Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1027. Then, the night comes / Monkey Business



「 If Kouzuki-sama is willing to destroy the house than turn the daughters to a prostitute, then why did Kurama Misato-sama have to go to a world of pain? 」

Torii-san said.

Jii-chan will never let Misuzu and the girls fall into prostitution even if the Kouzuki house is in an economic crisis.

He’ll find a way to escape. To flee from all of it.

He’s adamant even if it brings Kouzuki house to ruins.

「 Torii Mariko-kun, unfortunately, not everyone in this world is equal 」

Jii-chan smiled wryly and said.

「 That applies even in nobility. I’m sorry to say but the Kouzuki house and Kurama house are different. Even Mizushima house 」

Mizushima. That’s Misuzu’s pet, Karen’s house.

Speaking of which, Karen-san isn’t here.

「 Also, there’s also your family, which isn’t from the nobility. Torii house stands from a different place 」


「 Is that how valuable Kouzuki house is? That your house is the most noble among noble houses that you’re in a different league from the Kurama and Mizushima house? 」

She speaks sullenly.

「 Correct. Didn’t I tell you, the world isn’t fair 」

Jii-chan smiled.

「 Each house are different from their financial scope and how they move. If Kouzuki house reaches bankruptcy, the Japanese economy will be in danger, or should I say that there will be an international financial panic? Even if Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko all become prostitutes, it’s impossible to break that economic crisis. Doing that would be meaningless. That’s why it’s better if they escape with this boy to some island in the south 」

Jii-chan speaks to provoke Torii-san.

「 General Motors in the U.S. went out of business in 2009 but it’s still around as a company. Their influence is still too great even after bankruptcy…It’s not just about GM’s employees. Subcontractors, transporters of products and parts, dealers all over the world … everyone who makes a living concerning GM is going to end up on the street. Therefore, they didn’t collapse. From 2009 to 2013, GM was effectively a state-owned company in which the U.S. government-owned 61 percent of the stock. They injected public funds into the system to prolong its life. It’s indeed unfair. At the time, the Lehman Shock that had occurred the previous year had caused many companies to go bankrupt due to the business crisis. And yet GM, which is a normal company would have been expected to go out of business, was allowed to survive with the help of the government because it was so big 」

「 Is Kouzuki house like that? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 What do you think? 」

Jii-chan throws back the question.

「 Kouzuki-sama is right. The Kouzuki Group has been a financial clique since the Meiji Era. It’s one of the brands Japan is proud to show the world. If the Kouzuki group goes bankrupt, it’ll give the world the impression that the national power of Japan has waned. Therefore, the business circles will do whatever it takes to save the Kouzuki group 」

Torii-san said.

「 Kouzuki house cannot collapse. It’s not allowed to. We’re different from the Kurama house who is in control of mid-range enterprise of hotels and traditional inns. I’m sorry to say but if Kurama house collapses, nobody will be in trouble. There is no value in saving them if you think purely about business 」

Jii-chan said.

「 If there’s anything worth in the Kurama house, that would be the Kurama Kaku, a splendid building. It’s a building with plenty of memories from the nobility of my age 」

Kurama Kaku is an old building that the old nobility loved, it’s architecture is from the Meiji era, used for gatherings.

「 Therefore, I secured the Kurama Kaku before it’s destroyed. It is dismantled for now but I can reconstruct it for preservation. However, I took it using an underhanded method. The head of Kurama house ordered to demolish it completely but I took it apart carefully from behind the scenes and bought the scrap materials. I do have a guilty conscience in regards to that 」

Jii-chan laughs.

「 In on those grounds, I don’t trust the head of Kurama house but if Kurama Misato-kun sells her body to buy it back, then I may sell the Kurama Kaku to her. As long as they have the Kurama Kaku, they can revive the Kurama house. No, without the Kurama Kaku, Kurama house has no hopes of returning into nobility. That building is what Kurama house inherited for their future. Nobility isn’t about just the long history. Nobility is about the house that has something passed down from its ancestors and left for their descendants. For Kurama house, that would be Kurama Kaku 」

I then thought…

If that’s the case, what did the Kouzuki house inherit from their ancestors and is passed to their descendants?

Kouzuki house should have that item too since they’re nobility.

