Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1015. Noon Sunshine / Outdoor rape the Anjou sisters 3: A Flat relationship



「 Haa, haa, uuuu 」

「 Kuuu, kuuu, haaa 」

Yomi’s setting fire on their lust, thus, the Anjou sisters;

Their whole body’s sweating, gasping hard.

The slit that came once is leaking love nectar like a spring.

「 Let’s start with Mitama-san 」

I get on top of Mitama-san’s naked body lying down on the lawn.

「 H-Hiiiiii!!! 」

Mitama-san’s afraid.

This must be her first time to have a naked man who isn’t her relative approach her that the skins touch.

She’s a girl with excellent physical ability as a bodyguard but she can feel physiological fear from a man with an erect penis approaching her.

She might be ignorant of any sexual knowledge but the rejection of forced mating shows up on living creatures.

Therefore, I must not hurry.

I can’t rush this.

“This is the natural end,” or “Now that this has happened, this must be my absolute fate”…

Relax, calm down. Rape Mitama-san.

I must not show my lust inside, her rejection will only get stronger.

I will do it ordinarily, violate her the right way.

「 Yeah, Mitama-san has some nicely shaped breasts 」

First, praise what needs praising.

「 I wanted to touch these since earlier 」

Mitama-san’s lying down and yet her breasts are showing their volume.

Such flexible looking breasts, it has a different tension on her skin.

The pink-colored nipple on the top has sweat sparkling.

「 I’m touching them 」

I grabbed her voluptuous breasts.

「 Hyaaa 」

Yomi raises Mitama-san’s sexual senses and so she moans as a man touches her breasts.

「 Kuuuaaa 」

Kinuka-san who has the pleasure linked to her moans the same way.

Yomi connects the sisters, and Tsukiko monitors it.

They have intensified their studies together with Michi and Edie’s Qi techniques, thus, the Takakura sisters’ powers have become stronger since they started living with us.

「 Muhiiiiiii!!! 」

「 Kyauuuuu!!! 」

Ooh, it’s been a while since I had sex with a girl with huge breasts.

Developing breasts are nice, but this big and squishy feeling is great.

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa’s mature breasts feel like mochi when I touch them but…

Mitama-san’s breasts are like bread dough.

I recall the feeling of the fermented dough’s elasticity.

Okay, let’s tease her nipples.

I play with Mitama-san’s nipples using my fingers.

「 Kuuuhiii! 」

「 Nuuga! 」

Kinuka-san who receives the pleasure through Mitama-san moans loudly.

Oh, Kinuka-san’s body isn’t as developed as her elder sister.

The pleasure her elder sister receives might be too much stimulation on her young and petite body.

Well, she won’t die from too much pleasure so I’ll just leave it alone.

I already know that these sisters have such an unyielding and healthy body.

I mean, these two are dull when it comes to the fundamentals, and so I need to carve it in their bodies.

The pleasure of sex.

「 Okay, let’s lick it 」

Mitama-san makes a curious face, but…

I started licking Mitama-san’s nipples like it’s my natural privilege.

Starting from the right side.

「 Kuuuuu, kuaaaaa, muuuuu 」

「 Mugiiiii, munaaaaa, muooooooo!!! 」

When I crawl my tongue, they moan loudly.

Yeah, Mitama-san’s nipples are getting stiffer from my stimulation.

I can feel the changes in her nipple with my tongue.

「 The left side is getting stiff too 」

I moved to the left nipple.

But I’m not forgetting to play with her right breasts with my hand.

「 Aaah, aaaaah, aaaahn~ 」

「 Mogyaa, mokyaaa, moaan 」

「 Karen, can you see it? Soon, Danna-sama will lick your breasts too 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Looking at Misuzu, she’s playing with Mizushima Karen-san’s breasts on top of the bra while hugging her.

