Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1045. Blossoms of Nobility / Thoughts one can’t Sweep Under the Carpet



「 Ouch! Ouch! 」

Mariko’s in pain as warm water pours from the shower to her crotch.

Virgin blood, semen, and sweat spread from her slit to her thighs.

I gently rinse it all off.

「 Are you okay Mariko? 」

I asked.

「 I’m okay. It just stings a bit 」

Mariko puts on a brave front and smiles at me.

「 I should ask the same to you, Kou, are you okay? You seem tired 」

「 Yeah, I’m tired. But, I just have to do this 」

It’s my job to rinse off the body that I just had sex with, that I deflowered.

「 Well, it should be okay. My body should be okay 」

But, I think that I should go dip myself in warm water right now.

For now, just take a shower.

If I take a warm bath in this state, I’ll lose consciousness in the bathroom.

「 Mariko-chan, wash Papa’s penis too! Agnes will teach you how to 」

The naked Agnes tells Mariko.

「 Before that, I’ll wash your body too, Agnes 」

Agnes had sex with me before Mariko.

I didn’t cum inside, but she should be sticky from the sweat and love nectar.

I turn the showerhead towards Agnes’ body.

「 Kyaa~ It’s warm, Papa 」

Agnes is happy.

「 Onii-sama, please use this. Agnes-chan, don’t wash just Onii-sama’s penis but his whole body instead 」

Ruriko brings in a soapland-use air mattress.

She brought this from the Kuromori mansion.

「 Onii-sama, please lay down here. Agnes-chan 」

Ruriko smiled at Agnes.

「 Okay, desuno! Then Agnes will teach Mariko-chan how to do matt-rinse 」

「 Matt-rinse? 」

「 Put soap on your breasts then use it to scrub Papa 」

「 Oh, that seems fun 」

Katsuko-nee’s soapland play is now passed on from Agnes to Mariko.

「 Papa, if it feels good then you can sleep anytime 」


「 We’ll wake you up when it’s time to leave the bath 」

Oh, instead of immersing myself in the warm water in the bathtub…

If I lie down on the mattress, it’s no problem if I take a little rest.

I won’t drown nor get dizzy from a prolonged hot bath.

Above all that, I can enjoy the elastic skins of Agnes and Mariko.

「 Then, I’ll do that 」

I lie down my heavy body on the mattress.

Then, I look around the spacious bathroom.

I came to this bath yesterday, this is my second time.

This bathroom is used by the guests of Kouzuki house coming from the far areas.

We had sex in this bathroom yesterday, after the party in the courtyard.


I’ve gone inside bathrooms so many times post-sex since yesterday.

Well, it can’t be helped.

I had virgins in succession that I had to clean them up after sex.

「 First, you pour soap on your breasts like this 」

「 Oh, like this 」

Agnes and Mana whip body soap on their chest.

The two are getting along before anyone is aware.

Well, to Agnes, all the girls I had sex with are her sisters.

And for Mariko;

Well, no human would hate Agnes who’s an angel who descended to this world.

Anyone who sees Agnes’ smile will love her. Naturally, one would want to get along with her.

「 Okay, we’re ready! Now your breasts rub on Papa’s back! 」

Agnes covers my body lying down on the mattress.

Then, she rubs her soapy breasts on my back.

「 Here, Papa. Does Agnes’ breast feel good? 」

She rubs her breasts to me.

That cute elasticity texture feels good.

「 Yeah, it does. Agnes 」

I replied.

「 I see 」

Mariko’s impressed.

「 Ehehehe, then it’s Mariko-chan’s turn now 」

Agnes and Mariko switched places.

「 Mariko, do your hips hurt? Don’t push yourself 」

Worried about Mariko’s body who just lost her virginity, I asked her.

「 I’m okay. That aside, I want to try this out. This seems fun 」

Right, Mariko’s an extremely curious girl

「 Err, like this? 」

Mariko gets on top of my body and rubs her chest to me.

「 That’s right. Then, you slide your body. It’s okay to push your weight on Papa. Papa’s strong so he won’t be crushed by your weight 」

「 Okay 」

Oh, her naked body’s sticking to me.

I feel it rubbing up and down my back. I can feel Mariko’s stiff nipples on my back.

「 You’re doing well Mariko-chan. Agnes will wash Papa’s arm then! Papa, stretch your hand this way 」

「 Sure 」

I stretch out my hands.

I’m sprawling on the mattress.

Agnes rubs her breasts on my arm.

