Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1017. Noon Sunshine / Outdoor rape the Anjou sisters 5: Kinuka’s forced cowgirl deflowering.


「 But, I’m scared. Kinuka’s scared! Mitama-oneesama! 」

Kinuka fears sex


「 Kinuka, look 」

I spread open Mitama’s legs to have Kinuka take a good look.

The entrance that has my penis fit snugly.

「 Awawawa 」

Kinuka probably wants to look away, cover her eyes.

But, Yomi’s in control of her body.

She’s forced to see everything.

「 Mitama, I’m pulling out 」

「 Yes, Master 」

I pull out my penis from Mitama’s narrow insides.

「 Nuu! 」

Mitama’s face frowned in pain as I pass through the narrow corridor.


My penis, wet from semen, love nectar, semen and blood touch the open air.

It’s still lively. My glans reflect the sun.

The fresh afternoon wind cools down my blazing hot penis.


A little later, semen mixed with blood flows out from Mitama’s slit.

「 Kuu 」

With the meat stick gone from her inside, Mitama pushes her stomach.

Then, even more semen oozes out.

「 Hiiiiiiii!!! 」

Kinuka’s watching that scene.

「 Master, I won’t resist anymore. I, Anjou Mitama, will be Master’s manservant together with Arisu-ojousama. I swear my loyalty with my pride as an Anjou on the line 」

Mitama tells me while Ruriko and the girls record her creampied body.

「 Therefore, please free my body 」

Is she talking about Yomi’s control?

「 I want to be my sister’s side 」

Mitama is ready to have me violate her little sister.

「 I’ll ask the same 」

Arisu tells me.

「 Kinuka’s a spoiled child, and so, I want to stay with her 」

Her eyes show that she’s serious.

「 Yomi, let Mitama go 」

「 Okay, Sensei 」

Yomi replied with a smile.


「 Uuuu 」

Mitama holds her crotch.

「 I’ve reduced the pain. Although, if you don’t feel it at all, it will become a burden for your body

Yomi told Mitama.

Yeah, if Mitama doesn’t feel pain and I moved so hard…

Her insides might get injured.

「 I thank you 」

Mitama replied to Yomi.

「 Take this 」

Michi hands Mitama a white handkerchief

「 This is… 」

「 Use that to moisten the virgin blood. Then, you will never forget what Master made you his woman 」

「 I see. I’ll do it 」

Mitama wipes her crotch with the handkerchief.

The white cloth is stained red.

「 I should’ve done that too 」

Arisu looks at Mitama’s handkerchief.

「 Oh? But Arisu-san has the bedsheets when Onii-sama had sex with you 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 It’s our etiquette to keep the sheets. But, in Mitama-san’s case… 」

Mitama lost her virginity on the grass.

「 Therefore, we had this handkerchief prepared to replace the sheets 」

「 This is for you 」

Michi shows Kinuka another handkerchief.

「 Hiiiiiiiii!!! I don’t want it! I’m scared! 」

Kinuka fears that her virginity will be snatched away.

「 Sensei, uhm 」

Hmm, Yomi?

「 As for this girl, can Yomi take full control? 」

Yomi takes full control?

「 Yomi also wants to do it. I’m already drenched down there 」

Yomi says with her hips twisting.

「 Therefore, Yomi wants to borrow her body and do it 」

So she’ll hijack Kinuka’s body and have sex with me?

「 Her body senses will all be conveyed to Yomi. 」

「 But what happens to Kinuka? 」

If Yomi takes over…

Won’t her senses be blocked off? Or?

「 Well, she can feel everything. There will be a slight sense of pain, but everything else is left the same 」

Meaning, the experience of sex will remain inside Kinuka.

「 I will support Yomi to make sure that she doesn’t get drowned in the act with Kou-sama 」

If Tsukiko says that, then there won’t be any recklessness.

「 If you forcibly rape a girl who screams like that, her head will just panic, and she’ll forget whatever happens during the act 」

Yomi said.