「 Danna-sama, I’m just touching it. Danna-sama will be the first one to lick Karen’s breasts 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’m also touching this from top of her swimsuit 」

Misuzu’s long fingers are teasing Karen-san’s crotch.

「 Karen, this part will accept nothing but Danna-sama’s penis, right? 」

「 Y-Yes, I am Misuzu-sama’s pet, and Karen lives for Kuromori-sama to violate…hmmm 」

The young lady twists her body as Misuzu teases her.

「 My, that’s so cute! Misuzu-chan’s pet is amazing 」

Ruriko turned around and takes a photo of what Misuzu and Karen are doing

「 I also want a pet like Karen-san 」

「 But, you already have one in mind, don’t you, Ruri-tan? 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Yes, soon enough, I’ll ask Onii-sama to violate her 」

Torii-san trembles as she listens to the scary talk these two daughters of Kouzuki house talks about.

After Mitama-san and Kinuka-san, I’ve come to a decision.

If I’m going to make Arisu my woman, then I also have to take Mitama-san and Kinuka-san.

Loving a woman means you have to accept everything about her, and so I can’t stop.

If I don’t have that resolve, then I can’t have women.


The girls of the Kouzuki house has too much control, and so if they say that they can’t hold on unless they have pet women, then…

I’ll be taking that girl too.

Misuzu and Ruriko aren’t idiots, they know the limits. They pick the other party. They won’t hand over girls I won’t love.

They will pick a girl who is beautiful and cute enough to satisfy their desires, and of course, someone who never had a man.

Misuzu and Ruriko are both man-haters because of Jii-chan’s teachings.

I’m the only one they accept as a family and their Master.

Therefore, I don’t think they will pick anyone other than someone with intellect, a clear nature, and someone who will benefit the Kouzuki house and our family in the future.

Misuzu and Ruriko both love killing two, three birds in one stone.

We have that trust and so I allow them to do that.

I don’t have to worry about them.

「 Aaah, aaaah, aaaaah!! 」

「 Kuuu, kuufuu, kuhaaa 」

Mitama-san sweats and moans a lot as I tease her breasts a lot.

Kinuka-san who receives the same pleasure does the same.

I rub my cheeks on Mitama-san’s breasts.

Her flushed skin feels pleasantly warm.

Our bodies shine under the afternoon sunshine.

The pleasant wind touches our skins.

「 Yeah, the wind feels good, Mitama-san 」

「 Hahii, hahii, haaa, haa 」

Mitama-san’s body is wet from sweat yet flushed and so she won’t feel cold even if the wind breezes on her.

If I shove my penis inside Mitama-san, it will get warmer.

But, before that.

I need to break Mitama-san’s heart first.

「 Arisu 」

I look up at Arisu who’s watching Mitama-san.

Arisu gave me fellatio earlier and so her bra’s still removed, her nipples exposed.

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama? 」

Arisu looked at me.

「 Let Misato-san take care of the revival of the Kurama house. You don’t have to think about the Kurama house anymore 」

「 Huh? 」

Arisu’s surprised.

「 If you don’t leave the Kurama house, you can’t leave this relationship with Misato-san 」

Kurama house, and their servants. The young lady and her bodyguards.

「 Therefore, forget about the Kurama house for Mitama-san and Kinuka-san. Let Misato-san take car of it 」

Arisu is a smart girl.

She should understand it from that much.

There is no need for her to speak her true feelings.

Arisu only needs to show that she’s cutting off the master-servant relationship in front of the Anjou sisters.

「 Certainly. Arisu is Kuromori-sama’s concubine. I will think about the prosperity of the Kuromori house, not Kurama house 」

Arisu said.

If Arisu abandons the Kurama house, the Anjou sisters who have been the bodyguards of the Kurama house from ancestor age will lose their identity, destroyed.

