Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1025. Inspecting the virgin Goods / Another rape in the bathroom : Hate-Hate-Love



I opened the door to the shower room.

「 Hiiiiii!! 」

Misato-san didn’t think that I would come in so suddenly.

As expected, she’s a young lady.

She never imagined someone intruding in her private time.

Naked, weeping, squatting, and using the shower head on her crotch. Washing away the semen I left inside her.

For her, it’s an embarrassing appearance she can’t show to others.

「 Why are you crying? 」

I asked.

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Misato-san tries to wipe off her tears.

「 That’s not what I want to hear, I’m asking why are you crying alone? 」

「 Uuu, I’m sorry, I-I… 」

Misato-san cries more as I yelled at her.

「 If you want to cry then do it! But, don’t do it alone 」

I barged inside the shower room and stand before Misato-san.

「 B-But, showing my disgraceful figure to everyone isn’t… 」

Misato-san tries to look away from me.

「 It’s not for you to decide whether or not it’s ugly! Don’t close yourself in your arbitrary conclusions! That’ll only raise stress, breaking your heart 」

「 Kuromori-sama?! Hiii!! 」

Misato-san raises her voice in surprise as my penis before her eyes are fully erect.

「 As you can see, I’m the scum of a guy who gets aroused from seeing Misato-san crying. But you know… 」

I say while pushing my tensed glans into Misato-san’s face.

The appearance of a crying virgin girl is erotic.

That’s enough to raise my lust.

「 And so, I would need to use Misato-san 」

「 Use? W-What? 」

Oh, this is making me impatient.

「 Kurama Misato. You must have a strong will to survive. 」

I grabbed Misato-san’s shoulders and speak into her eyes.

「 Don’t hold that pain, bitterness, frustration, sadness, and use them as your weapons! Don’t endure the pain alone! Use it to survive! 」

「 Use it to survive? 」

Misato-san looks up at me with a surprised face.

「 That’s right! No man can survive on their own. 」

I tell her.

「 Listen. I’m just a scum who violates the prostitute, Misato-san. I’m also the villain who turned Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka as my sex slaves! I’m not a man who Misato-san trusts from the bottom of her heart 」

「 T-That’s not true! I… 」

Yes, earlier, Misato-san behaved and spoke that she trusts me.

Her head says that I’m someone she trusts.

But her body.

「 Then, why are you crying alone?! Why did you not cry before me? 」

「 That’s because I’m embarrassed to show my disgraceful appearance to others 」

Others. Meaning, there’s a huge trench between us.

「 Hey, Misato. Spread your legs and show me your pussy I just violated 」

「 What? 」

「 Just do it 」

「 C-Certainly 」

Misato-san spreads her legs with her knees bent.

Her trembling fingers spread open her slit.

She shows me her pink insides.

「 I-Is this good enough? 」

「 Misato. Isn’t this a much more disgraceful appearance? 」

I said.

「 I’m looking at your pussy. Look, your hymen is gone. My semen’s deep inside. You won’t be able to wash away the semen poured in your womb even if you use shower 」

She won’t push her finger inside her vagina to scoop out the semen inside.

She’s a sheltered girl who never even knew to masturbate.

She’s most likely scared to put her finger inside her pussy.

The pain from losing virginity should still remain.

「 I know things about Misato’s body that you don’t know. The feeling of your pussy and even its state. Now let me take a good look. Oh, Misato’s anus has this color 」

「 Please don’t say it 」

Misato-san trembles in shame.

「 You’re showing this indecent appearance to me and yet, why do you feel that your crying face is much more embarrassing? There’s nothing shameful between us anymore. I broke your hymen and came inside, and I know the face you made from that 」

「 Please stop! Stop it already 」

Misato-san’s eyes tear up again.

「 Good tears. It arouses me 」

I attack Misato-san all of a sudden.

「 Noo, w-what? 」

「 Another round. Kurama Misato, lie down on the tiles and face me 」

「 N-No more!!! 」

That’s right, let out your feelings.

Don’t hold it, don’t stock it.

