Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1024. Inspecting the virgin Goods / Lemonade



「 Uuuu, uuuuu, it hurts, kuuu 」

Misato-san below me is in pain.

She had two rounds of for her deflowering.

My erect penis continues to stir up her insides.

「 Uuuuu, kuuuuu, uuuuu 」

Misato-san doesn’t know how to use her hips in sex yet and so I’m the only one making thrusts.

Misato-san lies down with her legs spread wide and I’m one-sidedly attacking her.

Even so, Misato-san’s whole body is drenched in sweat.

She’s gasping as her heart thumps, her hot blood circulates, warming up her whole body.

Her flushed skin perspires.

She’s wet like she ran a marathon under the blazing sun.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah, kuuuuuu 」

She shouldn’t feel pleasure from sex yet.

I ripped her hymen and violated the vagina nobody entered before.

Despite the love nectar, her virgin blood, and my first shot of semen used as a lubricant, it should still hurt her. It’s painful for her.

But, I’m not stopping.

My penis is at its maximum erection.

It wants to let it out.

Pouring inside Misato-san’s womb.

And I want to make her pregnant. Impregnate her.

I want to make this bouncy body mine only.

I know that it’s an impossible wish.

I know that it’s her fate to become a prostitute, but…

But still I…

I thrust my hips.

Misato-san’s sweaty breasts sway.

「 Kuromori-samaaaa! Aaaaah! Kuromori-samaaaa! 」

Misato-san stares at me.

「 How is my body? Am I fit to become a prostitute? 」


「 It’s the best. Misato-san’s body is really tight, feels great to touch, and so cute. You’re cute, Misato-san 」

I speak my honest impression.

「 I will be doing this with a lot of men, don’t I? 」


「 My body will accept dozens of men 」

If she becomes a prostitute.

She will sell her body…Offering sex for money.

「 I will never forget the pain from today and the heat inside my stomach 」

A foreign object inside a woman’s body.

My hot bloody penis piercing her and ejaculating hot smelly liquid in her womb.

「 Misato-san, I… 」

I knew it. I should talk to Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan.

I should ask them to not let Misato-san become a prostitute.

To make her my woman.


I cannot shoulder the debts of the Kurama house.

The punishment for Kurama house defiling the pride of nobility is to turn Misato-san, their young lady, into a prostitute, Jii-chan and Kaan-san decided. And I can’t overrule that decision as I’m no nobility.

I’m just a high-school boy who has nothing.


I still don’t want that.

Making other men pay for her body…

I don’t want men to pour their semen on her womb.

「 Please don’t make that face 」

Misato-san smiles at me while enduring the pain.

「 Please enjoy my body to the fullest 」


「 If not, it’ll only hurt me. It’ll make me sad 」


「 I am a prostitute. I have become one 」

She is proud.

Even if it’s a painful fate, she has the strength to accept it.

「 Please use me as a prostitute. Kuromori-sama, you already took custody of Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka. I’m happy already 」

She understands that she can’t be saved, like her little sister and bodyguards.

That there is a line she cannot cross.

「 Arisu will inherit the Kurama house. Arisu will bear Kuromori-sama’s child someday. Therefore, I will stay as a prostitute. It’s okay. I have no more worries 」

Now that Arisu’s acknowledged as my concubine…

Arisu’s child and Misuzu’s child will become siblings from different mothers.

Creating a blood relationship with Kouzuki house, that child will become the successor of the Kurama house.

「 And so, please forsake me 」

Misato-san is cutting off any lingering affection I have.

「 You are my first customer, please treat me as a prostitute. If not, Kuromori-sama’s kindness will only poison me 」

Misato-san already made her resolve and yet I couldn’t make it clear with myself.

It’ll only hurt Misato-san in the long run.

「 You’re right. In the end, wanting to make Misato-san my woman, not a prostitute, is just my selfish desire 」


「 No, for now, I belong to my dear customer 」

Misato-san shows me a light smile.