「 I will serve nobody but Kuromori-sama and I vow to bear Kuromori-sama’s child. I will be under Kuromori-sama’s rule for the rest of my life 」


「 Mitama, Kinuka, I ask you two. Do the two of you follow us because you are the daughters of the Anjou house, or is it because you love us? If it’s just the family, then leave right this moment. I will apologize to Kuromori-sama 」

Arisu speaks with a straight face.

「 I’ve abandoned the Kurama house now. I’m not married to the Kuromori house. I chose to serve Kuromori-sama. Currently, I am Kuromori-sama’s vassal, no, slave. Calling me a concubine is a spoiled expression. I have become Kuromori-sama’s slave, therefore, I cannot think of loving anyone but Kuromori-sama. Slaves are not allowed to have subordinates, and so I’m cutting my ties with you 」

Arisu’s eyes are tearing up.

「 If you want to stay as the servants of Kurama house, then go back home. Then, don’t ever come near me again. I’m no longer your Master 」

Arisu said. Mitama-san and Kinuka-san are speechless.


「 Arisu, after licking Mitama-san’s breasts I want to have sex. Take off your swimsuit and stick out your ass 」

I raised Mitama-san’s sexual pleasure so far and now I’m leaving her.

I’m going to show their Master have sex with me again.

「 Certainly 」

Arisu drops her swimsuit with a trembling hand.

「 A-Arisu-sama! 」

Kinuka-san shouts without thinking.

「 Quiet, this is my duty as a slave 」

Arisu’s trembling stopped.

Despite falling as a slave, Arisu’s heart remains noble.

「 Get on all fours just like Mitama-san earlier. I’m going to violate Arisu like a dog 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Arisu does as I told her.

「 Open your legs. Raise your ass. I can’t put it in like that 」

「 Yes 」

Arisu turns her ass towards me.

As expected, she doesn’t have as much meat as Mitama-san.

But, this girl has some long and slender legs.

Her ancestor might have some foreigner blood.

Her name is Arisu after all.

「 I-Is this good enough? 」

「 Yeah, good 」

I kneel behind Arisu and rub my glans on her slit.

Arisu is already wet after watching me disgrace Mitama-san.

「 Arisu 」

「 Yes? 」

「 Ask for it 」

I said. Arisu…

「 P-Please violate Arisu. Please enjoy Arisu’s body, and please fill me up so much that I’ll get pregnant 」

「 Good, that’s a pass 」

I pushed it inside Arisu.

「 Aaaah!!! 」

「 Arisu-sama!! 」

「 Arisu-ojousama!!! 」

The Anjou sisters witness my thick penis to enter their Master’s body.

「 Don’t mind me 」

Arisu shouted at the sisters.

「 This is what I asked for! Arisu asked to become Kuromori-sama’s slave! 」

Then, to me…

「 Please enjoy Arisu’s unskillful body 」

「 Yeah 」

I hold Arisu’s hips and slowly move her.

「 Yes, that’s good. Arisu’s pussy is tight and warm 」

「 T-Thank you…uuu 」

「 Arisu, you’re cute. I like your body, but I like your heart the best 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

Arisu’s a kind girl.

Yesterday, she’s been encouraging her sister who’s been dispirited.

Today, all this for the Anjou sisters.

「 I’m going to love you forever 」

「 Thank you…aaah, thank you…!!! 」

I don’t intend to cum inside Arisu and so I stir up Arisu’s insides slowly.

「 Then, Mitama, Kinuka, what about you? 」

I’m calling them.

It’s about time to settle this.

「 As you can see, Arisu is now my slave. Not your master 」

I pull the glans to the limit then show it burying inside Arisu to the sisters.

I violate Arisu and she consents. Accepting it.

「 If you girls want to stay as the servants of the Kurama house, then I’m letting you go. Go back to the Kurama house. Although, you might not even have a home to return to 」

Arisu’s father has to disappear and hide to cut off his relationship with foreign investors.

They can come back to the Kurama house but nobody will be there.

