Hero Pandemic chapter 44

Chapter 44: Hawk’s eyes



Honjo-san´s POV

March 19th.

In the darkness I opened my eyes, as soon as I did, I didn’t know where I am, but I felt that I couldn’t make out any meaning simply by seeing the outline of the ceiling. If I close my eyelids, I can hear the sound of a person sleeping in the same room, but the information that I really want won’t come.

When I touch the sheet, it is moist and I know that the rain is near.

However, I couldn’t hear the raindrops at all and from the outside, occasionally I heard someone’s footsteps.

Picking up my smartphone on the bedside, the time is around 2 o’clock in the midnight. Even if it is raining in the future, the promised time will come, so it would be nice to go to bed today.

However, as I was thinking “Maybe today is the day of escape,” I feel like I’m going to be oversleeping.

(……I wish I could touch the night wind)

It will surely rain tomorrow. In other words, today is the last day in this base.

Although I actually spent about three weeks here, I still have the awareness that I´m indebted. Of course I will leave tomorrow so I thank them so far, but I can’t give my greeting. However, it is the last time to see everyone here since I don’t know what will happen in the future. So at the very least I wanted to burn the spectacle that this could be the last place to live as a decent human while walking in the night wind.

Therefore I didn’t change my clothes and wear a coat on top of my sleeping clothes so as not to make as little noise as possible.

Spring is approaching and it is still cold at night, but I was about to go out with such light clothing.


That said, the weather is cloudy when it rains and it cools down indeed.

I thought that I should wear thick clothes a little more, but my body will warm up if I walk. I think so and take a walk around the base.

Of course I won’t see anyone. I was occasionally far away, only the lights of the people looking around were visible.

“――――I see”

I smile, because there is a conclusion for myself.

(I’m in love)

I want to go to Kazuya-san´s side, I want to meet him once again, I was thinking about such things. The reason is simply because I like Kazuya-san. By the way, if I said such a simple thing, I didn’t say it properly.


My body temperature rose at once.

“I like Matoba-san”

My body temperature rose once again.

“I love Matoba-san!!”

While suppressing my voice, I word it properly.

I came to this common conclusion because the inside of this base where I was brought to was better than I expected.

Even if this life goes away, even if the people here dies, I certainly don’t think about them. To be precise, it may shake slightly, but the time with Kazuya was dramatic enough to think that such an error is an error.


My tension melts completely and my body reminds me of my drowsiness.

I returned to my room and wanted to sleep again, when the sky shone a little.

Is it thunder? I turned around at once! And a dry sound echoes. I didn’t know what the sound was, but it was surely not thunder.

“Eh? Eh?”

Light and sound were only once. A flash of light twinkles twice.

Even though an obviously abnormal situation has occurred, there is no appearance that the light departs from this place.

“It’s a sniper. You don’t have to worry about trivial things”

Suddenly I heard a voice from behind and I jumped up quickly . In retrospect, there was Yuna.

“Yu, Yuna-san!? Why are you here……?”
“I watched you get out. I’m sorry, but I had to follow you”

I remember the act that I did a while ago, which is not normal for humans.

At that time I came to a conclusion and voiced it out thinly.

How do you see it when seen from behind…and a answer came out without thinking.

“A, ah……”

I can’t describe my emotions now. What is this, shame, anger……or is it impatience or sadness?


And somehow only one word came up in my mind.

“……Sniper, what do you mean?”

I can’t endure it anymore. However, if I talk about something else like this, I may get distracted somewhat.

It was an ad hoc question, but Yuna answers politely.

“Zombies seem to be living with hearing and vision, and this is the most cheerful and lively place in the region. If you imagine a bug in a street lamp, it would be easy to understand.”

I imagined the insects killed by an electric shock of trap lights. It is true that the light shines for a moment on the verge of death.

“Go to bed early. It will rain soon”
“……How do you know it’s going to rain?”

When I felt a sense of deja vu somewhat, I opened my mouth towards Yuna-san who is still wearing sunglasses in this darkness.

“…………Good night”
“Ah, good night”

What kind of life would you have if you say such a thing? I muttered quietly in my mind while thinking about the senpai who I just met a few days ago.

And when I laid down again, the rain sound was tapping gently into my ear.



The next day, March 20th.

When I got up it had already stopped raining. However, it was easy to imagine that the clouds became thicker and thicker and they quickly descended again.

“Good morning, please have a good morning”

While I smiled awkwardly, I handed out the breakfast soup to the members of the SDF.

The man who received the soup from me receives white rice and pickles next.

Although it is a line work, I am receiving advice from a meal staff person “Do not work as much as possible”. While being conscious of it, the flow stopped unexpectedly when it was a series of work.

Then I remember that my eyes went to my hand and I didnt see the other’s face. When I raise my face in a hurry, the human in front of me is staring at me.

“Good morning……what?”

The people of the Self Defense Force are naturally wearing camouflage clothes in a color tailored to Japanese trees. But the man in front of me was wearing a black jacket as well as a black rider suit with a tight fitting equipment such as a dump pouch and a belt keeper to store his empty magazine. On the back there is a diagonally sharp object like a sniper rifle.

And the biggest surprise for me is――black hair, that is stretching down to the waist and the person in front of me proved to be a female and not a man.

She doesn’t answer right now. She just keep silent and looks at me.

She is entirely hiding not only her body but also her whole face with black goggles and a face mask. Far from being true, I don’t even know her expression.

What should I do. As I looked around for asking for help, I saw Yuna heading towards us.


The woman in front of my eyes reacts to Yuna’s call. Of course she didn’t say a word, but only moved her neck alone and put Yuna into her sight.

“Do you want to eat?”

The woman called Ai swung her head vertically. And then she looks at me again.

“Yes that’s right. She is the fellow who I went to help last time”

Because she didn’t say a word yet, I was wondering if she could speak, but apparently it is not so. But in the end she never talked much, and when she received the pork soup from me, she left alone first.

“……Emm, who was that?”
“Yesterday’s sniper”
“Ah, yesterday’s……was that Ai-san?”

Yuna doesn’t answer and only folds her arms.

“Because she is just called so for convenience…she can be thought of as a human of a special force who doesn’t even have a name…and her code name is Hawk’s Eye, people around me including me are calling her Ai-san as nobody knows her real name”
“Code name……”

It is not thought that it is possible to hear that word by any means other than movies and cartoons and it is impressive in a strange way. But it’s a world where zombies roam. There might be such a thing and I swallowed the presence of Hawk Eye.

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