Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1026. Then, the night comes / End of the House



「 I’ll wipe it off 」

「 Then, I’ll do the same 」

We wipe each other’s body using a towel.

Misato-san’s naked skin feels great to touch.

Her smell has that clean smell of soap.

「 I’m wiping this part too 」

Misato-san gently wipes my penis.

She’s a prostitute and so she must do this.

She might still fear and shame from touching a man’s penis but still, Misato-san serves me.

I also wipe Misato-san’s genital area.

She took a shower but I unloaded a massive amount of semen on her womb and so it still drips out.

There’s nothing we can do about that

「 Now let’s go 」

「 Yes 」

We left the shower room and returned to the guest bedroom.

Nagisa and Nei, and;

「 Misato-oneesama! 」

「 Misato-ojousama 」

「 Ojou-sama! 」

Arisu, Mitama and Kinunka are here too.

The three of them are wearing white bathrobes.

「 I had them come now since they have collected their thoughts 」

Nagisa told us with a smile.

Misato-san’s wearing a bath towel.

「 Arisu, Mitama, Kinuka, I’ve become the same as you three 」

She took off her bath towel and show her naked stomach to her sister and servants.

「 Onee-sama, we too… 」

Arisu opens her bathrobe and exposes her cute breasts and genitals.

「 Kuromori-sama’s semen is inside here 」

Mitama and Kinuka also unwrap their bathrobe sash and expose their naked bodies.

「 Me too 」

「 Me too 」

They show the bodies I ravished to each other.

The four of them lost their virginity on the same day.


「 From today on, we’re all equal. Everyone received Kuromori-sama’s love. But… 」

She smiles with a bit of loneliness.

「 I’ll be the only one to accept semen from other men from tomorrow onwards. I will embrace other men for money 」


「 I’ll gladly accept this fate. This is to make up for the sins of the Kurama house and to save them from the debts 」

Misato-san’s eyes show no more hesitation.

「 Kuromori-sama was kind to me and so I have no more regrets 」

Then, she speaks to her little sister;

「 Arisu, you must serve Kuromori-sama with all your heart. The child you’re going to bear with Kuromori-sama will inherit the Kurama house. You understand that, don’t you? 」

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Arisu nods.

「 Mitama, Kinuka. You must serve Kuromori-sama likewise. Give the loyalty you have for us to Kuromori-sama. Also, I’m entrusting you Arisu, who’s now your equal. She isn’t your master but someone who serves Kuromori-sama like you, get along with her. Please 」

Misato-san bows her head to Mitama and Kinuka.

「 Misato-ojousama, I… 」

Mitama speaks with a confused look but Misato-san;

「 Don’t mind me. I’m a prostitute. A prostitute doesn’t need bodyguards. Besides, Kuromori-sama’s brothel should have appropriate bodyguards either way 」

Therefore, she doesn’t need a bodyguard.

She tells Mitama not to follow her.

「 The new brothel will have Kouzuki SS as their security. Therefore, you need not worry about her 」

Nagisa said.

Minaho-neesan’s new Black Forest Brothel management is connected to Jii-chan.

From here on, the brothel will return to its founding spirit and become a high-class brothel where only big-shots in politics and business are allowed.

The customers won’t have faith unless we have Kouzuki SS as our bodyguards to support us.

「 That’s right. It’s going to be okay. The brothel will be in a separate place from the mansion and so we won’t be living together but if you want to see each other, you can come and meet her anytime 」

We will be using the basement of a hotel in front of the station as our new brothel.

Misato-san will live there.

But, it won’t take 15 minutes to get there via a car.

「 Come over not as a bodyguard but as a friend of Misato-san’s little sister. Misato-san can come over to our home too 」

Anyway, we’re taking out the master-servant relationship of the Kurama sisters and Anjou sisters.

If not, their new life won’t begin.

「 Kuromori-sama permits and so we can meet anytime. So, don’t feel sad 」

Misato-san gently tells her little sister and the girls.

