Hero Pandemic chapter 45

Hero Pandemic chapter 45: Escape



“Would it be possible for me to get more from that?”

Yuna points to the pork miso soup.

“Ah, yes”

Yumi who remembered her work, stirred the pot to mix the ingredients that have sunk down since a while. And while watching the contents turning round and round, she told Yuna what she thought unexpectedly.

“……Do you have any resistance to shooting zombies?”

Because she is leaving the base, she will be fighting with zombies. However, at that time, she wasn’t sure whether she could really kill zombies. If zombies are more heterogeneous and are still like humans…then they are humans. With that feeling she can’t kill.

Yumi wonders if she can smile with Kazuya while such responses don’t disappear. Or is she surprisingly, getting used to it?

But Yuna ‘s answer was unexpected.

“I don’t know. Because I have never shot an zombie”
“Zombies are merely a common name, because they are only reported as humans who are infected with a pathogenic bacteria, whether it is a new virus or not, we naturally can’t shoot at people”
“……Who is that?”

Yumi ugly figure walking while spilling the internal organs, and I can not believe Yuna that it is a person and my face suffers.

“You don’t know? Civil Servant of the Self-Defense Force.”

Yuna didn’t tell more. However, that word had smacked a big existence that could be said to be even higher, that is to say than the country itself.

However, if that is the case, it can not be dismissed if it is a contempt. Regardless of the crisis of the lives of the SDF and civilians, don’t shoot at zombies……do people who have authority to command such orders say that they are people without any basis?

Is there any reason?

Although Yumi thought so, even if zombies are returned to humans, they will only become corpses that won’t move. She can’t handle the existence of losing your life and becoming just a meat lump to the same line as a living human being.

But Yumi remembered her small new friend who she got acquainted with a while ago.

Where did the people who were originally there go?

Kaede is an excellent human for Yumi. Although it can only be said vaguely “amazing”, there were no people like Kaede near here. If people who are superior to Kaede are saying that zombies are humans…will that be true?


If zombies are humans. Then won’t they be inhuman when they become humans again.

(Even if Matoba-san was really bitten……she can help him)

If Kazuya was really bitten, then she must keep an eye on him. However, if he can return to being a human, then her hope will increase.

It is hard to believe that a zombie whose internal organs protrude is returning to being a human so that it is a inconclusive story, but the story will change if it is only a bite wound.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, it’s nothing”

Her increased heartbeat was held down and Yumi smiled only.

“Oh, I understand that Yuna-san has never shot a zombie, but what about Ai?”

Yuna said that she was a sniper. Zombies flock to the streets like insects.

If it was an anesthetic gun, it wouldn’t be the punchline.

“Yes……her jurisdiction is different from ours. I said that she is a special forces? The upper echelons seem to have known her existence, but they don’t have the authority to order her. Well, for us she is a blessing in disguise”
“I see”

The reason why she expressed it happily might be that Yuna didn’t think that zombies are humans. She wants to shoot if she can shoot, but she can’t. However Yumi wonders if Ai has resolved the stagnation that accumulates with that.

Even for Yumi, it’s only a relief when a zombie is shot by another person. She is not sure if an acquaintance was shot or not. The peace of her mind is kept as long as she doesn’t know.
She doesn’t think that a friend’s family might be shot and killed. Except the humans who are outside of this base. Everyone thinks so, and it seems that they all have already gotten over it.
Yumi certainly worried about her family, but Kazuya-san is a priority that should be prioritized and she has nothing to do with how many zombies Ai-san shoot and kills. It is better if she would kill more quickly.

If the amount of zombies is reduced, it is safer and if the zombies gather in a place where sound and light are fierce, it would be nice to leave the base from a different place.

“……Hmm, it rains”

Yumi is under a tent so that the meals wont get wet, but there are no roofs where the people sit who are eating breakfast.

They hurriedly packed together and move to a place with a roof.