「 Turning a young lady of nobility into a prostitute might be too harsh. I agree with that. But, there’s nothing we can do about that. I already paid a lot of money. Illegally dismantling the Kurama Kaku took a lot of resources. People from behind the scenes lack professionals in that field. Transporting it secretly, finding a new place to construct it, and it’s reconstruction costs money. Kurama Misato-kun has to pay for all the expenses 」

No, in fact, Jii-chan teamed up with the head of the Kaan house and bought the hotels and inns of the Kurama house.

Besides, the high-rise hotel construction on the site of the former Kurama Kaku has been stalled.

Jii-chan should have paid more in regards to the collapse of the Kurama house but…

He only mentions Kurama Kaku and nothing else when in front of Torii-san.


「 I see. Even if Misato-san works as a prostitute for five years, the money she earns will only be enough to buy back the Kurama Kaku 」

I muttered.

「 That’s correct. It would be impossible for her to buy back the first-class hotels and long-established traditional inns that Kurama house owned 」

「 What does that mean? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 You see, the former prostitutes who retired from the Black Forest brothel all had enough money to start a new business of their own 」

Minaho-neesan cared about their life after work.

「 But, it won’t reach hundreds of millions. That would be impossible. No matter how high-class Black Forest brothel is, you won’t earn that much income. But, you can buy a high-class hotel or a house for a hundred million yen, don’t you? 」

Hearing that, Torii-san realized.

She’s also quite a young lady and so she probably is under the delusion that if Misato-san sells her “daughter of nobility” body, then she can obtain a lot of money.

She doesn’t understand what it means to earn money as a prostitute.

「 What are you talking about? The costs to rebuild the Kurama Kaku already past a hundred million yen 」

Jii-chan laughed as he tells me.

Is it that expensive?

「 Ordinary buildings already cost money, but if you think about completely preserving an antique building, then it’ll take more than what’s ordinary. If it’s a building that has been standing for a hundred years, you’d want it to remain for a hundred more 」

Oh, I see.

「 Listen, think of the contrary. The reality is that it would cost more to rebuild the Kurama Kaku, if Kurama Misato, an 18-year-old girl would want to earn a hundred million yen in five years, the only option for her is to become a high-class prostitute 」


Misato-san’s going to work hard in the Black Forest brothel and she might finally be able to buy the Kurama Kaku just in time.

「 Becoming a prostitute at her age is going to be harsh but they have prepared a safe workspace for her. She has to consent 」

Only the wealthy men from the political and business circles will buy someone like Misato-san who’s priced highly.

Also, it won’t be the perverted customers that Shirasaka Sousuke brings in…Minaho-neesan will be picking the customers who the girls can sell their bodies to.

Kouzuki SS is also present as security.

The situation isn’t bad.

「 B-But, Kouzuki-sama! 」

Torii-san’s adamantly disagreeing.

「 Why is it that you’re too persistent? It’s Kurama Misato-kun who’s becoming a prostitute, not you, Torri Mariko-kun. Furthermore, she already gave her consent. It’s her fate. Weren’t you watching what he was doing with Kurama Misato-kun earlier? 」

Torii-san watched the situation where I purchased Misato-san.

She watched the process where I raped Misato-san over and over again.

「 You’re unrelated and so you don’t even have the right to interfere 」

「 That’s true, it is as you say but still 」


「 I can understand that you physiologically can’t accept it. A girl that you know became a prostitute, it’s shocking to you 」

Jii-chan said and turned to me.

「 What do you think? Do you find something you don’t agree with? 」


「 Well, I don’t agree with it. In truth, I actually want to turn Misato-san to my woman too. I don’t even want her to sell her body to other men. But… 」

It’s not about that.

The situation continues to move whether they hear my wishes or not.

「 Even if I don’t agree with it, I know that I have to swallow it. I respect Misato-san’s resolve 」

「 But, that resolve is forced to her! Misato-sama didn’t have the choice! 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 Wait, Torii-san 」

I told her.

「 Not everything in this world will ask for your decision 」

In most cases, you’re forced to accept your situation.

Where there’s no other choice.

That’s what life is.

「 There’s no life where you can choose everything freely! Well, it’s messed up for a young lady to become a prostitute from today onwards but the situation is that she has to accept this absurdity 」

「 That’s just weird! Strange! This should never be 」

「 Good or bad, it’s already happening in front of you, it’s the reality 」

「 Then it’s wrong! We should correct this wrong! That’s what I believe in 」


「 But, Misato-san accepted it! She already made her resolve 」

「 But… 」

「 Shut up! Misato-san is the one in most pain here! It’s not for us to complain about 」

I shouted at Torii-san.

