Hero Pandemic chapter 34

Chapter 34: The tip on the chest



When I released the last bit of my semen after a few seconds, I pulled out my penis slowly. And as soon as it came out, my semen dripped on the floor.

“H……Ha, let’s go home quickly”

Kurumi didn’t hide her red cheeks and headed straight to the entrance while being a bit dizzy. Her figure was appalling as if she was a zombie.

“I am staggering, but it’s all right――――”


When I put my hands on her shoulder, a loud voice echoes on the wide street. And responding to it, many sounds could be heard here and there. Even if I scratched my head, the cause of the sound were zombies. And this time, we’d left our bows at home.

In other words, it was a real pinch.

“Run away!”


Avoiding the zombies that had appeared before us, I swung the hammer with full force so that we wouldn’t get caught by them.

I’d gotten used to the feeling of killing living things. Whether a zombie was a living thing or not, they were unexpectedly soft, and the truth is only their bones were hard. How much strength do you need to kill them……?

Even if she was alone, Kurumi was also crushing the heads of the zombies precisely and made them unmoveable by shattering their kneecaps.

……They will be a harm for the future of humans if they still can move quickly.

For example, even if vaccine could be made with my blood, it wouldn’t be so easy for the human race to make a counterattack and eliminate the zombies.

In that case……it might still be better to live in this apocalypse world.

I thought so and saw Kurumi-chan running behind me. It was probably because we were in a safer position than other people.

“……Let’s be quiet for a while”




“……I’m home …………I am tired”

“I’m home……too”

After we escaped from the zombies safely, we went home……but we got some materials at a nearby supermarkets.

Mainly canned products and bottles were used and as soon as we moved, we heard sounds and encountered zombies at the end. Ten zombies should still wandering under the apartment. I am sorry for everyone in the neighborhood.

“Please stop Kazuya-san. I’m cooking the meals today……I’ll wake you up”

“Ah, uh. Honestly……I’m completely sleepy…………good night”

“Good night”

I was sent off by Kurumi and returned to my room. And dove into my bed.


I heard a sound as if something crushed, but I didn’t care and held my warm pillow in my chest and fell asleep just like that.




*Bang* , I woke up from the sound that the door opened.

I thought about looking at the clock to see the time, but my body didn’t do what I wanted. Apparently, as a result of various impossible things, my body seemed to have been exhausted.

It seemed that Kurumi-chan had come to wake me up. I’m sorry, but I want to sleep again……but, I can’t do such a thing on Shizuyo-chan’s birthday.

When I wake up and get ready to stand up……the bed creaks.

The reason is that the person who came into the room went on the bed.

If so, there was no sign of Aya-chan next to me. Did she went to the toilet and returned now?

……I thought, but it was too heavy for Aya-chan. It felt like a human who weighs more than Aya-chan from the feeling of squealing and subduction of the bed.

So who is on the bed right now and is looking down at me? It was Shizuyo-chan.

However, why would Shizuyo-chan wake me up?

I wondered, while I open my eyes――――Shizuyo-chan, who was illuminated by light from behind, was looking at me with a kitchen knife in her hand. The light leaking from the hallway hit the kitchen knife and lit up the room.

And the blunt kitchen knife dropped vertically.


I push out my arms in a hurry and succeed in capturing Shizuyo-chan´s arms. The tip of the knife stagnated about ten centimeters above my chest and trembled.

“Wh, what!? What’s the matter, Shizuyo-chan!?”

The strength was antagonistic to the last minute as the sharp knife moved up and down.

Shizuyo-chan is a girl, but she used all her weight, so I couldn’t tell her strength. I wanted to praise myself for stopping the first blow in my half-sleepy state.


Shizuyo-chan didn’t say anything.

Instead, she put more power into her arms which indicated “This is the answer”.

Finally, I was able to grasp the situation. In short, Shizuyo-chan probably heard everything from Kurumi-chan.

Apparently she seemed to have misunderstood it. I wish I had explained everything from the beginning as well. ……No, it was not supposed to be accepted normally, and Kurumi-chan was afraid that Shizuyo-chan would know about it.

Even though there were many ways how I could tell everything to Shizuyo-chan……no Kurumi-chan as well.


Tears overflowed from Shizuyo´s eyes and dropped on my cheeks. This feeling couldn’t be put in words……huu, the strength loosens.

It isn’t Shizuyo-chan´s strength but mine――――the tip is on my chest,


The bed creaked faster than stabbing and Shizuyo-chan disappeared from my top.

Aya who raised one leg is standing in the place where Shizuyo-chan was up till now and her eyes were sharply staring at Shizuyo-chan.


What happened.

No, I know what happened. To put it simply, Aya-chan who came back kicked Shizuyo-chan´s belly. ……How? I don’t know what Aya did saying it myself. I mean, it was a beautiful kick, but where did she learn it?

With a confused expression I saw Aya-chan putting down her leg, before she approached the quivering Shizuyo who holds her belly. And bent her leg behind――――

“Tsk!? Stop, that’s not good! Yakuza kick is bad on the face!!”

I hurriedly jumped at Aya-chan to hold her and retreat back to the bed with her. Of course Aya-chan sat on my knee.

When I managed to soothe my daughter, Shizuyo-chan seems to have recovered a little and glared at me while holding her stomach. And Aya reacted violently again.

“What the hell, seriously…”

Such words leaked from my mouth in the change of emotion which was hard to describe.

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