyo-chan had a relieved expression on her face, seeing that we both came home. However, she immediately felt uneasy. She alternated her gaze between me and Kurumi-chan, before giving us a dubious look.

On the way here, I came up with an excuse to sooth Kurumi-chan, so I approached Shizuyo-chan before whispering something into her ear.

“Seems like the girl I get along with was there……of course, as a zombie.”

I was able to convey the secret-talk to Kurumi-chan. Although, right now, Kurumi-chan’s acting wouldn’t be able to trick Shizuyo-chan, the fact that she felt down was true, so her elder sister was easily tricked by my lie.

“……is that so?”

“Yeah. And as you can see, we are save, but please leave Kurumi-chan alone for now.”

Having shown my fake kindness, I walked toward Aya-chan’s room.



“Thank you very much for taking Kurumi-chan home safely.”

Shizuyo-chan bowed deeply. Thanks to that, my face at the time wasn’t seen, and that was a big help.

I didn’t know what kind of face was I making, but I could generally guess it, as well as what kind of question Shizuyo-chan would ask if she saw it..

“Yeah, no problem. After all, it’s naturally a right thing to do. ……More importantly, I need to go take care of Aya-chan, so talk to you later”

Without waiting for a reply, I walked over to Aya-chan’s room. *Bang.* I strongly shut the door, making a loud noise and cutting off Shizuyo-chan’s words.

“…………of course I understand, you don’t have to remind me.”

I meant to complain in my mind, but the words came out unintentionally.

I understood that I couldn’t help Kurumi-chan. I wasn’t a perfect guy like a protagonist of a story. The moment I relaxed my guard, I would make a grim mistake.

I like Shizuyo-chan and Kurumi-chan. To me, they were like nieces; just being near them was pleasant enough. That’s why the current situation felt so painful. It felt honestly good when I had sex with Kurumi-chan. During the period of time after ejaculation, when my mind was clear, the mental recoil hit me like a truck; the gap between fantasy and reality was pure evil.

Still, even though she hated it, I must embrace Kurumi-chan. Maybe, things would’ve been a lot easier if I had told her the truth. However, Kurumi-chan would be confused if I told her something like that so suddenly; I couldn’t expect her to trust me just like that. There’s a limit to being optimistic after all.

For the time being, I fully intended to fight for Kurumi-chan’s sake; for Aya-chan and Shizuyo-chan as well. I was the oldest around here, so I couldn’t afford to feel down. I might as well give it my best until the bitter end.


When I raised my head, the sight of Aya-chan breathing painfully entered my eyes. Now, let’s start with saving the most important girl.

With that in mind, I sat on the bed. Aya-chan opened her eyes and grasped my sleeve; it appeared that she woke up to the vibration of the mattress created by me sitting down.

Rather than my sleeve, maybe it was my heart that she’d grasped, for I felt a twinge of pain in my chest at that moment. Calling her an angel was already an understatement.

“What’s wrong? Were you feeling lonely?”

I intended that to be a joke, but Aya-chan pulled my arm with unexpected vigor, making me fall face-first on her chest. I tried to prop myself up with the other arm so that I wouldn’t weigh down too much on Aya-chan. However, she was having a cold, so it was probably quite painful for her. That said, I wanted to move away as soon as possible, but Aya-chan didn’t let me.


She didn’t answer. That was to be expected. After all, Aya-chan couldn’t talk.

However, as if trying to convey her feelings through actions, she gently patted my head.

Her warm, small hand moved up and down on my head.

“………………Don’t tell me……you were awake the whole time?”

I asked, thinking that it couldn’t possibly be true, but, in reality, Aya-chan nodded. She didn’t know what was going on, but she was aware that I was feeling down. Thus she decided to comfort me……that was probably her train of thought. I couldn’t thank her enough. I was so grateful that even my tears came out. Someone, please kill me.

“Ah, Aya-chan. I brought your medicine.”

Though greatly reluctant, I slipped out of her embrace and took out the suppository from my pocket. However, Aya-chan grasped my hand.

“No, don’t shake your head. This is the only thing we have right now, so please put up with it.”

Even though she was eagerly resisting, I turned Aya-chan over and pulled down her pants, as well as her cute panties.

I propped Aya-chan’s butt into a position similar to when I did it with Kurumi-chan, and she stopped resisting..

“Hmm? Was that there before?”

Aya-chan went limp, seemingly a bit happy. When I touched her butt, I noticed a flower vase placed atop the headboard.

Though I called it a vase, it wasn’t the long and narrow type made to contain cut flowers. Instead, it had a flat shape like that of a plate. It was filled with water, and white Lily petals were floating on the surface.

It was probably Shizuyo-chan who put the vase there. The water looked beautiful, and the petals were fresh new.

“She used petals but not cut flowers, huh. This clearly proves how good Shizuyo-chan’s tastes are.”

Suddenly, in one corner of my consciousness, I questioned how on earth did she obtain these flower petals, but the thought quietly disappeared before rising to the surface of my mind.

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