「 It’s pitiful but all we could do is cheer for her. We’re taking care of all the other stuff to worry about so Misato-san could work as a prostitute without worries. Like, not making her worry about Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka 」

Oh, I…

I really am powerless.

「 It’s shameful but that’s all I can do 」

Really shameful.

「 No, that’s good enough 」

Huh, Jii-chan.

「 Better yet, it’s great that you could do that. Most people can’t even provide backup 」

Then, Jii-chan looked at the ceiling.

「 Minaho-kun, it seems that he’s vented out nicely 」

『 I can see that 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from the speaker.

「 Well then, why don’t we expose the trick? 」

Expose the trick?

『 Kou, when it comes to business, you need to make the most rational choice to make a profit. 』


『 Meaning, Kurama Misato-san will become our brothel’s prostitute but I’m not offering her to anyone without caring who they are. We’re a high-class brothel, we don’t sell women for cheap 』

「 What do you mean? 」

I asked.

『 If you sell the prostitute to any guest without conditions, then their value will go down. It’s much more profitable to sell them to customers while saying “That girl is only sold to customers who met the criteria” The fact that nobody can buy her is what makes her sell for a high price. It would be a mistake to think that anyone can pay for all of the prostitutes 』

「 The red-light district during the Edo period uses that structure. Their best courtesan is unavailable for ordinary customers. They’re only sold to people with status and fortune. It becomes a status if you can have the best courtesan as your partner. Of course, the price of their companionship is high. The best courtesan makes a thousand times more money in a single night compared to the lowest ranking prostitute who takes four or five clients. Furthermore, her partner is only a single man 」

That means…

『 Kurama Misato-san is a young lady of nobility. Many customers would want to have sex with a girl of her status. However, we won’t be giving her off that simply. It’s my job to raise her cost as high as possible. However, we won’t be selling her to weird people, no matter how much they give. If we let such men have their way with her, her value will decline 』

Misato-san won’t sell unless it’s someone who is wealthy and has a great status.

「 I think that the group will only be seven people who are as old as me. They all have their personage. Then, we gather those who looked after the Kurama house since the ancestral era 」


「 During the age of Kurama house? You mean, Misato-san and Arisu’s grandfather? 」

「 YEs. The good people who are already lost years ago. The current head is hopeless but the previous generation is good people. The good memories of Kurama Kaku were their blessings 」

The people who looked after Misato-san and Arisu’s grandfather…

「 We’re in gratitude to the previous generation but we have no intention of turning her to a plaything of the grandchildren of the previous generation. Rather, that seven people will keep watch on each other so nobody makes a move on Misato-kun 」

「 Then that means… 」

「 We respect Misato-kun’s determination to become a prostitute to save her house. Therefore, the seven people who will buy Misato-kun’s time will not have sex with her. It’s conclusive. Wagering their honor as men. Joint vow. I can have them sign a document too 」

The people who will buy Misato-san’s time won’t have sex with her?

「 All they’ll do is take Misato-kun to a restaurant, a theater, buy her for a high price. Well, they’re accompanied by a young and beautiful lady, and furthermore, it’s the daughter of nobility that they’re grateful to, that alone would be satisfying. We all want Kurama Misato-kun to inherit the Kurama Kaku 」

Jii-chan said.

『 We prefer to keep it that way. You’re only taking out Misato-san and yet you pay a lot of money, those who couldn’t have sex with Misato-san would want to rent out other girls 』

They can’t have sex with Misato-san and so they’ll rent out another prostitute?

「 That’s right. They’re still perverted old men in the end. They’ll try to relieve their lust from having Misato-kun tag along with another prostitute 」

『 Meaning, Misato-san + another girl, the sales doubles 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 Misato-san is also a prostitute and yet, she’s brought to eat delicious food, taken to places, but she won’t have sex with her customers. However, the other prostitutes can sell their bodies. Don’t think that it’s unfair. It’s the customer’s freedom on how they want to treat their prostitutes. Renting out a prostitute doesn’t mean that they want only sex 』

That means…

『 There is that one former university professor who is an old customer of ours and he loves to give lectures to the prostitutes. He never had sex. He uses the time to the fullest to teach about his specialty. That’s what he wants to do instead of sex and so we prepare girls who want to learn earnestly for him 』

Not all customers have a goal of relieving their sexual desire.