「 It feels good to have you two wash me 」

I breathed out and lost strength.

I set my head sideways.

I stare at the spacious bathroom.

Mariko, Agnes, and me. Then, Ruriko’s with Misuzu and Yoshiko-san in the bathtub.

Mana and Nei remained to clean up the room Mariko lost her virginity so they’re not here.


「 Why do we have to join in here? 」

Seriously. For some reason, Kaan Momoko-neechan and her bodyguard, Yamada Umeko-Sebastianus-san are also in the tub.

Edie and Michi’s present to keep a lookout on Yamada-san.

Misuzu and the girls are naked, but…

Momoko-neechan, Yamada-san, and Yoshiko-san are wearing the same white swimsuit Mariko wore yesterday.

The cloth is thin that it’s almost see-through, it looks lewd, but…

「 Momoko-oneesama, you seem to have perspired a lot so that’s why 」

Misuzu replies calmly.

「 Maybe you did secrete other body fluids other than your sweat, but… 」

「 M-Misuzu! 」

Momoko-neechan glared at Misuzu, but…

Her hand is covering her crotch.


Momoko-neechan got aroused from watching Mariko and I have sex.

She leaked love nectar.

「 Well, why not? I thought of changing locations and talking a little more with Momoko-oneesama, so we’re now in the bathroom 」

Misuzu said.

She’s no longer dragged in Momoko-neechan’s pace.

She’s talking with much composure.

「 Ruriko, got another mattress? 」

Edie asks Ruriko.

「 Yes, the spare should be over there 」

「 Could you bring it to us? I’ll give this girl a massage 」

She said and looked at Yamada Umeko-san.

「 Me? 」

Yamada-san’s still on guard even in the bathtub.

「 Your body should be stiff from the shock of the taser. It won’t be good unless we give it a massage 」

「 N-No thanks 」

Yamada-san speaks in displeasure.

「 I refuse your refusal. You’re a bodyguard so your body has to be in optimal condition or else you’re disqualified from your job, okay? 」

Edie smiled.

「 I-I can’t possibly receive massages while my Master’s watching! 」

Oh, Yamada-san’s still on duty.

She’s never allowed to lie down on a mattress while her Master, Momoko-neechan is here.

「 Can’t help it. It’s an emergency… 」

Edie speaks to Momoko-neechan.

「 Momoko, if the MASTER permits then it should be okay. It would be hard for her if her back remains in pain you know 」

Momoko-neechan speaks sullenly.

「 Then give Sebastianus a massage 」

「 But, Ojou-sama 」

「 I’ll be in trouble if you’re not in your best condition! 」

「 However 」

Yamada-san looked at Edie and Michi.

「 You don’t have to worry about it 」

Momoko-neechan told her bodyguards.

「 Kouzuki house will not attack me in this situation. They already gave me so much sense of humiliation and defeat 」

Humiliation, defeat?

「 They took away Mariko from me and even showed me this to bring the emotional defeat stronger. That’s enough. If they were to harm me physically, they’ll put Kouzuki house’s victory to ruin. Therefore, there should be no threats while we’re in this mansion 」

Momoko-neechan’s misunderstanding something again.

「 But, you’ll have to be on guard while we’re on our way home since you’re my bodyguard so just thankfully receive the salt the enemy’s offering to you. Give her a massage or whatever. You should receive some humiliation too 」

「 I-I’m sorry. Ojou-sama 」

Yamada-san bows her head.

「 I’ve been a disappointment all this time 」

Oh, letting Edie and Michi take control with their team play…

It’s a disgrace to the bodyguard of the young lady of nobility.

She left her Master without protection and couldn’t hit Edie and Michi a single time.

「 Someday, I will duel the two of them. Then, I’ll definitely win 」

Yamada-san said, but…

「 Duel? Saying that means that you already lost 」

Edie laughs scornfully.

「 Y-You?! 」

Yamada-san flares up but…

「 Calm down 」

Michi speaks with a low tone.

「 Bodyguards must think of their Master’s safety before anything. The thought of winning someday shows that you’re too late. We are never allowed to lose, even if we’re fighting against tens of thousands of enemies 」

If the bodyguard loses, the Master dies.

Even without death, they will be kidnapped, violated, hurt…

「 You lost today. You have to accept that fact first 」

「 Using electric shock is unfair! Furthermore, there are two of you! If we fight one-on-one, then you won’t be able to handle me 」

Yamada Umeko-san is 17 if I recall correctly.

Edie’s 16.

