Hero Pandemic chapter 41

Chapter 41: Zombie fungus



“……Well, I already knew that anyway”.

Honjo blushed, ashamed of blurring that out. The girl in front didn’t say anything.

“Ah, emm……ah, I didn’t mean that. I am Honjo Yumi. I came here about a week ago”

“……Ah, you are the rumored princess. I am Midou Kaede”

(TL note: I don’t know why but those names Midou and Kaede appear in all my novels. Midou in Inma and one of my R15 novels and Kaede in both R15 novels)

Kaede said convincingly. She then looked at Honjo, who stood there and was apologizing.

“I´m so sorry, I don’t really have any reasons for being that well known”

“Ah, no……”

Honjo knew that negative rumors had been spreading throughout HQ ever since she first set foot off the helicopter. She didn’t feel bad about it, and yet she felt hurt at same time.

“……Midou-san is majoring in pharmacy?”

Honjo knew that the awkward silence couldn’t continue, so she just spewed up a random question from the top of her head

She figured that Kaede was doing a job that involved medical care. One of the reasons were that she was wearing a white coat, but the obvious hint was that she was also familiar with medical manufacturing methods.

“Yeah……I think that my majorouring subject will be biological functional science. I am studying in the field of load-adaptive microbiology”

“……I see”

Yumi didn’t understand anything, but she nodded without a blink.

“In other words, I´m investigating the blue fungus. For example, when the fungus produces antibiotics, I then try to find out how the cells functions and moves to be able to make the antibiotics. With that information, I will try to make better fungus”

That was a much more comprehensible explanation than what she previously said, but it was too technical and only “That is amazing” came out.

“……Umm? But then, what you´re doing now is unprofessional, isn’t it?”

She wasn’t an expert on anything professional. It was a matter of fact that humans were ignorant. That was why Maple did not mocked the bow. However, she always thought that there was not a single smart person here.

Therefore, the question she got was unexpected.

“……That’s right. Originally my job is to examine the fungi. So if you are doing this to…………I’m sorry, I won’t bother to you anymore”

Kaede talked about the cause as if it was something out of hand or worse.

She hadn’t overlooked Yumi.

(……Admittedly, I had to do it. I´m bound here, which is frustrating)

It was safe if she just stayed here. She would be happy if she stayed here……or she could give it up and leave. For the past week, Honjo had been forced to do everything that she was told to do.

It was certainly safe here. It was safe, not frightening and she would always have enough food to eat. She would have been content. However, it was all meaningless if there was no Kazuya.

Kaede was definitely similar to Yumi. Kaede was worried that her future actions might be affected if she was uncareful, but there was also a feeling of confidence that made her think that everything will be fine. (plot armour)


Kaede stopped walking away and turned as a formal expression towards Honjo-san.


“Do you……want to team up with me?”

Kaede frowned at Yumi´s suggestion.

“I want to go outside. I want to……there is someone I want to see”

Kaede didn’t flinch and only listens silently.

“Midou-san, there’s something that you can’t do here, right? ……Do you want to join me?”

Kaede didn’t answer.

If, by any chance, Kaede told this to someone, then it would be difficult for Yumi to escape.

They needed some weapons and food to get out, they were going to steal them. There was no great patrol at the equipment room. It was one of the worst guarded areas out there, but if someone didn’t want to fly the helicopter like she did when she came here, then it won’t be easy to get out of here.

It may have been premature……but in front of Honjo who began stress, Kaede smiled a little.

“I’m sorry, I need to rephrase myself. You’re not a princess. You’re an unbelievable person”


“Yes, I am also dissatisfied with the current situation and I also want to leave”


Yumi who couldn’t hide her joy griped Kaede´s hands and shook them forcefully.

“Once again, Honjo Yumi! Thank you in advance!”

“Yes, my best regards. I’m fine with just Kaede”

“You can call me Yumi then!”

Yumi, after a week, finally made a friend. Now she didn’t have to worry even if she was in front of Kaede.

Kaede’s lips were drawing arcs, which seemed like she didn’t only think about Honjo alone.

“Let’s move and talk inside this room. I’ll give you a cup of tea”

“Thank you very much”

Yumi was guided to the room by Kaede and stepped into the laboratory. There were many unknown machines and a lot of paper had accumulated……this room was really messy.

Honjo sat on one of two chairs in the room, while being careful not to step on the paper that was scattered all over the floor.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any good tea leaves with me”

Kaede, who entered the room a little later, put cups, that had tea bags floating in the hot water, in front of Yumi and moved some documents before she herself sat down in front of Yumi.

“……Peach tea……nice aroma”

While stirring the tea with a teaspoon, she closed her eyes and tried to smell the aroma from the teacup.

She might have been used to the smell, but for Honjo who loved peaches, she really appreciate it.

Next she put sugar into her cup and stirred it, before gently tasting the tea without burning her tongue. The smell that drifted into her nose was satisfying.

“Speaking of which…Kaede-san, what are you going to do outside?”

Kaede was dissatisfied with the current situation as well as Honjo and said that she wanted to leave. However, why exactly was she dissatisfied?

She said that her specialty was investigation of fungi, I wonder how it was possible to do it. However, for amateurs there were plenty of facilities here, and it seemed like it would be possible to examine the fungus. Or was there a more specialized facility somewhere in the area?

Kaede replied briefly to Honjo who had asked the strange question.

“I want to get the zombie fungus”


Because of those few unexpected words, Yumi burned her tongue unintentionally.

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