「 My group won’t be just men who want to bless cute granddaughters like how I do it. Some of them might satisfy Misato-kun with dinner 」

『 There’s a demand for that too. Some live for the purpose of having young girls feed them. Well, if you ask me, it would be helpful if someone takes Misato-san on a date, return with burning lust, and then rent out another prostitute, but… 』

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Then, in the end, Misato-san becomes a prostitute, but nobody’s going to buy her body? 」

『 That’s the plan 』

I see.

I get it now.

『 But, don’t tell Misato-san that. That’ll relieve her tension. I want her to fear that “this will be the day she’s violated” until she notices. That expression is what sets fire to the customer’s lust 』

So, they’ll swap Misato-san with another prostitute.

『 Misato-san will probably think that she lacks in charm. Then, she will desperately try to appeal the next customer, and then, that customer will buy another prostitute 』

T-That’s a scheme, or should I say that it’s sly.

『 Kou, you’re going to periodically have sex with Misato-san. As her training. The more you have sex with her, the more erotic Misato-san will become 』

「 But, we have sworn to never have sex with that girl 」

Jii-chan smiled.

『 If you have sex with her regularly, Misato-san will become mentally stable 』

Meaning, Misato-san will have sex with nobody but me?

『 Then, in two years, you can impregnate her 』


「 Misato-san’s promise is to work as a prostitute for five years, right? 」

『 Two years will be enough, the plan is to take her out 』

「 Among my colleagues, one of the seven might not be able to hold back and make a move on Misato-kun. But, nobody will say that they lost to their lust 」

Well yeah.

That child will be my child.

Meaning, we won’t tell the customers that I regularly have sex with Misato-san.

「 Therefore, the seven men will think that Misato-kun’s child is their child. Misato-kun will retire after childbirth and we’ll support her from then onwards. In two years, rebuilding the Kurama Kaku will be done. Misato-kun will become 20, and the head of the Kurama Kaku. That’s the plan 」


Jii-chan went that far.

『 That’s right. And so, wait for two years. In two years, you’ll have sex with her but she’s not your woman. She’s a prostitute who sells her body. Okay? 』

「 Yeah. Got it. Minaho-neesan 」

Even so, I’m glad.

Misato-san won’t have sex with anyone but me.

『 Well then, Kou, that’s enough training 』


『 You’ve had enough practice with Misato-san by separating her from your women, resolve yourself that she won’t become yours, and have sex with her without stepping in too far, right? 』


『 You were able to find a clear line between you and Misato-san earlier 』

I desperately thought that she won’t become my woman.

The truth comes to bite.

『 Two more girls will come next week. Both of them are virgins, and they had to become prostitutes to repay the debt of their families. One’s 16 and the other is 17. They’re both beautiful and have good personalities. I already interviewed them 』

The two of them will be the newcomer prostitutes.

『 The two of them will be real prostitutes. They will have sex with anyone for money. You’ll be their trainer and teach them about sex 』

Misato-san is practice.

This time, it’s the real deal.

I need to make it clear to myself that they won’t become my woman as I have sex with them.

『 I’ll train Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san. They don’t trust men and so you can’t do it 』

The two daughters of Yakuza…Sonoko-san’s gang-raped by her father’s colleagues and Kurosawa-san watched it all unfold.

Therefore, I get that they don’t trust men.

『 I’ll break Kurosawa-san’s virginity with a strap-on dildo. I’ll be teaching her slowly since it’s a lesbian play. Therefore, you’ll take care of the two coming next week 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 That would be five newcomers, right? Misato-san is our decoration but the other four will be going fully operational. Then, if you add Yukiyo and the veterans, Black Forest will reopen 』

Minaho-neesan’s brothel will open once again for five years.

But I…

「 It’s okay, Danna-sama. Danna-sama can make the line with Misato-san 」

「 Indeed, you did it, Onii-sama 」

Misuzu and Ruriko tells me.

「 Isn’t that great, Mariko-san 」

Misuzu turns to Torii-san.

「 W-What? 」


「 Now, Mariko-san found the line and can now have sex with Danna-sama 」