Hero Pandemic chapter 33

Chapter 33: Desperation ★★



*Smash* an inorganic sound echoed around. This would be a flag if it was a movie, triggering previously passive zombies to now attack, but fortunately we confirmed that the first floor was safe, and no zombies descended from the second floor above us.

Kurumi-chan took care not to touch the broken glass and picked up the shining ring. Although I didn’t look carefully, apparently the price was about 90,000 yen, including tax. It wasn’t an amount that a junior high school student could afford for her sister, so this was one of the few advantages of such a world.

……However, usually with such circumstances, we wouldn’t be able to give such an expensive ring as a present. It can be said that, normally, this would be impossible to plan in advance. Why did Kurumi come up with giving this ring as present?

She was bitten by a zombie and fucked by me……why is she so normal?

The first thing that came up in my mind were whether she planned for this or if it was spontaneous?

If, say, the former was unlikely, then there it could only be the latter. But Kurumi-chan knew the details of this pinky ring, even the place where it was located. The latter was, therefore, also unlikely.

She planned it as a part of going shopping before, but now it’d become a crime……because we stole it.

Well, while I thought so it, didn’t really matter. What mattered was the fact that Kurumi-chan could afford it.

“……Are you desperate?”

“Did you say something?”

“No, nothing”

Kurumi reacted to my words expressionlessly, and the ring put under the light which came from the outside.

What is she thinking about? Even though I can’t understand the feelings of girls around this age, there is no way I can understand the feeling in such a complex situation.

“Today is the fifth day”


“How do you feel?”

I didn’t understand, because I didn’t know enough to supplement it with my imagination. So I wanted to know a little bit about Kurumi-chan. ……I would be in trouble if she gave up on everything. It was a miracle to find a grain of gold in the desert, but Kurumi’s zombie bite could be cured by me and no way in hell I would let her die.

“How am I feeling? Of course it is the worst. ……To the point that I don’t know whether I’ve really become a zombie in just a few days”

It would be so. Such days can’t be the best and she wasn’t supposed to be a zombie.

“One question Kurumi, have you seen the moment when people became zombies?”


“So……then I’ll tell you. People who have been bitten by a zombie die around a week. And then they resurrected as a zombie.

Of course it was a lie. People who had become zombies would gradually lose their physical condition, but live as human beings with their physical condition broken, before suddenly dying. And it was synonymous with the birth of a zombie……and besides, I didn’t know at what point did she become a zombie.

“In other words, you can stay with your sister until the end. ……Therefore, it would be bad if you didn’t feel so……there is no need to commit suicide”

Kurumi-chan was bitten by a zombie, raped by me, then……she didn’t care about after that. No insurance. It wasn’t necessary.

When Kurumi-chan said at least for the fifth day, I knew there was something today after five days. I thought that she would not die until then. But after six days……what if she missed her sister’s birthday? What if Kurumi-chan couldn’t stand the reality and didn’t want to bother others?

It was likely that she’d choose death. So I had to sting the nails.

“A week after being bitten……in other words, the day after tomorrow, I have something I want to tell Kurumi-chan. Therefore――――”

“Don’t die or? I mean, it’s quite selfish and the first thing you say is changing”

It was a matter of course. The purpose differed between five days prior and five days after. When Kurumi-chan was bitten by a zombie, she wanted to commit suicide no matter what. She would have liked to commit it in the place where she was bitten. But now she didn’t have to worry about zombies.

It would be easy if it was that simple, but now it was useless. Today was Shizuyo-chan´s birthday and I didn’t want to hinder it, so I quickly caused a confusion.

It was better for Kurumi to come to me to hear the truth than for me to tell her the truth immediately.

Of course, I could say that because of the odds. 8 or 9 out of ten wasn’t okay. There were elements that could be said to be all right. There was only one problem, I didn’t want to use that if possible.

So I was going to persuade Kurumi-chan with the result that she wasn’t a zombie. If she wasn’t convinced by all means, I’d only have to use that trump card which I didn’t want to use.

“Ah, no. I haven’t changed, Kazuya-san. After all, it’s my body, right?”

――――Honestly, I didn’t expect this answer.

It may be correct to say that it couldn’t be expected. To be sure, I could only hear the way I use the argument to extend our physical relationship. I may have unconsciously averted my eyes. It was a self-centered idea that I didn’t want to be disliked anymore though it was already helpless.

“Please don’t make that face, because I’m not particularly bothered. Today I got help, and it’ll be okay. ……Please”

Saying so, Kurumi-chan puts down her skirt and underwear and spread her own hole with her fingers, after laying down on an unbroken glass case.


“What’s the matter? Now. ……Ah, you’re worried about zombies. All right. I’ll keep an eye outside”

Kurumi-chan said so one-sidedly with a blank expression and changed the posture so that her upper body was placed on the glass case to see the entrance, while her buttocks were raised. It’s the doggystyle position.

This is……what is the right answer? Certainly, I hadn’t injected my semen yet today, but it was the first time Kurumi has asked by herself. That’s why it was unexpected.

Because the disagreement of my behavior was just pointed out, there was an option of not doing it here either. But Kurumi´s body was already waiting, so would it be suspicious to refuse?

No No, at this stage it’s no longer a matter of being suspicious or not…….

“Kazuya-san, I will make meals today, so please do it quickly”

“I understand”

After all, I touched Kurumi as said.

When I touched her wet hips, Kurumi opened both legs so that it is easy for me to lick.


And when I touched her clitoris with my lips, Kurumi-chan drew a short breath. I hadn’t licked yet, but it was wet already and it seemed like it was already a long time since she lost her virginity, though it was just five days ago.

Because I hadn’t touched anything, I couldn’t not go too far, but love juice was dripping through her vagina hole. In this case it wouldn’t hurt even if I put it in. Besides, the action outside was restless, therefore I quickly wanted to ejaculate to go home soon.


The penis entered smoothly that you wouldn’t believe that it was Kurumi´s vagina. However, the tightening was even stronger than before and I understood that Kurumi-chan was excited about having outdoor sex.

Although I said I wanted to ejaculate quickly, I didn’t intend to finish it in a matter of minutes, so I slowly pierced with my penis. It was already pleasant with only the glans, but if she keeps moving as it is, the feeling of ejaculation will come and go. I thought so…….

“Hey, Kurumi-chan!?”

Kurumi moved her waist and swallowed my son easily to the very end.

“Wait a moment, stop, stop!”

She shook her butt while brilliantly ignoring my restraint repeatedly. As a matter of course, I only had to retreat one step behind but that would make me feel somewhat defeated.


I moved my hips to match Kurumi-chan´s movement. I hit a good angle, and Kurumi convulsed.

“Ahu……! ……ua……”

When I noticed Kurumi´s face who was watching the entrance turned downwards, the hands on her cheeks were used to prevent chatter.

It was surprising because it wa a junior high school student’s hole which trembled when the uterus was pushed up. Even in such a state, Kurumi raised her ass more strongly, as if she was enjoying the pleasure.

Her favorite seemed to be when I pressed my son against her cervix, rather than putting it in and out.


At this moment a panting voice overflowed from her mouth.

The feeling of ejaculation had already come and it seemed like it was going to come out anytime soon. Of course, I didn’t have to change my original schedule to quickly ejaculate and return soon, that’s why I thrust up as much as possible with full strength and put it out towards her non-resistant uterus.

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