「 Dear customer is inside of me. My first time is only for you, dear customer 」

Who knows about tomorrow and after that, but…

For now, at least, while we’re having sex.

Misato-san is mine.

「 Aaah, Misato-san, Misato-san, aaah 」

My passion thrusts my erect penis inside her narrow meat.

「 Uugh! 」

Ah, it seems that I thrust too hard.

「 S-Sorry! 」

「 It’s okay, please do it more. Please have a good taste for my first time! 」

Ah. Misato-san. Misato-san. Aaaaah

「 Kuuuu, auuuu, aaaaah, uuuuu 」

My eyes see Misato-san’s beautiful face enduring the pain.

My ears can hear Misato-san’s gasps in pain.

My nose can smell the sweet and sour lewd smell of Misato-san

My hand can feel Misato-san’s hot and bouncy skin.

And my penis pierces through Misato-san’s moist and tight pussy.

「 Uuuuuu, aaaaaah, uuuuuu, kuuuuu 」

We’re having sex.

For now, I’m the only man in the world who knows everything about Misato-san’s body.

I’m the only one who felt Misato-san’s hymen.

The only man who poured semen on her virgin womb.

And again…

「 Aaaa, I’m cumming. I’m cumming again, Misato-san! 」

I head for my final spurt.

「 Kuaaaaa! Let it out! Please give it to me! Pour it inside!! 」

「 Yeah, I’m going to pour it inside! I’m going to make you pregnant! Misato! Get pregnant! Misato!!!! 」

I shouted my real thoughts.

「 Aaaaah! Misatooooo!!! Misato! 」

「 Le it out! Give it! Pour it inside!!! 」

「 Aaaaah! Misatoooooooo!!! 」

It blows from the tip of my glans.

「 So hot. It’s coming in…I can feel your hot stuff deep inside of me!!! 」

Misato embraces me tightly just like my first ejaculation on her.

I push my hips again and again while kissing Misato’s lips.

Rubbing my glans on the entrance of her womb, continuing to pour in my semen.

「 Aaaaaah, Misato! Misato! Misato!!! 」

While I’m ejaculating.

I can feel my body losing strength.

I lost consciousness on top of Misato’s naked body.

◇◇ ◇

「 ?! 」

Misato-san’s big eyes are before me.

「 Are you awake? 」

She smiles at me.

I see. I…

「 How long was I asleep? 」

I lost strength after ejaculating inside Misato-san.

「 About ten minutes 」

Misato-san’s body below me is still wet from perspiration.

「 Were you tired of taking care of Arisu and the girls? 」

Well, if you ask me that, since yesterday…

I’ve been having so much sex.

Furthermore, they were all virgins, I had to be very careful with them.

「 Sorry, I must be heavy. I’m moving now 」

I fainted on top of Misato-san’s body.

I put my hands on the bed and try to push my body up, but…

My body feels heavy.

Yeah, I didn’t notice all the fatigue I had because I’ve been tense and focused, but…

After losing my consciousness, my body now feels heavy.

To think that I exhausted myself this much.

「 It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt me, and I feel happy to feel dear customer’s weight 」

Misato-san said.

「 I’m glad that you were my first 」


「 I’m not afraid because you were my first. I’m in peace 」

「 But, it hurts, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t you be in pain? 」

「 Well, it’s my first time so it’s inevitable 」

Misato-san touches my forehead with hers and said.

「 But, you were earnest and so I didn’t feel fear. Thank you 」

E-Even if you say that…

「 Of course, I know that not all of my customers will be as kind as you. I’m sure that there will be some who would want to watch me suffer… 」

Prostitutes have to deal with various fetishes.

They’re to do anything their customer asks.

「 If such were my first time, my heart will fall in despair. I’m truly glad that it’s you 」

Misato-san smiles.