「 Our Father ordered us to keep Misato-sama and Arisu-sama safe no matter what 」

Mitama-san who’s lying down on the lawn naked as Yomi is control of her body shouted.

「 We can’t go back home without Ojou-sama! 」

「 That’s right! 」

Kinuka-san also shouts despite being unable to move her body.

「 That’s just for your convenience! Arisu’s no longer related to the Kurama house! Didn’t she say it?! 」

I speak to the Anjou sisters as I violate Arisu.

「 B-But… 」

「 But still… 」

Mitama’s mind is flustered from my vigor.

「 If you want to stay by Arisu-san’s side then you must become Onii-sama’s slaves too 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah, of course. That’s the only way 」

「 If you don’t want that, then give up on Arisu-chan turn your tail and go back home 」

The twins said.

「 Sorry but we have enough bodyguards, and I don’t think you’re suited to become bodyguards either 」

I made it clear.

「 However, I quite like Mitama and Kinuka’s body. Arisu, the two of them are beautiful, cute, aren’t they? 」

「 Y-Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

Arisu replies as I poke her uterus.

「 If it’s the two of you, I might get you pregnant 」

I said. Mitama and Kinuka trembled.

These insensitive girls fear me as a woman.

They can imagine my thick penis that’s going inside Arisu, going inside them.

Currently, their bodies are on fire.

Their bodies are in complete control.

Edie and Michi broke their pride as a bodyguard.

They don’t have the leeway to cool themselves and look from an objective point of view.

「 It’s your choice now. If you’re willing to serve me, have sex with nobody but me, bear my child, and pledge all of it just like Arisu, then I’ll let you live together with her. If you don’t want that, then leave 」

The Anjou sisters looked at each other.

「 Do you not get it? Arisu’s cutting her relationship with you, and this can end up with Darling no longer raping you 」

Edie said.

「 Darling is liking Arisu’s resolve and so he stopped from violating the two of you. But in exchange, Arisu’s going to have sex for your share 」

Hearing that story, the Anjou sisters are cornered.

「 Arisu said that she’s Darling’s slave. A pledge where she will offer her love to Darling and serve him for the rest of her life. Arisu did it, but you girls can’t? 」

「 Look, Arisu-chan’s doing her best 」

「 Arisu-chan, go for it! 」

The twins also support Arisu, who I’m violating.

「 It’s just the second round so it must be hurting her 」

「 But, since she’s a lewd slave, she has to do what Onii-san tells her 」

「 I get that 」

「 We’re also lewd slaves, just like Arisu-chan 」

「 Right. We did promise Onii-san that 」

「 We asked him to be his slaves and let us stay 」

That’s right, I didn’t force them but gave them the choice.

Although, that’s not the whole thing.

Still, they believe that it’s their choice and so Arisu, Eri, and Rie all have confidence.

They’re slaves and yet they can live their life livelily.


「 What’s this? You girls can’t do what Arisu-chan did? 」

「 If you can’t do it, then your pride is too high that you can’t do anything 」

「 You keep telling everyone that you’re slaves and yet, in the end, you’re all just relying on Arisu-chan 」

「 Pretending that you’re tough and yet you’re just a loser 」

「 Arisu-chan’s body is going through that and you do nothing 」

「 Are you girls idiots 」

Eri and Rie are harsh when speaking.

「 Uuu, uuuu, aaah!! 」

Meanwhile, Arisu’s moans are getting louder as I bang her from behind.

「 Kinuka!! 」

Mitama called her little sister.

「 Become Kuromori-sama’s slave and stay here 」

「 Mitama-oneesama?! 」

「 Even if you become a slave, you can stay by Arisu-ojousama’s side and still protect her all the time 」

「 B-But… 」

「 They’re right. We lack resolve. Even if we fall into slavery, our first priority now is to stay by Arisu-ojousama’s side and regain her trust. It’s frustrating to say but we have lost Ojou-sama’s trust with us 」

Mitama said.