「 Therefore, Yomi will teach her about the fun in sex 」

◇◇ ◇

「 See, this isn’t as scary now, is it? 」

Yomi smiled at Kinuka.

Unlike earlier, I’m the one lying down on the lawn this time.

My dick points at the heavens.

「 Hiiiiiii, auuuuu 」

On top of me is Kinuka, who is under Yomi’s control, straddling over me.

「 I’ll take the lead, Sensei, just stay still 」

Yomi said.

Tsukiko puts her hand on Yomi’s shoulder, monitoring the situation of the little sister through her little sister.

「 Okay, let’s start with kissing 」

「 Mugiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Ignoring Kinuka’s will, her face approaches my face.

Her scared face is different from the Kinuka who makes a lot of faces.

No, she’s that kind of girl.

She takes a cool and expressionless face with her life as a bodyguard.

But in truth, she’s a girl of her age.

That girl’s going to kiss me. Have sex with me.

「 Okay, kiss! Chuuu 」

Yomi wills Kinuka’s lips to touch mine.

「 Hamumumumu!! 」

Ruriko and the twins capture Kinuka’s first kiss.

「 Don’t be afraid. It makes you shiver, doesn’t it? Like this.. 」

It hasn’t been long since I had my first sex with Yomi.

However, the Takakura sisters turned Katsuko-nee and Nagisa’s techniques into their own.

She gives light kisses.

She licks my mouth.

She inserts her tongue inside my mouth.

Our tongues entwined.

「 Uuuuuuuuuu 」

She’s a virgin and yet, she’s using a prostitute’s technique.

「 See? It feels good. It gets you wet 」

The pleasure Yomi feels from Kinuka’s body is fed back to her.

「 Yomi loves kissing Sensei. It makes your heart warm. It gives you peace. And yet, it also excites you. It makes you want to have sex sooner 」

Yomi’s expectations, sense of security, and lust, all corrode Kinuka’s mind.

「 Okay, here’s Sensei’s favorite part. The breast. It’s not as big as Yomi but I’m sure that you’ll give Kinuka-san’s breasts some love too 」

Yomi presses Kinuka’s breasts to my mouth.

I sucked on her nipples without hesitation.

「 Kyauu 」

「 Haa~ 」

Kinuka and Yomi moaned at the same time.

I lick her small nipples.

「 Hyauuu 」

「 Aaahn~ This girl is sensitive! Ah! 」

Yomi leaks out a hot sigh.

「 Please lick the other breast too 」

Yomi said. I…

「 Myauuu!! 」

「 Ahn! Ahn! This is great! I can feel it! 」

「 The left nipple is closer to the heart and so it’s much more sensitive 」

Edie gave out a trivia.

I reached out for Kinuka’s breasts.

「 Funmi! 」

「 Hmm, yes 」

Her chest is still a bit stiff.

But, it’s good.

I can feel it fit into my hand.

I enjoyed the elasticity for a while…

「 Kinuka’s skin is also white 」

Looking at her closely now…

「 Besides, your huge eyes look cute 」

Looking at her not as a girl with the physique of a bodyguard but as a girl I’m about to deflower, the impression changes.

「 I think that she’ll get better if we change her hairstyle 」

「 Right. This girl will get cuter 」

The twins said.

「 Well, I think it’s the same with this Onee-san 」

「 I think so too. This Onee-san will become even more beautiful 」


「 She’s tall, and she has a good body shape, and also beautiful 」

「 Yeah. She could’ve been a model 」

Mitama’s looking dazed.

So far, she’s only known the life as a bodyguard of the young ladies, and so…

She never thought of the possibility of living a life other than a bodyguard.

「 This girl is still small so I don’t know what she could become, but… 」

「 But she sure is cute so she can do anything 」

「 Yeah, cuteness gives girls a han 」

Eri said.

「 What’s han? 」

Arisu asks curiously.

「 “1 Han,” she has worth because it’s a role 」

「 Arisu-chan has three melds, it’s “cute,” a “young lady,” and “smart” 」

「 Yep, I agree, Arisu-chan has a trio meld 」

「 Meanwhile, the two of us gets “Chitoi, Dora 2” 」

「 If that’s the case, what about this Onee-san? 」

Eri looked at Mitama.