「 I think that my training will continue for a while longer. Please take care of me, dear customer 」

Until Misato-san could ‘cum’

I will have to look after her for at least two weeks until she gets accustomed to sex.

「 Please teach me a lot 」

She says then kissed me.

Misato-san did.


Someone knocked on the door.

The lock clicked before I could reply.

「 Excuse me 」

It’s Nagisa and Nei.

「 Okay, good job/ Time for commemorative photos 」

Nei brings in a camera.

「 You know, Ruri-chan and the girls can’t come over here 」

No matter how much Ruriko loves filming sex…

The young lady of Kouzuki house cannot approach Misato-san, a prostitute.

For now, it has to be everyone from the Black Forest.

Nei isn’t a prostitute, but…

She’s a member of the Black Forest and she lived in the brothel for several years already.

Therefore, she’s accustomed to prostitutes.

「 Okay, dear, drink this. It’s cold lemon juice. At times like this, drinking something sweet and sour clears your head and it makes it easier in your body 」

Nagisa brings in a wagon to the room.

Inside is a drink in a bottle, she pours it on the cup.

「 Here, dear. 」

「 Thanks, Nagisa 」

I get up my heavy body and take the cup from Nagisa.

This room is a bit humid from our sweat.

Drinking the cold lemonade in the cup is enough of a fill.

It has a fresh smell of lemon.

Oh, now I feel really thirsty.

It’s not just Misato-san who sweat a lot, me too. I also ejaculated a lot.

「 Don’t rush, take it slow while drinking 」

「 Yeah 」

I drink.

I didn’t drink it all in one gulp, I take it slow.

It’s cold, sweet, and sour.

It soaks into my body.

「 Give me another fill. I want to give Misato-san some too 」

I returned the cup and Nagisa poured more lemonade.

「 Here you go 」

「 Yeah, Misato-san… 」

First, I put the lemonade in my mouth…

Then, fed it to Misato-san.

「 Hmmm, hmmm 」

That’s some cute gulps.

「 Haaaa, delicious 」

Misato-san seems like she wanted to drink something cold too.

If that’s the case, I pour even more lemonade on Misato-san’s mouth.

「 Hmmm 」

I can hear her throat again.

Nei takes photos of that situation.

「 Good, then, stay still. We’re going to take photos while you two are connected 」

My penis is still inside Misato-san.

「 Misato-san, look into the camera 」

Nei takes photos of how a man and woman combined.


「 Then, Yo-chan, pull out, and I’ll take photos of that part dripping with semen 」


I can’t stay connected all the time.

「 Misato-san, I’m pulling out 」

「 Yes 」

We stare at each other’s faces.

Then, I pulled out my penis from her narrow pussy.

「 Ugh 」

Misato-san’s face frowned in pain.

Then, my glans slip out of her slit.

As expected, since it’s already wilted, it pulled out easily.

「 Auu 」

Just a little moment later and two rounds of semen spills out from Misato-san’s slit.

Nei takes photos of that appearance.

「 We’ll edit this photo to use as an ad for Misato-chan 」

Nagisa said.

「 If we say that Misato-chan is no longer a virgin, that she has experience in sex, she will sell a lot. When it comes to prostitutes, men prefer if the girl already has some techniques. Some customers desire to have a taste of a virgin but they know that it’s troublesome to deal with actual virgins. You can’t have it easy when doing sex with a virgin. Compared to that, you can play with a prostitute who’s no longer virgin.

Yeah, I get that.

You consider a lot of stuff when dealing with a virgin girl.

The thought that I have to shoulder everything after.

「 We need to make the customers know that the new Black Forest isn’t selling virgins. Therefore, we’re going to show this photo of Misato-chan as proof that you have experience in sex 」

「 Oh, we won’t give away the photos. We would never do anything that incriminates us. We’re only going to show this when they’re choosing their prostitutes 」

Nei said.

