Hero Pandemic chapter 9

Hero Pandemic chapter 9: Repetition★★

There is something strange. This world where zombies are rampant is of course also strange, but compared to that――――I don’t die after the zombie bite, but still I, who was still alive after two weeks and didn’t turn into a zombie am a mysterious person.

At first a zombie eating a sweet roll, I didn’t suspect that Aya-chan was one of my kind and I have come to think that probably the cause of it is because she ate my flesh and blood. I currently have no harm either, so it is awkward that I was rather too fine.


Aya-chan groaned reflectively when I poked the deepest part of her. Recently the inside of her vagina also became ripe and when you go in and out from the entrance it is vulgar and tightened firmly.

It was hard, when I violated her the first time and the feeling of penetrating this comfortable pussy was unbearable and there are different good points now that it is like a high-quality gem. I climb all over this junior high student. Often when her shutting starts and I try to pull out my penis, her vagina expands and contracts as if it don´t want to separate from me.

If its pulled out to very limit, the semen which starts scratching makes a stain on the sheets. Three shots are also launched already since this morning, but my son doesn’t show a sign to lose strength at all. This quantity is great, too and even if I cover Aya’s face with my cloudiness liquid like false sperm in an AV, it appears as if it is still a foreplay. It was already a new kind of sickness for me.

“I´m overdoing it indeed, for this”

I pat the pure white buttocks of Aya while inserting my son. She spend most of the day naked and isn’t baked whether it’s the purpose that we are indoor by good luck, her pure white boundary lines are kept. However, I regret that her light-brown skin will perish sometime soon if I do nothing, therefore I promised in my heart firmly that I take Aya-chan to the roof soon.

Because it is winter at the moment, she can’t wear a swimsuit even if we are in a shopping mall. Saying that her underwear is all right at the top it is worse in the bottom……what should I do? I think that it is impossible with common underwear to take out the line of an swimsuit.

I am not skillful enough to be able to handcraft it……it isn’t a reason, however it might be said that I have no experience in handicrafting. In the days of my junior high, there is only some memory that I have during home economic class.

“Is there a handcrafting-related book if I go to the bookstore?――――ua”

As if interfering with my plan that only heavenly revelation could came up with, Aya’s pussy condensed and seemed to cum somehow.

“…..Aya-chan, I am in trouble when you don’t say, “I cum” when you cum”

I was going to nearly release it with a half-finished pleasant feeling. Because I like to cum after I endured it to the limit, I might be able to endure it somehow.


As a meaning of punishment I hit the hips of Aya who just came and her sensitive body shook fearfully. According to it, her vagina sticks to me as if begging for my sperm.

When my insertion is repeated in such a state, I indeed reach my limit. I don’t know how often I cum inside her pussy today, but when I pull out my penis from Aya-chan’s pussy, I inserted it in the missionary position again. After seeing her snow-white hips with a personal taste, I like the rear-entry position more, however when it is the missionary position, I see Aya’s face which seems to be impertinent very well.

This junior high school student with young features and cohabit like an adult looks saucy somewhere even though she is expressionless. During her life……I don’t know whether I may say so, I’m intolerably excited how did Aya-chan was before she became a zombie……I might have loli complex. In such a world, such a thing doesn’t matter.


Her expression doesn’t change though I fling my penis to push forward. However there is a positive change――――Aya-chan and my face, she recognized the face of the man who raped her clearly.

One week ago she had a slightly vacant expression and she didn’t look at me. There is still no expression yet, however her eyes looked at me. I can’t read her feelings from it, however the actual feeling violating such a female junior high school student makes her act like a doll.

“……Nchu, juru……puhaa”

Despite that, zo give a tongue kiss to my zombie partner is also a little fearful. Natural rather than fear of death, it’s strange and abnormal and the extraordinary daily life was feeling to break apart. I enjoyed this reality that was out of order.


While being able to breath out, I feel the ejaculation sign and begin the last spurt. I move my waist without considering my partner and I was invited to the limit at once.

“――――I’m ejaculating!”

Byurururu, dobyu, byu, byu, byubyuu

A hot mass is released inside her womb and Aya-chan’s young pussy is polluted now.

Cumming at least three times in Aya´s vagina and exerting myself already, the quantity of my ejaculation didn’t change at all. Rather so as to hang it if I handle the number of times and take time by ejaculatiing, I think that it will be thicker and the amount will be larger.

When my waist is shaken and the remaining semen is put out in her uterus lightly, I outrun my overly-serious son without losing strength. However, semen hadn’t dropped out at once. It seems not to come out so easily.

……To be frank, I still want to do more, there will be a time to put an end to this daily life absorbed in sexual intercourse soon.

Aya-chan will regain her human quality surely. I don’t know whether her memories are included, however since I understood that she didn’t die, I have to think that she is alive.

There is still a heavy problem for me and Aya-chan. The food in the basement is limited and you must understand that it is one of the choices to leave this place.

Even if I say that I get away for food supply, our base is here.

Therefore, this base is defended and when my desire is put out, I want to grow food on the rooftop for the number of humans living here.

There is no other human than Aya-chan and me.

If go to the place where Honjo-san is, not to mention the staff, both the food and the defense facilities will be set. But how do I go there? First I’m already a dead person. I think that I am not mistaken for a zombie because I live this way, but the question will be why didn’t I turn into a zombie.

Even if I say it was a lie, I wouldn’t be trusted. That girl from the air force will find out my lie.

Therefore, there is only one thing I can do. It is simple and I should repeatedly do it now.

――――Returning a zombie to a human, everything is solved with that.

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