Hero Pandemic chapter 29

Chapter 29: Hanahaki disease

Such hips. Aya-chan’s white hips aren’t inferior to a lily. She has tanned skin from the root of her feet to her hips……which whitens only just a little.

The borderline of the sunburn is also vague and the cultural asset that had to be protected was going to be lost.

“……I’ll get a swimsuit for you, so let’s go to the sea in the summer no matter what.”

I make up my mind firmly and take out the suppository from the bag. Inserting in the back……there are no cases where you can put it in somewhere else. At present I can see her anus very clearly and I found out that there is no better body posture than this.

However, I’m a little confused for this anus is different from the one I have seen in an AV.

Of course this wasn’t the first time that I saw such a pretty narrow hole, but I never saw how you insert something into it.

Aya-chan’s anus is really pink and narrow, without any pubic hair.


When it’s expanded by my finger forcefully, a small hole that wouldn’t accept even the littlest finger showed itself. Will it really enter in this?

I try to insert my little finger that I wetted beforehand with my saliva, but it doesn’t enter.


The suppository has begun to melt by my body temperature, becoming unpleasantly sticky. This might not work anymore, so I throw it in the garbage box.

I wipe away the medicine residue, which melted, with a tissue and face her pink narrow hole again.



I crawl my tongue inside her anus and Aya-chan suddenly ran wild. I suppress her with both hands, while I force my tongue inside.

This is a taste that is mysterious for men.

The bottom is opened left and right and the center is poked by my tongue, but I don’t seem able to break through the enemy’s defense with my fragile tongue.


Originally it shouldn’t be so difficult to insert a suppository. If it isn’t so, then all parents would break open their child’s anus to insert a suppository. Indeed, there are no such reasons.

In that case, Aya-chan will be the cause. If I put emphasis on her shame hole, then it will drag on and the damage will just increase. It only took a few seconds for me to make up my mind…….

I’m down to my last method: lotion.

Of course, it’s a natural thing that can be taken from Aya-chan’s body.

“Ah, it’s already wet. Does Aya-chan also like the bottom actually?”

I can’t do an intense caress to a child with a cold, so I tried to challenge this unreasonably difficult problem slowly, but Aya-chan’s pussy was full with honey already.

After I scooped out her anus with my finger that was sticky from her love juice, I could bury my index finger gradually with some effort.


Although she groans a little painfully, my finger has only been inserted in the first joint.

It’s this tight with only one finger. Can a penis really enter inside?


Didn’t the idea leap massively just now? Calm down, I gotta insert the suppository now.

A new suppository is taken out of the pouch and is held against Aya-chan’s thin and narrow back hole. When I force my finger just as it is, it went in so easily that I was a little disappointed.


The moment my finger reached the second joint, Aya-chan groaned painfully. Once the important task of inserting the suppository was accomplished, I pulled out my forefinger slowly, after waiting until she calmed down a bit.

I assume that irregularity is only a little strange, because Aya-chan is sick unlike someone normal like Kurumi-chan. Afterwards I wiped her lower part politely and put on her underwear and pajama, before I put her to sleep in the bed like before, when suddenly the door was knocked.

“Is it alright now?”

“Eh!? Ah, uh. Alright!”

I looked at the bed for a moment, but couldn’t find anything suspicious. When I judged that there would be no problem in this abnormal world, I responded to Shizuyo-chan who was standing behind the door.

“I come in”

When Shizuyo-chan enters the room, bowing good-mannered, she suspiciously looked at me while tilting her head.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No no, nothing at all.”

It was dangerous to make eye contact, so I looked at the vase displayed on the headboard casually. When Shizuyo-chan followed my gaze, her face loosened and began to talk.

“A beautiful flower! A lily……right?”

I didn’t understand what she said for a moment.


I did wonder where on earth Shizuyo-chan obtained this flower…

“Wait a minute……Shizuyo-chan, didn’t you prepare it?”

It’s certain that it wasn’t me or Kurumi-chan. There is also not a chance that it was Aya-chan. So naturally after the elimination phase only Shizuyo-chan remained.

“Eh!? It wasn’t me……”

“Such……then who……?”

Is there another person in this house?

While I think now like a detective, Aya-chan suddenly started to dry-heave.

“Shizuyo-chan, wash bowl! Aya-chan is already trying to endure!”

“Ye, Yes!”

When I rub her back, Aya-chan gasp and she moves her mouth like she wants to say something. Without being able to communicate about such a problem at such a time, I noticed that Aya-chan wants water.

“Water……one minute”

I tried to stand up in order to go to take water but I notice that there is a water flask on the floor. Did Aya-chan prepare the vase and the water flask? But where did she get that flower…….

“Hey, drink it slowly.”

I poured the water into a glass and make her drink it. Then Shizuyo-chan returned with the requested washbowl, her expression impatient.

“Senpai, here is the wash bowl with water!”

Because she hasn’t vomited yet, I glanced at Shizuyo with a reassuring look and received the washbowl.

“Ah, thank you.”

When I put the washbowl on Aya-chan´s side, she couldn’t endure it anymore and threw up――――Just before she drunk the water, I noticed there was a white petal.


Water, saliva and several white petals fall into the washbowl. It’s the same as the white flower in the vase on the headboard.

I couldn’t understand the spectacle that happened just now. I heard that there is a case where body’s calcium become a stone, however I’ve never heard of producing flower petals. There was that story of a person who eats petals, but it wouldn’t mean anything here.

“Aya-chan this――――”

“It’s the Hanahaki disease!” (TL note: This disease is only fictitious. The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.)

Shizuyo-chan said so with surprised eyes.

“Hanahaki disease? What’s that?”

“Don’t you know!? Its famous in the internet; a woman who has unrequited love vomits lily blossoms. It’s a strange disease without a treatment method and you will vomit lily blooms until mutual love, then you will be cured……however……mutual love……white, lily blooms……?”

Shizuyo-chan and I look alternately at Aya-chan’s lilies. We do this several times before a smile forms on my face as I try to leave the room.

“Tsk, stop! Stop!!”

Shizuyo-chan surely misunderstood it. Although it probably isn’t a mistake, but Aya-chan hasn’t thrown up blooms until now. At least, not in front of me.

Assuming that Aya-chan has the Hanahaki disease, then she has vomited finally what should have been vomited a long time ago.

“My apologies, Senpai. You don’t have to make any excuses.”

“Calm down! Aya-chan vomited white blooms twice which means she is cured――――”

The door was closed immediately with a bang, quickly followed by the noise of something being locked, though our room has no key.

Let’s assume that it’s good for now……but if it isn’t good, if she still vomits white blooms and isn’t completely cured, such a thing can’t be overlooked.

Is this related to Aya being a zombie? Or does this strange disease called the Hanahaki disease really exist in this world……?

I knew from where this white blooms are. But mystery calls new mystery and also involve me and twine complicatedly.

“What has happened to this world……”

Unfortunately there is no person who can answer my question.

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