「 Hurry up! Misato! 」

「 Uuuu, yes 」

Misato-san lies down on the shower room’s tiles.

「 Now spread your legs like a frog 」

「 Yes 」

Misato-san spreads her legs.

I get on top of her.

「 Now say “I want it. Please give it to me. Break Misato” 」

「 I-I want it. Please give it to me. Break Misato 」

Misato-san speaks to me while holding back her emotions but her tears are spilling.

「 I’m going to shove it in 」

My glans touch Misato-san’s hot mucous membranes once again.

「 Aguuuu! 」

It’s natural that it still hurts.

Even so, I’m shoving it in.

But, I won’t thrust to the root in one go.

「 Misato, look at the mirror 」

I point at the mirror in the wall of the shower room.

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Can you see my dick going inside your pussy? 」

「 Uuuuuuu, yes 」

Misato-san confirms what’s going on with her.

Tears spill again.

「 What do you see? It’s pitiful, miserable? A man you don’t love is violating you right now. Using you as a plaything 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 You’re no longer the daughter of the Kurama house. You’re a prostitute. You’re a disgraceful woman selling her body 」

「 Yes 」

Misato-san’s vagina tightened.

「 If you understand then throw your pride away 」

「 Yes 」

「 Don’t hide your tears. Show it all, men do get aroused from your teary face 」

「 I understand 」

I move my hips in

「 Aaaaah 」

I push down to the root.

Then, I embraced Misato-san’s body tightly.

「 Yes, this is a good body. Misato has a good body. It makes me want to ejaculate inside your womb a lot. Misato wants me to cum inside, right? 」

「 Yes. Please do it as much as you want 」

I move my hips suddenly.

「 Aaah! Kugu! Kuaaan! It hurts! It hurts! 」

Her body sways lewdly.

「 I see. Then cry more! Say that it hurts! If you’re in pain, then say it! If you’re frustrated, then voice it out! 」

「 Aaaaah! Uuuuu. Nooo. I don’t want this!!! 」

I violate Misato-san while she’s crying.

Still, her vagina that’s spread out once accepts my penis piercing it.

Love nectar and semen both act as a lubricant, making her insides wet.

「 Speak honestly Misato. You hate me, don’t you? 」

I ask while grinding Misato’s pussy.

「 I hate you!!! Aaaaaah! Hate! Hate! Hate you! 」

Misato shouts her real feelings while in pain from being violated.

「 Look into my eyes 」

「 Uuuu, I hate, hate you! 」

Misato-san says with moist eyes.

「 You’re cruel! Doing this…I don’t want it anymore 」

「 I see 」

I thrust intensely.

「 Higiiii!!! 」

Misato-san’s breasts swayed.

I grabbed her breast and enjoy the elasticity.

「 Now we’re doing to do it from behind. Stand up and put your hand on the mirror, then stick out your ass 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I’m going to bang you while you stand! 」

I forced Misato-san to get up and stand.

「 Like this, put your hands on the mirror. Yes, and now I’m going to shove it from behind 」

「 Uguuu! 」

So far, I’ve been violating Misato-san while she’s lying down, but…

If I’m violating her from behind, Misato-san is forced to see herself opening her body.

「 Now look at the mirror. We’re having sex, right? You’re letting a man you hate have his way with your body 」

「 N-Nooo 」

「 Is there a young lady like this?! You’re just a prostitute! 」

「 Nooo, noooo, noooooooo 」

I slapped Misato’s ass and make sure that it sounds.

I hear wet sounds from the connected part.

I let air in to make blowing sounds.

「 Isn’t that lewd? Misato’s body is lewd 」

「 Aaah, I’m so embarrassed 」

「 That’s good! Now get even more embarrassed! Misato!!! 」

I speed up my piston.

Misato-san’s breasts sway indecently.

Her legs are long and so her ass sticking out while I bang her from behind is beautiful.

That line on her back is beautiful.

「 M-Misato, I’m going to cum. I’m going to pour it all inside you 」

「 Uuuuu, uuuuuuu, uuuuuu, aaaaaah! 」

We’re shaking.