「 Well, I think that she’s got the red dragon tile, kong, right? 」

「 I see. She sure is two shan 」1

The twins are getting excited on their own.

Meanwhile, I continue to tease Kinuka’s body.

Ooh, her texture is nearly similar to Mitama. As expected of these sisters.

Although, Kinuka’s younger, and so there’s not much inside her.

Especially her ass, there’s not much fat, and so you can feel the softness of her meat.

「 Aaah, agugu, afuee 」

「 Sensei’s hand feels good. 」

Stroking her erogenous zones and her young body reacts.

「 It’s about time for the exhibition 」

Yomi said. Then Kinuka squats on my body.

She exposes her slit to me like a child about to pee.

「 Fuiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

「 Okay, time to unveil 」

Kinuka’s hands spread open her slit, ignoring her will.


「 Hauuuuu?! 」

She just came earlier, and Yomi’s now making her feel the sexual urge burning inside Yomi.

Kinuka’s pussy is drenched.

「 Kuuuuu, kuuuuuu??? 」

Her vaginal opening twitches.

And of course…

「 Let’s take photos of the hymen 」

「 Me too! Me too! 」

The twins capture the virgin soil that hasn’t accepted any man yet.

Ruriko captures Kinuka’s embarrassed look with her camera.

「 Aaahn! I can’t hold it anymore! I want Sensei to bang me! 」

Yomi says while in control of Kinuka’s body.

「 Hi-Hiigiiiiii?!!! 」

Kinuka who understood what it meant is in panic.

「 Kinuka, it’s okay 」

Arisu holds Kinuka’s right hand.

「 Yes, I’m sure that Kinuka can endure this 」

Mitama holds her little sister’s left hand.

「 We’ve already done it 」

「 Surpass this trial 」

「 Arisu-ojousama. Mitama-oneesama 」

Kinuka looks at her Master and her sister on her sides.

「 Kinuka will become one of us 」

「 And then, we will serve Kuromori-sama together 」

As my sex slave.

「 But I… 」

Kinuka’s eyes look at my swelling penis.

「 I’m scared!!! 」

Kinuka who knows nothing about sex knowledge can’t fight the physiological fear.

If that’s the case.

「 Come at me even if you’re scared! I’ll take it 」

I ordered her.

「 Then, become a woman only for me 」

Kinuka looks at me afraid.

「 Okay, let’s connect 」

Unable to hold back, Yomi moves Kinuka’s body forcibly.


「 Isn’t that enough?!! 」

Coming from the terrace…

Torii-san shouts.

「 That girl doesn’t want it! Don’t you feel pity that you’re even forcing that girl to become a sex slave 」

She shouts at me with tears on her eyes.

「 You already have Kurama Arisu-san and Anjou Mitama-san isn’t that enough?! At least spare Kinuka-san, she doesn’t want this 」


「 Kuromori-sama, I believe that you could let Kinuka-san go and have Mitama-san under your care!! 」


「 That’s not the case 」

「 Yeah, you got it wrong 」

The twins told Torii-san.

「 Well, Onii-san may have some wealthy acquaintances but… 」

「 I get that from looking at this mansion… 」

「 And so, you can say that he can guarantee the safety of at least one girl, but… 」

「 But you know… 」

「 That girl won’t become our friend 」

Eri and Rie…

「 You see, we offered Onii-san our precious things when having sex with him 」

「 That’s why Onii-san keeps us safe 」

「 Onii-san is giving out his precious thing to us too 」

「 Yeah. It’s a 50-50 trade 」


「 W-What are you talking about? What precious thing? 」

She shouts shrilling.

「 What you’re doing is forcing a girl to have sex! Taking her virginity and turning her to a sex slave!!! 」

The twins…

「 Oh man, you really don’t get it, do you? 」

「 Seems like it… 」

「 What we’re offering Onii-san is… 」

「 And what Onii-san gives us is… 」

「 It’s not about sex or the right to have sex 」

「 It’s lives 」

They speak clearly.

