Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1028. Then, the night comes / A man with no Privacy



『 Your emotion when it comes to women is too deep 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 That’s why you have that thought of wanting to take the girl you had sex with to your family. But, you’re reaching the limit of your capacity, and the women also have various circumstances. Not all of them can become your family 』

Well, that’s true.

But still…

『 Kurama Misato-san will not have sex with anyone but you, and she will bear your child, but she’s not your family for now. Even if she’s not selling her body, she’s still a prostitute of the Black Forest. She’s not your private woman 』

Misato-san believes that she has to sell her body to her customers.

Minaho-neesan and I won’t tell Misato-san until she notices that her customers are not into having sex with her.

It’s all to not let the tension cut off.

Therefore, my relationship with Misato-san will be “prostitute” and “sex training partner in the brothel”

The gap between us has to remain.

『 I think you already know but still, we can’t allow active-duty prostitutes in our family 』

「 Yeah, I know 」

If we consider Agnes, who’s raised inside the brothel, and Mao-chan whose mother was a prostitute, we can’t let them live together with an active-duty prostitute.

It’s too early for the girls to discover the truth about their birth.

『 I won’t be coming home to the Kuromori mansion for a while. I don’t want them to sense any smell from the brothel 』

That means Minaho-neesan will be sleeping at the new brothel in front of the station.

『 The remodeling is finally over. There should be no inconvenience to live there. After all, above the brothel is a hotel. We won’t have a problem with food either 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 I’m going to bring Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san over there. As for Yukiyo and the returnees, they’re scheduled to meet up 』

「 Are you sure that it’s okay to go there just by yourself, Minaho-neesan? 」

Katsuko-nee her former assistant, or Margo-san, the bodyguard of the brothel, they can’t come with Minaho-neesan.

『 I’m okay. Tamayo-san’s escorting me 』

Tamayo-san’s one of the former prostitutes of Black Forest.

She’s managing a love hotel while aiming to become a stylist.

『 I invited her to come not as a prostitute but as a manager and so she gladly accepted the offer 』

That Onee-san should know how to manage the brothel and the mental state of the prostitutes.

Above all, she’s someone with the will to survive the messed up age of Shirasaka Sousuke.

『 As for security, we have Kinoshita-san from Kouzuki SS with us for now 』

Oh yeah, that former Banbarubie 3 member. She’s a cute woman but she’s always swinging around that explosive flail on her shoulder.

『 We need someone who has a conspicuous personality like her to keep Yukino from her pranks 』

If Iwakura-san underestimates her, Kinoshita-san will bonk her with a smile.

She took down 30 Yakuza without hesitation but a smile on her face.

『 Also, Morimoto-san’s coming with me. You don’t have to worry 』

Morimoto-san, the clerk of Black Forest since Minaho-neesan’s grandfather’s era.

He was freed when Shirasaka Sousuke took over the Black Forest, but…

Minaho-neesan used Jii-chan’s backing to take control of management and he’s brought back.

『 We’re only opening the brothel for five years, and so he came after I asked for a big favor. The closure of the brothel last year was a necessary move to drive Shirasaka Sousuke into a corner. The Kuromori tower who had a history for nearly 70 years, has to end on a high note. That is why the five years is necessary. Morimoto-san agreed to that. He’s lived his life in the Black Forest Brothel after all 』

Morimoto-san’s going to close the brothel with his hands.

It’s taking responsibility for his life.

『 Anyway, you don’t have to think about managing the brothel. That’s my job. As mentioned earlier, you only need to train Kurama Misato-san and the two newcomer prostitutes. That’s all you have to do 』

To teach the virgin prostitute candidates about sed.

『 You’re the best partner for girls who don’t know anything. They lose the fear of sex 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 That’s what’s amazing about you, you make girls enjoy and not fear sex. The girls whom you took their first time don’t have trauma nor insecurities in sex. I think that’s a great talent 』

No, even if you tell me that…

『 That’s why you can’t deal with Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san. Those girls are afraid of sex, and it’s carved in their minds that women experience pain and suffering 』

So I can’t do it?

『 The big wounds in human hearts are incurable. No matter how much you try to heal it, there will be scars. Therefore, you must give appropriate treatment to those who are wounded 』

Sonoko-san’s gang-raped by her father’s comrades while her father’s watching.