We’re like a single-piston machine.

That intense rhythm nails on our most sensitive parts.

「 I can cum inside you again, right? I’m going to pour it all inside Misato’s baby chamber 」


「 Uuuuu, nooo, noooo, noooo 」

Seeing herself crying in the mirror, violated.

「 I’m still going to do it even if you don’t want me!!! 」

「 Hyaaaaaaaa!!! 」

I pour it inside Misato’s vagina.

This is the third succession and so the volume isn’t that much but my hot lump still fills Misato’s womb.

「 Aaaaaaaaa, uuuuuuuu, aaaaaaaah 」

「 I’m going to ask you again, do you hate me? 」

The hot semen spreads inside her.

Affirming that she’s violated from behind and creampied…


「 I hate you 」

She says to me in the mirror.

I don’t mind.

Compared to the young lady’s words trying to please me…

What Misato-san needs is someone to talk to with her true feelings.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I’m pulling out now 」

「 Auu 」

I pull out my dick from Misato-san’s insides.

「 Now look at yourself in the mirror 」

I let Misato-san confirm my semen trickling down her opening.

「 Uuuuu, I don’t want this 」

This is the true embarrassment and disgrace.

The thought that she’s embarrassed to show her crying face is just bullshit for the young ladies.

Or should I say;

This girl has been weeping since yesterday.

As soon as she resolved to become a prostitute, her pride as the young lady is boiling up. The human heart is so complex.

I’m borrowing Edie’s line “SO COMPLEX”

「 I’m a bit tired. Come here 」

I embraced Misato and sit down against the wall, facing the mirror.

Misato-san’s naked body I’m embracing is reflected in the mirror.

I grab Misato-san’s breasts from behind.

Misato-san’s staring at herself and me with a blank face.

「 Just what’s going to happen to me 」

She’s wondering.

Our skins touch and we look at each other across the mirror.

She speaks her true feelings.

Misato-san is a girl who would hide her true feelings if you talk to her while looking at her in the eye.

She will lie.

To me, to herself.

「 I don’t know either 」

「 True 」

Misato-san loosens from my cold response.

「 Whatever’s going to happen, it all depends on you, Misato-san 」

I said.

「 Nobody’s going to move according to your convenience. If you were a young lady of nobility, then the people around you would be considerate, but from now on, you’re a prostitute, Misato-san, you’re the one who should be considerate of your customers 」

「 Yes 」

「 I don’t care if you hate me. I mean, it would be weird if you love me already. I’m just using you after all 」

I need to make the definition clear.

「 But, even people you hate will use you. Just as I will use Misato-san and Misato-san will use me 」

She looks at me surprised across the mirror.

「 You don’t have to fall for me. You don’t need to flatter me. We’re just using each other. It’s not just me. People think only of how they can make the situation better for themselves 」

I cannot follow Misato-san to the place where she sells her body.

Misato-san has to deal with her customers alone.

「 You’re afraid to sell your body to men you don’t know right? Surely they’re not all good guys. Some of them will have a detestable character. Even the kind people may have some evil inside of them 」

「 Yes 」

Misato-san replies while facing the mirror.

「 You’re going to deal with such people and so you can’t hide a lot inside your heart. The girls there were raised differently from Misato-san. Truly sly people will come and wedge themselves into someone’s heart 」

Misato-san looks at me in the mirror with an earnest expression.

「 Therefore, don’t accumulate it. You can’t cry alone. You probably want to separate your “face” from your “heart,” but that only creates an opportunity. Bad people will want that. They will come saying “I’m the only one who can see your sadness,” trying to covet you. If Misato-san accumulated that sadness, you will be immediately deceived by those words. You’ll become their prey 」

「 That’s likely 」

Misato-san said.