「 Onii-san promised us our lives no matter what happens in the future 」

「 Therefore, we promised to stay by Onii-san’s side 」

Even so, Torii-san;

「 That’s just sophism! Aren’t you girls just sex slaves? 」


「 Are you stupid?! Where can you find lewd slaves that are free to do whatever they want! 」

「 It’s just a pretext, the sophism here is that we’re below Onii-san, under his custody 」

「 You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Does Onii-san treat us like slaves? 」

「 He’s really caring and gentle you know! 」

「 Isn’t that why Arisu-chan and this big Onee-san accepted becoming Onii-san’s sex slave after seeing everyone 」

「 You’ve got such bad eyes, fool! 」

Then, the twins speak to Kinuka.

「 And so, you should just let Onii-san do it 」

「 Yeah. Your resolve will settle once you receive one creampie. What’s left is for the Onee-san around us to accept you as an ally 」

「 Onii-san’s way of not accepting girls that he doesn’t have sex with is the right choice 」

「 Only narrow-minded people will take everything for granted 」

「 I mean, you’ll understand everything once you do it once with Onii-san 」

「 Yeah, you’ll definitely know to trust him and that it’s better to live together with everyone 」

The twins said.

「 You won’t understand anything unless you experience it yourself 」

Ruriko told Torii-san with a smile.

「 Yes, Karen will soon experience it 」

Misuzu tells Mizushima Karen-san who she caresses in her arms.

「 Y-Yes, Karen wants to experience it soon 」

Karen, the obedient pet, told Misuzu.

Torii-san stares at her in surprise.

「 Is that enough? Yomi can’t hold back anymore 」

Yomi, who’s controlling Kinuka’s body, said.

「 Cameras are ready 」

「 I’m ready too 」

Edie and Ruriko, the girls in charge of filming, said.

「 Tsukiko-oneesama, if you’d please. Yomi’s going to fully align with that girl 」

You mean?

「 And so, don’t be afraid, leave your mind and body to Yomi, and we’ll show you how fun and wonderful it is to have sex with Sensei 」

「 Hauuuuuuu??! 」

Yomi takes full control of Kinuka’s body.

「 Well then, let’s offer this virginity 」

Yomi speaks through Kinuka’s mouth.

She’s going to connect with me through the cowgirl position.

「 Okay, come here 」

I’m lying down on the grass, naked.

Kinuka holds Arisu and Mitama’s hand.

They support her as she straddles on my crotch.

「 I’ll fix the angle 」

Michi holds my penis and applies my glans to Kinuka’s entrance.

「 Hii, fugyaaaaa!! 」

Kinuka trembled from the heat of my glans, but…

「 It’s okay 」

「 Don’t be afraid 」

Arisu and Mitama cheer her up

「 Let’s open this one 」

Michi opens Kinuka’s entrance, making it easier for my penis to enter.

「 Aaah, I can feel my spine shiver. It feels good 」

Yomi’s feeling delighted from the insertion.

「 I-I-I-I can’t. This won’t fit in

Kinuka trembles in fear.

「 Okay, loosen up and lower your hips 」

Yomi controls Kinuka.

「 Muhiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Kinuka trembles as a man come inside her, but…

「 It’s okay 」

Yomi relaxes Kinuka’s body to accept me.

There’s no fear of rejection as she holds her virginity.

Like she’s a woman who’s accustomed to a man’s penis inside her.

Kinuka’s pussy accepts me.

T-This is tight.

「 Aaaaaah, guuuuu 」

Even so, her hymen rejects the intrusion.

「 Haaaa, kuaaaaaaaaaaa 」

Kinuka takes deep breaths on top of me.

Her cute chest moves up and down.


「 Kinuka 」

I called Kinuka and she looked at me.

At that moment.


I use my hips and pierce Kinuka from below.

「 Hagyaaaaaaaa!!! 」


The tip of my glans broke through Kinuka’s hymen.