Kurosawa-san watched Sonoko-san raped.

They no longer trust men.

I see. So that’s why Minaho-neesan’s pushing the lesbian play to them.

They have to get accustomed to touching women…

Else, when a man touches them, the trauma will flashback.

『 It’ll take a bit of time. Even if they’re to accompany a man, it won’t be young men like you, but broadminded silver-haired old men would be better for them. Someone 15-years or further older than their fathers 』

Their fathers were irredeemable scums.

They might have a strong reaction against men of their father’s age, and so it has to be old men who’re clearly older than their fathers.

Their fathers are good for nothing and so Sonoko-san and Naoko-san seek a father figure.

If that’s the case, someone like me can’t fill that role.

「 Still, I think that Minaho-oneesama is right 」

Suddenly, Ruriko who’s been quiet all this time, speaks up.

「 It’s best for girls who know nothing about sex to receive Onii-sama as their first time 」

Huh, going back to that topic?

「 How do I say this, ah yes, it’s similar to meals 」


「 Onii-sama really seems to enjoy the food we make. Furthermore, he doesn’t deliberately call it out. But, when you look at his face when he eats, you can tell that he’s really enjoying the food. Which is why I want to become a better cook 」

Err, I get that, but…

But what does it have to do with girls having first-time sex with me?

「 That’s also true in sex. Onii-sama shows when he’s in pleasure. It also makes the partner he’s having sex with feel that same pleasure 」

「 Indeed. When having sex with Danna-sama, you don’t feel the immorality at all 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yes. Onii-sama’s truly pleased with my body and that makes me happy and proud. It makes me want to serve Onii-sama more and more 」

「 Danna-sama’s giving us his everything, and so we can get naked, mind and body, and enjoy sex 」

「 We won’t feel that way unless it’s with Onii-sama 」


「 Hmm. Using meals for an example makes me understand. I also love dining with you. You never complain about the cook, and you eat like it’s the most delicious thing in the world. Seeing that makes you feel refreshed 」

Even Jii-chan says that.

「 If these were my students, they only eat in first-class restaurants their parents brought them since they were young. If they dine together, they’re quite noisy. They complain about things like “The taste is not good enough,” “The sauce is not well seasoned,” “Tell the chef to change his cooking method,” “The other restaurants I went to before are better than this one,” and so on, all while pretending to be food critics even though they’re just high-school or college students still feeding on their parents. I couldn’t even enjoy eating when they’re with me 」

Yeah, they’re the children of branch families of Kouzuki house and directors in the Kouzuki group.

Those guys are really noisy.

I mean, dining there should be Jii-chan’s treat, and yet…

They still complain.

Well, that’s how rich kids are.

「 In that case, those guys are like that in sex too. Complaining to their partner, saying “Do this do that, why aren’t you doing that?” Always discontented. When they want to spoil a woman they will, but once they’re done, they’ll speak abusively 」

Oh, I can imagine that.

Especially Kouzuki Satoshi who’s a horrible womanizer.

「 I’d never want to have sex with those men. That makes me happy that I am Onii-sama’s slave 」

Ruriko said.

「 I’ll cherish my love with Onii-sama for the rest of my life 」

She smiles like an angel and looked at me.

「 Misuzu thinks the same. I’m glad that I met Danna-sama, and I thank God all the time 」

Misuzu said.

「 Seeing Kurama Misato-san’s state, she seems to feel that way. By repeatedly having sex with Danna-sama, Misato-san’s heart is wrapping up 」

Ruriko and Misuzu, then Torii-san and Yoshiko-san.

They watched me have sex with Misato-san.

「 Danna-sama isn’t a man of words. He’s more of a man of conduct, a man of attitude, or should I say a man of existence? 」

That’s some hard words to understand.

「 Danna-sama never tries to deceive us, and he’s always serious, yet he gently wraps us 」

「 I know right! That expression on his face, or rather, the atmosphere that he has, he opens his mind and body to us 」

I don’t get what Misuzu and Ruriko are talking about.