「 Yes, if there’s any problem, you can just talk to us 」

Nagisa said.

「 Like when in Misato-chan’s brothel, or in the mansion Arisu-chan’s living in later, when you have thoughts that “This girl is bullying me,” or “I want to get along with everyone, what do I do?” we can talk about it. Besides… 」

She smiled and looked at me.

「 You may not trust me completely, but you do have faith in him, don’t you? 」

I need to stick out myself.

「 Yeah, just ask me. I may not be able to make all decisions myself so I’ll talk to Minaho-neesan or others, and I’ll manage it, no matter what methods I use. I promise you that 」

I puff my chest and said.

No worries about the mansion. They’re all girls to those who are new to the family, and they’re considerate.

Talking about problems, it would be coming from the brothel.

I don’t know much there.

Among the returnee prostitutes, some of them have a hard personality like Iwakura-kaichou.

The newcomers who were the daughters of Kansai Yakuza, Tokuda Sonoko-san, and Kurosawa Naoko-san, have a quite complicated personality.

Misato-san is the only young lady of nobility, I wonder if they’ll get along with her.

Well, Minaho-neesan’s been managing the brothel for long and so she’s in control of people like Iwakura-san so I think it would be okay, but still…

I guess I’ll go and take a look sometimes.

「 Now girls. The room over there has a doctor from the Kouzuki SS. You should get a medical examination 」

Nagisa told the two sets of sisters.

「 Oh right, everyone who lost their virginity goes through this. Misuzu and Ruriko also had a doctor visit them 」

I emphasize that it’s common for girls who lost their virginity.

「 Yes that. Everyone got examined 」

Nei who’s been quiet all this time supported what I told them.

「 I understand. Then, Arisu, Mitama, Kinuka, let’s go 」

Misato-san leads her sister and the two.

「 Once the exam is over, we’re going to eat dinner. Today, you four can share a table 」

Nagisa said.

Arisu, Mitama, Kinuka will go back with me to the Kuromori mansion.

Misato will separate from them.

After their separation tonight, they won’t be able to eat at the same table for a while.

「 Thank you 」

Misato-san bows her head to Nagisa.

「 Okay, it’s this way. I’ll come with you, Nei-chan, look after him 」

Nagisa’s going to guide Misato-san and the girls

「 Okay, got it 」

Nei replies brightly.

「 Then, Kuromori-sama, we’ll take our leave 」

「 We’re going out 」

「 Excuse us 」

「 Excuse 」

Misato-san, Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka all bowed to me.

Then, they went out of the room together with Nagisa.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 」

After confirming that the Kurama and Anjou sisters closed the door…

I sighed grandly.

「 Nfufufun~ As expected, Yo-chan’s tired. That was four of them in succession after all 」

Nei smiles.

「 No, I did have four of them just now but still, I had a lot since this morning. Besides, if you consider yesterday… 」

The outdoor party for the young ladies, the struggle to the death with the Yakuza, and the problem with Tendou Otome (now Kendou Maria) then I raped Rie and Eri, and then.

Anyway, the carnage comes one after another.

「 No, really, sorry but I’m just tired. I can’t show my tired face to Misato-san, Arisu, Mitama nor Kinuka 」

I had to go all out and show composure or they won’t trust me.

I had to push myself to pretend to still be energetic.

「 Well, Yo-chan got the hardest part done. You’re considerate when having sex with a virgin, and you never get selfish when in sex 」

Well, knowing that if I destroy their hymen, it could damage their body…

It’s natural to pay attention so I don’t burden them too much.

「 But, Yo-chan, you’re getting better at having sex with virgins I believe. You even know the perfect angle for your insertion 」

「 Well, I have the experience to teach me 」

Since Yukino, I’ve taken a lot of virginities.

If I don’t get better at this I’d feel sorry for everyone.

I don’t want people to tell me that I haven’t learned anything.