Michi’s 15.

Michi’s attending the same school as the young ladies so she knows her.

She probably can’t agree with the fact that she’s defeated by a girl two years younger, furthermore, she used tasers.

Yamada-san is most likely a descendant of a bodyguard family that served Kaan house for generations.

Her defeat means the loss of the Kaan house’s bodyguard to the bodyguard of Kouzuki house.

Yamada-san will sully the pride of her family.

「 Oh really? What are you doing? Sports? Martial arts? To hell with “fairness” 」

Edie laughed.

「 I mean, you can’t deal with even one of us in that state you’re in 」

「 Your back’s stiff 」

Yamada-san’s dipping herself in warm water while wearing a thin swimwear.

Her naked back is exposed.

Edie and Michi’s eyes can determine the state of her muscle in one glance.

「 Just hurry up and come here. I’ll give you a massage. Your Master’s right. Taste your defeat 」

「 Sebastianus, accept the massage 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 This is your punishment. Go ahead 」

「 Certainly… 」

Yamada-san receives the order of her Master.

She stands up from the bathtub.

「 Now lie down here 」

「 Kuh 」

Yamada-san lies down on the mattress feeling frustrated.


「 See? This part is in bad shape 」

She massages the back.

「 Ah! 」

「 Don’t struggle. I’ll be using a bit of Qi, this is for your treatment so don’t toss it back 」

Saying that she gently massages Yamada-san’s back.

「 So, you must be proud that you won against me on everything, Misuzu? 」

Momoko-neechan tells Misuzu.

「 I’m not a girl filled with ulterior motives 」

Misuzu replies with a smile.

「 What do you mean? 」

Momoko-neechan’s such a bad temper girl.

「 Here, Papa! Your back is done! Now time for your front! 」

Oh, they’re done washing me.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I turned around and lied face up.

「 Wow 」

Mariko saw my penis and raised her voice.

「 It’s really smaller than earlier 」

「 See? Cute, isn’t it? 」

Agnes reaches my penis that’s completely out of energy.

「 It’s tired now so it won’t go up again today 」

I had too much sex. I feel like the surface of my glans tingling.

「 Okay, Mariko-chan. You hold Papa’s penis like this and wash it. Don’t forget to wash the other side too. Also, this part… 」

Agnes’ hands filled with bubble rub my dick.

「 Err, like this? 」

Mariko touches…

「 That’s right. Oh, don’t forget this one too. The scrotum. Don’t push this too hard, wash this one softly. Then, reach the butthole gently 」

「 O-Okay 」

Four hands from beauties rub my rod, my balls, and even my anus.

That feels good.


I wonder if they’re doing well…

Momoko-neechan’s in a sour mood, and Yamada Umeko-san’s forced to know defeat.


Yoshiko-san who hasn’t spoken a single word since earlier…I’m worried.

「 It’s going to be okay 」

Mariko whispers.

「 Kaan-sama is angry only at me 」


「 So Momoko-neechan feels betrayed because Mariko quit being her little sister and became my woman? 」

「 No, that’s not it 」

Mariko smiles wryly.

「 She feels humiliation from having her servant snatched away. In the end, I’m only a servant to her 」


I don’t think so.

「 Mariko and Momoko-neechan, you two are top-heavy. You always try to find an answer from just reasoning with your head so you don’t know what you truly feel 」

Mariko and Momoko-neechan’s relationship isn’t that dry.

「 But, she’s the daughter of the Kaan house and I’m not even a daughter of nobility 」

Oh, I guess I have to fix her senses.

「 Ruriko 」

I call out Ruriko while still lying down on the mattress.

「 Yes, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko replies immediately.

「 Ruriko, what kind of existence is Mariko to you right now? 」

「 My precious big sister 」

Ruriko speaks clearly.

「 I love and respect her from today until the rest of my life 」


「 Misuzu 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

「 What is Mariko to Misuzu? 」


「 My cute little sister 」

Saying that. Momoko-neechan;

「 Misuzu’s taking away Mariko from me… 」

Mariko was Momoko-neechan’s protegee.


「 Wrong, no, that’s not how it is, Momoko-neechan 」

I said.

「 Weren’t you playing make-believe sisters with Mariko? Our relationship is completely different from that 」

「 What’s different?! You’re not blood-related so this is just make-believe to you too, right?! 」


「 That’s not it. 」 Mariko-chan is Agnes’ big sister starting today 」

Agnes said.