「 Aaaaaaah, yes Sensei! It’s coming in!!! 」

「 N-Nooooooooooooo!!!! 」

Kinuka’s deflowering scream echoes in the courtyard, under the sunlight.

「 Loosen her up 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi loosens Kinuka…


As I break through Kinuka’s hymen.

My penis spreads her tight vagina.

「 Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

「 Don’t, you need to look at Sensei. Look at the man you’re giving your virginity to 」

Kinuka who’s about to lose consciousness is kept in check.

「 H-Haaaa, no, noo, noooo 」

Kinuka and I stare at each other as my penis goes deeper.

We’re in cowgirl position, and so if Kinuka relaxes, her body weight will just push it deeper.

「 Uuuuu, why, why, why, why is this happening, kuuuuu 」

「 There’s no problem, it’s just penetrating 」

「 Kinuka’s offering her everything 」

Mitama and Arisu told Kinuka.

Before long…

Kinuka’s crotch touches my abdomen.

My erect penis is swallowed inside the virgin pussy.

「 Okay, let’s take a break 」

Yomi said.

Kinuka leans her body to me and breathes heavily.

Ooh, her clamping tight pussy is hot.

Kinuka’s opening that’s pressed hard against my root pulses.

「 Kuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Kinuka’s eyes are teary.

「 Don’t cry. If you start crying, you won’t understand what’s happening. You’re only escaping 」

Yomi stopped Kinuka from crying.

「 Do your best, it’s just a bit longer 」

Arisu sucks out the tears on Kinuka’s eyes.

「 I’m here. I’m watching Kinuka 」

「 Your big sister’s here too 」

They encourage Kinuka from both sides.

「 We’re here too 」

「 Once you’re done having sex with Onii-san, you’ll become our friend 」

「 We’ll never abandon you 」

「 What’s left is for Onii-san to pour it inside of you, do your best 」

The twins cheer Kinuka.

「 I know the condition of this body so leave the rest to me 」


「 Fue?! 」

Kinuka’s hips squirm, drawing a circle.

「 I’ll suppress the pain, and move this body to please Sensei while making sure that it doesn’t injure her 」

Yomi shakes Kinuka’s body.

「 Hiiiii, noooo, noooo, noooo 」

「 Don’t be afraid, see, you’re okay, right? 」

The young girl who just lost her virginity moves like a prostitute.

「 Uuuu, w-why am I? 」

「 Right now, you’re Yomi. Yomi is you. We’ve assimilated. Your pain and fear is shared with Yomi, therefore, you can also feel Yomi’s pleasure 」

Yomi’s in control of Kinuka’s body, and so…

She can feel like her body is having sex with me.

And she conveys that pleasure to Kinuka.

「 Uhiiiiii?! W-What’s this?! I’m scared! Kyauuu, ahiii, noooo!! 」

Her movements become intense.

Ooh, I guess Yomi confirmed that this won’t spread the destroyed hymen as another injury.

「 Aah, yes, more. Your body is amazing 」

Yomi’s immersed in borrowing Kinuka’s body and having sex

「 Aaaaah, it feels good! Sensei! I love you! I love you! 」

Just like Yomi, who’s easy to get wet. Kinuka’s pussy is also dripping love nectar.

Nucho, nucho, nucho.

The lewd sticky and wet sound leaks out from our crotch.

「 I-I’m scared! Arisu-ojousama. Mitama-oneesama! W-What’s happening to me? 」

Her body’s moving on their own, and the pleasure of having Yomi’s pussy poked is conveyed to Kinuka, which confuses her.

「 Believe in Kuromori-sama 」

「 Don’t worry, we’re here with you 」

Arisu and Mitama hold Kinuka’s hand tightly.


What an amazing body.

Her tight virgin hole is clamping my penis like she’s accustomed to sex.

「 Kinuka, this is great. Your body is amazing 」

I stretched out my hand and grabbed Kinuka’s breasts.

I rub her nipples with my fingertips.