The momentum of the rain falling down became faster instead of stopping and Yumi was grasping her skirt intensely while being in her thoughts again. Probably she will be leaving here today.

“Yuna-san, you’ll lose your seat”
“Oh, yes. You also must eat properly”
“Yes, of course”

Yumi watched Yuna. She doesn’t mind those words and there was no way that Yuna realized something.



And when the night has come.

The time is before 2am. Everyone had already gone to bed and heavy rain is roaring.

It sounds noisy to people who are awake, but can’t sleep. It was also not surprising that those who slept wouldn’t wake up.

Yumi gently takes her smartphone and leaves the room without even wearing a coat. At that moment, she searched for Yuna so as not to be noticed, but she didn’t know where she was sleeping.

Yuna is surely sleeping here because her existence relieves the women. However, because it arrives at the floor later than anyone, it is unknown where it is sleeping.

(I should have find out about the place where she slept beforehand)

Entering a private room in the toilet with some regret, Yumi takes out clothes from the hidden load.

The last time she was wearing a jacket, she was marked as suspicious by Yuna. However, if it is thorough up to here, it will be truly safe. A big luggage is already carried to Kaede’s laboratory beforehand and is ready.

At the end, she put on a pair of sneakers and wear a raincoat before going outside carefully. At this time of the day, she knew that the watch wouldn’t pass here, but the possibility wasn’t zero.

But fortunately there was no one and Yumi’s heel kicked the ground strongly.

“Sorry I made you wait!”

When Yumi came to the technical building while arranging disturbed breathing, Kaede who was wearing a transparent raincoat over her white coat was waiting.

There was a place where she thought that it was a white coat at such time, but she didn’t say anything in particular.

“The luggage you brought secretly is inside”
“Thank you very much”

Because it is Kaede, carrying it without checking the contents won’t be bad.

They make sure that both are thoroughly prepared and nod to each other, before jumping out again soon, as the time to exchange words is meaningless.

“What about the wire mesh cutter!”
“I have prepared it!”

Shouting and communicating in the pouring rain. The rain made the noise useless and time was more important than that.

When they arrive at the escape place, Yumi receives a bolt cutter from Kaede and opens a hole in the wire mesh.

While they were expecting that it will take a little time on the tools they used for the first time in impatience and rain, the work went smoothly.


Yumi opened a hole that allows them to pass through at the last minute and they went through the wire mesh carefully so as not to be caught by the sharp mesh. There was no chance that Kaede would get caught in the hole through which Yumi could pass and Kaede went through the hole smoothly.

“Let’s hurry!”
“Wait! Are you going to leave the hole open!?”

Yumi´s heart bounces fast. Although it rained so far, the back of her throat was dry.

Kaede seems to have stopped and is closing the hole with a metal thread and a radio pliers.

It seems to be a watch, but above all, this is already “Outside”

(This way……)

For a moment, the devil whispers whether it is better to run, although it is really just a moment.

But the one who persuaded by the utility of Kaede… No, what?

“……I, I will help you!”

Following something more dangerous than the devil, Yumi helps Kaede closing the hole.

But rather than hurry to close the hole, Yumi should have been wary of the surroundings.


Yumi had fallen on the ground when she noticed it. Did you grasp strongly when pulling down, lag behind and it hurts my left shoulder.

And as soon as Yumi grasped the situation, a zombie showed up with opened mouth.


Kaede who noticed the presence of the zombie was too slow to throw the pliers she was holding.

The distance between them was only one step, but the distance was fatal.

Faster than Kaede’s help and earlier than Yumi´s resist――――a flash like a meteor penetrated the head of the zombie.

Light and sound is delayed, the wind was rolled up, tapping the sand on those two.

The sound of the zombie falling down was drowned out by the rain, but the vibrations from the touched ground conveyed the reality.

“Na, e“

Kaede unexpectedly touches Yumi’s cheek. It was very cold, but the warmth of the wick was definitely felt. Of course, Yumi is alive and wasn’t bitten.

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