「 That’s why you can’t hide your pain. Discharge it on the surface without care. It’s okay to cry in front of others, show that you’re in pain, depending on others. If you hide it and force yourself to smile, you’ll only collapse someday 」


「 Nagisa, Katsuko-nee, and Minaho-neesan. All the ladies who were former prostitutes of Black Forest are all overflowing with humor, they are strong to laugh no matter how tough their lives were. If you’re not like them, you won’t survive. If you have complaints, then speak of it, don’t hold it, don’t hold your emotions, and let it out. Minaho-neesan can hold down her expressions but she immediately does things when her mind is set to it. Good or bad, if someone angers her, she retaliates right away. She doesn’t save up her emotions. After all, if she keeps on holding her emotions, it’ll crush her 」

Like Iwakura-san who’s too loyal to her lust that she’s doing a bit too extreme.

「 They actively influence people, but it’s not like they’re doing it to be loved. It’s a relationship where both use each other. They couldn’t survive unless it’s a relationship where they use each other. Back then, the Black Forest Brothel is a harsh world for the prostitutes 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s a demon who took control.

Therefore, the prostitutes unified to defend themselves.

Normally, the prostitutes would create factions and fight with each other, but…

Shirasaka Sousuke’s a common enemy and so Minaho-neesan can gather the prostitutes together.

Oh, Black Forest will have that problem from now on.

Iwakura-san and her group of returnees.

The new prostitutes, Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san.

Then, the former young lady, Misato-san.

They all have different circumstances in their lives and so I don’t think they will be open with each other.

「 Anyway, you can make faces for your customer but when it comes to me, just let out your true feelings, you can even tell me “I hate you, die” 」 I’m someone from the brothel, not a customer 」

I said.

「 You don’t need to be considerate of me. I know that you hate me already 」

「 Well 」

Misato-san looked back into my eyes, not in the mirror.

Her black pupils stare at me.

「 No, you need to be honest in that. I’m just a detestable man who turned Misato to a prostitute and took away your sister. Misato, you hate me. But, we need to use each other. As long as I’m inside the brothel 」


「 Yes, I understand 」

She said then kissed me on the lips.

「 That’s a bribe. I will be using you henceforward and so, Kuromori-sama, please use me as you please too 」

「 Yeah, I’ll come and bang you from time to time. Misato’s body is great, I want to have sex. But, well, it won’t be expensive 」

I don’t have money to buy a high-class prostitute.

「 If it’s Kuromori-sama, I don’t mind giving it free of charge 」

「 I won’t let that. Misato’s still a prostitute. Putting the training aside, I’ll pay you when I want to have sex. If not, Minaho-neesan will scold me 」

「 If that’s the case, then I’ll give you a discount. Kuromori-sama is someone from the inside after all 」

「 Sure, employee discount. Yeah, I’ll ask Minaho-neesan about that 」

I said.

Misato-san smiled.

「 I hate Kuromori-sama. Hate, hate, hate, but I also like you 」


「 It’s a lie. Just a scam from a prostitute. Don’t trust me 」

She smiled and faced me.

「 Please teach me. What do prostitutes do after this? 」


「 Please teach me, train me 」

「 Then, let’s go wash our bodies. Put soap on your breasts and use that to rub my body. Also, clean up my dick, and give me cleanup fellatio 」

「 Certainly. Please teach me the ways 」

「 Yeah 」

I wash Misato-san’s body, Misato-san also washes my body…I enjoyed the feeling of her skin.

Then, she washed my penis with soap then sucked it after.

Misato-san fellating me reflected on the mirror is lewd.

I came inside Misato-san’s mouth again.

「 Drink it 」

Misato-san swallows it.

「 You like drinking it now? 」

I asked. Misato-san;

「 I hate it. It’s bitter, sticky, it’s hard to drink

She replied honestly.

「 I hate it but I’ll still drink it. I’m a prostitute after all 」

Saying that she hugged me.

「 I’ll get used to sex too. Until then, please tease my body relentlessly 」

「 Misato, you like it when I tease you harshly, right? 」

This girl seems like a masochist.

「 I don’t know. But, I do not like the pain 」

「 Pain can get cured right away 」

「 Is that so? I don’t trust that 」


「 Kuromori-sama, you like to be harsh with me, don’t you? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I knew it 」

Misato-san said loudly. Then laughed.