「 We must go through thick and thin to obtain our objective. We can fall into slavery now but people have crawled out and rose from it. Therefore, Kinuka, you must accept becoming a slave for now 」

「 B-But, w-why only me? What about Mitama-oneesama? 」

「 I will follow Misato-ojousama. Therefore, I will go to Misato-ojousama no matter what method I use 」

Arisu and Kinuka are 13.

Misato-san and Mitama are 18.

This isn’t a coincidence. Their father, the bodyguard of the Kurama house matched the age of their children with the young ladies to keep them safe.

That’s why they are bodyguards of each sister since their birth.


「 Unfortunately, we don’t need someone like Mitama in the world Misato-san about to live in 」

I said.

「 Misato-san is going to work for the revival of the Kurama house. If Mitama is there, you’ll only become a hindrance for her 」

「 But I… 」

「 What I mean is that there are people clearly better in the job as a bodyguard than Mitama! Don’t look down on other people 」

「 Aaah! 」

Arisu moans as I shoved in deep inside her.

「 Does Mitama-san have any knowledge of the business? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 No 」

「 Then, do you have any other skill than being a bodyguard? Can you cook food, or look after Misato-san’s daily necessities? 」

「 I can’t 」

Mitama replied.

「 Then it’s impossible. Misato-san will have to do a lot of work to regain the assets of the Kurama house. Currently, Mitama-san is useless, and you’ll only cause a burden on Misato-san 」

「 B-But…

「 Misato-san’s job is to entertain the men of the political and business circles. Do you understand? Kurama house no longer has backing from the nobility, and so if she causes any displeasure to her customers, Misato-san’s business is over 」

The Black Forest is a high-class brothel.

We sell the finest prostitutes to the VIPs.

「 If Mitama-san did anything impolite to Misato-san’s customer, she will lose that customer and everything 」

Ruriko said.

「 Can you do anything in preparation to stand in front of the adult business world? 」

They lived as the bodyguards of the Kurama house’s daughters ever since their birth and they have lived together.

Mitama’s raised just like a young lady.

She knows nothing but that world of the high-class ladies.

She could never stand to help out in the brothel business.

「 Minaho-neesan is with Misato-san, and she can support her in that business. We have well-informed people. With that said, they have no need for Mitama, and if you go there, you’ll only cause trouble in their jobs 」

I speak clearly.

「 Even so, if you come with me, You can meet up with Misato-san anytime, and you’ll know her situation. Rather, if it’s anything else, you will never know. Misato-san is doing an underground business. This information can’t leak out 」

It’s a business where we deal with the VIPs of the political and business industry.

They trust Minaho-neesan because she never leaks any information.

She never handed the customer list to Shirasaka Sousuke after all.

Hearing that Shirasaka Sousuke was about to sell the customer list from the Black Forest, they asked Minaho-neesan to take him out.

The trust of the customers has been raised as Minaho-neesan did whatever it takes to keep the secret safe.

「 If you want to get close to Misato-san, then be my slave. If you don’t want that, go home 」

I say while rubbing my glans on Arisu’s vaginal wall.

「 Although, if you’re not as great as Arisu then I’m laying you off 」

「 Kuromori-sama, am I that good? Are you pleased? Please tell me anything. Arisu will learn anything for Kuromori-sama’s love. Please teach me about sex 」

「 Yeah, you’re cute. Arisu 」

I lick Arisu’s back.

「 Kuaan~ 」

Her young pussy tightened up.

I grab Arisu’s small breasts from behind.

「 If you’re not greedy to learn like Arisu, then I’m tossing you out. Get serious in sex all the time. Get frantic on how to make me feel pleasure 」

「 Yes, I’ll do it frantically. Kuromori-sama, please use Arisu’s body 」

「 Yeah, you’re a sex slave just for me. Arisu! 」

The Anjou sisters continue to watch as I violate Arisu.