「 Therefore, even when the doctor’s going to check them up, I don’t think that they’ll find any problems 」

If there is, that’s a problem.

「 But, I’m really tired 」

I lie down on the bed.

「 To be honest, I just want to sleep, not even taking dinner 」

My body feels heavy.

「 Right, after coming back to the mansion, I still have to work on the dough for tomorrow 」

「 That’s already solved. Katsuko-neechan called earlier and asked Ai-chan and Megu-chan to progress as far as they can 」

Ai and Megu?

「 What’s left is to come back and Katsuko-oneechan, Mana-chan, and Ruri-chan helping out to prepare the bread for tomorrow. Yo-chan, you should take a rest for tonight 」

「 No, but… 」

Ai and Megu together, is it going to be okay?

Ai is well-informed when it comes to bread making but…

Her sense of speed is different from Megu.

Megu might get angry because Ai is slow to explain.

Megu’s getting hot-tempered recently, I wonder why.



「 Yo-chan, don’t sleep 」


I almost fell asleep.

「 You only need to hold out just a little longer 」

Hold out what?

『 Yes. Sorry but you need to stay awake for a little longer 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from the speakers.

『 Kou put on your clothes and come to the room where Kouzuki-sama is 』

Jii-chan’s room?

『 Don’t you have a final report to give out in regards to the young ladies of Kurama house? 』

Oh right.

Either way, Jii-chan’s already watching this through the cameras, but still.

Even so, I must report to Jii-chan directly.

In the end, what about those sisters.

「 Got it, Minaho-neesan 」

I get up.

As for my clothes…Oh, it’s over there.

Nei and Nagisa brought me clothes.

『 Nei, be sure to take him. Watch over so Kou doesn’t doze off halfway 』

「 Got it~ 」

No, I won’t doze off.

I’m motivating myself.

「 There we go 」

I slapped my cheeks to drive away from the sleepiness.

「 It’s okay, Yo-chan, Onee-chan’s going to put on your clothes, okay? 」

Nei smiles wryly.

「 I can do it myself! I mean, if you put on clothes to me I might sleep halfway, I need to be as alert as I can now 」

「 Then, go at it, go for it, do your best 」

I hold myself back from yawning and put on my clothes.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Here, this one 」

Nei brought me across the long corridors of the Kouzuki mansion.

「 Okay, it should be this room. 」

We arrived in Jii-chan’s room.

Knock knock knock knock knock!

Nei knocks on the door with a rhythm.

「 Ojii-chan! I brought Yo-chan~ 」

「 Come in 」

Jii-chan’s voice comes from inside the room.

「 Then, Yo-chan, good luck 」

It doesn’t look like Nei’s coming to me in this place.

Well, can’t help it.

I’m the only one who has to report.

「 Jii-chan, coming in 」

I slapped my face again and then opened the door.

「 Huh? 」

Misuzu’s here. Ruriko too. Yoshiko-san and Torii-san too.

「 I thought that these girls might want to hear the fate of the young ladies of Kurama house 」

Jii-chan sits down on the big sofa, facing us.

「 It’s likely that they’ll reach the same fate as those girls if the Kouzuki house falls 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san become a prostitute?

「 I won’t let that happen, Jii-chan 」

I said.

「 I’d rather die than let that happen 」

Jii-chan smiled.

「 Are you saying that you’re going to protect the Kouzuki house? 」


「 Are you saying that if Kouzuki house is burdened by a great debt similar to Kurama house, and all the assets we inherited from our ancestors is about to be taken away, that you’ll take responsibility and save Kouzuki house? 」


「 No, I don’t know anything about management, nor I have the talent for it. So, I don’t know about the Kouzuki house. I don’t think I could save Kouzuki house 」

I speak honestly

「 But you see, if anything horrible happens and Kouzuki house is in danger, I would take Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san and escape 」

「 Escape? 」

Torii-san’s surprised.