「 So, when she’s in trouble, Agnes and the family will all come to help Mariko-chan. Just like how Papa does it. Everyone gets along, gets happy. It’s lovely. It’s fun. And surely, when Agnes is in trouble, Mariko-chan will come to help me, just like Papa 」

Agnes looked at Mariko with a smile.

「 Back then, when Agnes was in a dark room, lonely, alone, troubled…Papa came to save me. The whole family did. Mao-chan and Rei-chan were there. They all helped Agnes to become well 」

Agnes was confined in that basement.

「 Papa will always come to save Agnes, no matter how much trouble he’s in, no matter when no matter where. After all, Papa loves Agnes. Agnes also loves Papa. When hungry, we eat together. When lonely, we have sex. He always cheers me up 」


「 Knowing that Papa will always come to cheer me up, Agnes tries to hold back. After all, there’s a lot in the family, and Agnes is already a big sister. Mao-chan, Luna, Koyomi-chan, Haiji-chan, Arisu-chan, Rie-chan, Eri-chan, Kinuka-chan, and Karen-chan, I can’t keep them waiting for Papa to cheer them up. After all, Agnes is small and gets lonely easily so the big sisters always let Papa prioritize me. Therefore, Agnes now… 」

「 Is now the big sister 」

Agnes is 12, and some of the names she mentioned are 13, but…

Agnes doesn’t distinguish between them.

When in school, a year difference is negligible.

「 That’s right. Besides… 」

Agnes looked at Mariko.

「 Mariko-chan just had sex with Papa earlier but now she’s Agnes’ big sister! 」

She smiled.

「 Don’t be afraid, it’s okay! Papa will deal with your worries in one way or another 」

Agnes sensed Mariko’s worry about Momoko-neechan.

Therefore, she’s teaching her how to wash me happily.

「 Agnes-chan 」

Mariko’s impressed.

「 I… 」

「 It’s okay! Agnes is here, Papa’s here! Everyone’s with Mariko-chan 」


「 Our family’s sister relationship don’t have anyone above. It’s not a hierarchical relationship. It’s a true family 」

「 Yes, Mariko is now my true sister 」

「 Yes, and Ruriko’s big sister 」

Mariko’s eyes become teary.

「 I-I already thought of abandoning my thoughts when it comes to the nobility and yet… 」

Mariko’s released from her insecurity…

「 Then, now, I’ve become Kouzuki house’s Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s sister 」

「 We don’t need “-sama” You’re our sister, Mariko 」

「 That’s right. Mariko-oneesama 」

Tears fall from Mariko’s eyes to my chest.

「 What’s this? I don’t get it! I don’t get it! I don’t get it! What’s with you all! 」

Momoko-neechan’s emotions explode due to our conversation.

「 What’s the difference between our make-believe with yours?! You’re just… 」

「 Our ties are different 」

Edie says while massaging Yamada Umeko-san’s back.

「 We have been serious from the start. We put our life on it. After all, that’s what Darling does 」

「 Kaan-sama! I’ve seen it! Yesterday, today, Kuromori-sama puts his life on the line 」

Mariko tells Momoko-neechan.

「 He’s always serious, earnest. That’s what’s amazing about him 」

「 I mean, she’s Agnes’ Papa after all! 」

Agnes says proudly.


「 ?! 」

「 Ah, Papa 」

Mariko and Agnes suddenly looked at me.


「 Papa, it’s erect 」

Oh, while the two were talking…

They still continue to wash my penis with their soapy hands.

「 K-Kou, I thought that you said you can’t go on anymore? 」

Mariko says while staring at the soapy meat rod in her hands.

「 Well, that should be the case… 」

「 Weren’t you tired? 」

Well, that’s…

「 He’s erect because he’s tired 」

The glass door on the bath opens…

The naked Minaho-neesan comes in.

「 It’s a fatigued erection. It happens sometimes when one’s mentally stumped 」


「 Papa, what’s the problem? 」


「 Is it because Mariko-chan is fighting with that Onee-san? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Oh, Papa wants everyone to get along, right? 」

「 Yeah. Right. 」


「 I’m the head of the Kuromori house. Kuromori Minaho 」

Minaho-neesan names herself while looking at Momoko-neechan in the bathtub.

「 Oh? What is the manager of the brothel doing here? 」

Momoko-neechan replies in displeasure.

「 Naturally, I came here due to Kouzuki-sama’s instructions 」

Minaho-neesan smiled.

「 He told me to give the young lady who’s ignorant of the ways of the world a spank on her butt 」