「 I do not know much in that regard so I’ll entrust them to you all 」

Misato-san replies while Nei takes photos of her.

Anyway, Misato-san who is to be put in the market as a prostitute has to be highlighted as ‘no longer a virgin’

That she’s already trained in sex.

「 Okay, good. We now have photos of both pre-use and post-use 」

Oh right, I didn’t see it but they already took photos of her virgin body.

「 Okay. Now, our training for today is done. Although, if you haven’t had your fill you can continue, dear 」

Nagisa told me.

「 No, I’ve had enough for now 」

I already came inside twice and I’m so tired that I lost consciousness.

「 I see. Then, Misato-chan, you can take a shower in the bathroom 」

Nagisa told Misato-san.

「 Just me? 」

Misato-san looked at me.

「 Uhm, I believe that I should offer to wash dear customer’s body, but… 」

「 True, most of the time. That’s your job as a prostitute. Offering to wash their body before and after sex, and even ask if they want you to put their clothes on them, but, not now. I have something to discuss with him. So, you can go ahead and take a shower 」

Nagisa said.

「 I understand 」

Misato-san slowly gets up

「 Ugh!!! 」

Oh, her stomach is in pain.

She just lost her virginity after all.

「 You okay? Can you stand? 」

I try to lend her a hand…

「 I-I’m okay 」

Misato-san stood up staggeringly.

My white semen drips from her slit to the floor.

Misato-san’s thighs are dyed red from her virgin blood.

「 I will rinse myself 」

Misato-san rubs her stomach which is in pain and went to the shower room.

「 Is she going to be okay? 」

I’m worried.

「 I think I’ll come with her and take a shower 」

I should come with her.

「 No 」


「 She needs some time alone. No matter how prepared she is, she lost her virginity to a man she doesn’t love. It should shock her. She’s still a girl 」


「 Nobody wants to become a prostitute, no matter what reason it is 」

「 Misato-chan is raised as a young lady, and so she can control herself in front of Yo-chan. But in truth, it should be extremely painful for her 」

Nei said.

「 Therefore, she needs some time to cry in the shower room alone. It’s normal to cry while taking a shower. You can fool yourself that it’s just water 」

I see. Nagisa knows.

She’s a former prostitute after all.


『 Aren’t you being a bit too naive? 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from the speakers.

『 It would be worse if the thread of nervousness doesn’t cut here 』

「 But, Minaho-neesan 」

『 If you get gentle with her, she will become weak. She won’t be able to survive if that happens 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 Kou, you should go to the shower room after her 』

I guess I’m going.

「 Then, I should wash Misato-san’s body, right? 」

I said.

『 No, ravish her once again 』


『 She’s lowered her guard and is now crying, now break her. Pour your semen inside the woman who’s cleaning her genitals 』


『 If you don’t go that far, she can’t break off from being a young lady 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 Look. This is how she is 』

The monitor in the wall shows the image in the shower room

In there…

『 Uuuuuu, uuuuuu, uuuuu 』

Misato-san’s crying.

She’s facing the shower head on her crotch, desperately washing away my semen.

『 Kuuuuu, uuuu, I…I…. 』

Tears spill from her eyes and drip down on the floor tiles.

『 Why do I have to….?! 』

Her hands are trembling…

『 Why is this…uuuu! 』

Oh, I see.

Her words saying “I’m glad that you were my first,” was just a bluff.

In truth, she’s just shocked that I took her virginity.

Her resolve to become a prostitute and her actual thoughts deviate.

This can’t go on.

She’s bluffing before Nagisa and me but when she’s alone, the fear flashes back to her.

『 That girl probably doesn’t want you to see her in that appearance. That face where she’s sobbing violently 』

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Got it, I’ll go at it again 」

I’m going to break Misato-san’s true face before she could return to that bluff.

『 One round might not be enough. You’ll violate her again and again until she yields 』


『 Dominating the prostitutes is your main job in the brothel 』