「 Indeed. I have seen several professional swindlers in my time but… 」


「 Swindlers speak of all the good things. Everything is so advantageous, beneficial, it makes them look like they’re so trustworthy or so they push themselves to be. First-class swindlers have good behavior and atmosphere. Therefore, you’d believe them 」

Jii-chan said.

「 That’s why I always assume that people who speak of good things have something behind them. If it’s a swindler, then there’s a difference in what they’re saying and what they’re doing. People who are too trustworthy and have good sentiments act against what they speak. For example, a guy who brags about how punctual he is and how he always keeps his promises to others might not keep his appointments on time, or may not show up to finish the documents he promised. People whose words and actions are different aren’t trustworthy. Eventually, they’ll do something too outrageous. Therefore, I cut them off right away 」

I see.

Speaking of which, that’s true, some guys would say that “I’m like this” to other people.

They keep on insisting so the people around them believe that, but…

I see. If put to a test, when their words and actions are different, then don’t trust them.

「 In that respect, you never show off to others. You listen to others when talking and accept when you can do it. You have no lies. You have no disparity between your words and actions. That’s how you’re able to gently gain the trust of women. However 」

Jii-chan looked at me.

「 His personality isn’t suited in business. The other party can see through him that it’ll become disadvantageous in transactions. Misuzu, don’t let him do business. Just let him sit down in the house 」

「 Certainly, Grandfather 」

Misuzu replies with a smile.

「 After all, a man who never lies, never aspires or too much, and loves his women, is too precious. It would be a waste of time to use man and woman’s love as a bargain and then mentally lose for Misuzu or Ruriko. Productivity is too bad. In that regard, if he’s your partner, you can refresh your mind and body, right? 」

「 Grandfather is right. The time with Onii-sama is too valuable and splendid 」

「 Well, of course, he’s a man you know will never betray you, and will love you. Indeed a family. Furthermore, you can have sex with him too 」

「 Indeed. I truly respect and love Onii-sama. I am his slave. His property. Someone I devote my body and soul. It’s like a dream 」

Ruriko said.

「 There are no secrets between Onii-sama and me. Or should I say that Onii-sama has no privacy? We all know what, where, and who’s Onii-sama’s with 」

「 I know it all too. I always let Danna-sama know my schedule but Danna-sama has no privacy at all 」

My privacy…

「 We can always watch what Danna-sama’s doing in school or in the Kuromori Mansion 」

Oh, I knew it. It’s not just Minaho-neesan.

I don’t think Misuzu would miss a day watching me.

「 I always observe when Danna-sama’s going to the toilet to check on his health 」

Also, she loves peeing.

It’s her custom to show herself peeing to me every day but she seems to be checking me out too.

「 Therefore, whenever Danna-sama has sex with new girls, I’m okay with it. I know what kind of situations, his emotions, and his determination 」

Misuzu speaks to Torii-san.

「 For example, choosing the twins, Rie-chan and Eri-chan as the new slaves but never making a move on Tendou Otome-san and Tokuda Sonoko-san is what’s amazing about Danna-sama. Danna-sama never picks a girl to become his woman because they look cute. Danna-sama chooses the girls he embraces, and they must have suitable looks and talents 」


「 Indeed, Onii-sama didn’t have sex with Haruka-san, Michi’s big sister 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 All the women Danna-sama chose are excellent, and they strengthen our family as a result 」

Misuzu added.

「 I’ve seen it all, Danna-sama, you are okay with that, right? 」


「 Well, I’ll do anything to keep my family safe. Therefore, I’ve already long given up on privacy, and I don’t care much about it 」

Besides, Minaho-neesan’s established the monitoring system in school and in the Kuromori mansion.

Its purpose is to oppose Shirasaka Sousuke’s misdeeds, but…

No, before that…

Kidnapped when she was 12, turned to a prostitute, seen her sister murdered, and her body’s no longer able to bear a child…

She never trusts humans.

Therefore, she can’t feel safe unless she watches people from behind the scenes through her surveillance system.

That is Minaho-neesan’s mental trauma.

Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Margo-san, Nei, and Kyouko-san all know about it.

That is why they tolerate Minaho-neesan’s surveillance.

Me too.


「 I know that everyone’s watching me all the time after all. Knowing that I don’t feel concerned 」

I just take it all.