「 Yes. I’m running away. Escape. Night flight. Then, I’ll make sure that Misuzu and the girls won’t become a prostitute 」


「 Then, what about the debts of the Kouzuki house? 」

Jii-chan asks me.

「 Who cares. My priority is to look for a safe place for Misuzu and the girls. I can worry about that later 」

「 Meaning, you have no concern about the debt of Kouzuki house? 」

Jii-chan asks like he’s having fun.

「 Don’t say it like that. I’ll look for a way to repay it, and if there’s a way to repay the debts, I’ll cross that bridge even if it’s dangerous. But, if there’s no way, then… 」

「 What will you do then? 」

Isn’t that obvious?

「 I’ll just default the debt. There’s no other way after all 」

I answered without hesitation.

「 Do you think that’s okay?! If you can’t repay the debt it won’t just be your company group but it’ll also involve other companies!? A lot of people will be left out in the cold! 」

Torii-san said.

「 Even so, I won’t let Misuzu and the girls sell their bodies, no matter what. I don’t care if thousands of people hate me, I will not let it happen 」

「 Y-You… 」

Seeing that Torii-san is about to complain to me with a shocked look, Jii-chan.

「 No, let him be, Torii-kun. His resolve is what’s great about him 」

「 Kouzuki-sama? 」

「 He’s not a man from the Kouzuki house. Compared to the stability of Kouzuki house, he clearly prioritizes Misuzu and Ruriko’s safety more. Furthermore, he doesn’t see them as daughters of Kouzuki house but as his woman 」

I don’t care about the daughters of Kouzuki house.

「 He cares not about the assets of Kouzuki house. You don’t even want to take Misuzu and the girls with the clothes their wearing but stark naked, don’t you? Isn’t that what you’ll do when you’re going to escape with them? 」

「 Obviously 」

I replied immediately.

「 What about Misuzu? 」

Jii-chan asks Misuzu and the girls.

「 Well, I’m sorry to say but I’ll follow Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said.

「 Of course, I’ll try to help out the house just in case but I will never sell my body for the sake of the house like Kurama Misato-san. I will never do anything that will make Danna-sama sad 」

「 What about you Ruriko? 」

Ruriko paused for a moment.

「 I am Onii-sama’s slave. It’s Grandfather who sold me to him 」

「 True 」

「 Yes. Therefore, I cannot sacrifice myself for the sake of the Kouzuki house. My mind and body already belong to Onii-sama. I will not descend to prostitution for the sake of the Kouzuki house. As long as Onii-sama doesn’t order me 」

I will not give Ruriko that kind of order.

「 What about Yoshiko? 」

「 I… 」

Yoshiko-san thinks for a moment.

「 I don’t know. I don’t think that I should decide that alone 」

「 Hmm, what do you mean? 」

Jii-chan asks further.

「 Uhm, I believe that choosing my future is presumptuous of me 」


「 If Grandfather, Misuzu-sama, and Ruriko-sama ask me to become one, then I will become a prostitute. I’d gladly drop myself into that harsh environment. But, I don’t think that I can decide my own fate 」


In the end, Ruriko still can’t escape from the thoughts that she’s a servant of the Kouzuki house, that she’s Ruriko’s attendant.

「 Well then, here’s my opinion 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 To tell the truth, I think the same way as you. I’ll abandon the house if it is to protect Misuzu and the girls. Even if people fall to hell as a result, I’ll keep my precious family safe. I’d destroy the world if my granddaughters are to sell their bodies 」

Jii-chan, that’s a huge statement.

「 If it brings my granddaughters misfortune, then I have no house to protect. No matter how long the nobility lasted, it’s not worth for me to continue the lineage if it means sacrificing my family 」

「 I think so too. You’ve got nothing even if the house remained 」

A house whose family is in sorrow should just collapse.

「 Just a minute. Then why did Kouzuki-sama? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 Why did you turn Kurama Misato-san into a prostitute to make her repay the debt of the Kurama house? 」


Now that you mentioned it.

What is Jii-chan thinking?