「 Aaah, aaah, aaaaah, kuuaaaaaa, aaaahn! 」

Doing it on the lawn in the courtyard right in the afternoon.

Their master is violated like a dog.

Asking for it.

Ever since violating Arisu earlier…

It must be a shocking scene for the Anjou sisters who had their fear of sex frozen.

They were in despair as their Master was to watch them violated, and yet…

The opposite happened, their Master had sex with me while they’re watching.

「 Kuuu, haaaa, Kuromori-sama! Aaaah, aaaaah, kuaaaan! Hamuu, auuauuu 」

「 Arisu, that’s cute. Moan for me 」

「 Aaaaaah, aaaah, aaah, yes, certainly! Aaaaah 」

Before long.

「 Mitama-oneesama, I-I will become Kuromori-sama’s slave 」

Kinuka’s the first to show her determination.

「 Okay, I will join in too 」

Mitama-san said.

「 That’s not okay! 」

「 Yes! What did Arisu-chan tell you earlier? 」

「 You have to make the pledge to Onii-san 」

The twins glared at the sisters.

「 Starting with Mitama 」

I say while teasing Arisu’s pussy.

「 Mitama, what do you want to do? 」


「 I…I…I’ll become your slave… 」

Mitama looks down on me as I’m not a man of nobility.

「 What’s with that bossy attitude?! Do you think I’m okay with that? 」

I speak angrily.

「 That’s right! You’re looking down on Onii-san! 」

「 Don’t look down on him 」

The twins complain.

「 N-No, I’m sorry 」

「 Huh?! 」

「 What the hell? 」

「 No, I’m very sorry 」


「 I-I, Anjou Mitama, will serve Kuromori-sama as a slave 」

「 Is that all? 」

「 Something’s lacking 」

「 I will follow any orders… 」

「 Sex too 」

「 Yes, you must have sex with Onii-san whenever, wherever, as long as he asks for it 」

「 I-If asked I’ll have sex, anytime, anywhere 」

Mitama said.

「 Do you even know what sex is? 」

「 It’s what Onii-san and Arisu-chan are doing right now 」

「 That means, doing this while naked 」

「 We’ve done this too 」

The twins continue to attack Mitama-san.

「 I’ll do that. If Kuromori-sama asks for it…anytime, anywhere 」

Mitama says with her face about to cry.

「 Then? 」

「 I think you forgot something important? 」

「 Huh? 」

Mitama-san falters.

「 The child! 」

「 Bearing Onii-san’s child as long as he wills it, that’s common sense among lewd slaves! 」


「 I-I will, I will bear Kuromori-sama’s child, as many as he wants! 」

Mitama-san makes a pledge out of desperation.

「 As of this moment, Anjou Mitama is Kuromori-sama’s slave! I will serve along together with Arisu-sama for the rest of my life. Please love me and don’t abandon me 」


「 What a wonderful speech 」

Arisu who’s connected with me smiled at Mitama.

「 A-Arisu-sama 」

Mitama and Kinuka are surprised.

「 Mitama is now the same as me. Mitama and I are both Kuromori-sama’s sex slaves. I’m no longer your Master, now, we’re equals 」

I stopped my piston and embraced Arisu from behind.

I carry Arisu with my penis still inside her.

I have her face Mitama.

「 This is like a dream. I’ve always wished for this. To become equal with Mitama and Kinuka 」

「 Arisu-ojousama?! 」

「 I’m not your “Ojou-sama” I’m a slave, and so, we finally can become friends 」

I see.

Arisu wanted to change their relationship from Master-Bodyguard./

They only benefit from each other.

She wanted to be friends with Mitama and Kinuka.

「 But, it’s too early 」

Arisu shows her opening that has my penis inside.

「 Mitama, Kinuka, you must experience this. What I have experienced with Kuromori-sama 」

She moves her hips bravely and pulled out my penis.

「 You girls must have sex as soon as possible!! 」