I don’t mind if I have no privacy.

「 I think of myself belonging to the family just as I think that the family belongs to me 」


「 That’s how far off from common sense he is. He’s accepting such an outrageous environment with composure. Therefore, everyone else also accepts the same 」

「 Yes. Danna-sama’s like that and so we don’t want to monopolize Danna-sama for ourselves, and we’re not jealous of his relationship with others 」

「 We know that we exist inside Onii-sama’s heart 」



You’re making me blush.

「 So, aren’t you envious, Mariko-san? 」

Misuzu provokes Torii-san.

「 I-I’m not envious at all 」

Torii-san answers loudly.

Wait, it seems that we’re in high tension here?

「 I understand that Misuzu-sama’s got a strange relationship with Kuromori-sama, and it’s stable, but… 」

「 Yes. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Don’t you want to join in such a splendid group? 」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「 Well, that… 」

「 You already know how amazing Danna-sama is at sex, don’t you? From the twins to Kurama Arisu-san..it’s their first time, and yet they weren’t in much pain, and they started enjoying sex with Danna-sama, haven’t they? Kurama Misato-san too 」

「 That’s true, but… 」

「 Mariko-san actually wants to do it with Danna-sama, don’t you? 」


「 T-That’s not true! 」

She shouts in panic.

「 Oh, why do you answer like that, we get it already. Mariko-san has to marry with a man from nobility for the sake of Torii-house, right? 」

Right, Torii-san;

To raise her family status…

She’s a daughter born from marrying into one of the big three, Kanou house.

Torii-san will marry into another noble family once she’s an adult to strengthen the relationship of Torii house with the nobilities.

「 「 Mariko-san, if you join in our family, you’re not allowed to serve anyone but Danna-sama for the rest of your life after all 」

Oh, I see.

I can’t make Torii-san my woman.

She’s going to marry another man for her family.

「 T-That’s true! I-It’s my fate! 」

Torii-san replies.

「 If that’s your determination, then I won’t say anything, but Mariko-san. Are you going to keep your chastity until marriage? 」


「 Are you going to devote your life to a man you don’t know because your parents decided that you’re to marry him? 」

「 That’s… 」

「 That’s just boring. Have you not thought of experiencing sex right now? 」

Misuzu asks bluntly.

「 B-But… 」

「 Danna-sam just crossed over huge hurdles today 」

Misuzu stops Torii-san from speaking.

「 Do you get it? After Kurama Misato-san’s case…Danna-sama has it clear that even if the other party can’t join in the family, where he has to part with them in the future because they’re not his lifetime responsibility, and yet, he can still love them 」


「 Danna-sama now won’t say “I’ll look after you for the rest of your life” with the girls he will have sex with and take their virginity. He can enjoy the male-female relationship even when the premise is that they’ll part someday 」

Misuzu said. Torii-san listens.

「 There are no future troubles. You can have sex just one time and if you don’t want to do it with Danna-sama again, just say it. Danna-sama will give up on you by then. He won’t chase after you. After all, Ruriko and I are watching 」

I mean, I don’t think I can chase after girls who hate it.

I have no time for that.

I have no privacy after all.

「 Also, Mariko-san may have noticed it already but you have no need to worry about pregnancy with Danna-sama. Ruriko and I can’t get pregnant until we graduate and so we drink contraceptives. It’s an effective medicine. Kurama-san and the girls are drinking it too. As you have heard in the conversation earlier, Kurama Misato-san is scheduled to bear Danna-sama’s child in two years. She won’t get pregnant right now.

Minaho-neesan will let Misato-san earn money to some extent…

「 Besides, Arisu-san and Kinuka-san are still young so they can’t get pregnant. Thus, they will take contraceptives as well 」

Misuzu said. Torii-san;

「 You mean I won’t get pregnant, which will bring future troubles? 」

「 Correct. And, Danna-sama is Ruriko and my husband. Don’t you see that having a lover who’s also the same lover of the Kouzuki houses’ daughters as stimulating? 」

Torii-san’s insecurity of nobility is strong.

She should find it attractive to experience the same thing as Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 Well then, what will you do? 」

Misuzu said. Torii-san;