「 Aaah, I love that! 」

It wasn’t Kinuka but Yomi who is aligned with her.

Yomi loves it when I tease her nipples.

「 Aaaah, nooo, aaaah, what’s this?! Aaaah! Aaaaah! 」

Kinuka’s starting to moan.

The pain is controlled to the minimum after all.

Guchu, guchu, guchu.

Gucho, gucho, gucho.

The body that was virgin earlier is now dancing on top of me lewdly.

I look up at Kinuka.

Kinuka looks down at me.

「 Uuuu, this man…is my Master? 」2

「 Yes, aaaahn, she’s our Master! Aaaaahn~ 」

Yomi tells Kinuka while moaning.

「 Aaah, Sensei! Yomi…Yomi’s about to!!! 」

Yomi’s dashing towards ecstasy while borrowing Kinuka’s body.

「 Yeah, me too! I’m about to cum. Let’s do it together 」

「 Yes, Sensei! Together! Let’s do it together! 」

Yomi’s desire speeds up Kinuka’s hips.

「 W-What?! Hiiii, nooo, I’m scared! I’m scared!!! 」

Kinuka’s afraid of what’s happening to her body.

「 Aaaaah, yes, it’s coming! It’s coming! Sensei! Sensei! Pour it inside! 」

Yomi says that but…

「 Hey, you too. Tell Onii-san that 」

「 Ask him to pour it inside 」

The twins tell Kinuka.

「 Eeeeh?! What? Eeeh? Noo, nooo 」

「 It’s okay. Just join Yomi as she says it. Let’s cum together! Together 」

Yomi pulls Kinuka’s heart.

「 Aaaah! Cumming! Cumming! Yomi’s cumming! Sensei! I love you! Pour it inside me! Impregnate me! Cum inside me!!! 」

「 Uuuuuuu, inside…please cum inside! 」

Yomi asked. Even Kinuka…

「 Impregnate me!!! 」

At that moment…

「 Aaaah, cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

Yomi flies away.

「 Kyauuuuuuu!! Aga! Aga! Aaaaaaaah! 」

Kinuka also reached a climax.

「 Cumming! I’m pouring it inside you Kinuka!!! 」

I called her name.

Kinuka looked at me in surprise.

I bent my body.

Pushing up from below.

The semen I saved up for Kinuka’s womb blows out in one go.

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyuuuu!!!

「 It’s so hot!! 」

Yomi can feel the hot liquid pouring inside Kinuka.

「 Nguu?!?? 」

Kinuka grits her teeth and accepts my semen.

Dopyu, dopyuu!!

「 Ahn! I’m getting pregnant! Yomi’s getting impregnated! 」

Yomi’s experiencing the creampie from Kinuka’s body.

「 Nooo, what’s this? Noo, noooo! 」

Her tight pussy clamps again and again.

Her young womb can feel the semen poured inside.

「 You’re now my woman, Kinuka 」

I shout while ejaculating inside her.

「 Accept my seed! You’re going to live with me from now on 」

「 Uuuuuuuuu 」

Yomi’s drowning in ecstasy and so her control over Kinuka weakened.

「 Uuuuu, noooooooo!!! 」

Kinuka cries loudly.

Her tears fall to my chest like a fountain.

But I…

My ejaculation isn’t done yet.

I continue to push my hips up and pour until the last drop.

I continue to pour my semen inside Kinuka’s womb, and she continues to cry, it’s a loop.

「 You can’t cry 」

Tsukiko clapped her hands.

Kinuka stopped crying.

「 Well done Kinuka 」

Mitama gently embraces Kinuka who’s on top of me.

「 Yes, Kinuka, I’m proud of you 」

Arisu also embraces Kinuka

「 Mitama-oneesama, Arisu-ojousama 」

Kinuka looks at the two while I poke her insides.

「 We’ll be together from now on, Kinuka 」

「 Yes, we’re together, Kinuka 」

Arisu and Mitama said.


  1. I’m sorry, I don’t know mahjong
  2. Now this one is written the same as Michi’s “Master”